Wow – Seattle News Room Intentionally Manipulated Video of President Trump for Broadcast…

A statement from Fox affiliate Q13 in Seattle appears to confirm that a news video editor intentionally manipulated video feed from the public address of President Trump. “In a statement, Q13 noted that the video editor responsible has been placed on leave pending an internal investigation.”  A side-by-side comparison shows the manipulation by the newsroom:

“We are investigating this to determine what happened,” said Q13’s news director. “This does not meet our editorial standards and we regret if it is seen as portraying the President in a negative light. The editor responsible for editing the footage is being placed on leave while we investigate further.”  (link)

The level of bias within media toward President Trump is stunning.

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293 Responses to Wow – Seattle News Room Intentionally Manipulated Video of President Trump for Broadcast…

  1. dc says:

    I am sure that once the video editor’s anti-fa bonafides are confirmed they will be given a raise or promotion or both.


  2. Molly says:

    Since the editor has now been fired, let’s demand that the station run the original, undoctored Trump speech in a prime-time spot preceded by an APOLOGY and a report to the effect that the editor was fired.

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  3. Lo says:

    Fox News does the “oranging ” of Trump as well.


    • Betty Nance Humphreys says:

      I don’t believe that. His make up person is using the wrong color for his skin tone. Almost all of the men wear make up for TV. Unless they are caught on camera outside or out of a studio.


    • Suaningi says:

      This isn’t an example of “oranging” – look at the color on the original and the fake. This was a deliberate color enhancement. Orange Man Bad, after all, doncha know.


  4. Elle says:

    It is stunning how far and how fast the left is self-destructing. They remind me of the Palestinians who hate Jews so much, that they would rather express the depth of their hatred than to try and build better communities for their children.


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    • mugzey302 says:

      And make sure the terrorists fire missles at Israel from hospitals and schools so the return fire kills children. And only the death of Arab children makes the news.


  5. J Simone says:

    I agree run in its entirity


  6. Dana Doran says:

    Nothing new for Seattle newsrooms. Incredibly biased here…there is only communism waiting for a despot that the left can tolerate.

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  7. Sonya says:

    No more Q13 for my Family! I assure you there was more than one person beside this ugly act.


  8. jbrickley says:

    This is almost as bad as the hurricane weather reporters leaning into the gusting wind and someone walks by with ease behind them proving it’s fake. Or a reporter in a boat or canoe and someone walks by revealing the water is only a few inches deep. Or Jim Acosta reporting from the border on how safe it is when he’s literally standing right next to the border fencing!

    Actually, this particular video edit goes beyond the pale. They enlarged Trumps head, altered the color temperature to an extreme, and then scrubbed back and forth in slow motion the tongue to bottom lip swipe that took less than a second in reality and stretched it making Trump look foolish. There is no wonder the video editor was fired but I bet it wasn’t done without management knowing about it. I suppose it is possible the editors were playing around having some fun and stupidly fed the wrong file into the broadcast but the fact it was aired is very bad. No way they did this live, it was a rebroadcast playback they aired for those who missed the primetime address. You would need a hefty delay and deft skills to do it almost realtime. Nope, this was someone playing around for hours and then they aired the edited footage.

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  9. Linda K. says:

    Pathetic dope head editor.


  10. I noticed it said President of the United States under this person and it still wasn’t hrc. That made me smile.

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  11. James Street says:

    Follow up to Sundance’s blog post:

    Q13 FOX editor fired over doctored Trump address video

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