Rand Paul Announces He Will Vote With Democrats Against President on Border Emergency Declaration…

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul becomes the fourth republican to announce he will support a resolution to rebuke President Trump’s national security declaration at the Southern border.

Paul’s vote puts the Democrat measure over the threshold of 51 votes for passage in the Senate. For Senator Paul it is a matter of ‘muh principle’:

Kentucky – […] In a speech to the crowd of nearly 200 Republican officeholders and supporters at Western Kentucky University’s Augenstein Alumni Center, Paul interjected, in a speech devoted largely to praising the work of President Donald Trump, his opinion that Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the Mexican border is a dangerous precedent.

Senator Paul joins republicans Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Thom Tillis.  There could possibly be more.  The senate still doesn’t have the votes to overcome a veto threshold. However, that’s not the really frustrating issue here.  There’s something being entirely overlooked, likely intentionally overlooked.

President Trump isn’t doing anything new or unprecedented with the National Security declaration at the border.  In fact, back in July 2014 President Obama did the exact same thing.

President Obama and DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson were rebuked by congress when they asked for $4 billion in emergency appropriations for the southern border.  Sound familiar? Oh yeah, the parallels are striking. Because President Obama couldn’t get the funding for the border “crisis”, he declared a national security emergency and shifted funds from the Obamacare budget into the UAC program.  Here’s the fully cited reminder:

TRINIDAD-AMERICAS-SUMMIT-CHAVEZ-OBAMAApril 2009 – After a Mid-East trip to Egypt to deliver his Cairo speech, President Barack Obama travels to South America for the “Summit of the Americas“. The summit included thirty-four South American countries. Obama wanted to promote his point that relations in North and South America can be heavily improved, especially after age old ideals on immigration and commerce are dropped. Hugo Chavez warmly embraced Obama and provided a gift, a book titled “The Open Veins of Latin America“. (link)

December 2009 – November 2010 – 100% of all political effort was leveraged to create and institute the ACA or ObamaCare. All media oxygen is focused on ObamaCare 24/7.

November 2010 – President Obama is “shellacked” in Mid-Term elections. Loses control of the House of Representatives to Republicans. Biggest electoral defeat since 1918.

January 2011 – Emphasis, and political strategy changes. “Comprehensive Immigration Reform“, ie. “amnesty” becomes the mainstay approach toward retention of political power. Throughout a contentious Republican primary season, to assist their ideological traveler, the U.S. media kept the issue on the front burner.

May 2011 – President Obama travels to the Rio Grande sector of the border to push for his immigration platform (ie. Amnesty). He proclaims the border is safe and secure and famously attacks his opposition for wanting an “alligator moat”.

November 2012 – Election year campaign(s). Using wedge issues like “War on Women”, and “Immigration / Amnesty”, candidate Obama promises to push congress for “amnesty”, under the guise of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, if elected. President Obama wins reelection.

December 2012 – Immediately following reelection President Barack Obama signs an Executive Order creating the “Deferred Action Program“, or DACA. Allowing millions of illegal aliens to avoid deportation. (link)

According to their own documents and research, this Deferred Action Program is what the Central American communities are using as the reason for attempted immigration. In both the border control study and the DHS intelligence report the DACA program is mentioned by the people apprehended at the border in 2013 and 2014.

Obama Jesus Pose


Chart Source: 2013 DHS Yearbook of Immigration Statistics – Enforcement Analysis – Table 39:

May 2013 – President Barack Obama visits South America. Following a speech Mexican entrepreneurs, Obama then travelled to Costa Rica, his first visit as president. In addition to meetings with Costa Rican President Laura Chincilla, Obama attended a gathering of leaders from the Central American Integration System, (CAIS). The regional network includes the leaders of Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. (link) President Obama meets with the leaders of the Central American Countries.

Summer 2013 – Numbers of Illegal Unaccompanied Minors reaching the Southern U.S. border from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua doubles. 20,000+ reach U.S. Southern border by travelling through Mexico. Media primarily ignores. (link)

uac graph 2

October 2013 – At the conclusion of the immigrant travel season. White House receives notification that tens of thousands of illegal Unaccompanied Minors should be anticipated to hit the Southern U.S. border the following Summer [2014]. An estimated 850% increase in the number of UAC’s (from 2012’s less than 10,000) was projected. (link)

January 2014 – In response to the projections, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) posts a jobs notification seeking bids to facilitate 65,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children. The posting outlines DHS and Health and Human Services (HHS) requirements for contractors to fulfill the job. (link)

February 2014 – President Obama visits Mexico for “bilateral talks”, in an unusual one day visit (link):

deferred action chart

Spring 2014 – With a full year of successful transport and border crossing without deportation – DHS begins to notice a significant uptick in the number of criminal elements from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua; which have joined with the UAC’s to gain entry. Internal DHS documents reveal the “refugee” status is now being used by both criminal cartels, and potentially by Central American government(s) to send prison inmates into the U.S. (link)

June 2014As expected tens of thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua hit the border and the headlines. Despite the known planning, and recently discovered prior internal notifications, the White House claims it did not see this coming. However, internal documents including a –DHS Border Security Alert– show that in March, fully three months earlier, the White House was aware of what was coming in June.

June 20th 2014 – Congressional leadership and key Latino Democrats from the Democrat Hispanic Caucus meet with representatives from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico.

[…] “As long as (U.S.) immigration reform is not approved, the exodus of children to the United States will continue,” Jorge Ramon Hernandez, the senior representative of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, said at the talks. (link)

June/July 2014 – By the end of June the media have picked up the story and it’s called “A Border Crisis”. However, the White House is desperate to avoid exposure to the known criminal elements within the story. (link)

July 3rd, 2014 – President Obama requests $3,700,000,000 ($3.7 billion) in supplemental budget appropriations to deal with the border crisis. Only $109 million is for actual border security or efforts to stop the outflow from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Growing concern amid Democrats brings out a defense position that George Bush created the crisis in 2008.

Hidden inside a massive budget request is President Obama seeking legal authorization to spend taxpayer funds for lawyers and legal proceedings on behalf of the UAC’s and their families.

In essence congress is being asked to approve the executive branch’s violation of previous immigration law. Section 292 of the Immigration and Nationality Act prohibits representation of aliens “in immigration proceedings at government expense“. President Obama is seeking authorization to use taxpayer funds to provide the Illegal Aliens with government lawyers.

It becomes increasingly obvious the spending request is to facilitate President Obama in expanding the services toward ALL illegal immigrants throughout the U.S.

The stealth nature of the request is brilliant. Once the funds are established and appropriated the administration can then use millions of taxpayer funds to essentially integrate not only the UAC’s but any illegal alien currently within the system.

The $3.7 Billion becomes the amnesty program Obama has sought but been blocked from achieving.

July 9th 2014 – Fearful that U.S. political interests might bring a halt to the outflow already in place, and/or actually result in a backlog of traveling migrants stuck at the border inside Mexico:…

[…] Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina held a joint press conference in Playas de Catazaja, Mexico, to officially announce an agreement to make it easier for those making the illegal journey to the United States from Central America, to cross into Mexico.

The Southern Border Program to Improve Passage, will provide for more border checkpoints along Mexico’s border with Guatemala, and offer more protection and even emergency medical care to those making their way north. The illegal aliens will receive a so-called Regional Visitor’s Card, according to El Universal. (link)

July 10th, 2014 – Facing pushback from congress as well as sticker shock at the amount he is requesting, President Obama sends his DHS team to Capitol Hill to ramp up anxiety, and threats of consequences:

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Thursday that as many as 90,000 unaccompanied child migrants could cross the southwest border before the end of this fiscal year in September.

That will place a huge strain on immigration agencies, which will badly need new money to get through the summer, Johnson says.

The 90,000 number — the highest yet given by the administration — is spelled out in written Senate testimony by Johnson as well as Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell, who must also deal with the border crisis.

“We are preparing for a scenario in which the number of unaccompanied children apprehended at the border could reach up to 90,000 by the end of fiscal 2014,” Johnson’s testimony reads, and he bluntly warns that without an infusion of new funds, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will run out of money in August. (read more)

Not only did the White House know what was going to happen in 2014 as far back as 2012; but the White House actually appears to have constructed the events to fall into a very specific pattern and done NOTHING to stop the consequences from the DACA executive order issued in December 2012.

In response to the refusal of congress to allocate additional funding for the border crisis, President Obama declared the UAC issue a national emergency and diverted billions of allocated HHS funds to the border.

Yes, that’s right, President Obama did exactly the same thing in 2014 that President Trump is doing in 2019.

There is no greater disconnect from ordinary Americans on any singular issue than the policy positions of Democrats and Republicans in Washington DC surrounding immigration. President Donald Trump is confronting their unified interests.

The amount of U.S. taxpayer money spent on the Illegal Alien Children, through HHS and DHS grants, since 2010 is staggering:

The resulting crisis is useful for them; therefore they fuel the crisis.

(LINK To Data)

Do you know why kids are targeted for smuggling?

They are worth more money; that’s why.

(Lutheran Immigration – Grant Link)

So when you’ve got each individual immigration business making multi-hundreds of millions; and politicians getting kick-backs (lobbyists); and bribes to Mexican government officials; and payments to smugglers; who do you think actually wants the business to stop?

(Data For Catholic Bishops – FY 2018)

The Wall Street, big GOPe, U.S. Chamber of Commerce crew doesn’t want it to stop because they benefit from it (cheap labor), and the taxpayers -not them- are the ones funding it.

(Baptist Child and Family Services – BCFS – FY 2018)

Sad thing is, it’s you and me that are paying the South American human smugglers through U.S. taxpayer funds. Laundered through the immigration business bagmen at U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and/or, U.S. Catholic Charities, or Southwest Key Programs Inc; or Baptist Child and Family Services Emergency Management Division (BCFS-EMD), just to name a few.

These immigration groups, get *MASSIVE* HHS grants and then pay-off the DC politicians and human smugglers, including MS13.  Billions of dollars are spent, and the business has exploded in the past six years.

It’s a vicious cycle.  Trafficked children are more valuable than adults because the organizations involved get more funding for a child than an adult. Each illegal alien child is worth about $56,000 in grant money.   The system is full of fraud.

President Trump is not only threatening to secure the border, he’s threatening a Washington DC-based business model that makes money for a lot of interests.  The operation also has side benefits for the participants; child sexploitation, child labor, and yes, much worse (you can imagine).


PS. Am I the only one to remember Rand Paul shooting at targets made to look like Donald Trump?

It’s funny, the stuff people forget…. I digress.

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450 Responses to Rand Paul Announces He Will Vote With Democrats Against President on Border Emergency Declaration…

  1. Doug Amos says:

    What they all forget is the power inherent in the will of the people. In approximately 10 years, America is going to look very different; the people are being forced to flex their muscles again. As S D writes, history is a circle and the minority has never won.

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  2. Another Republican Senator shows his true colors. SAD

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  3. scrap1ron says:

    Et tu , RP?

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  4. lydia00 says:

    Rand stands on constitutional principle despite:
    1). No other presidents in our recent history have done so
    2). This really is a national emergency.

    I agree with him about our foreign entanglements. We went to war in Afghanistan when my daughter was born and she is now 18. Did we learn nothing from the Soviet entanglements in Afghanistan? Where we get in trouble is nation-building. And then we had Obama saying that isis was junior varsity. So basically it was all a big waste.

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  5. lydia00 says:

    Rand stands on constitutional principle despite:
    1). No other presidents in our recent history have done so
    2). This really is a national emergency.

    I agree with him about our foreign entanglements. We went to war in Afghanistan when my daughter was born and she is now 18. Did we learn nothing from the Soviet entanglements in Afghanistan? Where we get in trouble is nation-building. And then we had Obama saying that isis was junior varsity. So basically it was all a big waste.


    • Zaza says:

      Republicans in general have FAILED on National Security, it’s pretty much their EM OH now, send American’s off to die in a third world sh*thole on the other side of the globe but IGNORE the threats on our very doorstep.

      Unfortunately Pres Donald J Trump has also fallen for the same nonsense espoused by the failed neo-Cons and their new besties the Warhawk Dem party. The ideology of “gotta fightem over THAR er else fightem OVER here” is more like IDIOTology. IF 911 proved nothing else at all it is that USA border security is porous just as it always has been.

      Also unfortunately Donald Trump has played this issue VERY POORLY from a political standpoint by not making it FRONT AND CENTER from day 1, by US spending of billions propping up the failure that is NATO and leaving our Border security to the whims of a feckless congress ran by the likes of Ryan and McConnell the President has largely done this to himself and us.

      While Rand Paul lays out a great case AGAINST the NEA’s very existence, he is wrong in his attempt to color the Border Crisis as anything BUT a national emergency, in fact it clearly may be the only real national emergency of our time. In fact Rand Pauls position on the issue really shouldn’t matter as the wimpering “R” congress has already retreated in defeat from Obama on this very issue thus showcasing the fact their opinion is of relatively little importance.

      We already know Congress is worthless swamp sludge and can be relied on for NOTHING except BETRAYAL of the American people they have taken an oath to defend and serve.

      We need OUR MILITARY brought home from an insane number of foreign soil assignments and placed ON OUR BORDERS until it is secure once and for all. The POTUS DOES have the power and much more importantly the Constitutional Mandate to do exactly this, IF ONLY he recognized it’s time to stop hem hawwing with Korea, Israel and Iraq’s security and every other place on earth and make USA security his immediate priority.


  6. Good Morning AdRem…Just wanted to ask…There sure is a boat load of new posters on this here website…Did these posters just cross-over from the border or get off a boat? Just askin’!!!


    • Alligator Gar says:

      I remember when you first showed up. We didn’t post such drivel about you. You are sure and arrogant SOB, aren’t you?


      • Welll Now…I guess you haven’t learned what you parents taught about trying to do the right thing, did they? You never pick a fight with someone who knows how to fight. The drivel that is being spewed by some of you needs to be drawn down to non-existent.

        This website is run by honest and courageous people who actually give more than they take. And just for the record: The Ad-Rem(s) do a wonderful job in keep the jokers at bay…


  7. Luke of the D says:

    Where was Rand Paul when the Empty Chair declared a national emergency at the border in 2014? Was he asleep? Drugged out of his mind? Banging a hooker in Frankfort? What?

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  8. pochas94 says:

    The Surrender Monkeys are here!

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    • scarlettbr says:

      And still the youth generation isn’t fighting for their country. It is shocking. They expect the DC to correct the wrongs, DC created the mess.

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      • The youth generation has been brainwashed by the geriatrics who, AS YOUTHS, demonized anyone over 30 and began a grievance movement. Once they aged, they remained as juvenile and self centered as ever, EXCEPT that they then turned around and worked to either disempower or to brainwash the real youth from ever ascending.

        ALL venues of influence were politicized and hijacked and we have not bred American values since the early 60s.

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  9. Badabing says:

    Rand Paul objects to the whole idea of the 1976 Emergency Empowerment Act. Fine, change the law. In this case, vote present so your principles are not sullied.

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  10. scarlettbr says:

    This is a print and save document. History will someday ask how did America fall. What happened. The trail will be cleaned and the finger pointing will start, it is important to keep the truth secure.
    Rand is constantly trying to make himself more important than he is, just like McCain, Murkowski and Collins. None scholars of the law or Constitution, but they sure love trashing it.

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  11. Geoffrey says:

    There’s only 13 countries in South America. How do you get 34?


  12. KnowSERENoFear says:

    “Yes, that’s right, President Obama did exactly the same thing in 2014 that President Trump is doing in 2019.”

    Let that sink in.

    It’s time for Emergency Declarations to stop. They are unconstitutional. And the border situation is no more of an emergency than 10 years ago, or five, or three….President Trump even said “I don’t have to do this.” Many folks will call this an invasion and therefore within the lanes of the Federal government….the thing is, our Founders agreed that an invasion had a MILITARY FORCE component. An invasion with a military force component would then justify CONGRESS to declare WAR, in which case, the POTUS would become Commander in Chief and be fully justified in obligating resources as s/he saw fit. If you really believe that we are being “invaded,” then Reagan should have been imprisoned for treason since he granted amnesty for illegal aliens…that would be giving aid and comfort to an enemy.

    But the current border situation does not meet this level, therefore, the POTUS can not take the power of the purse from Congress…EVEN though Congress, unconstitutionally, says s/he can via declaration of emergency. If Congress wants to divert their power of purse to the Executive, then they can amend the Constitution.

    The current state of the border…millions flowing across illegally…is a STATE problem. The border States need to step up…send a militia down there. Non-border states need to pressure border states to secure the border. Don’t forget that land adjacent to the border is privately owned by citizens. Do we really want the Federal government to seize private land? Wouldn’t it be better for states and local governments to decides what is best in regards to private property rights? Does the Constitution specifically enumerate “defend borders?” No it does not, therefore, per the 10th Amendment, that power is “reserved to the States.”

    This is merely a classic “pass the buck and blame to the POTUS” maneuverer. Border states don’t want to pay, be accountable, take responsibility so they pass it off to Congress. Congress doesn’t either so they pass it off to POTUS. When both like the POTUS, all is fine. But when both dislike the POTUS, they pin all the blame on him. It’s win/win for states and Congress…they slack and POTUS takes the fall. Lose/lose for POTUS…and you see it…We expect him to seal the border and Congress says he’s unconstitutional when he does…and they are right…damn be the fact that Obama did it. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    President Trump could dissolve the multitude of unconstitutional agencies like FBI, DOJ, Agriculture, TSA, Transportation, Education, FDA, DEA, CIA, NSA, FCC, FAA, etc/etc. I guarantee he’d have more than enough for border security then. Additionally, CONGRESS needs to do it’s JOB…not pass it off to the POTUS…or pass it off to the Judiciary. POTUS could close the border. He could create a “fort” along the border. He could instruct his Executive branch to strictly enforce current immigration laws. He could strictly enforce the law of naturalization that States enumerated to the Federal government.

    Justifiably, we want the porous southern border dammed. Got it. Our error is in thinking it’s within the lane of the POTUS. It is NOT. The oath of the POTUS is to “faithfully execute” his office and
    “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” The Constitution is the supreme law of the land,; therefore, when laws contradict the Constitution, they are unlawful. The duty of the POTUS to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” trumps “faithfully executing” UNLAWFUL Congressional mandates.

    All our current problems…FISA abuse, corrupt FBI/DOJ/CIA, corrupt SCOTUS and lower courts, Roe v Wade, 21 trillion in debt, no justice, etc/etc/etc…. ARE ALL BECAUSE WE THE PEOPLE HAVE NEGLECTED OUR GOVERNMENT and ALLOWED the CONSTITUTION to be perverted over time. We either return to the Constitution….and a Constitutional Republic…or we don’t. To depart from the Constitution because the “path to solution” appears easier is to submit to folly. The argument that POTUS’s have used Emergency Declarations for decades and therefore it’s OK, is no different than the left’s argument that people have abused our border for decades without consequence therefore they can stay…PRECEDENCE is NOT LAW.


    • Sentient says:

      What’s it like to be an idiot? Emergency declarations aren’t unconstitutional. Congress passed the National Emergencies Act of 1976. Maybe they shouldn’t have, but they did. Trump is using it in full accordance with its terms.

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      • KnowSERENoFear says:

        National Emergencies Act of 1976 diverts the power of Congress to the Executive branch which defies the separation of powers which makes it unconstitutional. Congress can NOT transfer it’s enumerated powers to another branch without amending the Constitution.

        They had “laws” in the South that required Blacks to sit in the back of the bus despite 13 & 14 A’s. So are you saying the laws made it OK?

        We have states passing laws taking away guns from folks in defiance of 2A. Does that make it OK?

        We have civil asset forfeiture laws seizing property without probable cause in defiance of 4A. Does that make it OK.

        If you believe that laws trump Natural Rights and the Constitution, then YOU Sir, are part of the problem.


    • mike says:

      I agree, declare the Invasion and its conspirators as the Emergency. Send the Provost Marshalls with eager 10 guage tacs to collect them all, including Nancy and O.

      Unaccompanied Adult Children made us the laughing stock of the world and the traitors as the overthrow proceeds. Without ceasation, we are done, Trump a bump in the road. We become a minority AND a genocide further in progress.

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    • AloftWalt says:

      What part of “enemies, foreign and domestic” don’t you understand? Pretty sure that an invasion doesn’t necessarily have to be “military”. You better catch up on the “Rules for Radicals” principles.

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      • KnowSERENoFear says:

        Define “enemy.”

        Are you saying Mexico is an “enemy?” Hmmm…interesting, seeing as how President Trump is pursuing an economic treaty with them.

        The fact is that Mexico is NOT our enemy, we are NOT in a declared state of war with Mexico, so folks that come across our border are NOT invaders in the sense of the meaning of the word in 1789.

        It appears as though the Constitution is inconvenient for you, and so, just like it is for socialists, your reaction it to defy it. No wonder your fondness for “Rules for Radicals principles.”

        Respectfully, I do NOT find the Constitution to be “radical.” I find it interesting that you oppose my strict interpretation of the Constitution but not the delinquency of states and Congress to do their job. It seems to me that YOU are the puppet of “Rules for Radicals” principles. Enjoy your delusion and “hopium.”


    • Zaza says:

      “Yes, that’s right, President Obama did exactly the same thing in 2014 that President Trump is doing in 2019.”

      Yes some of us remember, playing the “Border Security” card to gain sympathy from average middle class Americans while actually betraying us by spending the many millions on DACA and other save the Illegals programs. Of course our Republican Congress STOPPED him,, oh wait, of course they went along with the whole scam because they are actually in on it.


    • LarryInMt says:

      “Border State Responsibility” – Silly logic. Sanctuary state California would let them all in, passing thru Oregon and Nevada. How – oh wise one – do you propose to stop that. OF COURSE it is a Federal problem, requiring a SINGLE solution across all states.

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      • Orygun says:

        My guess is that the Federal government has a permanent easement along the entire border and as such can build or travel along it any time they please. Everyone has a utility easement and a right of way on their property. The government and the utility can go down the easement and take out your fencing and shrubbery with no legal obligation to replace it. Most people never actually read their deeds or look at the plats.

        The interstates usually have a 300′ wide ROW that they can build in and I would think that something as dangerous as an international border would have something similar.

        The only thing stopping us from having a secure border is the corrupt politicians.


      • KnowSERENoFear says:

        Oregon and Nevada can build their own wall.

        Please point to the specific enumerated federal authority to “secure a border with a nation we are NOT at war with.” You can’t. Then, per 10A, that power is reserved to the state.

        Y’all want an easy solution to a complex problem. And that solution is to proclaim the POTUS as “King Trump” and have him fix your problem. Y’all are so accustomed to rampant perversions to our Constitution and blindly following unconstitutional laws, that status quo has become your reality and government dependency your default activism.

        If local law enforcement enforced immigration laws and rounded up all illegals and through them in the tank, we wouldn’t have these problems. If local schools only permitted US citizens within their halls, we would have these problems. If local legislation created local immigration laws, we wouldn’t have these problems. If local employers didn’t hire illegals we would have these problems. If local citizens shunned illegals, we would have these problems.


        • pochas94 says:

          Calm yourself. We will always have immigrants. We just have to control who gets in and when.

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          • KnowSERENoFear says:

            Thank you. You are correct. Of course…we must have immigration…but it must be legal.

            I apologize for my “rants’ but I’ve studied the Constitution for quite awhile and I tire of folks who obviously no very little about our Constitution subscribing to an MSM/public school/lawyer interpretation.

            Oddly enough, and little know, is the fact that States, via the Constitution, enumerated “naturalization” to the Federal government but NOT immigration. Immigration was reserved to each sovereign State to assess it’s needs and establish immigration.


            • dkst13 says:

              The Presidents number one job is to protect our system of Government. Trump should and legally could arrest all these Lefties that keep calling for a different form of gov.

              He also needs to control immigration because assimilation is required to maintain our form of gov.

              We all know it is all about money and cartels are paying off local and state, I would be even federal gov to look the other way.

              You do bring up a good point, the land owners should be putting up a wall. I’m sure if any of them asked for funds, they would get them.


          • Zaza says:

            “We will always have immigrants. ”

            why? because the CoC run GOPepublicans claim it’s “GOOD fer Murica@”

            We HAVE machines that can pick all the vegetables grown in California, we have plenty of unemployed Americans who could be waiting tables or cleaning motel rooms. Each year we crank out new crops of IT workers from America’s campuses, we don’t need a half BILLION Indians just to make sure Tech firms have an overabundance of resumes to look through.

            Actually the so called “need” immigrants really has NOT existed for a very long time now. But the scam of constantly churning in new faces to the USA has been a “great business” for those who need manufactured crisies to exist.


        • Elle says:

          So tell us, oh wise one, what your high-minded, virtue-signalling solution is to stop the rampant drug and sex trafficking of women and children, the crime, the voting fraud and the overload of on our communities?

          You are saying our elected officials can get the job done? hahahhahahahahhah… The American public has asked our government to do those things for DECADES. They do nothing. Blah, blah, look at me on my high horse. You have added nothing of use to the conversation.


          • KnowSERENoFear says:

            Nullification. Local communities must throw out illegals. But since we abhor confrontation and prefer to defer confrontation to government, we are then stuck with government solutions.

            I have added to the conversation…just not what you wanted. High horse?…I got 11 of them…and each one makes more sense than most humans. Per the Constitution, elected officials are obligated to “get the job done.” They haven’t, so WE the PEOPLE must either do it ourselves OR elect representatives that will. I am merely in line with the Constitution and I believe President Trump is doing a great job…but he is surrounded by swamp creatures and gets bad advice.

            “Hold you nose and vote R,” regardless of candidate character, has consequences.


            • Elle says:

              I don’t care if we build a wall or not. But I do realize that your little rainbows and unicorns dream that our representatives will suddenly, after decades and decades and decades and decades of promising, this time, no really this time, they are going to enforce e-verify and come up with a really good solution where everyone sings Kumbaya and agrees to just say no to influence from the drug cartels, the Chicago,SF, SD, NY, NJ, NO, etc. mobs and the ruthless international business cartels. Yes, despite decades of proving their incompetence, I have no doubt in your happy thoughts that tomorrow they will all vote to do what’s right by that guy who lays drywall for a living.

              Yeah you dream on. And as our country slides further into corruption, you console yourself how wrong it would be to allow Trump to declare a national emergency to stop the rampant sex slavery and the drug trafficking and the voter fraud. And after you get tired of preening about how high-minded that makes you, you can come back and tell us what a great citizen you are because always get your library books back on time.


              • KnowSERENoFear says:

                WOW…now I know what it feels like to be a conservative on a college campus. Keep it coming Elle. I believe if you were to read my comments without emotion and bias, I said nothing that you say I said. Quite the contrary, I stated that legislators are NOT doing their job and I offered many constitutional solutions.


                • Elle says:

                  AH… so you are young. I imagine if you have 11 horses, that Mr. Paul does well by you and I can understand your defense of him. Mr. Trump got elected because the house is burning down. We ARE in a national emergency. You keep talking about how important it is to color inside the lines, but those of us who have heard all of the same lies for decades realize that our government is not going to be saved by running a good primary in the next election. The world is global now and primary elections are the stronghold of the multi-national corporations, not the local populations. Mr. Trump’s attempts to control our borders should be supported now.


    • intercesser says:

      Nonsense . Precedence is law . Why do think that abortion is still legal ? Pres. Trump is simply useing the same law as other Presidents have done . Your line of argument results in a unilateral disarmament .


      • KnowSERENoFear says:

        Ahhhh…a subscriber to Legal Positivism, administrative law, and the incorporation doctrine. I bet you believe that the SCOTUS issues rulings instead of opinions…and that their “rulings” fall upon all citizens in all States instead of just the parties to a particular case.

        Abortion legal? ONLY because States allow it to be. Marijuana is illegal at the federal level but legal in several states. Constitutional carry States defy the Federal gun control act and Brady bill. Several county sheriffs in WA and NM are currently defying their State’s recent passage of laws on gun control. Utah, Wyoming, and Texas are returning to gold/silver standard. Wyoming has passed legislation declaring that state officials will take over federal administration of National parks in the State should the fed government close. It was precedent for Rosa Parks to sit in the back of the bus….until she didn’t.

        Your line of argument results in the perversion and destruction of the Constitution…the rule of law of the land…and the continuance of a status quo of lemmings all following each other off the cliff together. The Constitution allows for change via amendment…NOT PRECEDENT.


    • TPW says:

      While we are standing on our Constitutional Soapbox…… In DC all on the left say to hell with the constitution and quite a few on the right . Mean while the border states are over run by illegals, drugs and trafficking. Guess what…. those problems don’t stay in Texas bro. Have you checked out the bill that citizens all over the US are paying for illegals. No this is not just a Texas problem …this is an entire US problem. In your perfect world everyone is following the Constitution…only they’re not. So thank you Mr. President for taking on this horrendous problem and protecting our Citizens. And by the way ….if it was 6000 crossing the border a month 10 years ago and the number is 5000 today what is your logic? That a decreased number means it is no longer a crisis or national emergency? That because 10 years ago it wasn’t dealt with then it should not be dealt with now. Fact of the matter the border between Texas and Mexico .happens to be the US southern border.Should Florida be patrolling their water coastal areas instead of the US coast guard.? Is that a state thing?


    • sundancer55 says:

      But when Obama signed National Emergency deals, it was all right?? How does that work? No one really objected when he did it – – why not?



    • testpointwp says:

      Walk into most any federal agency in Texas and the biggest brochures in the largest type, describe how to apply for social security, medicaid, SNAP and TANF benefits in Spanish.

      TANF is monthly cash for food, clothing, housing, utilities, furniture, transportation, phone, laundry, home supplies, medical supplies and “other basic needs”. Texas is required, by law, to match funding for this program.

      As long as these federal programs remain (and there is zero chance that they will be eliminated), it is impossible for Texas or any state to stem the flow of illegals. The incentives are too high and the penalties for illegal use are almost nonexistent.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. sat0422 says:

    God help us….I am so sorry for the families that have suffered from the drugs and crime that have resulted from Open Borders.
    I am especially sick and tired of the impact these foreigners from countries other than Mexico pose to our freedom in the USA.
    AS a side note, just yesterday my husband and I were approached by a young Mexican friend who is here on a visa after much $$$$ and having to hire a lawyer to help him get back across the border to this country. He is married to a citizen and they are about to have a second child.

    We found that he had no idea about how to interpret Trump’s speech on Saturday and was asking many questions. He hasn’t been educated on Americans politics and we found a real weakness in trying to help him to understand many concepts. Imaging how many illegals and under educated people are walking around in this country still believing that Trump hates them being here.

    Open Borders kills the weak (women, children and those who can’t pay more) and for the Senate of the USA to vote that it is OK to kill full term babies truly points out just how corrupt our Senate is, Dr. Paul needs another wake up call. RINO Republicans stink.

    Liked by 3 people

  14. tommyd22 says:

    Very disappointed in Rand Paul on this.
    The guy could be a shoe-in for 2024 if he would just quit with the stupid stuff. Voting against this is stupid stuff..

    Liked by 1 person

    • @ChicagoBri says:

      Voting to support the constitution is never stupid. What is stupid was the 1976 law. What is not stupid is President Trump using the law as intended – for an actual national emergency. As long as both chamber are unable to override the certain veto, no harm, no foul.


    • flova says:

      He can’t stop the ‘stupid stuff.’ He’s bought and paid for by the globalists. Go back and look at his election to Senate. He was financed by outside money, not Kentucky citizens.

      He is a phony, baloney like his father who has not accomplished anything for we the people except grandstand every once in awhile. He’s addicted to attention.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Zaza says:

      What Rand SHOULD HAVE DONE is laid out the case that IF the NEA was passed and approved for “civil” emergencies and if the Border does not apply then that would make this a matter a military emergence and thus the manpower and funding can be directly sustained from the Pentagon. Which is all in fact true.

      Liked by 1 person

      • pochas94 says:

        Maybe that’s Plan B.


        • Zaza says:

          “Maybe that’s Plan B.”

          should have been Plan A, besides, Plan A is a lot more fun.

          Let’s get the congressional traitors on record right now, if you DON’T WANT America to have security you should be on record and we can try you as traitors to the Constitution, thus justifying a firing squad.


  15. BarneyRubble says:

    Trump needs to declare war on narco-terrorist Mexico and then declare all illegals enemy combatants. Latinos in general will need to be expelled from the USA by force of arms. Anything short of this approach will fail to stop the Vatican backed cartels from making the USA a Latin American Catholic country.


    • Luke of the D says:

      No. The “War on Drugs” was a complete failure. We need to declare war on Mexico – again. Mexico is not our friend. Mexico has never been our friend. Mexico is an enemy nation that is openly calling for annexation of American territory. Mexico is openly aiding and abetting the importation of drugs, sex slaves, criminals and gangs, and unwanted poor into America to undermine our democracy and way of life. Mexico is openly attempting to change America, both culturally and economically into Mexico. Invade Mexico and destroy the drug cartels, create a new government, annex 100miles of Mexican territory along the border and turn that into a no-mans land, then deport every single illegal alien back to that shit hole nation.


  16. @ChicagoBri says:

    Why has no ambitious, patriotic American filed ethics complaints against Mueller and Weissman with the relevant bar associations for their obviously ethically compromised roles in the coup attempt?

    Liked by 2 people

  17. GSR says:

    The business owners want their cheap labor.

    The good Christians think Jesus has told them to open their home to everyone!

    The corrupt school system (public and university) want more and more foreign students to fill their classrooms and in order to charge a higher tuition.

    The SJW Left want more poor, non-White peasants in order to organize into anti-American voting blocs.

    Any questions?

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Fools Gold says:

    Was the neighbor who kicked Rands ass in his yard a relublician?

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Sunny says:

    As long as there are NO term limits for Congress, we will keep getting screwed over by these sell outs. Whose fault is it really?


    • Elle says:

      But how will we get the term limits? Candidates say one thing to get elected and do another when they get to office. They are too often funded by powerful interests and have little to no accountability to their constituents.

      It used to be that all elections were local. Now they are all global.


  20. ELLE says:

    Sundance says, “Sad thing is, it’s you and me that are paying the South American human smugglers through U.S. taxpayer funds. Laundered through the immigration business bagmen at U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and/or, U.S. Catholic Charities, or Southwest Key Programs Inc; or Baptist Child and Family Services Emergency Management Division (BCFS-EMD), just to name a few.These immigration groups, get *MASSIVE* HHS grants and then pay-off the DC politicians and human smugglers, including MS13. ”

    In addition to the human sex slavery they facilitate, this is the reason for the astounding and visible explosion of our homeless. The groups above turned their the massive machinery to refugees; finding them houses, jobs and connecting them with available free and low-cost services. Which would be fine except that came at the expense of helping our own down and out. They had to get in line, behind the now very well-connected refugees.

    The once available low cost housing and low-skilled jobs at the packing plants and yogurt factories went to the refugees first. The free community services became overloaded and lacking the power of the net-works assisting refugees, the local down on their luck had to get in the back of the line for the help that once existed for them to get reconnected in society. So now millions of them are on the street where they became addicted to the drugs that helped keep them warm at night.

    So shameful. NO ONE EVER POINTS OUT THIS OBVIOUS CORRELATION TO THE INCREASE IN HOMELESSNESS. We shoved our own into the streets to make way for strangers.

    Liked by 3 people

  21. esperman says:

    First time poster. Long time lurker. Her is my email to MY Senator Paul:

    Where were you Senator when President Obama declared a national emergency in 2014? We conservative KY voters are tired of GOP congressmen paying games with Illegal Immigration and the drug EPIDEMIC occurring right here in KY. Have you been paying attention to the drug trafficking in Frankfort and XXXXX County??


    Liked by 1 person

  22. Iamcat says:

    Senator Paul is wrong. I think he actually thinks the Dems will be so impressed with his restraint and McConnells restraint in not going nuclear like Reid, that the Dems will follow suit.
    They won’t. This Dem party is stealing the nation, and will use any and every weapon provided them. I’m ashamed of Paul and the other traitors.

    Liked by 2 people

    • andrewalinxs says:

      Paul votes how McConnel allows him to.

      Paul is only allowed to be a rebel when it suits McConnell’s interests or the vote does not mater.

      In this case it suited McConnel’s interests instead of a squishy like Romney being the 51st vote its the “Muh Principles” guy. It is all about protecting the deceptions from scrutiny. in their Resistance to Trump.

      Rand showed when the chips are down he does what McConnel wants.

      Liked by 1 person

    • 3and2fastball says:

      @Iamcat, I agree. Those GOP that say, “if we allow Trump to do this, then the Dems will do it too”. What a joke. The Dems will do anything to get their way and have done so in the recent past. Obama wasn’t able to get anything through his minority Congress, so he wrote Executive Orders to push his agenda.

      Trump has/had…will probably again, have a majority. Still, Rino’s will wreck the great chance to get lots of good things done.

      Trump should do what he has to do, and he will, to get our country moving forward.


      Liked by 1 person

  23. Iamcat says:

    Senator Paul is wrong. I think he actually thinks the Dems will be so impressed with his restraint and McConnells restraint in not going nuclear like Reid, that the Dems will follow suit.
    They won’t. This Dem party is stealing the nation, and will use any and every weapon provided them. I’m ashamed of Paul and the other traitors.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. Steven Interest says:

    Rand Paul is wrong on constitution and wrong on principle.

    The President/Commander in Chief does NOT need congressional approval to defend the nation. He is able to deploy all the resources of the department of defense to that effort.
    He needs congressional approval only to initiate war.

    That is also solid libertarian principle. One can defend oneself.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. ForGodandCountry says:

    I really wish Sundance articles….like this one….would be published at Breitbart.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Pyrran says:

    The black population growth in this country has stagnated, partially because of the high rate of black abortions. That being the case, the liberals have to get themselves a new group of patsies. Who better than under educated people who see the government as a cornucopia of money and services for them and the millions of children they will produce. The liberals don’t care if these people swamp the schools and hospitals. They actually like the fact that the illegals don’t speak English because it makes them easier to control. All they care about is power and votes are power.
    If you ever want to see a conservative elected President in this country again, you’d better support Trump and what he is doing on the border. There is no coming back from this. We either secure the border now or it’s game over forever.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Luke of the D says:

      Agreed. I simply do not understand how our unsecured borders do not terrify every single American, conservative or otherwise. The idea that Democrats are openly admitting the goal of bringing in Mexicans and other south-of-the-border denizens as simply new voters is insane enough, but the fact that Republicans and “libertarians” like Sen. Paul seem perfectly fine with it is even more insane! If the United States becomes a Mexican territory, we all lose. Nothing good can come from endless immigration -legal or illegal- nor from endless importation of drugs, sex slaves, and gangbangers.

      Liked by 1 person

  27. sturmudgeon says:

    Amazing amount of detail here, Sundance… Thank You and any little elves surrounding you!

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Interested Bystander says:

    “In response to the refusal of congress to allocate additional funding for the border crisis, President Obama declared the UAC issue a national emergency and diverted billions of allocated HHS funds to the border.”
    Citation needed.


  29. Mr. T. says:

    Is anyone really surprised that Rand Paul isn’t backing President Trump’s emergency declaration? Some will say that libertarians want open borders. Could be true but from what I know, they want less government interference, which means less control at our borders. Either way, we can never expect libertarians to be counted on when needed the most.


  30. We have over 15 thousand illegals heading up to our border and this is all because they’re being funded by the demon rats and George Soros for the New World Order to destroy America and eventually the world.


  31. paulmafinga says:

    If Rand Paul had any legitimacy, he’d admit that Congress is a larger part of gridlock and inability to perform than the Presidency. Congress is also rife with criminality.

    He’d also state that the democrats of today are completely different from the Democrats of 30 years ago. The Blue City crime syndicates have infected every corner of the party. It is a cancer on US soil.

    He’d also state that both parties have promised southern border security for 40 years, failed to deliver, and intentionally so.

    The VENONA project makes it clear that our foreign adversaries believe America can be destroyed from within, using funneled money, the press, and the 1st amendment as the attack vectors. This is an old story dating back to Woodrow Wilson and Otto von Bismarck.

    The “good guys” in the FBI and CIA have repeatedly warned America about foreign money paying for articles, including warnings from Oct / Nov of 2018, detailing the financial activities of China, Iran, and North Korea on US soil.

    There are two answers — expand term limits beyond the Presidency to Congress, limit campaign donations to constituencies. Eliminating the professional political class is no different than shedding a royal family. It must be done.

    Sen. Doug Jones of AL was elected with California money and paid Russian interference in Alabama. This must stop.


  32. railer says:

    I can accept that these Emergency Declarations are a bad idea and may even be against the law, so I can forgive Rand Paul’s opposition. He’s right that it’s a bad idea to have the president acting like a king.

    Trump’s right to declare it though, and not just because he’s got to do battle with the open borders Swamp. This forces Congress to do its job and budget and appropriate money properly, and provide oversight, rather than passing massive Cromnibus bills to hand cash over to their paymasters, using the Swamp bureaucracy to manage the corruption. Trump’s confronting that corrupt and wasteful process, a typical Trumpian maneuver to kill several birds with one stone. He leverages everything, and always seems to shoot for multiple payoffs. He’s forcing Congress to do its job and promote spending efficiency, while also pressing for the border security we need.

    With $22M national debt and counting, we need Congress to do its job.

    Excellent outline. My compliments You’ve mapped it out well. It’s a mess and we need to know it.


  33. spartacus says:

    when the economy implodes again … what then … blood ,bodies and chaos … that’s what s coming … then and only then will they start heading in the other direction … and that will be to late … in the history of man … we have shown no ability to govern ourselves … blood , bodies and chaos … that’ s all humans know how to do … we have earned what’s coming … all of us …


  34. Republicanvet91 says:

    ““In response to the refusal of congress to allocate additional funding for the border crisis, President Obama declared the UAC issue a national emergency and diverted billions of allocated HHS funds to the border.”
    Citation needed.”

    For those looking for a citation like I am, the link below is the nearest I could find mentioning his $3.73 billion emergency spending request. Sorry, there is no mention that I could see that he got it.



  35. Bob says:

    Once again proving that a ‘libertarian’ is just a democrat that wants drugs legalized….oh, wait….
    These cheap hoods in expensive suits have conveniently forgotten that WE THE PEOPLE want this, it’s not about Trump AT ALL.
    When does the shooting part start?


  36. MelH says:

    press@paul.senate.gov gets you to Rand Paul. I just sent this letter and urge you to copy or write your own, to support Our Lion!: Under normal circumstances, I would applaud your position about the Wall. But NOTHING about what’s happening is normal. The Democrats’ spite against Trump is the ONLY reason they wanted a wall in 2006, and ALL voted for it, but they don’t want it now. They have done EVERYTHING they can to rob him of any success at all. “The end justifies the means” is their mantra.

    There is a possibility that many on social media are correct in believing the drug cartels have the Democrat leaders in a death grip over the deal they struck in 2006; keep the drug lanes open and you share in the profits. Close the border and you die.

    You want to act normal in a time when “normal” doesn’t exist. How about backing President Trump because you KNOW we are being invaded. He has brought this country back from certain collapse and DESERVES your support instead of your high and mighty fake PRINCIPLE-grandstanding!


  37. whirlwinder says:

    The Paul’s, father & son, have been outliers in the political process and have not smoothed any ruffled feathers at all. The people will overcome before people like them can turn the tide of history towards the snuffing out of liberty and freedom.


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