Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – December 18th…

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivers the White House press briefing for December 18th, 2018:

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52 Responses to Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – December 18th…

  1. osugagal says:

    No wall funding, no money for anything else. Shut it down.

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  2. Sentient says:

    This tweet has a lot of “likes”. That’s a lot of 2020 potential non-voters.

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    • mimbler says:

      Yes, and PDJT didn’t do himself any favors by drawing a redline on this and then caving (if that is what actually happens).

      And after he caved last year, he said he regretted it and would never sign a bill like that again.

      I’ll still be voting for him because he’s better than all the rest, but that won’t drag the voters you are talking about to the polls,

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    • GB Bari says:

      IMHO, not showing up is the same as handing the election to the DimmicRATS. There is no evidence that handing the Radical Leftwing Globalist DimmicRATS the 2020 election would be better than voting PDJT and GOP Senators and Representatives back into office.

      The time to improve the candidate selection is in the primary, not the general. If your “perfect” candidates cannot and does not win the primary, then you either vote for the chosen Republican or hand the election to the DimmicRAT.

      I regard this kind of attitudinal “stomping of feet and taking their toys home” as intellectually vapid and childish. Remember President Trump’s theme song at his rallies “You can’t always get what you want.”

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      • Sentient says:

        Fine, but do you ever get sick of being taken for granted? The ol’ “we can ignore them because where else are they gonna go?” It’s like battered voter syndrome.


        • GB Bari says:

          I wasn’t a single issue voter. So far, in just two years, and with the outrageous amount of obstruction and interference being thrown at President Trump, I am very pleased with what he has accomplished. The glass is half full. PDJT seems to figure out ways to implement his agenda, one item at a time, sometimes in surprising ways.

          I can only vote for my senator and House Rep., and that never works because I live in a state controlled by a long standing Democrat machine. I can’t vote for the rest of Congress, and apparently many other Republican states aren’t interested in getting rid of their Globalist, establishment incumbents. So it’s marginally better than letting the TDS-infected Marxist Democrats take over.

          I’m not sure where this country will eventually be heading but I’m not giving up nor dropping out. They’ll have to pry the ballot pen out of my cold dead hands.

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    • andyocoregon says:

      Enjoy having Joe Biden as your President in 2021 then.


    • hdpman says:

      I say we wait and see what PDJT actually does before we say he caved.


  3. Pammipoo says:

    I sense bad juju from Mr. Silberman. Not voting sends entirely the wrong message. That will NOT help matters at all. It will only make things exponentially worse. Vote, people. Vote like our collective lives depend on it.

    Because it DOES!

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  4. bulwarker says:

    Yet again Trump goes to the left of Obama (remember he ended separation/detention of illegal children), but today he managed to out do himself. The misclassification of bump-stocks as machine guns, and then outlawing them by executive fiat is indefensible. It sets a precedent for the next radical Democrat president to ban large categories of firearms. Then we hear that Trump will not shut down the government to fund the wall, but go hat-in-hand to the federal agencies begging for some extra scratch to pay for it, as if there was ever a federal agency that didn’t want to over-spend in our “use it or lose it” system. And all the while we dole out billions in aid to Central and South America and our “allies” in the Middle East.


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    • andyocoregon says:

      Good riddance to bump stocks. Evil invention.


    • wolfrom1 says:

      Bulwarker/ Automatic weapons are not legal to the public. Any modification that turns a semi-auto to auto, makes it illegal.


      • bulwarker says:

        They are legal. If they were illegal they wouldn’t be for sale at every gunshow in the country, and Trump wouldn’t need to write a new rule classifying them as illegal. Furthermore, they do not operate as an automatic weapon does, I suggest you educate yourself on the difference. Lastly, automatic weapons are not illegal. If you pay the money, and fill out the right forms, you can be permitted to own them.

        It’s amazing that because Trump is doing this he gets a pass from the so-called conservative supporters here.


        • wolfrom1 says:

          They are very restricted. and are not for use. Owning one is not the same…. If it shoots like an auto it is a auto. I do not understand your point. Do you approve of citizens using automatic weapons and for what?
          I have used and owned firearms for 60 years. Please do not try and educate me.


        • LeastInterestingManInTheWorld says:

          Can’t tell you how much I enjoy “looking” at my 1921 Thompson, sure I could, but do I really want the attention it would garnish?


  5. Tiffthis says:

    Trump has done this before. He sais “all or nothing” the plays to the left with a “maybe we can negotiate” then blames the left for being unwilling to come to the table- the entire time trying another way to get it done, and prolly getting other promises done symotaniously. Imma wait and see. I think daddy dollars gets his wall.

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    • tanfords says:

      what do you base your optimism on?

      who gives it to him? The Senate RINO’s who were secretly behind Lois Lerner’s IRS targeting of Tea Partiers, who have worked closely with the DOJ the last two years to go after Team Trump, who have worked against him getting his appointments? Perhaps the Democratic Congress?

      Or do you think he some how finds the courage to do it on his own when he has caved at every opportunity since midterms?

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      • NC Patriot says:

        He is working for us in Washington—almost totally by himself. Never underestimate VSG. It is far too early to start talking “well I won’t vote for him again if he doesn’t———–”

        He has more courage in his little finger than most of us will ever have. A leader “who will stand in the gap in defense of the land” We elected a leader, a builder and an enforcer—a strong man who will STAND. Nothing has changed and we have two more years to watch him work. He stopped the caravans didn’t he ? Has mexico ever cooperated with us before like this?

        I never thought Treepers would be weak-kneed sunshine patriots.

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        • Sentient says:

          It’s not too early to remind him of what is essential to continued support. In fact, if we wait much longer, it’ll be too late.


  6. rustybritches says:

    I think that you should wait until fri before deciding what your going to do The pentagan has already said that they have enough money in their budget to pay for what he wants to do and the Republicans are trying today Which is a laugh they will do nothing that the Dems don’t want to do
    and as for what the President has to do He will do what he must for the American people and I guess today I am a little sick of people who talk about him as if he has total control over what is happening He does not, He works 24/7 and so before you do what all the people on BB does
    think about all the things he has been doing to block off the border and even shut it down to stem the flow of illegals and even though there are some getting threw Not the majority of them that are at the border,

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    • chzheadproud67 says:

      people need to look at sources other than MSM for info regarding the border wall. Such as DHS We are building the wall section by section through diff govt agencies (DoD can and will get involved I’m sure). “They” said nothing is being done because “they” want to erode support for PDJT–people need to quit taking the bait and quit believing the BS the MSM and others are pushing!


  7. j1u2l3i4a5 says:

    Easy to criticize our president when we aren’t facing anything near what he is facing. He stands alone for us. No help from any side. He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. I will stand by him, wall or no because he is doing all he is able to do.

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  8. tanfords says:



  9. tdaly14 says:

    We congress and local and state to vote for. Stupid not to vote. We always vote and always will. Don’t want my state being run by Commies that’s for damn sure!

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  10. tanfords says:

    Poor Sarah left to put lipstick on the pig.

    And just yesterday Trump had her tweet a beg to the Rinos to do his job and Drain the Swamp. This is getting so pathetic.


  11. pnj01 says:

    Article IV, Section 4 of the US Constitution makes it clear that, if the President thinks he needs a wall to prevent an invasion of the US–as is occurring with the “flying columns” or “caravans” from the South–he can build the Wall. According to the Constitution, prevention of invasions is NOT a matter for debate. The US–and therefore the Commander in Chief, MUST defend against invasion whether Congress likes it or not. Prevention of Invasion is NOT discretionary. It is NOT something that requires Congressional action. No declaration of war is needed. The President SHALL protect against invasion, PERIOD.

    As Article IV, Section 4 says: “The United States SHALL guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and SHALL protect each of them against invasion….” And if a judge or Congress tries to stop him when he seeks to protect against an Invasion, the President should roll right over them.

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    • Sentient says:

      Then what have we been waiting for?


      • pnj01 says:

        Ask the President and his Legislative Affairs People and whoever is doin ght White house Counsel Job now. He has definitely said he may get some money out of DoD. This is just the rationale to fend off the inevitable Congressional BS (sure we won’t give you the money but we also don’t want you to spend any unassigned funds on it either) and the lawsuits that inevitably WILL be filed in the 9th Circuit’s district courts..


  12. Not2worryluv says:

    No Wall – No Trump for me in 2020.

    No Wall – No Big Rallies

    No Wall – The Swamp just got bigger.

    No Wall – One of my life’s biggest disappointments.


  13. GB Bari says:

    Not one single question from the whining hyenas in the press was premised positively or was designed to lead to a positive response from Sarah. She did a great job of silencing several of those morons with her direct replies.

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  14. kea says:

    Well done Sarah!!!!

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  15. BobC says:

    I find it helps to check the White House website every morning to see what is actually happening rather than imaging what might be happening.

    Yesterday President Trump signed an Executive Order:

    “By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:

    Section 1. All executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government shall be closed and their employees excused from duty on Monday, December 24, 2018, the day before Christmas Day.

    Sec. 2. The heads of executive departments and agencies may determine that certain offices and installations of their organizations, or parts thereof, must remain open and that certain employees must report for duty on December 24, 2018, for reasons of national security, defense, or other public need.”

    Perhaps this is just for the one day too allow employees time to wrap Christmas presents and decorate their trees. Or it could be the real thing.

    Have faith, people, the President knows what he’s doing.


  16. wolfrom1 says:

    Makes no difference how we get the wall. PDJT is not caving, Just solving the problem in a different way.
    The President is fighting for us against a powerful and deeply entrenched enemy.
    We need to give our compleat support or we will lose.


    • As a man thinkth says:

      Wolf, hope you are right…however, base on the reality revealed over the past TWO years: Those tail lights you see going over the hill is our last great hope disappearing into the darkness of the deep state.

      No less than half a dozen Democrats senitors have openly committed impeachable CRIMES…
      If pres. TRUMP needs more votes in the Senate he has had ample time to take out these deep state criminals…The sentencing of the head of security for the Senate Intel committee speaks volumes of sweeping under the carpet, mis direction and plain ole Cover Up

      The resistance does not care about this exposure…to them this is WAR.

      To the Republicans, it is just another day at the office..


      • wolfrom1 says:

        War is a go word. With every bad think the liberals do, thay have the press to back them up or turn their own lies back on us. Since so many people believe the propaganda, the left feels invincible. Add to that the new house will not vote for anything that would help PDJT. That is why the wall is so important.
        I believe that there is are lot more crimes to be exposed. Every day blows are exchanged. One day we are staggered, the next we deliver the punch. Today things look bleak. The next round is important. PDJT loves a fight.


  17. amjean says:

    It is really getting tiresome reading the posts of those who are stamping their little feet, putting their fingers in their ears and screeching, “If President Trump doesn’t/or does do this or that, I am not voting or I am voting for the other guy/gal”.

    Its time for you to grow up and look at the big picture and what President Trump has accomplished compared to the government types that previously held office.


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