March 21st – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #791

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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801 Responses to March 21st – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #791

  1. jx says:

    Gillum announces plan of registering 1 million voters for the 2020 elections.

    “Are y’all ready to flip Florida Blue? Or better yet are you ready to flip the United States of America blue?” Gillum said to a cheering crowd at the Florida Memorial University Wellness Center in Miami Gardens.

    “Send Donald Trump a message that says your eviction notice is served and you are out of here,” Gillum said.

    Speaking before Gillum got on stage, Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert said, “Every place people wanted to vote but couldn’t vote is ground zero in America.”

    Mayor Gilbert keeping the lie alive.

    Soros’ soldier, the racist communist cop-hating Gillum, needs to be crushed.

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    • Legal Hispanics in Fl aren’t all Blue, it could backfire on them.

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      • All of their devious plans could backfire on them, like the popular vote vs the Electoral College…they are so sure they have the popular vote…not so fast. Republicans have won the popular vote many times, too..haha…I hope it all backfires.

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    • agentcommonsense says:

      Oct 11 2016
      The Florida Department of State finished sorting through voter registration applications on Friday and have provided a snapshot of the Sunshine State’s electorate based on race and party. The totals show nearly 1 million more registered voters than the 2012 and 2014 General Elections.

      I guess Democrats will just keep adding a million fake voters every Presidential election until they win

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      • jx says:

        Gillum was defeated… barely. The Republican party of Florida was fairly passive in 2018, in my opinion. We can’t afford that.

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        • OldSkool says:

          The Republican Party in NC, and most supposedly “red” States, is passive with regards to all out support of the President…they don’t. Therefore, what kind of local pro-Trump candidates will be allowed to emerge…none. For God’s sake DO NOT contribute to the RNC for any reason, find a suitable local candidate for your district and contribute directly to their campaign. If the RNC endorses anybody, I would immediately ignore. For 2020, looking for a legitimate pro-Trump PAC to contribute to, so far the best I’ve found is the America Fighting Back PAC. Gonna be a fun year.

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    • linda4298 says:

      Richard Baris Retweeted

      6h6 hours ago
      More Retweeted Richard Baris
      He gets it and ain’t afraid to speak it! added,
      Richard Baris

      Replying to @TheCheefReport @LauraByTheSea58
      For months, I’ve been telling my Republican friends: you don’t have a problem with black voters. You have a problem with urban black voters. You need people who understand, relate, and can communicate. Same thing in Florida. Get on the felon registration drives.


      • linda4298 says:

        Richard Baris

        7h7 hours ago
        More Richard Baris Retweeted
        I’ve never believed the GOP was blowing a genuine opportunity to reach black voters as I do today. They had/have a real shot. But touting unemployment isn’t enough.

        If they were smart, they’d use street+book smart people like @TheCheefReport.Richard Baris added,

        Replying to @seanhannity
        Commiecrats talk to the inner city black population and say exactly what they wanna hear. GOP never gives a counter narrative. Instead the Right talks among each other about what the Left is doing. Better start utilizing Black Republicans with access to inner cities. Wake up!

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    • marinovibe says:

      Makes me wonder…. will the alleged Election Integrity Report eliminate millions of illegal voters, and is the large number of Dem prez candidates intentional, to restock?


    • Troublemaker10 says:

      The majority of Puerto Ricans who cane to FL after the hurricane consider themselves to be independent.

      In Virginia, when felons were given voting rights back by the Government ahead of an election, I think more supported Trump than the Dem party.

      Repub party needs to get serious about reaching out to voters and new immigrant citizens though. If they did half of what Scott Presler does they could outperform the Dems easily.


  2. linda4298 says:

    Media Matters is coming for Potus David Brock, the seasoned liberal operative and founder of Media Matters, is launching a $50 million effort aimed at working-class voters in the Midwest in an attempt to “weaken” President Donald Trump for the 2020 elections. “We understand that we may not win these voters back entirely, but if we don’t make inroads into these areas, we will win the popular vote, lose the Electoral College, and the Senate could be lost for a decade,” American Bridge wrote to potential donors, NBC News reported.

    The campaign is slated to be a “massive” push including television, digital, and radio advertisements targeting voters in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania—and later may include Florida—that will argue that Trump has hurt their interests.

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    • paulraven1 says:

      Evil. Nothing less.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      what else is new?

      these fools want to change the US Constitution, end the Electoral College, give Popular Vote totals supremacy over an individual state’s vote, allow felons, illegals, the dead, and 16 year olds to vote! looking objectively, doesn’t really seem the Dimms are confident of victory!

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    • CNN_sucks says:

      FCK Media Matters . DB is just wh*re of billionaires. What have they done lately to working class? We are standing by with PDJT.


    • Troublemaker10 says:

      GOP has a lot of money….they should counter those ads with even better pro Trump ads.

      Hopefully those voters are following Trump on Twitter and they will be wasting their time anyway. 😀


  3. agentcommonsense says:

    Clinton email to the woman who gave children Mauve, Ruby, Emmett to adults to have fun with in a pool aka John Podesta

    The documents uncovered by Judicial Watch also include an email to Tamera Luzzatto, former chief of staff during Clinton’s tenure as U.S. Senator for New York. Clinton talks about getting “a secure computer set up soon.”
    Tamera–this is my new address, but, pls know, I cannot check it during the day unless I leave my office. I hope to have a secure computer set up soon to be able to get email during the workday. Much love, H.

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  4. Flight93Gal says:

    The mass migration advocates are being honest about the DIMMS Master Plan
    See a twitter post below that explains their push for migrants to keep flooding the border..

    “…Replying to @DavidOAtkins
    We’re not headed toward civil war or breakup of the country–but that’s only because the country is going by sheer force of numbers to slowly drive the modern Republican Party into near extinction as it is in California today. Just a matter of time”…

    So while we all go bonkers over Coulter and her ADIOS AMERICA warning on illegal immigration, did everyone here read that ICE is releasing migrants detained at the border because ICE is out of beds to “house them”?

    How soon before POTUS shuts down the border ???

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  5. Katherine McCoun says:

    I have seen the photo of McCain & ISIS fighters posted numerous times. I just came across this McCain explanation. Comments? I tend to believe what has been said of the picture here on this site for years over the McCain explanation based on long track records of truth telling/lying by each.

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  6. WeThePeople2016 says:

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    • Fox creates programming for people affected by their advertising.
      Older wiser people are not that affected by advertising.
      Young and foolish people are more affected by advertising.
      So Fox is appealing to young and foolish people, who happen to be, most affected by liberal propaganda.
      Want a conservative news org? Be more foolish.

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  7. Wow. This was posted over at Powerline…………..I am posting here………….it was a commentary in an article about the Trump-McCain feud.

    I apologize for the no paragraph breaks……but this is how the vet wrote his post..word for word.

    “As a resident of Phoenix Arizona, a Vietnam Era Navy Veteran who played a support role for the fleet in the Gulf of Tonkin sortie communications and the operation of the air borne Nuclear Submariner Tacamo communications systems and member of the infamous Carl Hayden VA Medical Center. I will attest not to the late Senators service but his failure to honor his oath, his disrespect for the Office of the President and his dirty and hateful (TYPICAL) methods. That is the true McCain. Many of us veterans despised him. He was a Congressman and Senator for over 30 years. In that time he could have said to his staff in Phoenix that we pay for to assign one person to visit the VA Center once every 3 months for the day and speak with the vets. Get an idea of how they are or if you’re hearing and or seeing any issues I need to be aware of. This veteran did nothing of the such. He betrayed his fellow veterans to die in the Center of his state. His negligence and disrespect for the service of his fellow brothers and sisters was a disgrace. Now along comes this yellow haired braggart who stands above everyone and gives the sense that he is. He was so hated but we silent ones of service listened about his support for us. On March of 2017 3 months after he was sworn in I became concerned about my blood pressure and sugar levels. I called my clinic to speak with my Nurse Practitioner. I had no doctor for 8 years, I gave up driving due to near blindness and triple vision that was identified as severe cataracts. It took an eye doctor from America’s Best to give me a proper diagnosis and wrote me a letter for the VA in hopes I could get treatment. I spoke with the clinic support person and she said that the clinical pharmacist would call me within the hour. She called me back within 20 minutes. I explained my concern and had all my numbers available. She said she would discuss this with the doctor and called me back in 30 minutes. I said you mean the Nurse Practitioner. She said the VA doesn’t use them any longer. You have been assigned a GP doctor and his name is Dr. Cheron. She called me back and would be adding a new Blood sugar medicine but the doctor want ted to see me. Wow this is great I said. I expected to wait a few weeks or so but this was Thursday and she made it for next Tuesday. I asked her what was going on because this was all new to me. She said a few weeks after the election we received new directives in the betterment of care for the veterans. He wasn’t even sworn in and he already started the process. After my appointment, I spent the next year having all of my ailments, near blindness, heart condition, podiatry care and surgery, arterial mapping through Ultra-sound for clot and aneurysm identification (family genetic screening both sides of family). Carl Hayden Veterans Medical Center was once a place where veterans went and sometimes died just waiting for care. Now I have great healthcare and take better care of myself. The other day I was shopping and had my Navy veteran’s hat on. This lady in a motorized cart pulled up and we started talking she thanked me for my service and I thanked her for her support for VA and the care we now receive. Why do you think the press refuses to cover the complete turn around of our hospital? She had no answer I told her because they hate our President and Commander in Chief. I said he is the only one who kept his promise to us. She then did what I expected and started ranting. I stopped her and said. You probably loved Obama and didn’t care about our murdered brothers in Benghazi so do us veterans a favor if ya can’t respect the record and patriotism of this President then keep your thank’s to yourself and walked away. The Prez has nothing to worry about we are a militia of millions and we love President Trump and the first family and are at his beck and call anytime. I only hope the Pelosi’s and Schummer’s of this country snap out of it before it’s to late. The time is nigh!”

    Posted by : at Powerline blog.

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  8. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  9. youme says:

    New Zealand Media to Broadcast Islamic Call to Prayer on Friday


  10. Robert Smith says:

    Comey pleads for an example that US Justice works!

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  11. linda4298 says: On Wednesday’s Ingraham Angle, host Laura Ingraham covered the paperback release of a book written by Peter Schweizer that revealed “that a private equity firm managed by the son of former Vice President Biden struck a deal with China’s state-owned bank in 2013 at the same time that Biden was in the country to meet with President Xi Jinping.” Not surprisingly, the rest of the media did not share her interest in covering this story.

    Ingraham interviewed Schweizer, who explained that Vice President Biden’s son Hunter Biden travelled to China with his father in December 2013 before mentioning that ten days after they returned from the trip, “Hunter Biden’s small private equity firm called Rosemont Seneca Partners gets a $1 billion private equity deal with the Chinese government, not with the Chinese corporations, with the Chinese government.”

    After highlighting how Biden went “soft on Beijing” following his overseas trip, Schweizer accused China of “buying off Biden through his son

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  12. faridrushdi says:

    Did anyone else hear Larry Kudlow say today that 63% of new hires in the economy the past two years were women? He was elated. If true, I would think that means employers are fearful of “sexism” charges when choosing men. If this is true, men have even a more bleak future then I thought

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  13. Lucille says:

    The DOJ is in a fight over the Constitutionality of forcing states to take in “refugees”…Mmmm, wonder if the DOJ attorney is anti-Trump.

    The Federal Government’s “Unconstitutional Compulsion” – AUDIO: Tennessee and Government Lawyers Spar Over The Federal Refugee Resettlement Program
    Thomas More LawCenter

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  14. Nick the Deplorable says:

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  15. zimbalistjunior says:

    aha,,,the gold star father from demo convention, khan, is on anderson cooper now and says he has known mccain for years…he got mccain to inscribe autobiography for cadets for many years

    cooper seemed authentically surprised to hear that they knew each other—you could see the wheels clicking in his dull mind as he connected mccain to attacks on the prez

    but of course, he is too stupid or conflicted or in the tank to ask the obvious follow up questions

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  16. JAS says:

    That worked. Which tells me I’m getting censored by WP. Just posted an important post in the Motive Sinergy thread and it has been 20 minutes. And it still hasn’t shown up. And now I have to enter my email and username every time. What’s up with that!


  17. sunnyflower5 says:

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  18. JAS says:

    test! my posts on my iPad are being deleted!

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  19. Carrie says:

    Ok, cue the crying screaming leftist heads! 🙂

    ABC is reporting that sources are saying there will be no more indictments from Mueller!

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  20. Carrie says:

    James O’Keefe undercover with someone explaining how they use algorithms to get rid of conservative voices that they consider “bots”..


    • bandfreak22 says:

      Says an H1B opportunist whose visa is most likely expired. So there you go… they do not assimilate into our culture, nor want to. They just take and make fun of the culture that is supporting them. Get ’em outta here!


      • BeFair2019 says:

        Lets keep the focus on the fact that these social media people are using their platform to suppress political opponent and actively working with only one side. If the debate moves to this particular employee (who we dont know if H1B visa holder or born here or some other ;all speculation based on his appearance which is kind of racist attitude), then the broader important point will be missed. This employee could not do it unless policy is set from the top. In fact blaming this guy is kind of giving pass to the top brass who are conspiring with dems and taking side there. It is same as punishing one FBI guy for russia where the top brass from FBI, DOJ and perhaps administration was involved in russia gate. Same here, the twitter itself is involoved in shutting down the other side. Hope you all could understand my point.


  21. Perot Conservative says:

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  22. Perot Conservative says:

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  23. Troublemaker10 says:


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