President Trump Tells GOP Leaders He Will Not Sign Funding Bill Without Border Security….

Sticking to his prior statements about omnibus spending, President Donald Trump called republican leaders to the White House and informed them he will NOT sign a short-term resolution that does not provide funding for border security.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy hold a quick presser following their visit with President Trump:

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763 Responses to President Trump Tells GOP Leaders He Will Not Sign Funding Bill Without Border Security….

  1. Katherine McCoun says:

    Been gone from the computer and news since early this morning. Just sat down and am so bolstered, encouraged and happy to read the headlines.

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  2. zooamerica says:

    Remember this:

    So beautiful. Still gives me goose bumps!

    If 61.2 million Americans that voted for President Trump donated $100 each, that equal $6.2 Billion.

    If you haven’t checked it out yet:

    Congress isn’t going to get the job done.

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    • Incisor says:

      Donate $100 last night. If Brian can get the initial funds through and help POTUS continue building the wall then I will go broke donating.


  3. Walt says:

    The money isn’t, of course, the issue. Not only does the cost of illegals run well north of $100 billion/year WITHOUT consideration of indirect costs like crime, trash, reduced property values, chain migration from illegal mother anchor babies, and remittances that take money out of our economy but $5 is hardly a rounding error in a $4 trillion budget.

    The issue with getting money appropriated is that Congress doesn’t want a wall.

    Private parties CAN donate to the U.S. government. However, such monies go into the general fund. And the general fund is subject to that same requirement for an appropriation bill that’s already a problem.

    In concept a private entity could take the money and build the wall. In practice the federal government would have to approve thousands of individual steps, just as they do for every other large construction project. The Deep State would see that a private wall never happens.

    This battle must be won in Congress. And if it is, our taxes (and the usual amount of borrowing from the grandkids) will pay for it.

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    • Jan says:

      There is precedence for this. A large private sum was collected for repairing the George Washington Monument when it cracked from an earthquake. Mr. Kophage has posted on the GFM page that they are working with a lawyer and the Administration to create the document that would make this contribution go solely for funding the Wall.


  4. Incisor says:

    What Ryan should have said, “We are just going to make a quick statement and then leave because POTUS just kicked us in the B@11z and I’m in too much pain to answer silly questions.”



    • Disgusted says:

      Incisor, you listened to them? I refused to click. Just looking at a photo of them bring given a chance to act like big shots in front of mics was upsetting enough!


  5. fakenoozisforfools says:

    Two comments about the picture of Ryan and McCarthy:

    1) Ryan’s pose, with nose thrust upward, is 0bama worthy. He’ll fit right in with the skanksters on K Street.

    2) Nobody who wears brown shoes with a blue suit should be elected as House Minority Leader.


  6. Rynn69 says:

    “BORDER SECURITY” IS NOT “BORDER WALL”! Can anyone clarify if it specifies the money is to be for a border wall – not “border security” as tweeted out by Steve Scalise? These dirty RINOs cannot be trusted. Trump must make sure it specifically states all money to be allocated TO A WALL. Not “Border Security”.


  7. beaujest says:

    Commie or crook or both for the disgusting Ryan !


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