President Trump Cancels White House Media Christmas Party…

After two years of fake news, narrative engineering and coordinated resistance efforts from an adversarial media, President Trump cancelled the indulgent White House Christmas Party for media.  Good.

WASHINGTON DC –  President Trump has canceled the White House holiday party for the media, making the decades-old tradition a victim of his increasingly contentious relationship with major news organizations.

The annual Christmas-season gathering was a significant perk for those covering the White House, as well as other Washington reporters, anchors and commentators, and New York media executives would regularly fly in for the occasion. At its peak, the invitation-only soirees grew so large that there were two back-to-back events, one for broadcast outlets and one for print organizations.

Journalists who attended the events, which featured a catered buffet of lamb chops, crab claws and elaborate desserts, got to roam the decorated mansion with a spouse or other family member, a friend or a colleague, adding to the invitation’s allure.  (read more)

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226 Responses to President Trump Cancels White House Media Christmas Party…

  1. Right to reply says:

    Good! How about a WH Christmas Party for families of deceased armed services people?

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  2. JonS says:

    … and to all a good night!

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  3. Abster says:

    This is great news. They are all far too rude and ungrateful to invite anywhere. Maybe they can get together and go caroling…they love to chirp.

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    • LookUp says:


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    • frankie says:

      Screw the media. They don’t believe in God anyway.
      Let them have a spirit cooking party with Hillary, and immolate.

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    • webgirlpdx says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised is one of those uncultured jackels would’ve tried to pee on Melania’s Cranberry trees (that they’re so outraged about) to the snickers of others.


      • The reason they are so outraged over the red trees is because it is a tradition in Eastern Europe and represents the blood of Christ. They run screaming from the actuality of Christmas and the reality of Christ being the reason for the party.

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    • Voltaire says:

      Journalists are, by and large, not elites, celebrities, or hard workers. They are pumped up, pious, groveling dogs eating from their masters hands, with no respect for those have come before, high on the prospect of another Nixon fall.
      They ARE emulating Deep Throat, but not in the way they had hoped…

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      • guest4ever says:

        “They are pumped up, pious, groveling dogs eating from their masters hands, with no respect for those have come before,…” That is a very accurate description! You nailed it!

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    • TrumpFanFLA says:

      “…they love to chirp.”

      “So when they advise you, ‘Ask the [MSM] mediums your questions, and quiz the [Journalist] spiritists who CHIRP and mutter,’ shouldn’t a people instead be consulting their God and not the dead [MSM] on behalf of those who are living?”
      –Isaiah 8:19 (ISV)

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  4. paulraven1 says:

    One suspended reporter and a canceled party vs. umpteen tons of non-stop vicious propaganda. That’s the score on our war with the media. Very sad in my view. We can’t do better?

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    • steph_gray says:

      Disagree. It’s a big slap back and it’s very good news.

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      • lemmus1 says:

        I’m of the mind that it won’t play well with most of the public unless he turns it into a Christmas party for a good cause …someone above suggested military families with spouses overseas …any number of things would make it into a very popular play to the public …just don’t hie off to Mar-a-Lago where he usually spends Christmas


        • MelH says:

          Playing well with the Public is NOT high on the President’s priority list when anything about the Press is being discussed. WE are his Public.

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        • Amy2 says:

          My tax dollars going for a couple of high end parties for people that slam the president daily…..canceling that is a good enough cause! He also deserves a couple of nice days wherever he wants to spend it for Christmas. If there’s any flack, it won’t last long.

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      • TrumpFanFLA says:

        An additional “slap” would be to invite the staffs of pro-Trump OANN & RSBN to a Christmas-Season dinner, whether at the WH/DC or the WH.2/FLA. And then have Potus tweet about it, lol, & be sure to mention the delicious crab claws, etc. 😀

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  5. Julia Adams says:

    “WASHINGTON DC – President Trump has canceled the White House holiday party for the media, making the decades-old tradition a victim of his increasingly contentious relationship with major news organizations.”

    Notice the wording in the opening statement? Two important words from the left’s perspective:
    a.) victim
    b.) contentious

    There is no pleasing the left. The country is divided because of them, their hatred of Trump, their hatred of us and their love of globalism and desire for socialism. How soon before April Ryan or Jim Acosta sue to reinstate their Christmas party on the tax payer dole?

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  6. akathesob says:

    Let them really speculate on this one, their going to anyway.

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  7. Sepp says:

    How many members of the Press actually believe in the Nativity of Jesus Christ?

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  8. Good! Why let them roam free around the White House and possibly leave listening devices (or who knows what else) behind? Who knows what depravity they are capable of doing without a single shred of moral fiber. 92% negative reporting to the most successful Presidency ever! I passed a sign on the way home tonight that said gas was $1.89/gal.!!! Remember the Obama $4.50/gal days? Heck, you almost lost a day’s pay every week just filling up the family SUV to drive to work! Thank you, President Trump. I am so grateful for your sacrifice in serving our great country.

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  9. jahealy says:

    On behalf of every U.S. taxpayer, thank you, President Trump. No way do I want to pay to feed those lying, immoral jackals.

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  10. Concerned Virginian says:

    Well, maybe they can just all go to JIM ACOSTA’S house for their Christmas party!

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  11. The American Patriot says:

    Punishment well-served on the holiday silver platter!

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  12. Snow White says:

    Best news of the day. These sleazballs deserve a kick in the seat of their pants not a party.

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  13. spoogels says:

    YEE HA!
    Why should Pres Trump spend taxpayer money on those swines who are trying to bring him down?

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  14. PowerCord says:

    F’in yeah. Winning.

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  15. Bendix says:

    Isn’t that elitist, letting the reporters who work the White House beat get something others in the same news organizations don’t?
    CNN’s White House reporter should attend CNN’s Christmas Party, ABC’s should attend the ABC party, etc.
    Who do they think they are?

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  16. mugzey302 says:

    Let them eat cake! (Over at Obama’s mansion…If they let you in the gate in the WALL!!)

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  17. Screaming eagle says:

    A well earned lump of coal for the Marxist Mediots !! Bah, Humbug!

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  18. Jack says:

    He should take the money that would have been wasted feeding the press and use it to throw a gathering for military vets, or donate it to a veterans charity. After that, he should challenge the media to make a similar donation. Maybe Pelo$I and $Schumer should get the same challenge.

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  19. TwoLaine says:

    FAKE NEWS! It was never scheduled. You cannot cancel something that was not on the calendar. No Save The Dates went out, nothing. FAKE NEWS!

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  20. limelite001 says:

    Gee, can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be fun to rub elbows with a cesspit of vipers, all waiting to get their fangs into you…..

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  21. TwoLaine says:

    I think it is best for national security. They should not be anywhere near our President, First Family and staff.

    They are dangerous. These people have serious cases of long term TDS, 3.5 years this week, and they are obviously getting no real treatment, or they should be cured by now.

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  22. CNN_sucks says:

    Good idea. Thank you PDJT.

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  23. Prettyplease says:

    Good! Other than lumps of coal the media doesn’t deserve anything.

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  24. Elle says:

    Such a classic photo of Melania. One for the history books. It will still be interesting 1000 years from now.

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  25. mari says:

    The media is the enemy of the American people and a mouthpiece for the Communist Democrats. We hate them as much as they hate US. There’s no reason to have them near the people’s house.

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  26. Colorado Conservative says:

    Just sent my email to President Trump, told him this family of hard working, tax paying Deplorables THANKS HIM for putting a stop to the FAKE NEWS and this ridiculous event we pay for.

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  27. cthulhu says:

    It’d be cool if he did an event with selected bloggers, instead.

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  28. justfactsplz says:

    This bit of news made my day. Let the media join the swamp people and eat their crust less cucumber tiny sandwiches and toast each other with their little pinky ring up in the air. They do not have enough class to attend a gala at the White House.

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  29. fakenoozisforfools says:

    Who invites people who have treated you rudely to a Christmas Party? Well, now we know the POTUS doesn’t. Good on ya, Mr. President.

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  30. zephyrbreeze says:

    Mittens would never do this.


  31. jkcinsalem says:

    I understand they, the press, only came for the open bar and unlimited cold shrimp.

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  32. dustycowpoke says:

    A new Trump family production “Throw Journalists from the Train”. Great flick I’ll wager. (A parody of “Throw Mama from the Train”)

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    • TrumpFanFLA says:

      “Throw Journalists from the Train…”

      There’s a perfect scene of that in Steven Seagal’s “UNDER SEIGE.2: DARK TERRITORY.” Seagal is on top of the roof of the engineer car. One of the train’s hijackers sneaks up behind him but Seagal throws that bad guy down onto the tracks in front of the speeding train! YOW! They quickly change scenes before the train actually runs over the guy, but his falling backwards down toward the tracks & screaming the whole way down is enough to “get the picture.”

      Replace Seagal’s head with a Trump face, & paste Jim Acosta’s face over the bad guy’s face, & that would make a great meme, hehehe! NO WHITE HOUSE CHRISTMAS PARTY FOR YOU, JIM, ET AL.

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      • guest4ever says:

        Doing memes is beyond my skills, but I do enjoy seeing them. THIS would be SO good, and I would love to see how Acosta would react to that! Too funny to imagine!!


    • guest4ever says:

      TOO funny!!!


  33. pacnwbel says:

    I wonder how this expectation of interminable White House Christmas parties got started. There are apparently days on end of obligatory parties for all sorts of groupies at which the President and first lady are expected to grace. Surely our tax dollars could be redirected to some other more appreciative people. No one should begrudge our hard working PT taking a couple of days off to enjoy a family Christmas.

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  34. warhorse says:

    one party of many was cancelled. Howie Carr (boston area talk show host) said that the party he and his staff were invited to was not cancelled.


  35. Emuuuu says:

    ummmmmm … WIN!!

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  36. Maquis says:

    Acoster hardest hit.

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