Mark Meadows Leading Contender for President Trump Chief-of-Staff?…

Lots of speculation around the DC circuit about who will replace President Trump’s outgoing chief of staff John Kelly.  However, one name seems to be gaining considerable consensus, congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC).

According to a statement from Mr. Meadows office:

“Serving as Chief of Staff would be an incredible honor. The President has a long list of qualified candidates and I know he’ll make the best selection for his administration and for the country.”

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188 Responses to Mark Meadows Leading Contender for President Trump Chief-of-Staff?…

  1. bob says:

    “Freedom Caucus Chair!” That says a lot.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      I actually agree with you! Representative Meadows has been there from the beginning with our President. The Freedom Caucus is one of the shining spots for me when it comes to Congress. They aren’t afraid to call things out. I have a lot of respect for Representative Gaetz and he is all onboard with this.

      We need a brawler who knows all the skeletons in the House.

      From the article linked above:

      House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows wrote a secret memo last month about how House Republicans could counter Democratic plans to investigate and potentially impeach Donald Trump.

      Now, the president is eyeing the North Carolina Republican — one of his closest allies on Capitol Hill — to replace outgoing chief of staff John Kelly, in part because of that insight.

      Burr has announced he isn’t running for reelection in 2022. This would set Mark to take over for the POS!

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  2. Ospreyzone says:

    Then, who leads the Freedom Caucus? Not so sure this is a win.

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    • FofBW says:

      A good leader always has a succession plan,

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    • JoD says:

      Matt Gaetz.

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      Does it really matter who chairs the Freedom Caucus now? They are a minority inside a minority. Power centers are shifting. It will be White House first, then Senate, and then the Courts. House will be an annoying embarrassment to America as always.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        House Democrats will take care of themselves, and by that I mean in a bad way. IMO. But spot on about the role of the Freedom Caucus over the next couple of years.


    • twingirls (@twingirls49) says:

      Matt Gaetz


    • I don’t want to lose him in the House. We need him there. Also, he is my congressman and who knows who would replace him..lots of Dems in his district.

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      • I agree with keeping Mr. Meadows exactly where he is. We all need his voice in the House; especially us here in NC.
        In NC-9, the district in which I reside, our voice, along with our vote, is about to be stolen barring some form of divine intervention. And when that occurs, Mr. Meadows may be the only one left from our “fair state’s” delegation that speaks for those of us that support President Trump.

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        • singingsoul says:

          nccosmiccurmudgeon says:
          “I agree with keeping Mr. Meadows exactly where he is. We all need his voice in the House; especially us here in NC.
          In NC-9, the district in which I reside, our voice, along with our vote, is about to be stolen barring some form of divine intervention. And when that occurs, Mr. Meadows may be the only one left from our “fair state’s” delegation that speaks for those of us that support President Trump.”
          Meadow is needed by the President and the country.
          I understand people who live in NC would like to be just theirs but he has a chance to serve in a greater capability.
          I hope my President get the best person he can as his chief of staff and it sound Meadows is the man.
          I do hope that you in NC can elect as good of a Senator as Meadows is.

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        • elmo says:

          Biggest question is the governor of your state because they choose Meadows’ replacement or declare a special election which could be risky.


      • Paprika says:

        I’m with you littleflower! Not sure who/how/what would happen for replacing him here in NC. We’re on the edge as it is.

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      • flower- I AGREE with you! We need Mark in the House. These are perilous times with the Demonics taking control. I think he can do more where he is. Don’t like this idea at all.

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      • emeraldcoaster says:

        I too am blessed to reside in NC-11. [Spent 13+ hours (hated a.m. rain!) at precict on 11/08 wearing Meadows hat and encouraging voters to support him and other GOPers.] Mark is a fantastic representative and gets around to a mind-numbing number of places in the district while doing God’s work in D.C. I trust him to make the right choice for the MAGA cause. We’ll be w/o representation for months (Tillis & dirtbag Burr don’t count in my book)…election required to fill vacant House seat. Folks should note Freedom Caucus membership is not the Gold Standard: Mark “Cry For Me Argentina” Sanford hardly instills enthusiasm. Meadows is the real deal!

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      Jim Jordan is the co-founder of the Freedom Caucus so he is the natural heir.

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    • Supertalk says:

      The freedom caucus is dead in the water for the next 2 years now. May as well put Mark Meadows to work.

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  3. SandraOpines says:

    I feel about Mark Meadows as CoS just as I did about DeSantis for Gov……….. I want them in both spots.

    Can we clone the good guys??? 😀

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  4. Apollo says:

    Honestly, I would hate to see Trump lose another strong Member of Congress for an uncertain outcome in the Administration.

    Think of how great it would be (just for example) if Jeff Sessions were still serving in the Senate as a faithful #MAGA vote. Mark Meadows is doing great where he is, and he’s a good voice in Congress to counter the Democrat nonsense. Why not leave him there?

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  5. Matt Hay says:

    Given the ceding of the House to the Dems, this would be a much better move for both Meadows and Trump. We need a CoS who isn’t undermining the President at every turn, which I don’t think we have had

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  6. chojun says:

    I’d hate for Meadows to leave Congress but he’d be an incredible asset as Chief-of-Staff. Chief-of-Staff after all is tasked with coordinating WH legislative agendas with the Congress.

    On top of that he has an intimate knowledge of SpyGate and so the fact that Meadows is being considered tells me that Trump is approaching the action/counterattack phase of SpyGate.

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    • You may have a point there!

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    • chojun says:

      Additionally I’d also point out that with the Democrats taking control of the House means that the SpyGate investigation is DEAD in the House. Any effort by Meadows to investigate this would be met with obstruction from Schiff and Pelosi. Meadows as Chief-of-Staff would have the ability to coordinate SpyGate rollout with the Senate (Graham/Grassley/etc).

      I have a pretty strong sense that this is what’s going to happen. The House is going to go whaco-impeachment and Trump is going to roundhouse kick them between the eyes so hard that they won’t remember which direction is Sunday.

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      • chojun says:

        Also I’d add again that Meadows is aware of all investigative products of the House and so will be able to more than likely facilitate FOIA requests and enable the transfer of this knowledge to the Senate.

        The more and more I think about this the more and more it makes sense for Meadows to become CoS.

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        • WSB says:

          Meadows also probably has complete lmowledge of everything Schiff.

          Meadows said tonight he knew nothing about the job and hadn’t spoken to the President in the last 48 hours. LOL!

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      • the5thranchhand says:

        …..’and President Trump is going to roundhouse kick them between the eyes so hard that they won’t remember which direction is Sunday’. May this come to fruition, and right on time.
        Thank you chojun.

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  7. Summer says:

    Why is Kelly leaving? And does that mean his soulmate Kirsten Nielsen is also leaving?

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  8. Nigella says:

    We need him in the House… Wouldn’t the NC Gov., a Dem., choose another Dem?

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  9. NC Mom says:

    Serious mixed emotions…I know Mark and his wife. Until I moved this fall he was my Congressman. He would be AWESOME as CoS. Has great managerial background. However He has always been “my man” in the House. Sigh. As stated upthread…he needs cloning.

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  10. He called for Session’s removal early on………………………makes me think he understand what P Trump is up against and the ticking clock on MAGA.

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  11. CarolynH says:

    Bossie is on the list. He would be a good choice also.

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  12. I had to post here too!

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  13. montanamel says:

    As our most famous Stones said: You can’t always get what you want…. and, sometimes, you get what you need!…
    With his knowledge of Spygate….and, other issues of buried bags of bones…his influence right there next to Fearless’ leader DJT could serve our nation very well… Keeping the train on the track and sweeping out the dust/trash/duds still living in the woodwork there at the WH, could be considered a “higher calling” for a “do’er of deeds” rather than some place holder and pencil pusher…. When someone is going to VETO every spending bill offered, that doesn’t have the WALL fully funded in it….he needs all his ammo mags filled with Green tip…and, a double handful of disclosure under the desk just waiting for the pin to be pulled… My vote is for Mark…let the good times roll… Check-6 and pull hard!

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  14. intercesser says:

    Mike Pompeo as S. of S. is better then Rex Tillerson . Pres. Trump needs someone like Mark Meadows in the White House . I am not throwing N. C. under the bus , but the front line in this war is now in the White House . We need reinforcements where they will do the most good , and where they are most influential .

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  15. Sandra-VA says:

    I think Mark Meadows would be the absolute PERFECT choice to replace Gen. Kelly! He knows all the players, he knows the dirt and all the details of SpyGate.

    Then he can run for Senate once President Trump wins again 😀

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  16. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Right now seems to me (just my opinion) that Meadows and Christie might be the last two men in the hunt.

    And Meadows might be in the pole position.

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  17. Smiley says:

    That is the best choice to take it to the Democrats.


  18. mswinkle says:

    Gosh reading all the comments and I am thinking are they talking about a different MM. what did MM accomplish in the House? he talks a good game and love getting FaceTime onTV whining and complaining, but nothing he is involved in goes anywhere.

    I am still trying to wrap my head around why Trump would appoint Bush 41 AG? He should have just kept Sessions. Notice SD has not posted a story on Trump’s pick for AG. Meadows and a Bush appointee don’t give me confidence that Trump is looking to drain anything


    • Endless Concern noted.
      Absent Solutions as well.

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      • mswinkle says:

        There are a ton of people Trump could pick as AG who could clean up the DOJ/FBI. To pick a company man to replace Session, a company man why bother? As for Meadows and his merry band of freedom caucus alll they do is talk. See up thread for just a few things they could have done if they were serious and not all for show.

        As SD likes to say once you see the ‘strings’ hard to unsee. Meadows and co are puppets and it seems Trump is putting another pupppet in as AG. Hey I could be wrong and this is some 46d chess strategy to drain DC corruption.


        • singingsoul says:

          The President chooses his staff his team and he does it better than I could therefore ,unless I choose better than him, I refer to President’s choices.

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  19. snarkybeach says:

    isn’t the Governor of SC a Democrat? will he appoint a fellow traveler to take Meadows’ place?

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  20. Bogeyfree says:

    I like the idea of Meadows as COS.

    Now how do we plant the idea with him to get PT to conduct a 10 year audit and review of the NSA database to see who and how many Americans have been surveilled possibly illegally?

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  21. woohoowee says:

    If Meadows is a no holds barred, rip their heads off, take no prisoners kind of man, then he suits me just fine 🙂

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  22. notfaded1 says:

    It’s actually simple. VSG needs a fighter in his orbit helping to run the show.

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    • woohoowee says:

      Agreed. And they don’t need to take any lumps out when they’re fighting, either! Lumps left in and no smoothing anything over. Just plain ol’ fightin’ and WINNING 🙂

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  23. WSB says:

    Everyone should watch Lou Dobbs tonight. Too much for me to post here; however, John Solomon Matt Gaetz on Meadows, and others.

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  24. bessie2003 says:

    What about one of those Congressmen who lost their re-election due to California’s vote harvesting, like Dana Rohrabacher? One of those folks would be up-to-the-minute on who and what is up with Congress, still have their hat in the thick of things. Maybe not him particularly but surely there is someone in that group recently harvested out of a job that would be able to do the Chief of Staff job while leaving people like Meadows in the House where they’re needed?

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  25. Sandra-VA says:

    Well… so much for that 😦


  26. Ristvan says:

    Think like PDJT. Best person for the immediately in front job. Original RINOe Priebus WH in never Trump leak chaos. Fire him and bring in a Marine Corps disciplinarian. Get discipline, stop leaks.

    BUT, PDJT does not operate by military command and control, He is a blue collar billionaire who mixed comfortably across all NYC construction strata. So Kelly’s role was served, and now done.

    The question is who can next best serve our blue collar billionaire. I don’t think that is a political question; PDJT already has chosen Parscale for that 2020 role, and has KAC backup. It is who is best for managing the DC swamp fight next two year rounds. IMO, Meadows is too important in Congress and insufficiently administratively skilled (trust me, managing staff IS a skill) to be chosen.
    So my guess is someone from MSM ‘left field’.


  27. Donna in Oregon says:

    President Trump needs a Chief of Staff that is a lawyer and also a shark. No Dem leanings, no bi-partisan crap either.

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  28. aj says:

    Didn’t the Freedumb Caucus block a lot of Trump’s domestic agenda? Why, yes they did.

    Here are some headers from this blog:

    Texas Republican Ted Poe Quits Freedom Caucus Over Their #NeverTrump Intransigence…
    President Trump Meets With Intransigent House Freedom Caucus – The Congressional #NeverTrump Team…
    Et Tu Brute’ – Behind The Scenes Pressure Upon The House Freedom Caucus…
    “The Freedom Caucus can wax philosophically about the Price/Ryan bill not being a full repeal; and they can argue accurately about the bill having flaws remaining from the influence of the ObamaCare lobbyists, but what is the actual alternative? Nothing.

    Nothing is not an option.”

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    • WSB says:

      Nothing was an option. Get Government out.


    • Paul Hanlon says:

      Outsider looking in here.

      Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t there a “meeting of minds” between PDJT and Mark Meadows shortly after that, and ever since then, the Freedom Caucus have been more and more behind President Trump. They’ve been the only ones, besides Devin Nunes, who have really been trying to stir things up, and get behind the President.

      I think Mark Meadows would be an excellent pick.
      He looks, and comes across, great on television, and he likes doing it. He’ll be on every Sunday show providing a direct link to the President’s thinking.
      He has seen all the unredacted documents, and knows the intimate details within. Which will be absolutely vital for what I think is coming down the path.
      Having had a “frank exchange of views” with PDJT, there is a mutual respect between the two. PDJT knows there won’t be stuff hidden from him, and that he will be 100% loyal to his agenda.
      He has lived in the Swamp. He knows where the alligators are, and also the weak points.

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  29. Jues says:

    Trump’s Tweet.

    Trump misspells ‘Smoking’ twice. Hardly. If you believe that you have rocks in your head.


    “Smocking is body painting for sexual gratification.”

    Trump deliberately used that word to troll people. To troll who though?

    Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta and Barack Obama Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett.
    Two well-known “smockers”. Well, well-known by those who suspect these two of being involved in various crimes. Ala, not the MSM.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      What does this have to do with Mark Meadows and new Chief of Staff for President Trump?



      • Jues says:

        Fair question, maybe the wrong thread. My apologies.

        I would hazard a guess that Mark Meadows knows all about “smocking” and who has been engaging in it though if you want a connection.

        Meadows would be an excellent choice and you would see him appearing on TV shows constantly parroting the President’s agenda.

        How many interviews has John Kelly done on TV since being COS?

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      Question…. Any chance smocking pictures were on the infamous laptop and PT knows it?? Just asking.

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  30. WSB says:

    Corsi on with Trish Regan Prime Time now. Fox Business.


  31. jackphatz says:

    If any of us thought the last two years were bad and and sad we’re about to be appalled and overwhelmed by what the Dimm’s will do and say. I’m not looking forward to two years of gutter snipping.

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  32. Right to reply says:

    I’m just sitting here repeating to myself…Comey said the dossier was unverified. A FISA requires verified evidence. Comey signed the FISA…When is Comey going to be arrested?

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  33. Matthew LeBlanc says:

    I believe the CoS will be a signal to his supporters he hasn’t been assimilated by the Borg yet.


  34. Paco Loco says:

    POTUS needs to go on a “full court press” for the next six months. The can of worms called SpyGate needs to be fully unveiled for the public to see. If all he does is tweak the Chinese over trade, it will be insufficient to silence the mangy mad dogs in the Uniparty. He has to go on the offensive, and an able, politically astute CoS is going to be crucial. The dirty dealings of the Dems have to see the light of Day and the new AG can rip them up. WE NEED JUSTICE!


  35. Vor Daj says:

    It is good to know that none of those being considered (as far as we know anyway) are generals. The last one of those didn’t work out so well as that arrogant #astard thought he out ranked the President, just like his fellow general who was National Security Advisor for a time also did.


  36. Lactantius says:

    From The Hill and around the web: Mark Meadows is the chairman of the House Oversight Subcommittee on Government Operations. According to Meadows, three people have produced hundreds of pages of evidence concerning potential violations by the Clinton Foundation. Misappropriation of funds, quid-pro-quo promises and commingling personal business with charity business are among the issues.

    Jeff Sessions appointed John Huber and tasked him with investigating the foundation. The Hill reported Thursday that prosecutors working for Huber recently requested documents from a private investigative firm that also has been looking into the foundation. The firm, MDA Analytics LLC, reportedly has contacted the IRS, the Justice Department and the FBI’s Little Rock office with evidence from its own investigation.

    Mark Meadows has only a week or two before the DemonizingRats run the House. He might just set this stink bomb off before he loses the chairmanship and then head to the White House where he can continue to fight the fight against UniParty and deep swamp corruption. In his mind, it would be two years of playing second fiddle against two years at the center of the storm.

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  37. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I think Meadows would be great, but I also think he should stay where he is in the House. We need his voice along with Jordan and Gaetz the next two years. I say heck no to Christie – he is too unpredictable and not reliable. Bossie is a good choice. So is Corey.


  38. Sandra-VA says:

    How about Tom Bossert… If Mark doesn’t want the job…

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    • emeraldcoaster says:

      You mean the W.H. homeland security adviser Tom Bossert that was pushed out by John Bolton? Can’t see that combination getting along.


  39. zooamerica says:

    I’ve always liked Mick Mulvaney. He’s super smart, full of energy and a true positive thinker. I like his common sense, which isn’t very common these days. Mulvaney’s sense of organization is brilliant. Mick Mulvaney also had the balls to stand up and show President Trump how our country can be much better managed.

    Mick Mulvaney strikes me as the quintessential manager of all things and is likely a more well rounded candidate to be Chief of Staff compared to Mark Meadows. To have Mulvaney as Chief of Staff working with Meadows in the House would be advantageous. They would work together very well. Mulvaney is not in congress, Meadows is.

    I like Mark Meadows as Chief of Staff but I do not think he has the same kind of simple, common business sense, organizational sense, or street smart sense that Mick Mulvaney naturally has. Meadows may be a good messenger and looks the part but is he a good manager too? Mick Mulvaney can do both jobs and probably more. I love his energy and spirit, and I also like how Mulvaney has no intentions of running for POTUS some day, unlike Meadows. I think Meadows wants to be POTUS more than he wants to be Chief of Staff. Just my gut telling me straight up.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      Mick is already in the exact spot he should be in. He is a high energy numbers guy. I don ‘t think he would be happy as CoS, tbh.

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    • Lactantius says:

      This confuses me: “Mick Mulvaney also had the balls to stand up and show President Trump how our country can be much better managed.

      President Donald J. Trump needs a “skilled” surrogate? Every President needs good advice and concerned criticism. If that is a Mulvaney strength, then he is a good fit. But the Chief of Staff is also a gatekeeper and no president is well served by having a functionary who decides what the president should know and what he doesn’t need to know. Eventually, everything kept from a sharp president has a way of reaching his ear. That is the nature of politics at its core. If Mulvaney would be better as an adjutant who guides President Donald J. Trump in making our country much better managed, give Mulvaney adjutant status.


  40. Erik Heter says:

    Man I hope this is true. This is what Trump needs. He doesn’t need someone who will fight by the Marquis of Queensbury rules. He needs Vlad the Impaler. Meadows fits the bill.

    Please let it be so.


  41. railer says:

    I think Trump is basically his own chief of staff. His cabinet direct reports to him, and all he needs is an executive secretary, someone of weight, yes, but not necessarily a policymaker. Unless Meadows or Mulvaney has something specific that Trump needs: institutional knowledge, skeleton locations in closets, etc., then I’d go with another choice, another retired general or the like. Particularly with Mulvaney, who can help rearrange budgets and force Pelosi and McConnell to submit to Trump’s will.


  42. Maquis says:

    Meadows as President Trump’s Wartime Consigliere?
    I like it.


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