D’oh Canada – Former Canadian Prime Minister: President Trump “Really is a Motherf**ker!”…

In February 1993, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney announced his retirement effective June 25, 1993.  Ms. Kim Campbell succeeded Mulroney becoming the first female Prime Minister of Canada from June 25, 1993 to November 4, 1993.

Today, Ms. Campbell tweeted this about the current President of the United States:

(Tweet Link)

Ms. Kim Campbell was the first female Prime Minister of Canada.  However, months later she lost the national election and simultaneously wiped out her own party.  In the past several years Ms. Campbell has been a strong member of the progressive left.

A review of 71-year-old Ms. Campbell’s current TWITTER FEED highlights her elitist views, ideological perspectives and a disposition that seems perpetually angry about things.

(link to recent picture)

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226 Responses to D’oh Canada – Former Canadian Prime Minister: President Trump “Really is a Motherf**ker!”…

    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Geez lou-eezzz! What happened to even minimal manners/proper etiquette for the professional situation?!!!

      I mean, I could speak like a trash/whore too, and probably, er, mostly, do yelling at senate tee-vee from the privacy of my command center….but good grief!!! Public Figures/Public Representatives/Public Format!!!!!!!!

      THESE ARE YOUR FEMINIST WOMEN from the 60’s college radical crowd. I bet next they’ll be scratching and spitting in public. And they always have these attractive younger hanger-on-groupies with them, which are probably sharing more than just photo ops with these old-dikes!

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Just another foul mouthed leftist. She needs to keep her mother off the street.
      I’m sure PDJT has heard that word before.
      The old song “Hair of the Dog” comes to mind.

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  1. Bree says:

    Trash. Plain and simple. Our POTUS is a class act!

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  2. Co says:

    President Trump is getting the job done and THIS is all these kind of women have to say. She must have burned her copy of Emily Post with her Bra. Someone mail her one of those stupid pink hats to complete the moronic ensemble We are winning BIGLEY and they don’t like it…not one bit!

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  3. He goes right over their heads. When I was a teenager, I had a book of “Posers”, which were witty logic problems (like, you meet two guys at a crossroads, and one is of a clan that always tells the truth, the other from one that always lies…) They could understand Trump if they took him as a serious “poser” who doesn’t stay in the box they want to see him in. They don’t think, in approaching him…just another clue to their functional insanity.

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  4. jackphatz says:

    It takes intelligence but mostly wisdom to be effective leaders of anything. When you use profanity as your platform or the means for empowerment, it proves you have no message.

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  5. paper doll says:

    Another failure grasping for relevance….yawn

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  6. California Joe says:

    Did KI’m borrow the pants suit from Hillary?

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  7. Merkin Muffy says:

    Notice all the failures hate Trump?

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  8. LafnH20 says:

    That’s IT ?



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  9. 10en6ixty6ix says:

    Someone is feeling highly insignificant.

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  10. k4jjj says:

    Wow ! A Canadian with less class than Jim Carrey.

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  11. Mike in a Truck says:

    I tell my elitist cousins up in Montreal this all the time: If it wasnt for the U.S. ya’ll would be speaking Russian beginning sometime around 1945. Gee they hate that.

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  12. webgirlpdx says:

    I went to Campbell’s twitter feed but I think she must have deleted that tweet. Is anyone else able to find it there now. Looks like she mostly retweets.


  13. Genie says:



  14. nuthinmuffin says:

    irrelevant…crawl back in your hole


  15. Anne Marie says:

    Campbell was a very temporary PM whose only claim to fame was having a travelling companion/boyfriend some 20 years her junior. Very forgettable. She was an embarrassment to Canadians.

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  16. noob says:

    Leftists are religious fanatics. Their god is envy. Envy is a form of anger, an emotion, irrational. Envy does not want what others have, envy wants to destroy them for having it.

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  17. covfefe999 says:

    Why did she delete her tweet? If she’s going to make that kind of statement she should stand behind it. The internet never forgets anyway. 🙂

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  18. merrly says:

    Everyone will get paid retroactively. The left knows it, too.


  19. merrly says:

    At this point, why should Trump give a F about any of them? He tried for 2 years to bring them to the table on all issues and to bring bipartisanship to the government. They will never work with him. All they have done is insult him, lie about him and persecute him. If you ask me, he has been too patient with them. I say, just do it all without them, any way he can!

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  20. Reality says:

    If Mitch gets his wish and the Don is impeached by the Dem House, though it’s impossible to believe the Senate would affirm it, what possible role would SCOTUS play?


  21. lotbusyexec says:

    I hate to say it BUT I can because I am a female — most progressive females that I know are so bitter and so angry that they are blinded by their abject hate towards PDJT. It is truly a mental disorder that needs to be added to the DSM (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). I hope to see Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) added and highlighted next edition.

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  22. emeraldcoaster says:

    Looks like the hard Left came up with their latest Word of the Week. Guess they’ll launch a hashtag campaign featuring the profanity next. Pathetic!


  23. webgirlpdx says:

    If anyone asks him, he should just say he’s never heard of her.

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  24. fragemall says:

    As an earlier poster said, the only answer to the mf insult is “keep your mother off the street”

    I’ve seen this used in face to face encounters and it always drives the m effer into a sputtering rage.

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  25. Donna in Oregon says:

    These lefty woman are so boorish. What’s she going to do next, grab her crotch and spit?

    The Pink Pussy hats are not their trademark, it’s unshaven armpits, herpes, drugs, booze and pills.

    They are all the same losers that the media says are “brilliant and talented”. Consider the source….they are fakes just like the fake news.

    Has-beens. Old globalist politicians and their propaganda have got to go. Let’s replace the media too. We have the technology to do it. There is nothing stopping the Conservatives from going outside the fake mainstream. Who says it’s “mainstream” anyway? Why the MSM of course.

    Time to challenge the status quo. Make something new!

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  26. ElGato says:

    Hard to take seriously when there’s a spelling error in the title.


  27. joeknuckles says:

    He may be a MFer to some people, but she is no MILF.


  28. Gunnar says:

    On behalf of Canada, please accept my sincerest apologies for the actions, commentaries and slanted news coverage of my countrymen, and the useless Globalist turds they choose to elect. As a proud Canadian patriot, both of English and French Canadian heritage, I am appalled on a daily basis by their beliefs and attitudes. I like our traditions, I like our Royalty, and what I have always believed is our quiet « slow burn » love of country, a sharp contrast to our more obvious and brash southern neighbours’ patriotism.

    However, anyone who believes that our traditions of free speech and freedom are not supported and in fact promoted by our loud-talking, upright and brave « big brother », by American patriots with their First and Second Amendments, would be a fool. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve pulled our weight in the past, but let’s face it: big bro weighs more, and he got the weight moving in the first place.

    So, sorry for all that, and my thanks for your continued support and good work. President Trump is messing with Globalists everywhere, and I am overjoyed every time he makes Trudeau look the fool he is.

    Thanks eh?

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    • PgtSndThinker says:

      Canadians are dear dear people, many are more polite than us USA citizens.


      • Mac says:

        We each have our share of crazy, greedy socialists but when the chips are really down, we have each other’s backs. I’d take up arms to defend Canada–especially P.E.I.!


  29. Jane Smith says:

    So, years and years of Canada screwing the USA wasn’t M*F*?
    Get lost.


  30. Deplorable Texan says:

    Who? Never heard of her. Don’t care what she has to say.


  31. David Vicknair says:

    The elderly, especially elderly women, who use foul language are definitely not cool. At least not to this southern raised boy now approaching 66. I would have expected an elderly former PM to use more erudite language. It’s like the horny granny from the Playboy cartoons… with tattooed breasts. Ewww!


  32. GoldenReT says:

    Ignore this horrid woman. SD is right – she is as progressive as they come. her claim to fame is that she led Canada’s former Progressive Conservative party to its worst loss ever – they won just 3 seats! This led in large part to the merging of the Reform Party (deplorables) and what remained of the PC party.


  33. Grant says:

    And this women was truly the worst Canadian prime minister ever. She and the other mentally liberals will rot in Hell.


  34. palafox says:

    . . . Says the former PM who’s current net worth is ~ $85 million. Socialism must be great for those who get to look down from on high upon all of those who actually have to suffer under it.

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  35. GLM says:

    Brian Mulroney had a finance minister named Michael Wilson who brought in the largest tax in Canadian history, the GST.
    The Conservatives ended up with 2 seats. Campbell was so short lived the vast majority of Canadians don’t even know who she is by now.
    They have still not got rid of the GST tax on nearly everything.

    If you want to see the Democrats finally wiped out in nearly all of the USA, let them get in with their Green Communist Manifesto and tax everything.
    There will be suffering, death, and the end of the Democrats.


  36. Linda Jean Burkett says:

    She’s still around and is on the CAN SC advisory board. Libs never do ride off into the sunset do they.


  37. sunnydaze says:

    This woman is insane. Just went to her twitter and it looks like she spends her Whole.Day. re-tweeting what other people say. Yikes!

    Get a REAL job, lady.


  38. Einstein's Cat says:

    In the early 1980s, I spent an entire day with Kim Campbell. We were both junior lawyers at different firms. We travelled together by float plane from Vancouver to Victoria together in the morning and returned at night. We shared a few taxi rides. In Victoria, we performed some menial bureaucratic tasks and had a lot of time to converse. We spoke a lot. I was interested in Campbell because she had recently run, and lost, in a provincial political campaign. She also had the reputation of possessing a formidable intellect.

    I quickly discovered that Campbell had a mediocre intellect (at best). But she was opinionated and loved to talk. While enduring her blabbing, I remember thinking to myself “What a moron” and “Please shut up, you idiot”. Years later I was truly astonished that she could succeed in politics, let alone become Prime Minister of Canada. I always found it amusing when people spoke of how bright she is. Campbell has not grown wiser with age and experience. Only her ego and self-righteousness have increased. She has a lot in common with Justin TruD’oh.


  39. Barry from Victoria says:

    And she’s a carpet cleaner.


  40. Curt says:

    President Trump has outsmarted these Canadians at every turn. They are like nasty children who think that they have every right to a one sided trade agreement where the everything is in their favor. Trump has that man-boy they elected Prime Minister right where he wants him. Of course, they’re pissed… eff them!


    • CanaCon says:

      Considering that Obama’s machine came in here and got Trudeau elected, there’s a good argument that if you hadn’t twice elected the worst president in history then maybe we wouldn’t have elected the worst PM in history. With any luck we won’t make the same mistake twice. Just sayin’ ;).


  41. moe ham head says:

    she looks like canada’s hildabeast


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