President Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Discusses 2020…

For supporters evaluating whether or not President Trump will run for reelection to a second term in office, this video provides some interesting insight.  If you watched the earlier Frontline interview (really good) with Parscale, aspects within this interview make much more sense (bigger backstory).

President Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale sits down with Martha MacCallum to discuss the president’s re-election bid, and what swing voters will think of Trump’s moves on border security.


I’ll embed the Frontline interview at the bottom. If you’ve never watched it, carve out an hour and you’ll likely enjoy.


Here’s the Frontline Interview. The interviewer is absolutely apoplectic that Donald Trump and Brad Parscale beat his candidate, Hillary Clinton. The guy eventually goes bananas as he just cannot accept how easily Clinton was defeated:

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117 Responses to President Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Discusses 2020…

  1. Landslide says:

    I was just coming to post this! He is such a fantastic asset to the President and to us all! I have said before that I sleep better at night knowing he is in charge of the 2020 campaign!👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸

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    • WSB says:

      Now Brad just has to outwit the idiots within the RNC.

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “the idiots within the RNC”

        Cut off their money – cut off their influence.

        1Timothy 6:9 But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.
        10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

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      • Katherine McCoun says:

        Sad but true comment, WSB

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      • Landslide says:

        I think he can outwit the RNC in his sleep! I have had full confidence in him since I saw him interviewed by Megan Kelly right after the 2016 election. Brilliant and fiercely loyal to the Trump family. (He did many of their websites and digital media prior to 2015)

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      • not2worryluv says:

        Sending my contributions directly to the DJT campaign.
        Why would I give Romney anything to run for POTUS-I believe thats the Traitors plan huddled with the GOPe and likely most Democrats!

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        • Zorro says:

          Money talks. Starve the Uniparty beast.


        • not2worry, I directly to the DJT campaign campaign also, and I tell the RNC that is where my money goes and as long as they allow people like Romney to run as a republican. Their new push is that they don’t give the candidates money, what about their new commercial about building the wall. I still tell them I will only directly to the


  2. smurfette says:

    Stopping senseless wars by deep state.
    Arresting human trafficking.
    Preventing drugs.

    These win over people on both sides.

    Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, Pelosi, Brennan, Shumer, Adam Shift ought to be ashamed of themselves for wanting to impeach a president who cares.

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    • hoghead says:

      Smurf, the problem is that the President cares, but not about the things THEY care about.

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    • Exfiltration of Wealth says:

      Ha! That’s my congressman referenced in the Breitbart article…Bustos from Illinois….she’s been getting an earful from her constituents….LIKE ME.


      • The Boss says:

        Bustos got votes for Speaker from freshman dems who are also getting an earful over the wall. The radical, more-left, anti-Pelosi freshmen are being driven apart from the so-called moderate dems over the wall. And we haven’t even gotten to the impeachment nonsense. My guess is many freshmen will not become sophomores in 2020.

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    • chojun says:

      Trump uses leverage as a tool –

      He is using the left’s Trump Derangement Syndrome against them by consuming all middle ground and forcing his enemies to either extreme.

      NeverTrumpers clung to their “principled conservatism” and found themselves preaching at a pulpit in an empty lecture hall. These principled conservatives are now openly embracing pro-corporate welfare organizations like the Chamber of Commerce who are openly globalist and anti-American at their core.

      Progressives have been radicalized and are openly embracing Venezuela-style Socialism. Their anti-war pro-crime reform pro-worker platform has been ripped right out from under them and is now under MAGA control.

      Trump is one man but he has all of them surrounded.

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    • Brian Baker says:

      “Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey”
      Especially these. And others in the institutionally corrupt DOJ/FBI with their “mission.”
      Who exactly do they think the enemy is, a POTUS who genuinely wants to stop illegal activity, human trafficking, gang activity, drug smuggling, along our southern border and who prioritizes the safety of American citizens? They really should be ashamed of themselves, but probably aren’t.


  3. pnj01 says:

    I always thought of Martha MacCallum as a conservative sweetheart. Now, though, she seems to be getting schooled by the same Fox Theoretician as other Fox “news” folk like: Shep Smith, Andy Boy Napolitano (when will he get a new suit?btw?), Dana Perino, Chris Stirewalt and Chris Wallace. So, I will take her interviews with grains of salt from now on.

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  4. President Trump and Brad Parscale are so many laps ahead of the UniParty field in so many ways, it’s incredible.

    Those who challenge will rue the day they sacrificed their reputations and wasted their futures.

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  5. Ended up on FNC to watch the Border Visit.
    Won’t EVER waste time going back.


  6. cthulhu says:

    I think it’s hilarious that Dims keep hauling out their befuddled septuagenarians (like Kerry, Clinton, Sanders, Pelosi) and for their youth — and the supposed Future of The Party — have dimtwits like AOC and Willie receptacle Kamala Harris…..

    …..while on Trump’s team, we have old and cunning alphas like our Wilburine or VSGPOTUSDJT himself, with seasoned alphas and sharks like Brad Parscale, Mike Pompeo, and Mike Mulvaney handling real and substantive posts.

    Ten years from now, you could imagine the next gen from the Trump Train running the country — and you’d be hard pressed to imagine AOC balancing a checkbook.

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  7. Flyover Expat says:

    Love this guy

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  8. CathyMAGA says:

    Holy sheet! How tall is Brad!?! Gotta be like 6′ 9″-7’…😲


  9. Sloth1963 says:

    Brad pretty much single handedly took the Clinton/Obama machine to the woodshed. He is an asset.

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  10. Carolyn Harlan says:

    Martha is so snarky. Same as she was when she interviewed the Kavanaugh’s. She can’t hide her disgust for all things conservative.

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  11. TMonroe says:

    Election integrity needs to be prioritized as strongly as the border issue stat, or the 2020 election will be subject to the same machinations as the crony crew from Broward to Wayne County, all approved by the usual suspects in the untouched DOJ.

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  12. Tom H says:

    Judge Nap. was nothing but a traffic court judge in New Jersey…a political hack whole couldn’t cut it in private practice. It’s an embarrassment that Fox promotes him a some type of legal expert.

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    • Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

      And that helmet he wears on his head. Damn!

      A .45 would probably bounce off that hair.

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    • Michael Todaro says:

      Yeah man. Nap is a never Trump POS and a disgrace to Italian Americans. He personally offends me as I am an Italian American who graduated from Catholic grade school & Jesuit prep school in NJ and passed the bar in 3 states.

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  13. Katherine McCoun says:

    Just watched the 2nd interview. Excellent. He is calm, rational, logical and factual. Unflappable. First time I have heard him speak. Really enjoyed that!

    So funny – the interviewer looked sweaty, clammy, got twitter-pated and the off camera person started chiming in at the end. Guess it was obvious that the interviewer needed help.

    Focus of the 2nd interview was about social media, facebook, fake news & journalism for the majority of the time. Really good info and insight as well as fun to see him stand firm and calm throughout.

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  14. CNN_sucks says:

    No only the messaging should be tackle but the massive voters fraud and illegal votes.

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  15. JOHN says:

    My two biggest fears are that desperate Progressives will attempt to take out President Trump or Brad Pascale. Prey for their protection from evil forces.

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  16. woohoowee says:

    Brad confirms there was *no* suburban women revolt in the midterms, which is great. It also means Turtle and Crew couldn’t wait to jump in with the Democrat story line, that Democrats won a suburban women revolt over keeping Obamacare, as soon as the elections were over. UniParty.

    We know a few women that got all bent out of shape over the issue, but they didn’t bother to vote.

    WaPo has been steadily working on creating an issue with those kicked off the extended Medicaid in Arkansas, but that isn’t going to get them anywhere, at least not within the state. People who don’t make an effort to help themselves don’t draw any sympathy here.

    It’s obvious CoC is demanding retention of Obamacare and UniParty is actually going to try to run on it. Which means PT45 WINS in an even bigger landslide 🙂

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Woohoo – I loved how Brad didn’t go along with Martha’s assertion about the suburban women’s revolt. Yet another fake statistic promoted as truth by the lamestream. So glad to see him refute this nonsense.

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    • Revenant says:

      Much of the Democrat House gains in 2018 were in blue states.

      Brad is looking at a different picture for a different game. If you watch the PBS interview (which is really excellent) he even says that Trump’s 2016 campaign didn’t focus on “persuading” people with its online ads — it was simply looking to find Trump voters and get them to the polls.

      Reading between the lines, Trump 2016 (and probably Trump 2020) is not focusing on states like CA or NY, or NJ where a bunch of suburban house districts flipped Democrat.

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  17. j1u2l3i4a5 says:

    Brad is an exceptional man.

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  18. Daniel Arden says:

    Martha had blood coming out of her wherever in this interview

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  19. kltk1 says:

    The Frontline interview was painful. The interviewer is quite the knucklehead and clearly can’t accept the outcome of the 2016 election. Brad earned his salary for the year having to sit through that.

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  20. SharonKinDC says:

    McCallum either didn’t read the NYT correction or ignored it. NYT did a huge correction… wasn’t allegedly given to Russians… it was Ukrainians! Another one of their fervent dreams dashed.

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    • The Boss says:

      I’ll bet Brad knew of the retraction and just let Martha make an ass of herself. He is very informed as the PBS interview shows – to the point of being far better informed than the pseudo-journalists who pollute our media.

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  21. czarowniczy says:

    You can just imagine the scrutiny Parscale’s life is going thru now, DNC and Deep State operators in DoJ and the various intel agencies are doing him in detail, they’ll be tearing apart every facet of his life from birth to the skid marks on yesterday’s undies. His family, friends and acquaintances will be dissected too, some obviously so their discomfort can be used to make him uncomfortable.

    This is going to be a thankless and potentially personally damaging job for him, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the opposition come out with the same kind of stuff they did on Kavanaugh, but worse. The State can easily deal with the SCOTUS issue if they win the WH, Much hinges on their taking the WH, keeping the House and, if they can’t take the Senate, neutralizing the Republican majority. Expect record amounts of money to be spent and record sleaze in front of and behind the scenes.

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  22. zorrorides says:

    Will Brad Parscale read this CTH story? I have a deplorable suggestion for the 2019 elections.
    First, develop a platform made of important issues shared by Donald Trump and his base voters. President Trump embraces these points for his presidential race and states the voters are firmly committed to each point.

    PTrump says he supports congressional candidates who support this platform. Out in the Country, we take over from there. We can do the funding ourselves without the national apparatus. The deplorable TEA working classes can find a champion to run in the primary elections. All their campaigns stick tight to this, “I’m with them, the people and President Trump. Here’s a list of things we are going to do.” Incumbents can choose the people’s list, or not.

    Here are Points Of Our Agreement: 1, Complete The WALL Immediately; 2, Immigration Reform with No Amnesty, all must apply to reenter the USA; 3, Prosecute and Eradicate All Election Fraud; and 4, well, readers will make their lists. Parscale can oversee making The List. By the run-off elections all the voters know there’s a new choice for their vote.

    The election’s theme song looks joyously to future victory and resounding success. We call the song, “20/20”. “I Can See Clearly Now”, is a hit written and performed by Johnny Nash, also covered by Jimmy Cliff. The original song was posted by Angelle in an earlier CTH thread. It’s powerful, joyous and it will lift you up. You all know this song. MAGA KAG 20 20. Play the original at Trump rallies. Play our version during the congressional campaigns.

    I can see clearly now, the Dimms are gone
    I see all the RINOs knocked out of our way
    Gone are the fake lies who had me blind
    It’s gonna be bright, bright, bright sun-shiny day

    Thanks for listening/ reading, Treepers. You are a wonderful group.

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  23. GB Bari says:

    I’ve seen this interview before.

    It left me wondering, why did Parscale reveal their campaign strategy, Facebook or otherwise ?
    Did he not know to whom he was speaking?

    Maybe I’m all wet but it seems foolishly arrogant to tell the enemy how you beat them when you’re going to have to face them again in less than four short years. Is this why the social media giants suddenly censored conservatives and pro Trump postings?

    How’s that strategy going to work in 2020, when 80 to 90 percent of conservatives / pro Trump people are prevented from using these platforms?

    Unless he’s got something planned that neither we nor the DimmicRAT pukes have ever thought about.

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    • The Boss says:

      Watch again. Parscale makes clear that 2020 is not a rinse and repeat of 2016 tactics. He discusses some things being done now – the 1:1 strategic message and fundraising infrastructure for example – which give Trump a huge advantage over primary challengers and dem opponents. And he also makes clear that he’s not going to reveal certain other strategic or tactical plans on TV. Relax.

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      • GB Bari says:

        But why does he discuss any strategies in that interview with the enemy?
        I only ask that rhetorically because to me it should be obvious to keep one’s mouth shut regarding any winning strategies including those you developed and used in 2016 but will not use in 2020.
        Dems aren’t stupid when it comes to manipulating peope and messaging. I would not give them any more ideas to ponder.

        Loose lips sink ships.


    • GB- my thoughts EXACTLY. Just posted a comment about this upstream.

      This is all super valuable information. Why hand it to the enemy on a silver platter?

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    • WSB says:

      GB, Read my post down thread. I do not believe Brad gave James Jacoby anything that is not already known in the industry. This is what Jacoby fails to realize. Jacoby also fails to realize that one man’s ‘divisiveness’ is another man’s battle cry.

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  24. John-Y128 says:

    I think PDJT knew he was going to use the ‘Wall’ as his 2020 re-election hammer, I hope the left keeps up their open borders position as well as their anti-religion mindset, we need the House taken back fast.

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  25. BSR says:

    That frontline interview was interesting. The person conducting the interview is so miserably disinterested in truth and so smug he didn’t deserve an hour from Parscale. He probably lost a lot of sleep over the fact that he got it though. 😂

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  26. Akindole says:

    Two things.

    1) Brad is the one person who wouldn’t need any other thing than a (minor) costume to be in an episode of Vikings. That is good. That is very good. Hold up your axe Brad.

    2) Listen to what he says about their forward recon. My disposable EDC phone is constantly bombarded by POTUS messages, but I noticed the other day that they found one of my almost never disclosed to anyone email accounts that I use for banking type things on Gmail. They haven’t found my hushmail account, but they probably will.

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  27. Pyrthroes says:

    These first two years, Trump has been throttling back the Deep State’s supertanker engine-room. Through 2020, having slowed Leviathan, our Captain will direct his helmsmen to commence a relatively modest turn.

    By 2022, this course will have become a hard a-starboard libertarian reversal; and by 2024, the Great Republic will be steaming full-ahead to a Taft-Coolidge version of Jefferson-Madison-Mason’s Enlightenment ideal.

    As Tom Paine noted, most Statist despotisms peter out in some ten generations, 250 – 300 years, done in by top-heavy administrative/bureaucratic Mandarinates and endless “pinprick wars”. But a free people, knowing their own interests, will neither indulge imperial overreach nor yet subside to rentier dependency (as did Rome from c. AD 300 on).

    Navigating these shoals is not a geopolitical but a socio-cultural exercise, adapting constant Human Nature to (for once) benevolent ends. Who knows… if Trump can tame Leviathan, and find worthy successors through a post-bellum period similar to 1865 – 1912, America may yet discover that her Manifest Destiny lies among the stars.

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  28. Paul Paul says:

    One of the interesting things about the Trump Presidency is the clearly intelligent and principled people he surrounds himself with. Trump himself appears to be a polymath, accomplished in many different fields. He brings on board specialists who excel in their own fields. Pascale, Mnuchin, Ross, Pompeo, etc. It is fascinating to watch. It is truly a breath of fresh air from all previous administrations, when so many positions were filled by mere political hacks.

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  29. jambo says:

    Pascale is 6’8 but notice how President Trump is fine with that in the photo and is just standing next to a much taller dude on equal terms.

    Unlike Obama on tippy toe.

    View story at

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  30. EternalVigilanc3 says:

    I get txt messages from the campaign all the time. One problem with their direct contact via my cell phone. It’s a flip phone. So when they send a txt with a video or pic it doesn’t show up. Also when a link is sent for a survey or donation it doesn’t work. I just hop online via another method and find the survey or donate.
    Just bothers me a bit that I can’t respond via my flip phone which means I’m marked down as a swing voter grrr

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  31. bpk1300 says:

    the PBS interview is so engaging and the interviewer almost looses it….he was blabbering like Obama at some point….please listen to this, it will warm your heart to know that Brad works for the amazing President Trump

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  32. screwauger says:

    Truly enjoyable! Especially the interviewer squirming, rephrasing the exact same questions over and over again and then; sighing in frustration because He Could Not Compete In the Arena of Ideas. Single focus, everything that Brad described about “journalists” sitting right in front of him. At one point, I thought the interviewer was going to whine and say, “come on, that’s not fair!!!!”

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  33. namberak says:

    An irrelevancy I suppose but given how tall PDJT is, Parscale is one big dude!

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  34. WSB says:

    The Frontline interview was extraordinary. James Jacoby was trying so hard to unearth the Trump campaign’s cheating, stealing and brain washing recipe, he was about to wrestle himself into a seizure when Brad simply told him, ” It was the message, Stupid!”

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  35. Nathan Hale says:

    Here’s my campaign dream. Trump supports a 100% pay raise for all members of Congress, with the following conditions, it is made illegal for any member of Congress to accept money or property of value from any third party. Further, all unspent campaign contributions are turned over to an outside independent charity of the candidates choosing.

    Just dreaming……


  36. Nom de Blog says:

    The interviewer can not maintain his composure against an intellectually vigorous subject who does not allow the casual assumptions and biases pass without comment.

    How wonderfully unaware are the liberals.

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  37. TwoLaine says:

    I just love, love, love his confidence!


  38. TwoLaine says:

    In the 2nd interview posted, with Frontline’s insipid James Jacoby and a faceless female who just had to get in there to prop him up. Wow! Just wow!

    First, I wonder how much JJ even knows about advertising, digital marketing, fakebook, anything at all. He seemed to be lost most of the time. He tried everything he could to learn the all the secrets of the TRUMP campaign, to no avail. It was all over his head.

    He also tried everything he could to do damage, to no avail, and they all claim they are so smart. They are dumb as a box of rocks. Stupid is as stupid does.

    Brad, YOU are a GEM!


  39. TwoLaine says:

    Here’s a Bloomberg interview, from apparently right after the TRUMP/Putin summit.


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