April 19th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #820

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


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  1. sc conserv. says:

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    • Brant says:

      This assumes we have a judiciary that won’t throw injunctions at him and tie it up in courts for years…….even when end result is the rule of law “wins”. Courts/lawyers just have to outlast a president. 4-8 years is eye blink to the courts. Just do continuations until a compliant POTUS. Somethings need to be done in the next very few years or Trump will be last non-compliant POTUS and the courts (uniparty) won’t have to worry about pesky stale laws and rules.

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      • Brant says:

        Peachtree City “gubmint” in Georgia is now considering passing a rule that the city will pay the legal expenses of city elected and employees when citizens have said mean things about them on social media. How does this get past the laugh stage? And then if citizens rise up and go to meeting and it’s not passed, guess what. They will just redo again and again and again until it is passed. Gubmint, like a hurricane, never ever sleeps.

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        • Your Tour Guide says:

          It got shot down.

          But, something even worse happened a few years ago,
          in Clarkston. Sorry if this gets complicated. They elected
          a young guy for mayor. The guy was 41 years old. He
          went out of state to visit his family, and died.

          The acting mayor appointed a city manager, a job description
          that Clarkston had never had before. The guy appointed had
          been fired from his prior job, as primary assistant to the CEO
          of Dekalb county. Won’t go into why he was fired. Doesn’t
          matter in this story.

          A lot of money stared getting spent. A lot of things started
          getting built. Some of the city’s citizens started showing up to
          city meetings questioning what was going on. One guy found
          himself receiving codes violations citations on a weekly basis.
          Enough of them built up that he was briefly jailed. He had
          received none for the 20 years he had lived there prior to this.

          Some of the city commissioners, the people that the citizens
          had elected, began questioning some of the goings on. The city
          commission isn’t paid much. A few hundred a month. The at the
          time mayor and city manager devised an ordinance to address
          the questioning. Any city commissioner that questioned the
          city manager in a public meeting could be fined under the new
          ruling. So…. the people of Clarkston basically had no representation
          from the people they had elected against an appointed person
          working in a job description that hadn’t existed. Oh. The fine was
          one thousand dollars.

          The Trump administration needs to start a local government
          corruption tipline for instances like this. Anonymous, so that people
          trying to have voices in their own destiny don’t find themselves
          getting retaliated against.

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    • Free Speech says:

      It never ceases to amaze me that people think POTUS isn’t paying attention or doesn’t care. Do you people not realize there is crap that goes on behind the scenes with the Republican Party that he has to negotiate? Do you not realize MOST, if not ALL, of your Republican Senators are thralls to the so-called ‘US’ CoC? What is POTUS supposed to do with courts slapping injunctions on left and right and Mitch McConnell slow-walking his appointments???? Remember the VETO he had to make against the Congressional opposition to his border state of emergency? Remember all the RINOs left on the table who DIDN’T vote against him? That was their warning shot. Stop blaming the POTUS and blame ourselves. We keep rubber-stamping these Republican incumbents in the primaries. Voters reject candidates like Roy Moore and Kelli Ward for being ‘too right wing’. Well, this is what you get.

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    • ristvan says:

      Unfortunately, these assertions are simply NOT true. PDJT’s hands are legally tied, as he has said many times. Three examples suffice:
      1. US asylum law is much more generous than required under the 1951 Refugee Treaty to which US is a signatory. Per 8USC§1101(a) and 1158, anyone reaching the US and voicing ‘credible fear’ (the caravans get coaching before illegal entry) by the above cited current law is entitled to have the claim adjudicated by an immigration judge. There is a backlog of almost 800,000 such cases.
      2. The Flores settlement means children cannot be detained with their parents for more than 20 days, forcing catch and release.
      3. Chain migration is enabled by 8USC§1153, and has been in place since 1957.

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      • Skippy says:

        Last night I was reading updates on Ebola. It’s not looking good in Africa w the infection spread estimated to continue for another half year plus. It’s not contained (the initial towns involved were hampered on point of contact tracing and vaccinations due to ongoing fighting/war in the regions). Apparently 10 or so migrants from the region are being held now in Mexico (incubation 21 days for Ebola).

        The Ebola Outbreak In Congo Is Close To Becoming A Global Emergency

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        • wondering999 says:

          Skippy, the news is focused on measles lately. The outlets hype vaccinations, but doesn’t provide much in the way of useful information about diagnosis, quarantine and care of measles patients (who in some cases have been vaccinated but lost immunity over time).

          My confidence in government dropped sharply when Mr. Charles Johnson was hospitalized in Texas with Ebola. The CDC didn’t provide nursing staff with appropriate protective gear. No one could locate the highly-paid federal “Ebola Czar”. The woman who had come in close contact with Mr. Johnson during his first days of high fever (Ms. Youngor Jallah) was given go-ahead by the CDC to return to work long before a recommended quarantine period was up.

          With that in mind, we ought to be thinking for ourselves and our community. In case we need to help our communities with inadequate government assistance, following are some details about how Firestone corporate leaders successfully pushed back Ebola infection at their rubber location in Liberia:


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      • Goedhart says:

        “Chain migration is enabled by 8USC§1153, and has been in place since 1957.”

        This makes perfect sense to me as 1957 was when Earl Warren was putting in place the methods for Americas destruction.
        Earl Warren (for those that are younger) was the Republican Gov of Ca, then chief justice of the US Supreme Court. The decisions he led the court into gave us the situation we have now.
        I’ve always felt that he was the enabler of the communists in America.
        Warrens court with Brown v Board of Edu led to the system we have now where if any group fails to perform in school, it can only be because of discrimination and therefore the tests must be dumbed down for all giving us the complete failure of the school system for education but a great system for indoctrination of the young.
        He went on to initiate many more time bombs that we are paying for today.

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      • dallasdan says:

        Couple your facts with the reality that the Congress and liberal courts will not reform/improve/enforce the immigration laws while the President is in office, to include a second term, and the point made above by Brant is accurate, IMO. Four to eight years is an uncomfortable but ephemeral period of inconvenience for the deep state and RINO population. We will get the wall, but when it is finished other means/methods will surely be contrived to thwart any efforts to stop the illegal invasion.

        The President is a warrior army of one. Clear evidence is provided by the Congress, while in control of the Repubs, doing nothing to implement immigration-related MAGA initiatives.

        IMO, the President’s legacy will be the rejuvenation of our economy and improvements in international trade agreements, not immigration reform. Should a Dem win in 2024, the economic gains made, together with the EOs the President signed, will likely be erased.

        Immigration chaos will continue unabated because the majority of politicians and a sufficient number of leftist jurists have been induced to support it, financially or ideologically.

        Happy Easter to all.

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        • Watcher says:

          The Catholic Church has paid out close to $4 Billion Dollars to settle priest molestation

          Their Immigration Agency, (Catholic Charities), has received almost $4 Billion Dollars
          to bring in illegals/”refugees”/aliens into the United States of America.

          Supreme Court members John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Sonia Sotomayor, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh are Catholic.

          (Ginsburg, Breyer, and Kagan are Jewish).

          There are no Protestants on the Supreme Court.


          • dallasdan says:

            I don’t understand how your comment relates to mine.


            • winky says:

              Watcher is pointing out corruption….they put ou4 billion and get it back….then we get stuck with the bill the rest of the time.

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              • Deb says:

                Plenty of Protestant groups have taken money from the Feds to relocate “refugees.”

                The Catholic Charities that are relocating refugees are seperate legal entities from the church. It isn’t one big coffer. Each parish is also a distinct entity, tied to a distinct diocese. Saying that the money paid for relocating is paying back the dioceses that had lawsuits is like saying the money the Feds send to California is going to end up in Michigan.


          • Sherri Young says:

            Neil Gorsuch was reared Catholic but attends an Episcopal church.

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        • paulraven1 says:

          When Trump leaves, the economic gains will be gone in six months. Illegal immigration is completely unstoppable without some kind of unprecedented executive action that incites a Constitutional conflict. There is no legislative solution because no one wants to stop it — not now, not ever. Our government is awash with poltroons and traitors unlike any time in our history.

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          • sejmon says:

            There is solution to this..but no one want talk about it..it would required imposition of MARTIAL LAW…when nothing work -by “the book”.


    • boogywstew says:

      When you read this article in Conservative Review go the 2nd heading titled, “A Unanimous Senate Voted To End Lawfare In Immigration Two Decades Ago”. Next, go to the last 3 lines which are a quote from this Act … “the officer shall order the alien removed from the United States without further hearing or review UNLESS THE ALIEN INDICATES EITHER AN INTENTION TO APPLY FOR ASYLUM UNDER SECTION 1158 OF THIS TITLE OR A FEAR OF PROSECUTION.” (Caps are mine.) Duh! A wild guess? I’m guessing all illegal immigrants are having this same application for asylum automatically entered on their behalf and being coached to claim persecution.

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      • boogywstew says:

        Last line and last word of quote should be “PERSECUTION” and not “prosecution”.


      • sc conserv. says:

        good point. from the same article it sounds to me like even those can be removed, if im reading this correctly.

        “As for those who assert credible fear, we have noted time and again, that statute is clear that none of these people qualify. The sole determination of whether these inadmissible aliens qualify for relief from expedited removal based on credible fear claims are in the hands of the DHS secretary. Once that claim is denied on the spot, these illegal aliens are just like everyone else and placed into expedited deportation and there is no inherent judicial review of that deportation.

        The only caveat is that those rejected from a credible fear claim can ask for review by an immigration judge of the actual denial of credible fear. But statute mandates that this be done ideally within 24 hours and at most within 7 days. Also, they SHALL be detained during that week [8 U.S. Code § 1225(B)(iii)(IV)] and cannot be released. The sole discretion for guidance in dealing with initial interviews and appeals is up to the DHS secretary and the attorney general. They have the power to shut this down. Beyond that, U.S.C. § 1158(b)(2)(C) states, ”[t]he Attorney General may by regulation establish additional limitations and conditions, consistent with this section, under which an alien shall be ineligible for asylum under paragraph (1).”

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    • Bert Darrell says:

      Oh, yeah, sc conserv. I see what you mean.Then you’ll be voting for Biden or Bernie or Beto or Kamala or Booker in 2020, or for any of the other lying, thieving dimms because they’ll get what you want immediately without CongRats opposing them. Even Ilhan Omar will be cheering for your goals.

      You’ve been making the same incongruent points over and over and over on this site. We know where you come from. Now, please, switch to another record.

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      • sc conserv. says:

        one of the most ridiculous arguments i’ve seen is, give construction criticism of the President, so that must mean you want the Dems. to win. laughable.
        the current acting head of DHS is a Hillary supporter. Neilsen supported Jeb, and for the most part worked against Trump’s immig. agenda. where is the “immigration czar”.
        i expect a conservative head of DHS –we have the votes in the senate.
        btw, Jeff Sessions changed the asylum requirements and Barr is trying to do the same.


        • Free Speech says:

          Does ‘sc’ stand for South Carolina? So your state’s voters picked Lindsey Grahan and Tim Scott, and let Katie Arrington lose to a Democrat? I rest my case. At least you’re not the dipwads in Utah who picked Mitt Romney ‘just ‘cuz Mormon’.


    • Judith says:

      The invaders, specifically those who get caught, are trafficked to the border by people who coach them exactly what to say to *appear* as though they are “refugees” who are seeking “asylum.”

      “Catch and release” is in fact a policy created for asylum seekers. CONgress owns that policy, and they also own the fact that they *refuse* to fund the border wall.

      We the people, not President Trump, own CONgress. It is therefore OUR responsibility to primary out those who refuse to protect our border.


    • Sammy says:

      It not for people who claim asylum or show up with children. That is the problem we have now, the minute the step foot in country they claim asluym and according to law they have a right to a hearing.


  2. NJF says:

    Fact check = true.

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  3. I know that I should be in church today praying the “stations of the cross” but due to my medical treatments I just can’t make it, so I want to take this opportunity to correct some posters about the mindgames that the Democrats use in subliminal messaging.

    Namely the term Democrat vs democratic.

    It’s always the Democrat Party or Democrat politician NEVER Democratic Party or person unless of course they are acting in a democratic way. A democratic Democrat is an oxymoron.

    Almost everyone on the radio or TV makes this mistake either occasionally or most of the time.

    In fact the ONLY person that I’ve know of that NEVER makes this mistake is our VSGPDJT.

    So remember, they are not democratic politicians but rather they are Democrat politicians, or members of the Democrat Party…..never “democratic”

    It’s just a subliminal mind game that progressives use when weaponizing the language.

    I hope I didn’t come off as “preachy” because that is not my intent.

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  4. kyblue says:

    Well look. Conservatives are pushing conspiracy theories about Muslims setting Notre Dame fire. Did you all know? We are fanning the flames of racial hate 🙄
    The official cause, according to this obvious liberal website, is the fire was accidental.
    But conservatives just can’t help pushing the false Muslims as the culprit narrative. We are all delusional, you know.


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  5. rjcylon says:

    Testing! I think my posts are getting deleted.

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  6. rustybritches says:

    when is PT going to file charges against these news papers and make them come up with a lot of money Dang these people who work for these news channels and News papers They should all be horse whipped

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  7. Zippy says:

    A detailed analysis of how intentionally and incredibly SLANTED the Mueller SPEW is:

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  8. Sherri Young says:

    There it is!

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  9. phattcat says:

    Chaos in Mexico

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    • Sherri Young says:

      Start at 13:22.

      Key takeaways (for me)
      – majority of “family units are men traveling with one or more children, usually one,
      – have networks across the US, many have family members already in US,
      – all say they paid smugglers for safe passage across the border, usually $2k to $6k
      – the migration pipeline through Mexico is an industry worth billions of dollars, chief cartel-related
      – the cartels charge migrants a head tax to cross the Rio Grande
      – adults with a child are charged less because it is easier
      – smugglers take migrants to the border and tell them when to cross
      – human smuggling is a marketed service in Central America

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      • kyblue says:

        If these people are dirt poor, how are they paying the cost of passage? Better yet who is paying the safe passage across the border?


        • Sherri Young says:

          In the testimony, the official stated that many of the new migrants already have family members in the US and have jobs waiting for them. I don’t know about Central Americans, but Mexican families will put their money together to help a family member. If they can send another family member to the US, that person will send money home. IIRC, remittances from people working in the US come is as the #2 economic driver behind PEMEX (unless something has changed).

          If they have money, they often can take a bus through Mexico. Otherwise, an adult male traveling alone used to climb atop a train — ride The Beast. In the past few years, trains have been speeding up to discourage the riders by making it more dangerous.

          Mexico used to defend its southern border and not allow illegal entry. That changed several years ago.

          AMLO has been left with a mess.

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    • CM-TX says:

      … COMING SOON to an American city NEAR YOU! 👍🙄

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  10. An says:


    Something useful for your upcoming analysis of the Mueller report. It shows how a lot of the nonsense got debunked.

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  11. Mandy says:

    “Trump Thanks Gen. Haftar For “Securing Libya’s Oil Resources” Amid Tripoli Fighting

    In a sharp reversal of longstanding US policy which recognizes only the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli as the legitimate authority over Libya, the White House on Friday said President Trump spoke by phone this week to Benghazi based commander Kalifa Haftar, pledging support to the general and his Libyan National Army (LNA) as it lays siege to the capital.

    The White House statement said Trump “recognized Field Marshal Haftar’s significant role in fighting terrorism and securing Libya’s oil resources, and the two discussed a shared vision for Libya’s transition to a stable, democratic political system.” …

    “Interestingly in early April Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had urged in a statement for Haftar to halt his advance: “We have made clear that we oppose the military offensive by Khalifa Haftar’s forces and urge the immediate halt to these military operations against the Libyan capital,” Pompeo said at the time.”

    more at link…

    Article goes on to say Haftar is the CIA’s man, blah blah blah…who knows.

    I’ve read that Ghadaffi turned on Haftar a good while BEFORE the US moved in to take out Ghadaffi, and that may have been Haftar’s impetus to help the US kill Ghadaffi.

    Also I think somewhere along the way I read that Haftar wants to SHUT DOWN immigrant flow from Libya into Europe, so that would be a very very good thing….

    We shall see….

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  12. MAGAbear says:

    This reminds of a boxing match I watched recently where the champ clearly won nearly every round of the fight but at the end of the 12th round the beaten up challanger jumped up on the ropes and raised his arms as if he was the clear winner. And then after the judges ruled the bout as a unanamous decision for the champ, the challanger acted as if he had been robbed of the championship belt and demanded a rematch. He made a complete fool out of himself, just like the demonrats and their media stenographers are doing right now. Pathetic.

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  13. Henry says:

    Oh snap

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  14. ristvan says:

    I have been following the opposition’s responses to the Mueller report. They are quite telling.

    Sen. Hoyer (D-Md) took impeachment off the table, then put it back on when his further left primary challenger said she was for it.

    Clapper said, ‘but the report provides indications of ‘passive collusion’. No such thing can exist in the English language.

    Nadler issued a subpoena this morning for everything unredacted, plus all underlyings, including all grand jury stuff—a clear violation of 6(e) law—without even consulting the Dems on his Judiciary committee! Doug Collins already called him on this unlawful maneuver.

    Brian Williams questioned where Mueller volume 1 absolved PDJT from collusion as Barr stated, so Sekulow read him the exact paragraph from Mueller page 2!

    Mr. KellyAnne Conway saying in his WaPo op-ed today that impeachment is a political rather than constitutional process that must be used to remove the Trump cancer. He was supposed to be a lawyer and know A2§4. BTW, please note in passing upthread that when KellyAnne did her blank page Dem accomplishments trick (posted as a video comment), she had on neither her engagement nor her wedding rings. NOT a good sign for George and that marriage. Looks like this ridiculous op-ed was the last straw.

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    • Henry says:

      Thank you!


    • andyocoregon says:

      Aha. Good catch!
      Hope it’s a sign.

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      The NeverTrumper posse at National Review are totally ignoring the legal exoneration in tne Mueller Report and are instead wallowing in all of the “character based” gossip that permeates the thing everywhere. Julie Kelly particularly went after David French for his psychotic obsession with Trump.

      Re: Conway. I am completely at a loss for how and why George could disrespect his wife so disgustingly with his public smear jobs of her boss. As to how and why she puts up with it……


      • Perot Conservative says:

        She told us. Four children.

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        • lurker2 says:

          Her POS husband is psychologically abusing her. Nobody should stay with that for the sake of children. Children would be better off seeing a strong mother leave the abusive POS.

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        • boogywstew says:

          My parents stayed together, for awhile anyways, for the children’s sake. It sucked … children know when their parents don’t get along. Thank God for my step parents! We used to wish our step father would marry our step mother … we were only kids and didn’t know any better.

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      It’s been off prior.

      A week or two back someone asked about her husband. She replied something like, ‘My children are my most important protection from the world’. Ouch.

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    • Mark McQueen says:

      The breakdown is approaching. They are becoming incoherent.

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  15. MaineCoon says:

    Jack Posobiec retweeted.

    Oh, my. She’s mad. Scott Adams will have her for lunch.

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  16. sc conserv. says:

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    • bakocarl says:

      When this makes it through the Supreme Court it should enable quite a variety of useful actions by PTrump:

      8 U.S.C. 1182(f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President

      Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

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  17. NJF says:


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  18. The Akh says:

    Just a quick question. Nunes and others have stated that there are many documents that they did not have access too because the documents were basically shielded “ongoing investigations” by the Special Council. Now the Dems are going to subpoena the Mueller report and all underlying documents. Obviously, they intend to use that information to further damage Trump going into 2020. But are they also trying to prevent sunlight on the same documents mentioned by Nunes and previously shielded by the Special Council?

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    • covfefe999 says:

      Here’s what I’m thinking. Nadler is the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee. There are a lot of Republicans on that committee including our friends Collins, Gohmert, Jordan, Ratcliffe, and Goetz. I would think anything Nadler subpoenas will be visible to those people. So Nunes wouldn’t have direct access but others would.

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      • WSB says:

        I am wondering if the underlying ‘documents’ for the Mueller/Weissman report aren’t just dossier lies 2.0?

        Why else would the UniParty demand these items?


    • linda4298 says:

      Barr will tell them to go pound sand, see you in court.

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    • ms Idaho` says:

      I have an image in my head of AG Barr sitting in front of the Dem committee with a stack of paper. Wetting finger – going thru pages – ‘Ah, yes, here we are Mr (name your chosen rep). Your name on page 501. Is this the part you want to make public?’
      The louder they yell the more vivid my image
      posted a few days ago….

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  19. youme says:


    • lurker2 says:

      Yah that’s total BS. They don’t have to affirm anything. They freely seek out and employ H-1Bs even though they have qualified US citizen applicants for the same jobs.

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      “Must affirm”?

      Like the hundreds of American programmers let go by Disneyland and SoCal Edison?

      Dr. Norman Matloff, a professor of computer science, says it is defacto age discrimination for cheaper workers who ate effectively indentured servants.


      • Dutchman says:

        Must affirm means they sign a form, which reads “in signing this form, be advised you are NOT signing under pains and penalties of perjury, and no buerocrat will EVER conduct any kind of investigation, to detirmine if you made any effort, AT ALL, to find “qualified American worker”, to do the job.


        • John Smith says:

          It is very difficult to get an H1B these days. It often get denied so don’t get too upset with fake news. You can always apply but it is very hard to get one. Nothing like the Obama years.


    • Phil aka Felipe says:

      Dallas Morning News? Maybe trust for the final score of the Rangers games (after verifying with a couple of other sources)


  20. andyocoregon says:

    President Trump – Crime Victim

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  21. Troublemaker10 says:

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  22. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Yep. You learn quickly.

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  23. Henry says:

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    • Skippy says:

      Democracy Dies in Darkness Washington Post/Jeff Bezos!

      Why don’t you do investigative journalism and shine equal sunlight on Former President Obama’s role since 2015 on this three year attack on our duly elected President Trump for we 63 million voters as well as all the world to see, along w sunshine on Rice, Clapper, Brennan, Comey and more as well as equal time spent on Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and Glenn Simpson who funded and facilitated the “Lying Steele Dossier” that commenced this travesty on We the American People.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      I wouldn’t pay any attention to anything the CIA amazon post says.

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  24. Skippy says:

    Here’s an Easter prayer and call out from THC Patrickhenrycensored from THC! Hope we hear from you soon but know you’re in our hearts and prayers!

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  25. decisiontime16 says:

    Experts warn about new generation of fake news from “deepfake” videos.

    Curiously, Obama was talking about deepfake when he was in Germany recently.

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  26. Grant says:

    Do some of you people remember Doug Casey? The man who predicted that Trump will win in 2016?

    Well… this isn’t good: https://thelegacyreport.com/2020-bad-news/?eid=MKT405946&src=Newsmax


    • ElGato says:

      After all of the BS that has been thrown at PDJT and after he’s won again and again, why would you post this crap? Remember Hillary having a 92% chance of winning? Didn’t even click on the stupid article.

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      • Grant says:

        Doug Casey did predicted that Trump will win in 2016. That article I posted, it’s the signs of danger in 2020. The socialism is rising and everything is turning like Hell. Maybe you should read the article again.


    • Jim Smith says:

      This isn’t an article. It’s selling investments.

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    • For Eyes says:

      Ignore everything Casey says about everything, especially investments, and you will be better off for doing so. He’s been around a long time and has grown no wiser in time.


  27. citizen817 says:

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  28. Vito Romano says:

    “time to turn the tables and bring justice to some very sick and dangerous people”

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  29. WSB says:

    “President Trump trolled his critics following the release of the Mueller report, joking that he was going to be in office for the next 10 to 14 years.
    The president was hosting participants of the Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride in the East Room and was given a trophy as a token of appreciation.
    “This will find a permanent place, at least for six years, in the Oval Office,” Trump said. “I was going to say for at least 10 to 14 years. But we would cause bedlam, so we’ll say six.”

    Reported by GP….you never know, maybe we can get that amendment repealed.

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  30. For Eyes says:

    In stock trading parlance, yesterday seemed to be a “blow off top”. It was a final primal scream of angst by the Dems. Extending a bit into today of course, but its playing itself out.

    Even CNN published a poll that showed a large portion of Dems have changed their minds on impeachment.

    Nancy said don’t go for impeachment a few weeks ago unless there was bipartisan support. There isn’t. And declining Dem support for it.

    Hoyer said yesterday that Dems need to move on and just work on the next election.

    Shiff is a one trick pony who is way out on a limb on this thing. He will milk it more if he can find the angle to do it.

    Cummings is too cunning to get too far out there alone. He’ll organize some cheap shots and there will be a headline or two every so often.

    But mostly its done. Stick a fork in it. Just a bit of last gasp to work through from players on the back bench.

    Its been a long slog. Many deserve credit for their role in the fight, including Sundance and the very small group of dedicated folks in Congress, Fitton, etc. There are few, but too many to name.

    Possession of the ball and control of the tempo of the game has shifted to our side. There is ample reason to be optimistic indictments of bad guys are ahead, but experience teaches that it is wise to temper that optimism. We may not get as much of that as we might like.

    My two cents.

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    • Dutchman says:

      For Eyes;
      But gee! Some guy, who predicted in 2016 that DJT would win, is now predicting he will LOSE! Woe is me!/s

      I am sceptical that the,Dems are gonna change their tune, cause they can’t.

      They only know ONE tune, and can’t teach an old Pelosi new tricks.

      Seriously, their role in the Uniparty hasn’t changed, nor have the fundamentals. Therefore, the Distract-u-cons will continue to wave their arms around, to keep our attention off the OTHER face of the Uniparty; the Decepticon Republicons.

      PDJT, by continueing to persue his agenda, will expose the true nature of the Decepticons, requiring the distractors to ramp up their act.

      Its NOT about ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ for Dems and Reps, thats an illusion. Whether Reps or Dems have majority in House or Senate, or ‘have’ Whitehouse is an ILLUSION.

      UNIPARTY=ONE party, 2 ‘faces’.
      THINK about the typical election, where your choice is ‘the lesser of two weavils’;
      HOW does that happen? The candidate YOU were rooting for ‘lost’in the PRIMARY.
      Who RUNS the primary process? The PARTY, THATS who.
      And they have gamed the system, for as long as dead democrats have been voting.

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  31. sunnyflower5 says:

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  32. sunnyflower5 says:

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  33. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • ElGato says:

      Seems likely that Buttigieg is just doing his job. Unlikely winning candidate forced to attack VP Pence for the DemonRat party.


    • paulraven1 says:

      “Pete Buttigieg is a talented politician with a bright future in his party.”

      No, he’s not. He’s not talented. He’s a failure as a mayor. He’s nothing but a cookie-cutter leftist smear merchant with the nominal political cachet of being slightly slicker than the others and also being a homosexual.

      Brit Hume, go suck an egg.

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  34. Shadrach says:

    Do you guys remember this? https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/04/13/jay-sekulow-three-fisa-applications-were-denied-in-2016-and-what-this-means/

    Well, isn’t this interesting:

    “Now, Mueller strongly suggests something else was up. Obama administration intelligence officials “were surprised by Russia’s decision not to retaliate in response to the sanctions,” the report said. “When analyzing Russia’s response, they became aware of Flynn’s discussion of sanctions with Kislyak. Previously, the FBI had opened an investigation of Flynn based on his relationship with the Russian government. Flynn’s contacts with Kislyak became a key component of that investigation.” (emphasis added)”

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  35. sunnyflower5 says:

    And, Romney…

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  36. paulraven1 says:

    I shouldn’t pay attention but Romney’s response to this mess was too much. Moments like this I’m sorry I was kicked off twitter. If anybody would like to copy and paste my response, feel free.

    “Trump offends you but nothing about the vile and criminal scheme to frame and smear him does? All you can do is stab at Trump. You’re not a fraction of the man he is. You will end up remembered as a bitter ineffectual loser and choker. Trump will be remembered as a heroic figure who fought insuperable odds to save this country. You’re pathetic.”

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  37. Ausonius says:

    There is a website called “The Democratic Underground” where American DEMS post their hysteria, their paranoia, their misconceptions, their delusions, and their hatred of President Trump, whom they call tRUMP.

    They have a topic on “How tRUMP gets re-elected” which is very instructive and exposes how willing they are to lie to themselves and to all of us for their agenda.


    Note how “Star Member” The Velveteen Ocelot thinks like a Soviet propagandist…

    DEMS can win…

    Star Member The Velveteen Ocelot (70,546 posts)

    6. In my humble opinion, by:

    dropping the term “socialist” from our vocabulary altogether. This is not a socialist country. Neither are the Scandinavian countries some like to hold up as examples –1 they are capitalist democracies with strong social safety nets which have been approved by their people and for which their people are willing to be taxed ]The word “socialism” is too infected 2 with grossly incorrect notions of collective farms and gulags and other detritus of the Soviet Union, which far too many people believe. Drop it and call the Democratic economic vision something else.

    (My emphasis above)

    1 – True

    2 Incredible to read this !!! “Grossly incorrect[/b] notions of collective farms and gulags…” :banghead:

    Lenin and Stalin – well before Hitler got going – had already killed millions of people (one historian has calculated that 10-12 million Ukrainians were murdered in the early 1930’s alone) and [b]Stalin[/b] kept killing millions throughout his terror-filled reign.

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn documented the GULAG’s terrors and murders in The GULAG Archipelago (he was a victim of the GULAG and knew it from the inside.)

    Written by a team of European historians, The Black Book of Communism details the murderous crimes committed by Socialist/Communist regimes in the 20th century, and estimate a body count of over 100 million victims,

    “Grossly incorrect” ? “Far too many believe” this?! YES, they believe it, because it is the TRUTH!

    “Call Socialism something else” and everything will be just fine ! Americans can be tricked by Communism under a different name…like “Progressivism.”

    Blind and stupid and yet scary!

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    • Concerned Virginian says:

      Yessir, so maybe they can now join the FABIAN SOCIETY, yeah.
      It all comes down to the same thing; Socialism is Communism Lite and leads to full Communism. Doesn’t matter how people try to hide the details (Gulags, collective farms, Cultural Revolution, Stalin, etc.) which are ALWAYS the end result.

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      • WES says:

        Concerned: In 1983 I worked in a Siberian coal mine for 6 months.

        I saw first hand how wonderful life was in the USSR! Yes, truly a worker’s utopia! After that rather pleasant experience in pharidise I stopped worrying about Russia! Guns a plenty! No butter!

        The problem with Socialism is that everybody is waiting for the other guy to do the hard work! The Russians used to say “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work”!

        Yes the stories I could tell you …. my Russian work crew were always drunk trying to desperately escape their worker’s utopia even for just a few hours! I never tried to stop them and whenever I discovered a bottle of vodka I just pretended not to see it!

        I fondly remember one day when we had no power my Russian crew debating whether I should marry a Russian woman! The verdict: No! Reason: Because she would be able to beat me up!

        Good people living under a system that made everybody look bad!

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  38. sunnyflower5 says:

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  39. Piper77 says:

    Romney is truly a scumbag.

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  40. Troublemaker10 says:

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  41. Troublemaker10 says:

    Trump campaign do nation’s spike… has raised $1 million in donations since Mueller report released.

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  42. Shadrach says:

    Hey anyone who has twitter, will you tell Sundance the FBI needed to change the date because Judge Napolitano talked with Megan whatshername on Fox about Russian emails the day before the actual conversation between Papadopolous and Downer? Thanks!!!!

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  43. trishinsouthernillinois says:

    I just found my new favorite morning show.

    Chris Salcedo Show on NewsMax (chan 349 directv) on at 8am central time.

    He started a new petition on whitehouse.gov

    It says:
    “We the People,” are calling on elected officials, from both parties, to dedicate the same effort, resources and attention to bringing accountability to the Obama Administration, that was used in the Mueller probe and investigations in the House and Senate. We believe, unlike the fake predicate used to justify the Mueller probe, there is actually evidence of law breaking in the previous administration. We also believe the malfeasance ensnares both appointed and elected Democrats. We the people DO NOT WANT TO MOVE ON. Those who worked to divide this country because they lost an election MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.”

    Please sign it

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  44. duchess01 says:

    Trump Admin Cracks Down on Public Housing Aid for Illegal Immigrants

    April 19, 2019 13:29, Last Updated: April 19, 2019 13:29
    By Bowen Xiao


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  45. duchess01 says:

    Mueller: Michael Flynn was under FBI investigation before transition calls

    by Byron York | April 19, 2019 03:12 PM


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  46. duchess01 says:


    Democrat Russiagate hoaxers owe American taxpayers $32 million.
    April 19, 2019 Daniel Greenfield


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  47. Perot Conservative says:

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