President Trump Receives Briefing on Border Drug Trafficking and Impromptu Presser…

Earlier today President Trump received a White House briefing on drug trafficking at the border including growing concerns about fentanyl shipments entering the U.S. Additionally, the president took the opportunity to invite the media for an impromptu presser. [The media Q&A begins at 14:50]:


[No transcript yet, but one will follow shortly]

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46 Responses to President Trump Receives Briefing on Border Drug Trafficking and Impromptu Presser…

    • Carrie2 says:

      andyocoregon, which is why even some time ago I said we need walls both South and North. Hopefully, that is also on Trump’s list for a wall there. And yet the naysayers won’t admit the crisis they have caused with ridiculous previous laws and their being dead against doing anything that need to be done. Wait until one of them comes down with even on of the many diseases that they are allowing to breech our border and then disappear somewhere. These diseases are those we have not had in our country for decades so we are NO LONGER IMMUNE to those coming in with illegals. One thing is to dislike our President, but the other is their complete stupidity and denial in not representing us and what we want and need done. On the other hand, let the 2 parties in 1 continue and we find STARTING NOW real patriots as candidates for 2020 and disallow re-election of those way too many years in Congress. It is up to us to also work to MAGA.


  1. JonS says:

    He handled the Manafort question very well by reminding everyone he worked for Reagan, Dole, and others long before 2016

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  2. Piggy says:

    The Mexican President AMLO isn’t going to do anything. He already showed weakness to the Cartels and now they have even started leaving him love letters attached to bombs. That guy doesn’t even enforce Mexico’s own immigration laws. Mexico is lawless anarchy.

    Want to stop most drug trafficking? Wall up the border and eliminate the cartels. Eliminate without prejudice instead of the fake “War on Drugs”.

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    • Landslide says:

      Last night I watched the Town Hall with the panel from We Build The Wall. They were in Cincinnati. They are planning to break ground next month. The 2 men who have the most information and expertise are Brandon Darby and Kris Kobach. Brandon said that there are 3 factions of 3 different cartels that control 3 towns/cities on the southern border. He said they (the ruling cartel faction) keep local crime low within those towns so there will be little law enforcement presence. Then they can run their drug and trafficking operations. He says going after the cartels and the financiers behind them is the key to stopping the invasion. (Along with the wall!) He said that declaring cartels as Terrorist groups will be great if the specific factions are declared. That will stop the State Dept. from playing softball with them. Said the St.Dept requests to have law enforcement back off a bit so as not to harm trade relations. Declaring each faction a terrorist org. would make them off-limits for the State Dept. As for the financiers of cartels, he said there are banks in both countries involved. 

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      • FrankieZee says:

        Too many PESOS involved. it will never happen.

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      • Piggy says:

        The State Dept is a real part of the problem down there. If they were doing their jobs there would be no caravans and the cartels would be in heaps of trouble.

        The State Dept on the ground there can be replaced with video teleconferencing.


    • joshashland says:

      There are cartels that pobably own our politicians.
      Just a hunch but betting it’s R’s and D’s

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    • spoogels says:

      Declare the cartels terrorist organisations.
      So then any suspicious characters apprehended go straight to Gitmo.
      That will stop them

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  3. montanamel says:

    I have always said that a few rounds of volley fire directed towards our “empty out behind” spots and along those popular “bird perch” locations where the walls are……will correctly inform these fools that there’s some new rules in town… Individual targets, from day to day, at extreme ranges will serve to reinforce such rule changes…. We have a number of 50-cal and 416 cal and 300 win mag folks that need the practice.

    Way to call the ball, Piggy. Check-6

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    • ristvan says:

      Overkill. My .223 heavy barrel Rem 700 with kevlar antiwhip bedded stock and 15x variable scope and bipod is, from prone position with TLC 56 grain JSP hand loads, accurate to 1 inch at 600 yards. Sighted to zero at 200, but only ~4” drop at 600 with carefulowder selection and charge, so an easy correction. Prairie dog and woodchuck ‘medicine’. Plenty good enough for border cartel gangs in much of the SW border terrain, which isn’t perfectly flat, and where the target kill zone is a lot bigger than 1”.

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      • GrandpaM says:

        Ristvan, several years ago I hired a disabled marine sniper. 6 Purple Hearts. His favorite was .308 but in certain cases he preferred .50 cal because he didn’t have to be quite so accurate with it. When he got his disability payments he had to quit working, that was part of the requirements. Great guy.
        So I was thinking that the psychological effect on the Southern side of the border of seeing some of those individual targets burst to pieces after being hit with the .50 cal would be great.

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  4. youme says:

    Just another American murder victim in a sanctuary city…the latest victim of sanctuary policies apparently lived in the district of Rep Zoe Lofgren, who now chairs the immigration subcommittee, and who is a fan of sanctuary policies.

    A 24-year-old man suspected of killing a 59-year-old San Jose woman in her home on Thursday was an undocumented immigrant and admitted gang member who had been arrested numerous times, San Jose police announced Tuesday.

    He is currently on probation for the charges, and Garcia said U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had placed him under a detainer order that would allow him to be held in jail until federal authorities arrive. The order was repeatedly ignored by Santa Clara County due to its sanctuary policies.

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    • Pale rider says:

      Trump sighted a handfull of high profile cases from sanctuary cities. “Garcia was quick to point out it was a rare occurrence and IMMIGRANTS should not fear police” They are not freaking immigrants!
      America is a people, change the people. Garcia, I wonder what nationality he claims?

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  5. Manafort was hired to successfully secure convention delegates for Donald Trump against the insurgent conservative Ted Cruz. Why? Because he had previously successfully secured convention delegates for President Ford against the conservative insurgent Ronald Reagan.

    Young reporters may not know this because as Ben Rhodes described them: “They literally know nothing”. Older reporters know, but wish to imply he was hired because Muh RUSSIA!

    Ignorant or corrupt. That’s our Poodle Press today.

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    • sarasotosfan says:

      For Republicans, there are three delegates in each state, consisting of the state chairman and two RNC committee members, who are automatic delegates to the national convention. However, according to the RNC communications director Sean Spicer, convention rules obligate these RNC members to vote according to the result of primary elections held in their states, if the state holds a primary.

      Source: Wikipedia
      I’m not buying what you’re selling. Manafort wanted Trump. Trump didn’t want Manafort and that is why the relationship never went anywhere.


      • Yes–Manafort wanted to rebuild his credentials. But Trump hired him because he had the very specific skill set Trump needed. If you recall, there was talk of an open convention, etc. Trump fired him because of all the Ukrainian nonsense with the oddly unindicted Podestas.

        My point however is really about the lying by omission by our heroic truth-tellers.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Heard today that there is maybe a new law to be via the SC regarding punishing Manifort or any one else via the state and via the country as one can alter the other and this is why so many years for Manifort. Hopefully, this will be heard in June and there will only be one punishment by a fed judge and not a state judge. Actually, we need fair government and laws and I also appreciate how many attorneys have come forward that is the power of Trump for the emergency crisis problem,and yet Congress is trying to take that power from the President and give it to themselves. NO way, Jose! Again, on the other hand keep this up 2 parties in 1 and you will not win anything for your party or you in 2020.


  6. Dr Doggerel says:

    The Dems missed Pres Trump’s opiod initiatives because they were distracted by the new hit tune, Orange Man Bad:

    Orange Man bad, run for your life;
    He’ll stab you with his gun, he’ll shoot you with his knife;
    He saved us from the Clintons, we really should be glad,
    But the word on the street is: Orange Man Bad.

    Trump don’t read, he just rips out all the pages;
    He takes the little babies and puts them all in cages;
    The factories re-opened, we really should be glad,
    But the word on the street is: Orange Man Bad.

    Illegals are our pals! He doesn’t see at all!
    Neanderthal dictator! He thinks we need a wall;
    The Chinese are unhappy, they know that they’ve been had,
    But the word on the street is: Orange Man Bad.

    Orange Man gets his orders from straight from Mr Putin;
    The sacred left wing news he’s constantly disputin’;
    He shuns the New World Order, the Deep State’s feeling sad,
    But the word on the street is: Orange Man Bad.

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  7. Fox News’ John “CNN/CBS” Roberts is truly a POS!! He’s a little Jim Acosta.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Yeah he wasn’t doing Fox any favors for whatever is left of its conservative audience. Looks like the MeAgain Kelly syndrome is infecting more of the FNC team. Roberts has sent far too much time in the Swamp. He needs to be reassigned to the RFD beat in the corn belt for a year or two. Get his head straight.


  8. winky says:

    This police chief in California thinks it is law enforcements job to protect law abiding illegals too because they make our state better……HOW?

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    • GB Bari says:

      They pick the vegetables and the fruit for slave wages.


      • Carrie2 says:

        Most agriculture here in CA is by equipment and very little for anyone. When we had a program allowing them to come and work in the fields, things worked well,then it was discontinued and now invaders standing more in front of Home Depot or Lowe’s hoping someone will come by and hire them. That was the Braceros Act/Plan. When I lived and worked in Mexico in one Mexican owned company, many of the employees came to work in the fields because they could make better money during the season and also get money back after the season was over and they were back to work in the company. They loved it and many also learned some English as well. What we have now are leeches and Congress paying out $113 billion dollars yearly should have allowed US to say yes or no as we worked for that tax money and they are getting a good living doing nothing.


  9. paul zecchino says:

    Sicario and its sequel, Sicario 2, Day of the Soldier, concisely depict the sub-human monsters relentlessly invading our southern border. The films are technically accurate, especially the ICE aircraft id’ng as OMAHA – XX on the radio, along with their FLIRs.

    The films are prophetic as well. If this is not stopped, and ‘until twenty percent of the people in this country stop snorting and ingesting shxx’ every day, the monsters will be not in McAllen, Texas but in every American neighborhood.

    They’re runners, the tendrils of this genocidal carcinoma are long extant all over America, yes, but nothing like what’s coming, should the wall not be built and the modern day barbarians are allowed to continue to violate us with impunity.

    Expect anything. Absolutely anything. Plan accordingly. Seek God while he may yet be found.

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  10. Carson Napier says:

    DJT: “I was told by our previous … … … person … … that it would take 2 years and I did it in 3 weeks”.

    Golly, who was that previous … … person ?

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    • louche9 says:

      Dropping at least 30,000 anchor babies, within a year.

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      • Carrie2 says:

        louche9, which I say is an illegal law and so the whole 14th Amendment must be closed down/repealed. Since I live in the no longer great state of CA (at least for the time being), and I have a business, other hispanic women would bring very pregnant illegals to my door and what could I do about helping them. No way, Jose. In general not married and keep repeating and repeating birthings. Enough already as still happening!

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  11. Linus in W.PA. says:

    That’s the Boss for ya!!!!

    Coming at you like a freight train rolling!!!!

    TRUMP 2020!!!

    (BTW, my portfolio has exceeded it’s previous all time high achieved in August 2018.)

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  12. Brant says:

    I like the impromptu press conferences, cabinet meetings, as he gets on helicopter, etc. Glad he doesn’t say having a press conference at end of the week. That allows the “press” to prepare gotcha questions. This way they have to think on their feet, can’t get questions from their masters, have to actually kinda know about things that are going on, etc.

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  13. Just unbelievable to see this event, which obviously is part of POTUS vigorous effort against drugs, juxtaposed against the nonsensical Democrat party tweet, that SD posted on Wed.

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