Reports: DOJ Mueller Probe and Conclusions Anticipated Next Week…

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Robert Mueller’s probe has concluded and his report to DOJ is anticipated next week.   While the media reports are just that: reports based on sources, the timing does make sense.

For two years CTH has drawn attention to a very specific pattern; the large ‘Sypgate-centric’ releases are always when President Trump is outside Washington DC.  Next week President Trump is traveling to Vietnam for a second summit with North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un, so the timing fits the historic pattern.

Today President Trump was asked about the possibility of a Muller report release and he stated: “that will entirely be up to the Attorney General”, William Barr.  The new AG told congress it would be his statutory role to provide a summary report of the Mueller conclusions with his intent to provide as much substance as possible.

Additionally, the timing of a report next week would fit a need for Speaker Pelosi, Adam Schiff (HPSCI), Elijah Cummings (WH oversight), and more importantly, Jerry Nadler (House Judiciary).  Nadler would be the lead House committee chairman to exploit the anticipated impeachment angle.

Congress was openly hoping to use the testimony of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen as the seed for the impeachment process.  However, Cohen has cancelled appearances three times and is scheduled to report to federal prison on March 6th – time is running out for Pelosi’s preferred sequence.  [Note: Pelosi has given Adam Schiff until April 15th to deliver his summer schedule for investigations, subpoenas and general resistance efforts.]

The process of Attorney General William Barr delivering a summary document about the completed Mueller investigation is an aspect we have previously discussed.

The best way to think about the Mueller report is to think about the local police department (detective or DA) doing an investigation on a subject and completing that task.

At the conclusion of the inquiry, if there is no determination of criminal wrongdoing, the investigator does not outline the investigation in a report to the general public.

The basic premise behind this standard process is simple, it’s the same tenet behind the grand jury process: everyone is innocent unless they can be proven to be guilty.

If everyone who was ever investigated had the internal investigative material made public it would be profoundly unfair to the target.  It would be even more unfair if the investigator was allowed to frame a public report, with their own internal biases and innuendo, in lieu of their ability to find criminal wrongdoing.

Now amplify that simple fairness issue x 1,000 and consider how severely political federal investigators might produce such a document against their opposition.  It is easy to see how such a report can be weaponized for political benefit.  The weaponization and benefit is the goal of the current Democrat leadership.

However, specifically to address these issues, and in an attempt to remove the political weaponization possible within the special counsel statute, the DOJ framed the ending of a special counsel investigation such that a summary of investigative finding is delivered to the U.S. Attorney General, who then puts out a public statement (of sorts) describing the conclusion (the finding).

Pelosi, Schumer and the Democrats do not want William Barr to be able to write a summary, a public statement, based on the report delivered to him by Robert Mueller.

Instead, the Democrats want the report from Mueller, including all the investigative trails that were exhausted, so they can exploit aspects of the inquiry that were not able to be proven, and weaponize “innuendo” and “possibility” for political benefit.

There will likely be a massive and coordinated push by the allied elements within media and resistance institutions to demand full access to the Mueller report.  It should be quite a fight…. this is the holy grail for the resistance effort.

If the Mueller report is a nothingburger the media melt-down will be off-the-charts.

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276 Responses to Reports: DOJ Mueller Probe and Conclusions Anticipated Next Week…

  1. lawton says:

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  2. Carson Napier says:

    Herr Gestapo Bob Mueller, the de facto Fourth Branch of Government, totally outside the Constitution, and along with his hand maidens, the FBI and DOJ, the closest thing this nation has ever seen to Nazi like rule.

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    • tarstarkas says:

      I suggest you do some research on Huey Long and his tyrannical rule over Louisiana to see what Fascist rule in the USA was like.

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      • Jederman says:

        I’m certain Fascist proclivities, corruption and instability contributed significantly to his “expedited demise.” And he wasn’t really missed.

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      • Carson Napier says:

        You can suggest anything you want, but Huey Long was a piker compared to Gestapo Bob Mueller and his Ring.

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      • Carson Napier says:

        Say hello to Ras Thavas for me.

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      • Texian says:

        And what is your source to document your charge?

        Does this sound familiar?

        “.. New attacks upon the Governor were being made daily by first one politician and another. All of the large daily newspapers were aligned against him, with editorials in almost every issue screaming grievances of all kinds, and demanding impeachment..”

        Boone, William C. “The Impeachment and Acquittal of Huey P. Long”; p.27. Louisiana; 1939. [From my library, original printing, signed by the author].

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  3. SpotTheSpook says:

    Plenty of speculation here in the comments! I’m just going to trust Barr (and Trump) until I see any reason to do otherwise. So far, so good. And keep this in mind: Just imagine the freedoms that POTUS will have as soon as the Mueller report is no longer hanging over him. Game on! I don’t think the dems are going to have much of a chance to see their plans play out like they thought they would.

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    • joebkonobi says:

      I hope Barr puts out a three sentence statement. “The SC investigation is complete. There was no evidence of collusion or obstruction of Justice identified. The case is closed.”

      IMO, that is all that is necessary and appropriate.

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    • Jederman says:

      “I don’t think the dems are going to have much of a chance to see their plans play out like they thought they would.” I think a VERY healthy cynicism should remain in effect. While mueller and his loathsome crew may be folding up shop, I will remain skeptical about it being over.

      The talk awhile back about getting PT/family post presidency by making referrals to the NY District Att and possibly other state jurisdictions for example has stuck with me. There is a lot of hate in the SC office, they will not accept defeat.

      My wild … assumption for now is that they have quietly “referred” some time bombs for PT to ensure that he doesn’t go after any of the perps. In full disclosure, I have no idea how the law works vis a vis the SC etc etc.

      I’m, as I said, skeptical that given the historic and in your face criminality of all concerned in the previous admin and their errand boys/girls, that they think it’s all over and everyone goes their separate ways like it’s no biggy.

      Does anyone think that now that mueller is standing down he will leave his friends in DoJ/FBI and most importantly the obama/clinton crew exposed?

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      • ms doodlebug says:

        Mueller may not leave his friends exposed but, with what is already publicly known about the FBI/DOJ, Republicans can again push for a second special counsel investigation of those involved – just in time for the 2020 campaigns. After Mueller submits his report without a predicate, it would be hard for AG Barr to deny investigation with a predicate that is of great public interest. My guess is a lot of those ‘friends’ don’t want to get caught up in any investigations. Oh, that’s not a guess. We know who some of them are…and I don’t think they are all democrats.

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      • Daniel Sponagle says:

        The Democrats are toast. The entire Congress has lost to Trump. They will not be able to do anything other than scramble to ensure their own houses are in order, which they are not. Mueller has been unable to protect anything. Let alone himself. The only thing not established yet is what will they try to “explode”, with major casualty and chaos, to try and save themselves one last time.

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        • Lester Smith says:

          The report will be full of loose ends. This report will not define but rather leave lanes of conjecture that the dems will exploit. Done of this is about seeking truth. It’s about damage, destruction and deceit. It is at the very least to damage Trump beyond repair. We can not count on the Republicans in office to fight. These cowards would sell out their mothers rather then risk fighting for her. These low life’s are only interest in self preservation. We the people are trumps voice be ready he needs a posse, we can hide in the shadows and say I guess there is no use. Or we can say no more of this shizt and organize. It’s Time we fight like the dems and give them a taste of their own medicine. Punch a bull and see them run.

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    • hippielouie says:

      “The fun begins directly after.
      Will make the Super Bowl look like a puppy show.”


    • inspectorudy says:

      If anyone here thinks for one minute that the ENTIRE report will not be leaked, they are kidding themselves. The Deep State will see to it that a copy gets to the right network and is made public. This not supposed to happen but look at the track record of DC.

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  4. Heika says:

    Its very clear going by this statement by liar Clapper that it ‘wont be cleared up ever’ because Clapper and all of them didn’t get what they wanted. Incredible that the real crime is just being swept away. My thoughts are that its getting far too hot as the magnifying glass ‘under the sun’ is now getting hotter on Mueller’s fraudulent investigation and its origins, therefore he is doing the old 1-2-1-2 move where they now quickly ‘disappear it all’… hoping the ‘investigations into the investigation’ goes away quickly.

    “Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Wednesday that he’s far from sure that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation will clear up questions about President Trump and Russia.

    He said he was hopeful the Mueller probe will provide some answers, but warned it might not even draw a conclusion on whether there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

    “I think the hope is that the Mueller investigation will clear the air on this issue once and for all. I’m really not sure it will, and the investigation, when completed, could turn out to be quite anti-climactic and not draw a conclusion about that.”

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    • Jederman says:

      “Its very clear going by this statement by liar Clapper that it ‘wont be cleared up ever’ because Clapper… .” The only way is to take it out of the media and into the courts. Let the cards fall where they may. If guilty, then it’s for all to see. If innocent, the same and we move on.

      There isn’t a rug on this planet big enough for Barr to sweep this under. This wound will not heal and the president is set for the same behavior in the future.

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    • WSB says:

      Saw the clip. Defeat.


  5. montanamel says:

    As the saying goes…. “What-a-burger” becomes a “Nothing burger” at the speed of light!
    I’m guessing that our “new AG” didn’t waste any time at all…. RR, you’re out’a here now! Clean out your desk and wait for security to review your box of crap before you leave….The SC was told to get his report done within 10 days and submitted … end all expenditures as of 2/15 – to include any wages by underlings.
    Someone give me a list of possible SC’s for possible new assignments…and, they better be “outside the beltway” folks.!
    Did you notice that RBG sure showed up at the court in a hurry too!…
    Now…where did I leave that whip and chair?… Staff meeting is next… got to whip them into shape somehow. Check-6

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  6. James Groome says:

    Much more likely that the idiots of the DOJ and FBI are arrested while Trump is out of town…

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  7. tommy says:

    Dear CTH , VP Joe Biden’s IT Director put the Russian Finger Prints on the DNC Hack which was done from inside the DNC Network as you will see ….

    Please review these links and see that You have been set up with the Cover up and MURDER of DNC Operatives by a Inside Con Job with this Russian Hoax !!!!

    And the ones who leaked the DNC and Clinton Emails to Wikileaks can be seen here in these links as well !!!

    First we have the fact that CrowdStrike was saying the Russian Hack was from the Internet when this report shows that the download of the DNC server was done from inside the network ,

    Then you go here to see that VP Joe Bidens IT Director placed Russian Finger Prints on the information that was downloaded from inside the DNC Network , check out Context 6, Rushing To Be Russian – The Donkey In A Bear Costume Made A Mistake ,

    So why did they go to such great lengths to create this Russian Hoax can be analyzed further through the Deaths of Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas as well as that of Federal Prosecutor Beranton Whisenant Jr. and the timelines of activities between the DNC and CrowdStrike , and on the possibility that former Assistant FBI Director Shawn Henry, currently the President of Crowdstrike, as well as Dmitri Alperovitch, the company’s co-founder and CTO may have had some involvement with the creation of the Guccifer 2.0 persona with the HELP of VP Joe Biden’s IT Director !!!!!

    There is a seriously strong case here along with what we have seen with the recent claims by Andrew McCabe ,and his contradiction of the Dossier , , that the 2 people at the top of this Hoax is Joe Bidens IT Director and the former Assistant FBI Director Shawn Henry, currently the President of CrowdStrike !

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  8. There was a BS Msm article that said Mueller team will find that Trump’s candidacy destabaiized Europe vis a vis Russia. Maybe that is the “unwitting” Russian Agent theory. That is just disagreement over foreign policy. Barr can call BS on this.

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  9. Firefly says:

    I think we. Are finally getting PTrump as a full time president!

    20 miles of barrier is completed out of prior wall money in New Mexico- the video in the opinion article below shows a time lapse of it being completed 45 days early. PTrump appears to be ready to go gangbusters on the barrier building.

    Lindsey Graham is upset over PTrump/Sec Def decision to pull out of Syria. Apparently Graham threatened the Sec Def he would be an adversary now. PTrump overcame the military industrial complex.

    The new space force is a down sizing of the national reconsissance office controlling everything. They will just be folded into the space force instead of controlling it. This will enable our talented scientist and engineers to work hard producing instead of having to fight political battles and greedy duplicate and fake work/money diverted. The space community has been wanting this for decades- PTrump made it happen.

    I suspect Graham and gop were using the mueller investigation to control him. Hopefully PTrump is a free to be a real full time president – with only the checks and balances of the other branches of government to deal with as is intended by the founding fathers. I hope severe enough legal action is taken so this never happens to any president ever again.

    Can’t wait to hear how the NK meeting go and see what else PTrump does to MAGA

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      He will be truly free to be President when the SDNY is called off, the various State Attys are hobbled and the Dem oversight committees are told that they are out of bounds going after President Trumps family and life before being President. Oh, and NO tax returns shall be provided 😀

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      • Mark McQueen says:

        Exactly. Traditional barriers against the prosecution of a sitting President need to be re-established and positively affirmed. If not then no President will be able to act as President.

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      • Firefly says:

        Yep. Stefan Halper was paid under DOD contracts to write reports on his studies. Most of Halper’s studies are about using and advancing ew ideas of using Lawfare as a wafare/coup tactic. The lawfare uses the law in perverted ways to give it an air of legitimacy. The importance of the media is also discussed in Halper’s lawfare studies too.

        Counter intelligence doesn’t abide by the probable cause requirements and causes the subject/target to lose constitutional rights under national security. Larouche went thru this when ran for president- Mueller and the Brits involved analogous to what happened to PTrump.

        If William Barr is on the up and up he can legitimately handle the SDNY because they are explicitly under the laws- they don’t get counter intelligence special rules. Barr also knows his way around the doj – and knows how to utilize pardons.

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    • noswamp says:

      “I suspect Graham and gop were using the mueller investigation to control him.”

      Would not doubt it. Graham is singing a different tune now, and wants us to believe that he backs the President 100 percent… except for one thing: a tiger cannot change his stripes especially when the tiger has the face of a weasel.


  10. SmilinJackAbbott says:

    If Bill Barr is the real deal he will have Mueller’s team monitored to catch the inevitable criminal leak of this report because it will be criminally leaked if it hasn’t been already.

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    • WRB says:

      It would be nice to tell Mueller, “If any of this leaks, I will no-knock down your door and throw your sorry ass in solitary confinement. I don’t care if it was the janitor who sneaked it out with the garbage…YOU will be held responsible.”

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  11. CommodoreBTC says:

    Mueller’s team will make sure Congress (if not the media as well) is leaked the full report.

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  12. smartyjones1 says:

    Point missed is that days into the job AG Barr’s presence has put the fear of something into everyone and no matter how it happened, this is happening because a new sheriff is in town.

    In addition, the report is filed to the AG not to Congress. That will without question become a political tool as Adam Schiffless and others speculate and point to unknown related Russia matters that require their attention. It will matter not; the gas is out of the bag. There’s nothing but the sound of passing gas.

    More interesting is we’ll see if AG Barr will continue to press on with the business of being AG or have some take a closer look at all the SpyGate players and allow others to pursue them to the natural course (of prosecution).

    That fact that Whitaker is being kept on in what appears to be a senior role is a hopeful sign but I’m not going to point to it as decisive. What will be somewhat interesting is the cover and protection provided to the SpyGate criminals with Mueller booted off the scene and the DOJ IG Michael Horowitz and others on the receiving end of criminal referrals will do with the gloves off.

    Wish I could say I’m optimistic but I’ve lost a lot of belief in our system. Not sure AG Barr will see his job as retribution for crimes but alternatively, I don’t see how this can be allowed to get a pass. The high profile aspects seen with McCabe now is truly asking for it. It shouldn’t end with him.

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    • davidb says:

      @smart. perhaps Rosey is staying on long enough to see what is in the report, so HE can leak it. Remember, there are still quite a few swamp people that have been fired/resigned, and STILL have secret clearances.

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    • WSB says:

      I think McCabe made a very bad bet.

      He started his book awhile ago, expecting Rosenstein to slide into AG, and thought he would be covered to extend the narrative, never realizing how the events would morph to Whitaker and then Barr. Then everything backfired on him.

      How will his book tour go? If I were he, I would not appear in public ever again.

      Yes, let us see how this plays out.


    • Thomas O'Reilly says:

      I see a failed attempt at impeachment as a last gasp effort by the left to defrock DJT. After this fails, I see DJT, thru Barr, commencing a series of prosecutions of the bad guys that will continue right thru the 2020 election cycle. A new bad guy going down on a weekly, highly publicised, exposure of all that we have discussed here.


  13. Phil says:

    I feel like the Mueller report will be like Geraldo opening Al Capone’s vault. There was immense anticipation to actually look in live to see what that previous “gangster” hid from everyone. Now we have a new gangster’s vault to open and actually I would like to see the media comparison to both. I look forward to see the media’s reaction more than anything else.

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  14. Truthfilter says:

    So …Mr.Barr won’t pull a Comey and deliver a summary at a live press conference? “No reasonable prosecutor….”

    The DEMS aren’t going to appreciate Mr. Barr’s professionalism in this matter. I can already hear the screeching and the “what abouts.”

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  15. SharonKinDC says:

    Saw a tweet earlier today Cohen’s judge extended the date to show up for jail until early May/end April. As he is ‘recovering from surgery’. Hope will spring eternal from the Schiff for Brains cohort, who will want Cohen to sing in front of them at a Congressional hearing.

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    • fakenamenumber776 says:

      Who cares? As soon as the Mueller investigation winds down, the air goes out of the whole thing. The public is tired of this stuff. They want it to go away, and here it is going away. Good riddance.

      Sure, there’s still 30-some percent out there who hate Trump’s guts and will never let this go. For them there is Adam Schiff, who will spend the next six years entertaining them with his Trey Gowdy impression: screaming at the sky about Benghazi.

      For the rest of us, it’s over.

      I am hoping that Barr cares that almost 40% of the country thinks that DOJ has turned into a bag of politically partisan dirty cops, and that he recognizes how important it is for the country that that get fixed. He’ll know how.

      My personal suspicion is that the FISA 702 stuff that happened in late 2015/early 2016 was the FBI Counterinteligence Division, under the guidance of Brennan, setting up Fusion GPS with the keys to NSA’s database so they could collect oppo on ALL of the GOP candidates. They were to be ready to produce a “dossier” on the GOP nominee, whoever that turned out to be.

      It’s Watergate on steroids. It’s the 21st Century version of sending a crew of thugs into The Other Guy’s headquarters to plant bugs.

      If this indeed happened, I think it would be easy to prove. Those queries are logged. NSA can find out who ran them, when, and from where. And what they asked. We don’t have to reveal any of the technology, or the sources and methods, or any of that. And it’s not complicated; the public will understand instantly what it means that the Obama Administration used the intelligence gathering machinery of the United States to surveil its political opponents and to aid its own party’s candidate in an election.


  16. trapper says:

    “If the Mueller report is a nothingburger the media melt-down will be off-the-charts.”

    Better strap in, because I fully expect the Mueller report will be a gigantic nothingburger. It cannot be otherwise. All they got is some old financial irregularities, failures to register as agents, and criminalized memory lapses. Not much to show for it all. The democrats will immediately turn on Mueller and call for his head. Their cognitive dissonance will be deafening.

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    • tarstarkas says:

      It will be ‘we could find no direct evidence of collusion or conspiracy, but it wasn’t because they didn’t want to’. Therefore guilty of wrongthink.

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      • Joe Tardo says:

        Mueller will go from the leftists savior to being the lowest, most conniving scumbag in all of recorded history in a nanosecond. He will be maligned on loony left websites as a traitor to his country.

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  17. I don’t understand the point of everything happening when POTUS is out of the country. Is that because he can’t fight back or something? Can someone explain….thanks.

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  18. Richard Whitney says:

    What about Gen. Flynn?


    • L4grasshopper says:

      Look for a pardon soon after Mueller is done.


      • Richard Whitney says:

        I was asking the question to raise the seemingly forgotten topic of the General, who has seen his sentencing hearing postponed a number of times. Gotta be a reason there, doncha think?
        No need for a pardon. Flynn will be exonerated. Then, all s**t hits the fan. Not necessarily publicly expressed, but a panic nevertheless for what it spells for the cabal perps. Escape to unknown jurisdictions, seppuku, detention or worse. Very ugly outcomes for them.

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  19. Bogeyfree says:

    So how does Barr control and ensure the Mueller written summary report does not get leaked in its entirety to the MSM?

    If it does does that mean Barr is a black hat? Or does it mean Barr immediately investigates his friend Mueller and his entire team for leaking?

    Personally I see no way the actual summary does not get into the MSM hands. In fact, I’ll bet it beats Barr to the punch and is out before gives his update to Congress.

    I am a little concern that Barr may allow this summary to come out while PT is working on ending the Korean War & denuclearization.

    What I’d like to see is a simple comment from Barr such as…….

    After 2 1/2 years and hundreds of witnesses and thousands upon thousands of documents being collected and reviewed, we find no Russian Collusion by PT or his administration and thus the investigation on him and his team is over but there is ample evidence of Russian Collusion pointing at others from the opposition party that has never been looked at so I will be opening an investigation into that side of Russian Collusion and our 2016 election.

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      Mueller is not writing the Summary. Barr is.

      Mueller is writing tne actual Report. Barr gets to interpret it.

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    • Mark McQueen says:

      Barr can’t actually stop the report from leaking. He’ll just have find and body slam (legally) who ever does it. As someone suggested above, I’d hold Mueller accountable.

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      • cbjoasurf says:

        How about, what if the WHOLE Mueller report get leaked and there’s NOTHING in it? If there had been anything “actionable” against POTUS Trump discovered, wouldn’t it be reasonable to believe that something beyond “No evidence of COLLUSION” would have already been used?

        I’m thinking POTUS is squeaky clean, even BEHIND the ears.


  20. ringoagogo says:

    How about Clapper saying on CNN that it was all started by Obama? When will that get some traction. This is one fine mess. I am praying to God that Barr is the real deal and is fair to all parties.

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  21. Rage says:

    Cohen goes to jail in May he was granted two extra months.

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  22. Jimmney says:


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  23. Jimmney says:

    Having a really hard time posting here. Have so for weeks got to try 10to15 times just to post. Not sure why. Anyhow wishing all treepers well.

    Judge granted Cohen a 2 mounts extension on going to prison. So his shoulder can heal… and …and.. wait for it … So he can prepare for congressional hearings… Puke

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  24. jmuniz1 says:

    I told you Barr would not hurt our President. Clinton is his enemy not our President.

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    Ratenstein needs to be called to testify BEFORE he leaves DOJ on this 25th amendment question.

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  26. Brant says:

    My LA living brother was always apolitical or a smidgen to the right. Trump election sent him around the bend. Probably the folks he hangs out with and the blogs he reads. His wife is South American as well. After the probable Mueller fireworks turn out to be a dud, I will see if I can guage his reaction.

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  27. jeans2nd says:

    Lawfare is still working from the Watergate timeline, documents, and actions. Lawfare has painstakingly unearthed everything. Watergate is the Lawfare playbook. And recall there is a new Seattle law firm involved.

    There was a House member (cannot remember names now) who petitioned the Nixon/Watergate judge for release of all Watergate prosecutor’s investigative materials, and the Watergate/Nixon judge acquiesced. Lawfare fully intends to use this as a template to petition Mueller or whichever judge is involved, to obtain all Mueller investigative docs.

    Look for impeachment hearings to begin as soon as practicable, with petition for Mueller docs to follow soon after.
    Btw – read somewhere Cohen’s testimony has been pushed back to May.


  28. wlbeattie says:

    As predicted: The Washington Examiner is getting into the “Full Transparency for the Mueller Report” mode.


  29. The Akh says:

    Yep, the resistance crowd is freaking out. The narrative floating is that Barr shut it down. Bet you anything, if it doesn’t turn out like The Resistance wants, they will claim Mueller was prevented from following evidence or obstructed in some way.

    They will Schiff all over Barr’s summary.

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    • Ackman420 says:

      That was their mind set from the get go. If sufficient info isn’t released to impeach, they will claim it was squashed and stifled by POTUS. That’s the way they think. And why wouldn’t they. It’s how Obama and Hillary have stayed out of prison (so far).


  30. John Smith says:

    You know what will happen to Trump after the report is delivered. Nothing!! There will be no impeachment, there will be some investigation which will go nowhere. Impeachment will not happen with the election taking place next year. It would make the Demokkkrats look even more stupid then they look now.

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  31. The timing of this like the drop the day before Helsinki is grievous and belies the political nature of the Weissmann SC. Complete traitors to the American people and the US Constitution.

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  32. convert says:

    My social media feeds were already full of Democrats demanding that Mueller RELEASE IT ALL!

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  33. Zorro says:

    Trust Not So Stealth Bill.

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  34. Zorro says:

    Demand full transparency into what Obama and his administration were doing.

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  35. Firefly says:

    Here’s DiGenova’s interview on the Mueller report anticipated next week.

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  36. ARW says:

    I think the primary goal of the Mueller report is to claim, with flimsy evidence, that Comey and McCabe were justified in their actions.


    • dallasdan says:

      JMO, but Mueller has had two years to craft the centerpiece of the deep state’s impeachment proceeding against the President. Neither he nor his handlers/co-conspirators will be satisfied unless the report is sufficiently laden with whatever innuendo, assumptions, presumptions, undocumented assertions, and specious conclusions are required to support obstruction of justice allegations against the President.

      Despite the seemingly clear lack of any verifiable evidence of the President or his campaign staff colluding with the Russians to influence the 2016 election, some of which would surely have been leaked by now to counter the public’s recent, growing distrust of Mueller, the resistance operatives and msm are poised and eager to embrace and proclaim whatever the report contains that can be useful to accuse the President of criminally liable, impeachable offenses.

      The historical significance of the report is incalculably great. Mueller will not allow himself to release a document that will exonerate the President, thereby proving his investigation was, indeed, a “witch hunt.” The wording will be complex, highly subject to interpretation, and a potent, inflammable catalyst for attacking the President, both immediately and throughout the 2020 election campaign.

      I also expect AG Barr to unhesitatingly release the most damaging elements of the report, misleading and unverified as they may be, using the cover of a “desire for transparency.” The Dems and RINOs will then quickly coalesce in support of Barr without regard for the truth and honesty of the information released.

      Moreover, whatever Barr does not release to the satisfaction of the resistance, it will be promptly leaked, and the NYT and WaPo will add it to the daily, printed diatribe against the President.

      This report is the final and most powerful gambit to remove the President prior to his running for re-election. It will be the deep state’s best shot.

      I hope I am completely wrong, but the compelling evidence of the deep state’s treachery and power strongly influence me to think otherwise.


  37. Troublemaker10 says:

    Liked by 2 people

  38. Fools Gold says:

    I think it will be a nothingburger and yeah the media and dims will go nuts. I also imagion the Q fans will to since they were calling Mueller the white hat who would arrest them all (e.g. big ugly)


  39. Mormon Insider says:

    When you’ve lost Eli Lake, you know things are going to get interesting. This guy is Newsweek and the Daily Beast.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Mr. G says:

    Mueller’s report, in the end, is likely to have minimal impact in terms of voting support for POTUS.
    And the same can be said of any Congressional hearings and/or MSM reporting on both.

    “Sides”, so to speak, have been chosen for quite some time. There may be some nevertrumpers and Independents who are “converted” TO MAGA, but no defections of any consequence FROM MAGA supporters.

    The 2020 election is for all the marbles. Both sides know this. So, absent some extraordinary event, if the Dems can be prevented from stealing the election, Trump should prevail.


  41. namberak says:

    “For two years CTH has drawn attention to a very specific pattern; the large ‘Sypgate-centric’ releases are always when President Trump is outside Washington DC.” This reminded me that in the 30s when Hitler was playing the British and French, he pulled his biggest moves on the weekend because he believed that the Brit decision makers would be “at their country homes” and thus difficult to reach and slower to react. (And oddly, September 1, 1939 was a Friday, not a Saturday…)


  42. thedoc00 says:

    No where in any of the reporting are the words “final report”. Also, which one of the many “probes” authorized by Rod Rosenstein are being concluded?? Mueller is not done until the door of justice hits his witch hunting butt as he departs and his inquisition is declared shut-down.

    This smacks of an interim report to support Democrat House Committees and to “bring the new AG up to date”.

    As for AG Barr writing the assessment of the “evidence”, Mueller’s gang has already sent out the “draft copy” that includes Mueller’s opinions of his evidence. Mueller’s team tested the waters by leaking the “draft” grand-jury materials covering their case against Stone to the MSM and nothing happened.

    The ball is squarely in AG Barr’s court as to the exact definition of this “report” and reaction to the inevitable leaks by Mueller and the Democrats. This report is essentially a reconnaissance in force by the coup members.


  43. Pokey says:

    What a complete fiasco. The only thing I get out of this whole thing is that there will never be an end to it. You can bet your blue jeans that this will not be the end of the ‘investigation’. The ‘investigation’ will be continued in the Mediacrat/Democrat/Bureaucrat/Educrat/ collective until Trump has been vanquished and they can get back on track with their Globalist Totalitarian mandate to destroy our Constitution.
    Do not think anything resembling a good political outcome is in Trump’s future. And the wall will never get built either.
    PDJT will be an asterisk in the re-write of our history that will be completed over the next 10 years. These are my opinions and I hope they will be laughed at in 10 years, but I will bet my blue jeans that they will not.


  44. mike diamond says:

    To sum up muiller,investigation, Trump ordered an extra scoop of ice cream at baskin,robbins,?nothing else was found ! In the Mueller investigation!


  45. mike diamond says:

    El,Chapo,says Nancy and Chuck were paid millions to keep the border open,!

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