March 18th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #788

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

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976 Responses to March 18th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #788

  1. budmc says:

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  2. madeline says:

    Looks like John McCain was involved in the IRS targeting Tea Party Groups. They Asked Lerner to make target them and make it so ruinuois they would have to stop.

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  3. Nick the Deplorable says:

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  4. linda4298 says: Facebook abruptly censored the account of President Trump’s chief social media guru, blocking him for simply responding to a question from a reader.

    Dan Scavino Jr. said on Facebook that his page was blocked without notice.

    “AMAZING. WHY ARE YOU STOPPING ME from replying to comments followers have left me – on my own Facebook Page!!?? People have the right to know. Why are you silencing me??? Please LMK! Thanks,” he wrote today.

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  5. bakocarl says:

    If Tucker Carlson or Judge Jeanine changes more toward the PC reporting paradigm in the near future, I will be way more than just disappointed.

    Both of those people have been stars in their fields and are undoubtedly pulling down several million bucks a year. Both should have, by now, accumulated enough wealth to be set for life without working another day. If they fold, they love money more than integrity.

    Reportedly, Tucker Carlson’s salary is $6M, and net worth $16M and Judge Jeanine’s salary is $5M, and net worth $5M.

    Additionally, I’m fairly sure that OANN, NewsMax or even Blaze TV could offer either or both of them greatly reduced but sustaining salaries, not to mention income from radio programs.

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    • WSB says:

      The more I read about Judge Jeanine, the more I doubt about her returning. We’ll see. If there was an internal premeditation to take her out by Brett Baier, there may be a law suit and a departure by Judge Jeanine.

      We can only hope there is some cordinated effort to create a conservative powerhouse to take Fox out.

      It would work.

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      • MaineCoon says:

        I quest her returning also. I wouldn’t be surprised by a lawsuit instead, good settlement. She will have some options. I’d like to see P45 snatch her up — campaign…the bench.

        It’s personal with P45. He’s already targeted 3 Fox losers in a tweet. He won’t take this lying down. Nope. It’s personal. JJ been friend of family for 30 years.

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        • WSB says:

          Yessiree !!!!

          We know nothing of Pirro’s contract, so we at this point know nothing of her situation.

          I hope that rather than just a settlement for righting a wrong, this turns into an epic takedown of Fox.

          I remember hearing a rustle of the wind about a little known wealthy man who was contemplating a media venture last year.

          Maybe there will be a push on the horizon.


  6. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  7. JoD says:

    Do you remember when Murdoch’s spawn, Lachlan reportedly told people that he was “embarrassed” by the content on FOX?….I do.
    Apparently, Lachlan Murdoch has been transforming the network to alleviate his personal suffering.

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  8. Apfelcobbler says:

    Tucker is letting it all hang out now — tonite he suggested the Trans storytime at libraries be balanced with AR-15 cleaning demonstrations. He also suggested that schools themselves be required to cosign on student loans. The night is still young.

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    • bakocarl says:

      “schools themselves be required to cosign on student loans” . . . think this might have an effect on the qualification of the student and which academic majors are eligible for student loans. Might it reduce the number of students using loans to pursue majors in the psychological aspects of fluid gender studies? Great idea from Tucker!

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    • Marcy McManus says:

      Well, I watched Dobbs and Tucker, nada on the judge. Sadly. If it was On there, it was fleeting and I missed it.
      Tucker is getting better every time I watch. Calling out a lot of things that should be on the actual “news” . Or as we now call it in our home, “the snooze”

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  9. Apfelcobbler says:

    Think about the cost of Yang’s UBI … 320,000,000 x $1000 x 12 = 3.8T per year.

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  10. WeThePeople2016 says:

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    • dawg says:

      Other than that article being six months old, and the bit about “Mueller is giving himself until September 1 (2018) to find obstruction….” its accurate and seems to posit a theory.

      Ive always thought the Magnitsky Act played a big part in all this.

      “……..Steele was compiling a dossier…… and lobbying Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr ON BEHALF OF RUSSIAN OLIGARCH with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The connection between Steele and the oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, is laid out in emails the Justice Department recently provided Congress. The emails show that Steele, a former British spy, ADVOCATED FOR DERIPASKA IN NEGOTIATIONS OVER HIS VISA STATUS with the U.S. government. Deripaska, an aluminum magnate, HAD BEEN BLOCKED FROM TRAVELING TO THE US SINCE 2006 because of suspected ties to Russian mobsters. Deripaska hired an American lawyer named Adam Waldman in 2009 to lobby the U.S. government to obtain a visa for the billionaire.”———–

      The Magnitsky Act is what had stopped the entry of certain Russian oligarchs into the US. One result of the Magnitsky Act was that Russia put a ban adoptions of Russian babies by Americans. Thats why the Trump Tower meeting with Jr really was about adoptions.

      From that article……

      “DID THE RUSSIANS JUST PLAY THE DEMOCRATS, THE FBI/SPECIAL COUNSEL AND MORE IMPORTANTLY THE U.S. PUBLIC!” —–Bob Marler, former FBI, blew the whistle on Mueller in the mid 2000s.

      So, Deripaska was trying to get in the US. He had some knowledge of Manafort’s past dealings and figured he could just make up some dirt on DJTrump that would be of value to his opponents. DJTs opponents being basically the entire US govt. Obama, HRC and co., etc…, got wind of this, spun it together with his joke on stage about Russia getting her emails, and just fed it thru the DOJ. So now the left gets to frame DJT for what they’ve been doing, and Oleg gets into the US, wherever he wanted actually. Only, it didnt go as planned? So now Obama, HRC and co, and everyone involved HAVE to double-down on the Trump/Putin thing, to cover their tracks.

      Am I correct in thats what Marler was suggesting? Probably an oversimplification.


  11. Blind no longer says:

    I’m watching Hannity right now. He had Sara Carter, Mark Meadows on his show. Sara made an unbelievable statement just now that I am praying is true. She says that the Spygate/FBI/DOJ is much bigger than the 2016 election, and goes back much further than Hillary and Trump. Said there will be indictments!!!! WHOA!!!

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    • chojun says:

      Also Rep. Mark Meadows revealed that there are sitting Ambassadors involved in the plot. That must rule out even Alexander Downer.

      This makes me highly suspicious now that Trump leveraged NATO countries into spending more on national defense in order to be spared from extreme embarrassment.

      It also makes me suspect that we will never see a FULL declassification – because Trump will use it as a bargaining chip. With that said I think we will have a declassification on domestic subjects but just not *all* foreign ones.

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    • Zippy says:

      “goes back much further than Hillary and Trump” Sounds like what Dan Bongino has already been pointing out – it began in 2015.

      “Said there will be indictments!” Sure… [extreme sarcasm] Have you been here long enough to have heard all of the other “any time now” predictions.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Even bigger, Hannity brought back Glenn Beck tonight.
      Take that, Donna Brazille DNC plant.

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      • Blind no longer says:

        LOL…that was a screw you to the Murdoch boys!!!

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      • Lester Smith says:

        Don’t worry Donna will be hosting a new game show “What’s my Lie”. Contestants will have to quess which one of two guest politicians is lying. The favored contestant will be secretly be given the answer. Fox was going to call it “Double Crossed” but decided against the title because it would give a bad image and would be to transparent. Fox believes the best games keep the audience fooled and blind of the truth.
        This hire is a slap in the face to all loyal Fox viewers. Axe the Judge and bring on the judist.

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    • duchess01 says:

      I concur.


  12. Zippy says:

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  13. patrickhenrycensored says:

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  14. Zippy says:

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      Is there anything about him that is not fake, fabricated &/or leftist spin? Still waiting for their first viable candidate.

      Of course, if they actually run Harris, Booker, Sanders &/or Warren we will still have to fight a tough political battle because dems will vote for whoever is on the ticket, no matter how crazy they are! Point being, we can’t take any of the candidates too lightly.

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  15. patrickhenrycensored says:

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  16. WSB says:

    Devin Nunes was just on Hannity. Twitter is only the first law suit.

    More to come.

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  17. hard masada says:

    Nailed it

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  18. Sherri Young says:

    Okay, now the foolishness at Fox makes sense.

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  19. duchess01 says:

    News | The White House – 03/15, 03/16, and 03/18/2019

    Please Check Back for Updates – Thank You!

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  20. youme says:


  21. youme says:

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  22. youme says:

    Sens. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand told POLITICO they would not rule out expanding the Supreme Court if elected president, showcasing a new level of interest in the Democratic field on an issue that has until recently remained on the fringes of debate.

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  23. Robert Smith says:

    Is this is the end for Tucker I hope he goes out like in “Network.”

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  24. dogsmaw says:

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  25. dogsmaw says:


    • Troublemaker10 says:

      NJ is already one of the highest taxed states we have, and also has one of the largest numbers of people leaving the state.


    • Robert Smith says:

      As it is Newark sets on fire something $800 million to a billion a year of NJ state money supporting the urban work program known as Newark Public Schools.


  26. Katherine McCoun says:

    Another state joins in the National Popular Vote movement:

    Check and see what your state has done or is doing on this issue & learn how close the Electoral College is to being given away to the National Popular vote winner:

    This is NOT a dem state problem only. TN has had it brought up as recently as 2016 by *GOP* “leaders” –>> including Casada, our current speaker of the TN House.

    This is the same GOPe House that just defeated closing our primaries. Why? Because the Dems know the GOP candidates will win in most areas of TN so they vote in the GOP primary to ensure a liberal GOP/Uniparty winner during the primaries. After that, the GOP voters are stuck with a RINO or vote for a crazy dem. We need to close our primaries but the GOPe in Nashville just defeated that, again! Sigh…try again next year and then make it an election issue in the ’20 primary.


    • jx says:

      These states are entering into a conspiracy to create a de-facto superstate in the electoral college rendering non-compacting states’ electoral votes irrelevant.


  27. winky says:

    Some of us discussed Kellyanne’s moron husband yesterday and voila…..PTrump spoke out about it.
    WOW…..good for him. Personally I believe Kellyanne should have been the one to axe it. That was so disrespectful to our president (her husband) considering our president has shown so much respect to Kellyanne and given her a very powerful job.


  28. winky says:

    And now we have to put up with this POS Ryan…He will bomb. No one can stand him


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