BREAKING: Suspect Captured During Manhunt For California Cop Killer –

The illegal alien suspect in the shooting death of a Newman Police Department corporal Ronil “Ron” Singh was arrested in the Bakersfield, CA, area Friday morning, the Stansislaus County Sheriff’s Department said.

Gustavo Perez Arriaga, 32, was arrested in connection with murder of Police Officer Singh.  The suspect was identified as using multiple aliases.

Also arrested for aiding and abetting were the suspect’s brother, Adrian Virgen, 25, and the suspect’s co-worker, Erik Razo Quiroz, 35.

The suspect was trying to flee to Mexico when he was captured, Stansislaus Sheriff Adam Christianson.  Gustavo Perez Arriaga also claimed to be a member of the Sureno street gang, the sheriff  said during a press briefing moments ago (See Video Below).

Victim: Officer Ronil “Ron” Singh  –  Suspect: Gustavo Perez Arriaga

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222 Responses to BREAKING: Suspect Captured During Manhunt For California Cop Killer –

  1. andyocoregon says:

    The cop killer made it halfway to Mexico. Had me crossed the border, he would likely have successfully fought against extradition since Mexico won’t extradite someone facing the death sentence.

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  2. Texian says:

    More details are being released.. Ronil Singh was from Fiji..

    He applied for U.S. Citizenship legally; Put himself through the Police Academy, commuted 2- 1/2 hours a daily in order to attend the Academy, and married with a child.. Working his way to achieve the American Dream.. The kind of immigrant President Trump supports..

    Ronil Singh was killed by an Illegal immigrant gang banger.. Working his way to criminally game the system and steal the American Dream from everybody he can.. The kind of immigrant Congress supports..

    The Divide in America could not be more obvious..

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    • Gunner says:

      Well stated, and spot on. Unfortunately, the U.S. Congress doesn’t give a crap. If this scum is convicted (and I doubt he will be — can you say ‘Kate Steinle’), he’ll get a hero’s welcome in prison, and 500 more of his ilk will carry on his work on our streets.

      I’m armed to the max and will stay that way until God calls me home. That’s my security.

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      • RoddREpub says:

        A to the men. I keep thinking I need to add to my collection.


      • doohmax says:

        Those 300 million guns out there in the hinterlands is what keeps the Progressives awake at night. They will never stop until they get their hands on that impediment. They know they can’t do it by force, so look for some kind of tax on registered firearms to the point that the average person will be destroyed economically unless they turn in their guns. Gun dealers are required to keep paper records of all gun transactions for 20 years. Don’t think that the government wouldn’t access those records in a heartbeat if they wanted to. Sadly, after the FBI and DOJ actions in the 2016 election cycle, the government law enforcement bureaucracy cannot be trusted anymore.

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        • That’s when we take them down.


        • Gunner says:

          …don’t disagree with you at all. But, just remember this: when they come for their tax on my registered firearms; when they come for their tax on my ammo; when they come for … fill in the blank here… rest assured it’s pretty much over then. I will not give up my rights — period. I’ll die fighting – I will not live in servitude to anyone — other than my Maker.

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    • Ronnie says:

      Watching Officer Singh’s brother, accompanied by his father, thank those who captured the suspect was heart wrenching. That portion of the news conference should be played on every media outlet, but unfortunately it won’t be.

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    • Sunshine says:

      Just a terribly sad story of a family that immigrated legally, assimilated harmoniously, only to be killed in a sanctuary city by Nancy Pelosi’s friends.

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  3. VSparrow says:

    Unlike some of the deluded and politically corrupt politicians that concoct and pass the ludicrous sanctuary laws in California, Sheriff Christianson puts the safety and security of the people in his jurisdiction above that of illegal immigrant criminals.

    The principled Sheriff stepped up incredibly and made his rational position clear and unequivocal. The death of a fellow police officer by a vicious merciless thug that entered the country illegally more than once tends to energize the mind of honest, caring people and remove any inhibitions about telling it like it is. Only the Sheriffs that have become willing pawns to foolish local politicians would gladly grab their brooms and sweep this killer’s background and the insane sanctuary laws of his misguided state under the carpet and sell out his own people.

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  4. appraisher says:

    Just another poor Immigrant who fled Mexico because of crime and death, sneaking into America to make a better life for himself. He worked various menial labor jobs, under various different names, joined a violent gang and committed various different crimes, while driving an $80,000 car that most Americans could never afford…there’s that American Dream, baby!

    After murdering a legal immigrant police officer with a family, he was fleeing back to Mexico (remember when he fled Mexico because of crime and death?), but in reality, he knew that Mexico would protect him from extradition for said cold blooded murder (just like California protected him and allowed this murder to happen). And there are hundreds of thousands of them that we Americans are already paying to warehouse in prison and millions of them that our government is forcing to support.

    THIS is what both the GOPee and democrats are willing to flood YOUR America with, THIS is what they refuse to build a wall to keep out, THIS is what they protect over law abiding Americans…and why, you ask? Very simple. The GOPee’s donor’s need cheap labor and the democrats need votes. American lives matter not to our “honorable” representatives in Congress…not when money and power are at stake.

    Remember, President Trump stands alone in Washington and he’s the only one that is willing to stand between violent, vicious illegals, a complicit Congress…and us.

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  5. ann says:

    To Congress, SCOTUS and the Justice Dept: I cannot think of another example in history of a collective “ruling class” who have used their power to actively betray, and ultimately destroy, their own people, homeland and heritage.

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  6. covfefe999 says:


    Why cant the victim be Nancy Pelosi??? WHY????

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    • covfefe999 says:

      And by the way I had to rewrite my comment a few times before I came up with that. The first two versions were way harsher and more explicit. I literally now want her to suffer. I’ve reached my breaking point. I want her to be a victim of the scum she has encouraged and helped to come into this country.

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      • Farmkid says:

        It would be better if she were burying her innocent grandchild, but I don’t think narcissistic sociopaths feel, they just know how to feign the required emotion.
        In this case show “pain” for the cameras and shortly after count your contributions. These are sick people who will never care about or fear us.
        The latter we can change.

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      • Cpdesert says:

        ..maybe handing out maps to her house to every illegal coming over the border, and a rope to climb over the wall that surrounds her house.

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      • Michael Todaro says:

        You just can’t say what you really want to say, can you? Even here ! Wikipedia has well ilustrated, well documented articles about creative, medieval executions, including what befell “Braveheart”. I’m so tired of “We’re better than that” and “That’s not who we are” from the mouths of creeps who are surrounded by armed, martial arts trained bodyguards who travel in private jets & armored SUVs. Give the alien scum a bit of what the British Kings served up and it will wipe the snarky grins off these punks faces. Dirty Harry would be good too. MAGA/KAG !

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    • Ken says:

      Or better yet, why couldn’t this be one of Nancy’s family members? That way, she would be alive to endure the suffering.

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    • Will Hunt says:

      This officer and his family have paid the ultimate penalty as the result of liberal, democratic policies. These same people will be responsible for keeping the mutant excrement who killed him alive for many years.


  7. taxpayer here says:

    Excellent work by authorities to capture that piece of work. Hope everyone who tried to help him escape gave him lots and lots and lots of money. That money is forfeited right?

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    • Bree says:

      I love in Bakersfield and our sheriff said they used officer Singhs handcuffs to arrest him with. They sent the cuffs from up north. I have a feeling he won’t be treated with kid gloves here. We aren’t a sanctuary city and our sheriff was known to fight back against the Obama admin.

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      • swissik says:

        Unfortunately it matters not that Bakersfield isn’t a sanctuary city, but it is in an entirely sanctuary state, thanks to that governor who should never have been elected again, he had his two terms 40 years ago.


  8. paper doll says:

    Really glad he didn’t get away, but let’s see if he gets off. The system is blatantly pro illegal invader. That is the extra tragedy here. If this scum bag had allowed himself to be arrested, he likely would have been released in short order…but no, he had to kill the officer.

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  9. LibertyONE says:

    EVERY POS DemonRAT notably those Cally politicians and people everywhere that support Sanctuary Cities have the blood of Officer Singh and EVERY innocent American citizen that have been victimized by these illegal POS on their hands. Oh, by the way, 7 other ILLEGALS who Aided & Betted this POS were also arrested.

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  10. MfM says:

    Sheriff Christianson was amazing. County Sheriff’s are elected. As soon as I finished listening to the press conference, I looked him up. I was not surprised to read that he is retiring. He did not run for reelection. He could say what he wanted because it wasn’t going to bite him politically.


    • covfefe999 says:

      He was definitely amazing. Especially to that libtard reporter who questioned him about his statement that the crime probably wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for the sanctuary laws. I can hardly believe the reporter challenged him on that.

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  11. TMonroe says:

    Scratching the surface on justice ‘reform’, law enforcement groups asked some questions that I don’t recall their receiving answers for, including those related to those,who have misplaced their documents:

    Here are some of the questions raised by them:

    After applying provisions from both SRCA and FIRST STEP, we are told that a repeat offender who would today be sentenced to 20 years for drug trafficking could instead be released from Federal prison in as little as 7 years, 10 months. Is this correct?

    Is it correct that persons who have been convicted of gun crimes could be eligible for the credits and sentence reductions, including early release to home confinement? Is it correct that persons who have been convicted of serious drug crimes, including heroin and fentanyl trafficking, could be eligible for the time credits and sentence reductions, including early release to home confinement?

    Upon passage of the legislation, is it correct that some inmates who have not yet earned any time credits under the bill will nonetheless be subject to immediate early release from federal correctional facilities? Is it correct that the bill’s new formula for “good conduct” credits will award prisoners for “good conduct” even during time they do not serve?

    Is it correct that while “safety valve” reductions—resulting in sentences below the mandatory minimums—are now restricted to offenders with no more than one (1) criminal history point, the bill would grant reductions to repeat offenders with significant criminal histories including those with up to four (4) criminal history points?

    Is it correct that someone with a prior felony drug trafficking conviction would be eligible for “safety valve” under the bill when convicted of a repeat drug trafficking offense?

    Will all relevant, derogatory information from federal, state and local law enforcement authorities be included in the government’s assessment of each offender prior to their early release?

    Will repeat criminal aliens be ineligible for all benefits under the bill, including reduced sentences and early release to home confinement or halfway houses?

    We are advised that the section in the House bill which permitted BOP to block the releases of persons believed to be a threat to public safety has been removed or altered in the proposed Senate version. Is this correct?

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  12. Michael Todaro says:

    My adopted country uses firing squad. No juries. No long drawn out trials. No alien invaders. No trannie bathrooms, no BLM, no Antifa, no CAIR, no ACLU, no SPLC, no La Raza..? Nice ! MAGA/KAG!

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  13. shirley49 says:

    Hope all the scumbags have accidents before trial. If he gets released like Ca. let Steinle’s killer off I hope he disappears involuntarily.


  14. Gary Lacey says:

    I wonder, was he a member of La Raza?


  15. Kent says:

    …dude killed a cop over a dui…wtf?

    worst that would have happened was a few months in county and back to mexico…

    hate to be rude but my initial rx stands….w.t.f.?


  16. G. Combs says:

    gawntrail says:
    “State of the Union should be delivered from somewhere on the southern border. 90 minutes of nothing but photos of slain Americans by illegals, night vision footage of illegal crossings…”

    the RAPE TREES with stained and ripped panties and the horrible awful messes left in our ‘pristine’ wilderness, Forestlands and Parks the left is so adamant in ‘protecting’ from patrol by the Border Patrol.

    Rape Trees, Dead Migrants and the Consequences of an Open Border

    “…“Cross border violators take advantage of Border Patrol’s lack of operational flexibility on federal lands. We need to ensure that our environmental laws do not compromise Border Patrol’s ability to detect, identify, track, and respond to cross border violations,” Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations Chairman Bruce Westerman (R-AR) stated.

    Despite a 2006 Memorandum of Understanding between federal agencies to facilitate coordination for border security measures, environmental laws and regulations impede Border Patrol’s operations on federal land.

    While Border Patrol agents must adhere to environmental laws and regulations, cross border violators disregard environmental laws, and as a result, cause extensive ecological and environmental damage ranging from wildland fires, soil erosion, habitat destruction, and the accumulations of human waste and garbage.

    “Access is critical. If the Border Patrol does not have access, we cannot do our job with security. Our environmental laws inhibit that access from taking place,” Chairman Rob Bishop (R-UT) stated….”

    Securing our Border on Federal Lands: Problem Overview
    “Some of the most dangerous areas along the southern border are the 20.7 million acres of Department of the Interior (DOI) and U.S. Forest Service (USFS) land. This includes 4.3 million acres of “Wilderness areas” where activities such as the use of motorized vehicles and construction of roads and structures are prohibited.

    Documents show that the Department of the Interior and the U.S. Forest Service have consistently and actively taken steps that prevent the Border Patrol from securing our nation’s borders on federal lands. According to internal memos, DOI officials have asserted that the Wilderness Act of 1964 trumps border security legislation passed by Congress.

    As a result, Border Patrol agents are being forced to wade through bureaucratic red tape just so they can do the job Congress has mandated: gain operational control over the U.S. border.

    The Department of the Interior is hindering border security efforts on federal lands by preventing the use of motorized vehicles, requiring DHS to complete lengthy and expensive environmental analysis, and at times literally locking out Border Patrol agents to prevent their access to some areas….”

    THIS IS the RESULT of ‘Enviornmental Protection’ by the Department of the Interior and the U.S. Forest Service….

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    • JOSEPH ANGEL says:

      When I was at Fort Huachuca, AZ, I saw the illegals’ bivouac sites just like in the above photo. They are filthy sub-human anthropoids.


  17. JOSEPH ANGEL says:

    This Mexcrement dick-head gave up willingly to the LE authorities. He knew that no one would do anything to him, and he will be treated better than the Guantanamo Bay towel-head inmates.


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