Reminder – Guidelines for Comments…

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood”.

1.) First, please READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD – and the full context of any discussion thread you wish to participate in. Skipping to the comments to express an opinion without reading the content of the discussion is not helpful.

Often, unfortunately very often, we find many of the points injected into comments are already outlined in the construct of the thread itself. -or- Questions asked while the answers are in the primary post.

2.) STAY ON TOPIC – please do not post something unrelated to the specific matter and content of the thread subject. There is a ALWAYS a daily open thread available for any subject you feel should get attention. Never place unrelated, “O/T”, or “Off Topic” comments on a thread unrelated to the topic. It is not ok to say: “sorry, O/T but”… or any iteration therein.

3.) NARROW YOUR THOUGHTS – Quality beats quantity. Please construct your comments to target specific areas and not broad generalizations about the discussion topic at hand. If you have four or five disconnected points, break them up into individual comments.

4.) AVOID GENERALIZATIONSDon’t speak in riddles. Words like “he, she, they, it, them” should rarely be used. Spell out “who” using the name, spell out who “they” are at the beginning of every sentence in your paragraph; so that there is clarity as to who you are talking about. Avoid using acronyms.

5.) BLOCK PARAGRAPHSDo not post huge blocks of text. Think of the reader, and modify your presentation for understanding, not for exclaiming. Do not write to yourself, you are writing to others, so please structure your presentations such that other people can grasp and enjoy. NEVER post massive blocks of text without paragraph breaks.

Do not post huge blocks of text

6.) PARAGRAPHS – Should NEVER be longer than two or three sentences taking up three to five standard lines of text. Again, you are writing to understand, and to be understood, the emphasis should be on the reader comprehending what you are sharing.

Do not post huge blocks of text

7.) SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION – This is not school and we do not demerit for poor spelling, nor do we allow anyone to call others out for the same. However, if your construct is too poorly written the context is lost and important details can be missed. Read the comment carefully before you send it. Does it make sense?

8.) TIME – Everyone ‘s time is valuable. Some of our discussion threads are 500 to 1,000+ comments long. We try to limit the comments to 500 and then post another related thread, but with some research threads it is challenging to do so because we do not want to break a continuity.

9.) THOUSANDS ARE WATCHING – For every person writing a comment, there are easily 100,000 or more reading lurkers on every discussion thread. Do not write anything you would not say in your own living room. Do not disparage our conversation with vulgarity, profanity, or any expressions of any “ism”.

Troll10.) MODERATION / FILTERING THE HATE – Because of our honest approach at seeking facts and truth, and openly discussing various analytical theories along the way, we are bombarded by those with ulterior motives which include:

  • Intentional efforts to distract
  • Intentional diatribes to affix labels to our objectives
  • Intentional expressions of rabid hate, vulgarity, and threats.
  • Trolling and professional obfuscation.
  • Concern Trolling as a tool of distraction and derailing conversation.
  • Psy-ops and Intentional Efforts to diminish fact-finding.

We do our earnest best to stop the agenda-hoard at the moderation gates, however sometimes they get through. If you see something untoward say something. When a new comment surfaces that we view is only presented to argue, we watch carefully – but we also are not perfect. You can help. Feel free to alert us via email.

11.) MANNERS MATTER – Simple kindnesses and courtesy should always be present in tone and content. When writing ask yourself before you hit send: does this add value?

SUMMARY: The Tree House community has historically accomplished a lot. Through exhaustive research and analysis our accuracy and reputation for truthful fact-finding, regardless of where it leads, is well regarded. Retain that distinction of intellectual armament.

We are The Conservative Tree House, not because of political affiliation, but rather because the word “conservative” expresses our outlook. We would rather be deep, than wide; we would rather be honest, than popular; we avoid semantics in favor of accurately presenting both intention and meaning.

We are bold in our willingness to go into conversational places where others do not, and we are brave enough to stand firm for principles which are time tested.

We would rather advertise our outlook so the viewer can understand our perspective on a particular subject, than deceptively claim we are something else and deliver an inherently biased view. The entire spectrum of the MSM is based on the latter.

Every reader knows where we stand on any given issue, and our opinions -while they may be unpopular- are based on solid research and analytical insight into the subject matter at hand. This is why our predictive analysis is routinely more accurate than others.

Lastly, this Treehouse is a conversation. Hopefully, just like sitting on a porch with friends.

Because the “conversation” is the ends and not the means, this approach inherently means YOU are the important part:

[Remember] …”However each of us got here, it’s probably a fact that we have the turmoil of those storms in common, perhaps some unease that we could share and always, we also find fresh ground to cover from day to day.

We’re developing valuable relationships as we trust one another in our community in the woods. The chatting in the branches encourages, strengthens and equips for some serious walking.

We think the Treehouse is a good armory for those who doing long distance walking for the sake of our nation. We hope you’ll think so, too. Find yourself a good branch….or just pull up a rock to the campfire”.

Wolverines faithfully patrol the perimeter. Please be respectful.

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269 Responses to Reminder – Guidelines for Comments…

  1. Elle says:

    “For every person writing a comment, there are easily 100,000 or more reading lurkers on every discussion thread.” Wow.

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    • drljr says:

      Which I always try to keep in mind.

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    • Thank you, Sundance — AGAIN, for what the Treehouse is about.
      God Bless and Merry Christmas…
      In case anyone forgot!!!

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      • chipin8511 says:

        Agree with your assessment. Great reminder

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      • Just so everyone understands the quoted sentence,
        “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” is part of the prayer of St Francis.

        And I am posting this prayer for everyone.
        The prayer in its entirety…

        Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace!
        That where there is hatred, I may bring love.
        That where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness.
        That where there is discord, I may bring harmony.
        That where there is error, I may bring truth.
        That where there is doubt, I may bring faith.
        That where there is despair, I may bring hope.
        That where there are shadows, I may bring light.
        That where there is sadness, I may bring joy.
        Lord, grant that I may seek rather to comfort than to be comforted.
        To understand, than to be understood.
        To love, than to be loved.
        For it is by self-forgetting that one finds.
        It is by forgiving that one is forgiven.
        It is by dying that one awakens to Eternal Life.

        —Saint Francis of Assisi—

        Good Night and God Bless…

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    • ladypenquin says:

      I’ve mentioned that previously when folks remark about people who “no longer” post or rarely do. Depending on current news, volcanic or a lull, time of year, personal circumstances, etc. there will be an ebb and flow to posting. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t reading. Figured there were significant numbers of quiet observers.

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      • lotbusyexec says:

        Lady P – I am a faithful follower and often do not have time to post either because I am using my cell phone to check-up on the latest posts or because I am on-the-go (have a bunch of children, dogs, etc.) I am part of the silent majority whose “guilty” on-line pleasure is TCTH. Although I may be radio silent occasionally my “right-on, right-on” cheers can be heard near and far. Love SD, the daily posters, the Presidential Politics thread, and the daily Open thread. My day is made better because of all of your collective smarts, observations, humor, unwavering faith, balanced search for of justice and hopeful nature. Right-on, Right-on! Or better yet, write-on, write-on!

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        • highdezertgator says:

          I second that emotion…. CTH is my “refuge home”…. since that guy came down that elevator! Living in 70 % progressive left blue Santa Fe is a real challenge and the remedy is CTH-SD University providing a complete education in all areas ….economics, politics, culture and most importantly the Spiritual realm. Love God, Family and Country… that is “Conservatism” to me. God Bless all “Treepers”!

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        • steph_gray says:

          Ditto from behind lines in blue MA. I attend many a music event full of left-moonbats. For the most part we are all just enjoying our shared passion for music, but pretty often they get “inspired” and choose to do (usually badly written) original “protest and resist” tunes. I am famous for “She never talks about politics” so some friends understand, that the instant this happens, I wander out to the anteroom or outside with my phone. What they don’t know is that it’s ALWAYS to read a page of CTH and recover my sanity!

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          • yy4u says:

            I LOVE this post (steph_gray).

            Some people think we should stand our ground and argue with the Leftist loons, but a) you can’t argue with someone who is deranged and b) they can’t be taken by surprise (as they were in 2016) if they don’t know how many votes they have to steal.

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            • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

              I think you might have ment ,’they CAN be taken by surprise ‘,if they don’t know how many votes to steal ( or rise from the dead pool, find in rental cars at the airport and ‘recount justice’.
              I too am grateful beyond words to Sundance and branchers. I reside in Wa.State, west side story. The only vote I’ve ever cast,that wasn’t tossed , overruled or neutered by progressives, was the one I cast for President Trump. Even that was cast out ,I learned weeks later,due to a signatory issue..Right!!
              Count me in on the style guide, definitely on board with rules. I am a guest here after all.
              May Sundance, mods and all have a Blessed holiday and find a renewed spirit for the year ahead,in faith,family and freedom.

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            • SalixVeridi says:

              But….remember…they are SO much more intelligent than we are! ;-(

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        • madeline says:

          Sometimes on this thread, especially the guys, make the funniest comments and I start laughing out loud while reading. I appreciate the comedy as it is necessary to see the sheer ridiculousness of the politics and it lightens the load of all the serious issues at hand.
          Not sure who posted this but when we learned of Nellie Ore someone posted simply, Whoa Nellie, it cracked me up again lightening the load of the seriousness. Thank you all…

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          • H.R. says:

            ♯♫♪ Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.. ♪♫♪

            madeline wrote in part: “I appreciate the comedy as it is necessary to see the sheer ridiculousness of the politics and it lightens the load of all the serious issues at hand.”

            You make a good point. madeline. I’ve found that a light touch in a comment is often more effective than spewing venom, although there are certainly many times that the only appropriate response to the political outrage du jour is a resounding Spit!

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            • I am a work in progress. I aim for the optimistic but sometimes I have collected so much and I’m into overwhelm…what I am working on is that old adage: If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all….
              ..of course if we said NOTHING…:-)

              Actually I don’t know the backgrounds of all of the people who are regulars here and I Sundance’s knowledge boggles my mind.

              As someone else said, this place is a haven to restore sanity and calm when the media lies have managed to penetrate through my innate skepticism of them.

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          • tonyE says:

            In thiese crazy times, humor is a savior.

            In the posting guidelines, the value of a sense of humor should be included, both for relief and entertainment.

            Think of the great comedians… George Carlin was an incredible observer of society, his comments were typically spot on, yet he delivered them with excellent humor.

            Not every post has to be a dour, serious observation of the evils of the World. If it so were, we’d need an unending Xanax prescription.

            I think those of us who love humor, just “get no respect”. ;-D

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      • Alleycats says:

        Mornin’ ladypenquin. Yes there are plenty of us still here on the perimeters reading every day, occasionally commenting. Working, family commitments, life in general all has to mix in.

        I take a lot of what I learn here into everyday life in the struggle to MAGA and encourage others to support President Trump’s agenda. And, sad but necessary, to counter the liberal snowflakes in my family and friend groups.

        But as I said way back in the very early days of President Trump’s campaign, there are more of us than there are of them. I see growing proof of it most days.

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        • ladypenquin says:

          Hi, Alleycats, (sweet nom de plume) – yes, despite the outcome of the mid-terms, I hold to what I believe is right and true. POTUS’ election in 2016 stopped the free fall into the abyss, and while it’s slow going, maybe it will be enough to push through in 2020.

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      • LULU says:

        I know a few who wandered away because the windy pontificators were too much for them. They are a subject Sundance covers. The vanity essays…

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    • sadsack says:

      This is true. I know many Canadians like myself who read the comments daily. I am from B.C.. Recently, I was walking on the track at Service Place in St. Albert, Alberta and started talking to a couple of women and the conversation turned to the economy – Canada vs the U.S. etc. I told them about this site and I was very surprised that they already knew about it.

      I mentioned the name of the place in the hope that the ladies will comment and perhaps we could get in touch again. I really enjoyed our conversation.

      Sundance may have underestimated the 100,000 lurkers number. Is there any way to tell how many ‘clicks’ that this site gets.

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    • Paul Vincent Zecchino says:

      Similar to talk radio, back when callers were emphasized, pre-1996 BigKorpseorate takeover.

      For every caller, there’s thousands of listeners who will never call. Interesting, same here.

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  2. ZurichMike says:

    I have not been on the threads lately (partially a decision of mine, partially my work schedule!), so I am not sure what’s going on, but can certainly guess . . .

    It’s Advent — the yearly preparation for the anniversary of the Birth of Christ. (Self)-reflection, prayer, peace, and hope. Be good!

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  3. 🍺Gunny66 says:

    Thank you Sundance for posting the Guidelines again…….

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  4. vexedmi says:

    A refresher course is needed from time to time….Thanks Sundance.

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  5. getfitnow says:

    Thank you, Sundance.

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  6. starfcker says:

    Always good to post the guidelines. Always consider them a personal message to me. I know that’s not the case, but if everybody took it that way and applied the rules to how they comment, the whole operation will be smoother

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  7. amwick says:

    A personal observation, please bear with me.
    This is a wordpress site. There are other blogs that use wordpress, that are very different. One, in particular that I follow, have “like” or “dislike” options after every comment. Here at CTH there is an option to “like” a comment, reply or move on. In my mind that is a very important distinction, and it sets a tone here that is unlike many other blogs.. I think that is to make the experience of communicating here a positive one. That is also the clear purpose of the guidelines. This is a great place, we can learn, support, laugh, pray and even cry, it is a community. Think about sitting at a coffee shop, speaking face to face, with an audience that could fill a football stadium.
    (or a at bar, over Jameson, in my case)
    annnnnnnnnnnnd as ZM so wisely pointed out, it is advent, so peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men.

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    • wodiej says:

      While you make a good point, readers should not have to be subjected to a constant barrage of negative comments. Such as “it will never change”, “prepare for the worst”, etc.

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      • ladypenquin says:

        That’s the Eeyore group SD referencing. I understand their being honest about their feelings and concerns.
        When it gets too much, it does quiet my own participation, but for the most part, they’re being honest expressing their concerns.

        It all ebbs and flows based on our “wins” and losses.

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        • steph_gray says:

          I think the guideline is there for a reason. And there are ways to express honest feelings of anger or sadness at bad developments.

          But as sundance’s picture above is captioned, what I see as eeyorism is that commitment to doom and gloom, in hopes of being viewed as a “prophet.” It is easy to see commitment to that attitude – it’s why I so often comment about “thistles” and move onward.

          I particularly love sundance’s own coined term “cold anger” because it means (to me), 1) acknowledge the bad developments with steely determinism and 2) immediately carry forward with intelligent discussion of alternatives, possibilities, information, more and more information – education!

          The very way we discuss is part of the way we fight for MAGA.

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          • cjzak says:

            As a fairly neutral –although leaning eeyore lately, lol– person, it is entirely positive to flip your comment about the ‘eeyores.’ Maybe those who are the ‘Pollyanna’s’ on the threads grate on others’ nerves too in the same way. It cannot be all great all the time just as the sky isn’t falling all the time either.

            I personally have no problem with legitimate reasoning from either side and it is needed imo to learn and approach a subject from all sides. I have a problem with bashing people over the head for their opinions. However, I don’t have a problem with the very obvious trolls being called out, but AdRem does a fine job of finding and eliminating those posters.

            Follow SD’s guidelines which are good, reasonable and should be followed because we are guests here after all. No one should be afraid to express a sincere opinion either way but with out attacking people. Free, intelligent and fact based discussion is why we came here after all and landed on a branch. Respect for each other should be number one at all times. My opinion only.

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            • steph_gray says:

              Agree to disagree. ☺️


              • What about the Ambien Cowboys? There are more than a few up here. I’ve been called a Debbie Downer before which I guess is a cousin of Eeyore. So this is cutting very close to my tired old bones.

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                • MAGAbear says:

                  A problem always arises on a sports team message board when someone points out that though a team may be winning games early in the season, their stats are terrible and eventually it will catch up to them. To the pom pom waving fan, that person is a chicken little, debbie downer or even an eeyore. In fact, they’re just pointing out what the coaches are no doubt pointing out to their team.

                  The point being, there’s a difference between a naysayer and someone who genuinely is trying to bring attention to a weakness their team has, be it in sports or politics.

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            • Jenny R. says:

              There is a very noticeable difference between “well, that stinks” and “nothing will ever happen! I’m outta here!” (which of course, is as hollow a threat as a Hollywood starlet insisting she will move to Canada).
              Getting disheartened is one thing; voicing a criticism is one thing — insisting that everything is over, all is lost…well, it looks like shilling to be honest with you (and insistent negative messaging, which usually go along with attempts to silence people “we don’t like” is one of the reasons I decided to troll this place…just because).


              • LULU says:

                Eeyores have at least one thing in common. Constantly looking for the fainting couch and uttering “Alas…..” (they are relatives of Chicken Little), they never ever have a constructive idea or suggestion of an alternative (better) way than what they are whining about. No vision thing. No glass half full. Just dark clouds and wet blankets. Spirit-killers.

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          • I think that any gloom and doom ought to be balanced with some optimistic observation. For example, I meet young people all the time who may not KNOW better, but when they hear even a little grain of truth they are intrigued. The world is pushing apathy and narcissism and so I am especially interested in seeing curiosity and hope and a willingness to hear something different.

            And it IS present.

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    • nepanyrush says:

      From the article you are commenting on:
      “6.) PARAGRAPHS – Should NEVER be longer than two or three sentences taking up three to five standard lines of text.” 🙂

      I think that is a useful guideline as it is difficult read the large blocks of text that often appear in CTH.

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  8. wodiej says:

    Thank you, Sundance. I write letters to the Editor of our local paper. Your guidelines are exactly the same as journalistic standards. Download the Grammarly app to your phone or PC and you will never make another grammatical error. Make your point in the first sentence.

    Something that bothers me is the constant barrage of negative comments. “It will never change”, “prepare for the worst,”, etc. Also the name calling and nicknames such as “hildebeast” and others. I do not like Hillary Clinton but we can’t bring ourselves up by bringing other people down. God is going to take care of it.

    And please, lose and loose are two different words with two different meanings. Loose refers to something that is not tight in place. Lose means losing something like losing a baseball game, losing a sock etc.

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    • bakocarl says:

      “we can’t bring ourselves up by bringing other people down. God is going to take care of it.”

      With certainty!

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    • P says:

      Regarding “…name calling and nicknames…” Hate the sin but love the sinner. Hillary et al. are showing us how much they need our intercessory prayer.

      “1) I exhort therefore, that first of all supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, 2) For Kings, and for all that are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and a peaceable life, in all godliness, and honesty. 3) For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior. 4) Who will that all men shall be saved, and come unto the acknowledging of the truth.” 1 Timothy 2:1-4 (1599 Geneva Bible)

      “16) For God so loveth the world, that He hath given His Only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17) For God sent not His Son into the world, that He should condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.” John 3:16-17 (1599 Geneva Bible)

      God Bless and have mercy on all of us during this season of honoring the One who showed us what love truly means.

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  9. Katherine McCoun says:

    While I am an active poster on the daily Presidential Open thread I don’t comment very often on the posts by Sundance as I have nothing specific to add to the topics, usually. However, I read them and almost always at least scan the comments. And on days I don’t post I am still reading. I think that is what many do.

    I agree with the name calling and slang nicknames. Many times they detract from the content of the comment or thread and the lessen the credibility of what else the commenter has to say. It also closes minds/turns people off that might other wise learn from the rest of the content. Of course, I never call her Former Secretary Clinton, just Hillary (first name v. last to distinguish from her husband).

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    • fuzzi says:

      I try to avoid the name syndrome, though I have slipped with a few like Hilliary, etc.

      I am adamant about one thing, I will NOT refer to the previous resident of the White House by any name, as I feel the intent and damage of his administration does not deserve any recognition. He’s #44 whenever I feel the need to reference him. That’s all.

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      • Sedanka says:

        I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve never used the title with his name, not for the 8 years he held office (I believe fraudulently) nor now, not even “Former” or “Ex- President.” I’ll never afford him the respect of that title because he doesn’t deserve it.

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        • yy4u says:

          I was always careful to call #44 by his presidential address until he began trashing the current POTUS of the US. Then I just used his name without any honorific. But referring to him as #44 is an excellent idea, and I will attempt to follow it from now on. Thanks.

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          • H.R. says:

            I use HWSRN (He Who Shall Remain Nameless) to refer to the previous resident of the Whitehouse.

            However, I have no qualms or twinges of conscience referring to jurinalists (Swedish pronunciation) of the YSM (Yellow Stream Media) or the Whitehouse Press Corpse. There are a precious few that don’t deserve to be lumped in with the others and I just use their name.

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      • drljr says:

        Simply refer to Mr Obama as “Mr Obama”. I never refer to him using the word “President” since he does meet either of the citizenship requirements of Article 2 Section 1 Paragraph 5. I have done the research. Simply use things like “Mr.”, “Miss”, “Mrs.” as appropriate. Or to put it another way – write in straight forward English (for this site) [either American, Canadian, or British 🙂 ]

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      • MMA says:

        I feel the same, so my solution is to use HRC, WJC, and BHO. I have mixed feelings about the Bushes but they were already referred to as H.W. Bush or W so I just go with that.


        • fuzzi says:

          I never cared for GW’s nickname “Dubya”, thought that was a bit disrespectful.

          Now that I know more about the Bush family, well…

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          • gawntrail says:

            I refer to them as H and FLBOTUS.

            H for the ‘W’ crowd. And she was the First Line Backer of the United States. Amazing how the fashion and pop culture media turned her into some runway goddess when she has terrible taste in clothes and always had a snarl on her mug instead of a neutral or slight smile. Super unattractive person that one is. Inside and out.

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    • Franklin says:

      I agree that using derogatory names, offensive memes, and photos highlighting physical attributes are out of place. It adds nothing to the discussion. But without an effective moderator these guidelines seem meaningless.

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      • drljr says:

        One must always treat commenting forums as a public square. When people start doing the “negative attack/smear” routine those people are basically discrediting themselves. Just as if they were screaming on the street corner most people will simply ignore them, while some will ask them what they are trying to convey and try to do real communications. Which may or may not work in getting a rational answer or response. Some people are ideologues and some are attention seekers. When one applies the “public square” concept dealing with ideologues and attention seekers is much easier.


      • FRanklin, I venture to say that I have been at my fair share of sites and if you think of this place as having ineffective moderation I’m genuinely curious whether your experience is limited.

        I also find that complaints in threads about guidelines against moderators are OFTEN made by people who have a bone to pick with a site or who themselves are a bit defensive.

        I am only speculating, but I respectfully disagree with what you appear to imply.

        If you are making a general comment and not citing this site then please accept my apologies because in general your statement is correct. Effective moderation is key.

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  10. farmhand1927 says:

    This is a great place to ‘visit’ with friends of like mind. Similar places are becoming fewer and fewer and I can’t think of any others that can be considered an actual refuge.

    I’m quite and often guilty of repeating a point made previously in a thread. Here’s my side of the story….Sometimes I don’t read an article until there are several hundred comments made, perhaps even 1000+ comments. I don’t think I’m alone in admitting I don’t commit the time to read every single comment. I’ll read the first page or two but as soon as I run into a long list of comments that have gone off the rails and are discussing a side issue, I stop. I’m guilty of being one to get caught red-handed with an off topic comment on occasion.

    This site belongs to sundance so however it’s set up, all the rules, etc., are at his discretion and privilege. With that said, there is a posting feature at blogs where comments can be sorted by different categories, including the one where comments getting the most ‘likes’ are ranked at the beginning. That feature here might eliminate numerous people writing the same comment. Also, the site can (and does) just delete offenders such as myself.

    I’m trying to post here less and less, which if I can discipline myself to do, will be welcome news to many! However, we all do get caught up too frequently, IMO, with nitpicking with others’ comments. We all need to simply scroll past something we don’t agree with, stop bringing up past comments someone has written. Don’t want to spend time on a long post? Skip past it. Resist temptation of labeling and assigning ‘troll’ to anyone that disagrees with us and insulting others never elevates a conversation.

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    • bakocarl says:

      “I’m trying to post here less and less, which if I can discipline myself to do, will be welcome news to many!” . . . and not welcomed by many more!

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      • bessie2003 says:

        Farmhand1927, I agree with bakocarl, about posting less and that being not welcomed by many more; for example

        you made a comment, I didn’t keep the post/comment# but kept the date (and time) on January 8, 2018 at 8:10 a.m. EST) where you spoke of people, politicians who take oaths and keep their word.

        It was so moving that I wrote it down and have re-read it many times, because it put into elegant words what my heart had been (and often still does) screaming when it comes to what we see daily about our elected representatives.

        So do keep that in mind, that what is said in the Guidelines for Comments is very true, this is a conversation with one another, and we do learn from, and encourage others whom we may never realize that our words had/have such impact.

        Just say’n

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    • The Tundra PA says:

      farmhand, I love your comments and enjoy reading them carefully (sometimes more than once). I join others here in hoping you don’t “comment less.” Be sure to read bessie’s comment above; she responded to bakocarl, so it won’t show up under your bell in the right upper corner.

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    • alligatriot says:

      It’s a good day when I see a post from you, farmhand, ’cause I know I’m about to get a different and lucid perspective on the issue at hand.

      I’m in the camp of those above: “More farmhand posts, not less!” Please. If you feel like it.

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    • yucki says:

      I love reading your comments!
      Even if you say something more than once, the context is different and your insight becomes more textured, richer.

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    • tessa50 says:

      It isn’t welcome news to me!


  11. Robert says:

    I can’t imagine the amount of troll posts this great conservative site must attract. Excellent analysis and fact-finding must put CTH at the top of every leftist boiler-room trolling operation. I must be a monumental effort to keep them out.

    The result of these efforts is the best community on the net. I feel only love here, for God, for country, and for each other.

    We are a truly unique place. Good Bless SD and everyone here! Thank you for CTH!

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    • steph_gray says:

      As one who often does read entire 1000+ comment threads here because 1) I am a CTHaholic and can’t help myself and 2) I had to learn to speed-read in college, I can attest to the explosion of trolling since the election.

      The ones that disturb me the most are the ones from eeyores saying America is over and urging treepers to “take to the streets,” “hang them all from lampposts,” that sort of thing. Quite a few of those lately.

      My theory is that there are basement dwellers paid to try to get the site branded as a “hate” site.

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      • jackphatz says:

        I liken those types are people who probably never vote but complain about everyone/everything.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        “The ones that disturb me the most are the ones from eeyores saying America is over and urging treepers to “take to the streets,” “hang them all from lampposts,” that sort of thing. Quite a few of those lately.

        My theory is that there are basement dwellers paid to try to get the site branded as a “hate” site.”

        The country is at a critical juncture and emotions are running high. You could say that assessment is hyperbole, but consider the facts as they are today:

        1.) Historically disruptive President of the United States of America — globally disruptive, not just domestically

        2.) Decades of Establishment-Think are being openly questioned and challenged by a SMALL HANDFUL of powerful/well-placed elected officials and, more importantly, a big percentage of the electorate (30-50% of it, anyway). We The People know something is seriously wrong, and it needs serious fixin’.

        3.) Outrage and deep concern over the level of overt opposition to, obstruction of, and attempts at thwarting and dismantling The Will Of The People (see #1 and #2). This point is very important, because, for example, some of the President’s closest “allies” and “advisors” have (or had, in many cases… Gary Cohn, et al) this very agenda. The NeverTrumpers, to be sure, but also those hiding in and working from the shadows. And it’s no secret to Us. It’s plain as day, and it feels like a slap in the face and a kick to the nether regions, to be honest.

        4.) Outrage and deep concern over the level of corruption within and distrust of some of our MOST IMPORTANT institutions: namely DOJ and FBI, but also Congress. And a observant person would sprinkle in some Judiciary in there as well. With Congress, “it is what it is”, but without trust in the Rule of Law and belief in the Equal Protection Clause then the country is in some serious, serious trouble.

        5.) Outrage and deep concern over the level of corruption within and distrust of the most powerful News Media outlets in the world. Not just the U.S., but the world. The lying and deceit is just so obvious to anyone who cares to think objectively and honestly. More importantly, the OBJECTIVES of the lying and deceit, and the downstream consequences of such to our country, are staring Us in the face. It’s literally in-your-face propaganda, plain and simple. Pravda is not just a news rag in Russia, folks. Without trust and belief in The Press AT LARGE then this country is in some serious, serious trouble. Right now we have corners and edges of truthfulness and intellectual honesty brought to us by the simple power of the Internet. That’s it. And the Big Tech Insiders want to take that away too. Which gives you a nice Point #5 Feedback Loop.

        Add #3, #4, and #5 together, and you’re bound to end up with some serious agita.

        So, one might not agree with some of the exaggerated negative feelings, extreme cynicism, etc. to which, I assume, you refer; and I can’t speak to all comment posted; but, overall, those feelings reflect legitimate angst and concern for the country and its future. Most, if not all, here feel… indeed know in our hearts… that President Trump is fighting for the future of our country. That’s not only a nice sentiment, but most, if not all, truly believe that is LITERALLY the case. That fight is multidimensional, it’s complex, and it’s a lot for Joe and Mary Blow to digest. If you consider the size and scope of the task at hand, it’s a bit overwhelming, really.


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    • Janie M. says:

      @Robert…”I can’t imagine the amount of troll posts this great conservative site must attract.” SD also has a twitter acct. I suspect a portion of the trolls (I call them drive-bys) arrive at CTH via the links SD provides in his tweets connected to threads he posts here. I have been at CTH for a little over 4 years now and most folks who post their comments at this site are familiar to me. I have also noted there has been an increase in traffic of unfamiliar names.


  12. LULU says:

    My definition of a troll is someone – usually of the opposition – who ventures onto Conservative threads to do a kind of mischief. Their purpose is to disrupt, distract, even try to add disinformation. They should not be welcome.

    A word about grammar and nannies. Sorry to say that is usually a vanity thing. A bit of a show-off that achieves nothing but a show of superiority. Back in our school days, some of us were straight A students when it came to grammar and spelling. Others, equally bright – or even more so – were not so good at those subjects. Some simply do not do well with grammar or spelling (or have fingers that don’t work well on their keyboard). Those who constantly call attention to the errors of others are like speed bumps on a superhighway. Their “corrections” achieve nothing. In fact, they seem rather unkind. And like the trolls, they distract.

    Liked by 5 people

    • louche9 says:

      The grammatical errors are inconsequential; obviously, some people are better writers than others, and for several commenters, English isn’t their first language. IMO, it’s something of a problem when flout is flaunt, and moot is mute, because they change the intended meaning of the sentence.


      • LULU says:

        It shouldn’t be a problem if there is context. Many of us use context almost unconsciously as we read.

        Long ago I used to type masters for printing graduate theses. Had a wonderful IBM Selectric typewriter (that long ago!) and it allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom and make a little money. Also did appeal briefs, a very exacting kind of typing. I found that misspelled words leaped off the page at me, like dropped stitches in a knit sweater. Of course, they had to be fixed.

        Now if I called out every misspelling/typo I came across on the internet, I would drive everyone crazy. Including me. I have found it best to stick with decoding words based on context and moving along. I know it has made me a happier, less picky person.

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    • I have been called a troll by some, when I am far from one. Some people attack if a person asks honest questions. This is not helpful nor conducive.

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      • Sometimes ‘honest questions’ have an agenda and the people who ask them do not recognize in themselves that this exists.
        Provocative questions that often contain an assumption are usually unwelcome.

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        • Ridiculous. Move on. It’s when you cordially enlighten people.


          • I remember you know. Your tone gives you away as someone who last year decided to school me according to your far superior discernment.

            I pitied you your arrogance then and I do once again.

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            • You are trolling me now. 😂😂😂


              • No. The last time you also told me that my thoughts were not worthy of you and I should just refrain from venturing to reply.

                That is the essence of trolls. They are provocative and then when confronted are insulting and then don’t think that their behavior is insulting…but are quick to point out the flaws in others.

                It’s exhausting dealing with them/you and generally just spirals into an abyss.

                I don’t think you understand why you are accused of trolling. You come off as defensive and arrogant, a mix that never translates well online…and then try and project that onto those trying to civilly explain how you translate.

                You have good things to say sometimes but you are not consistent and that makes you a loss for many of us.

                I doubt if you’ll deign to understand this this time around either, but I tried.

                Feel fee to have the last word, I’m sure you’ll tell me I am just babbling or wasting your time or doing that of which I accuse you or being self-pitying.

                Nope. My pity is directed outward.


    • fractionalexponent says:

      Perfectly said, Lulu.

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  13. StanH says:

    I came here through a somewhat circuitous route. I started on Andrew Breitbart’s, Big Hollywood early on with Gary Graham’s expose’ One Pissed off Dude 1/09. To me this set the tone on how to beat back radical 60’s leftist. Andrew and his team were fearless, and spawned many blogs, but the best being Sundance’s CTH.

    With success comes the many problems that are creeping into CTH. Ignore the trolls and stay on task, and keep this awesome site moving forward. Using logic, insight, reasoned debate, humor, and as the great Andrew Breitbart taught us, sometimes even “WAR”

    We are in a struggle for our nation, whether we remain a Constitutional Republic or a Banana Republic. This is going to take time. We must think long term, “inch by inch everything’s a cinch.”
    This is a generational fight, not a two to eight year fight. Be cool, keep the faith, and we’ll win.

    MAGA! …by firming your resolve.

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    • guest4ever says:

      Like your statement about this being a generational fight. We must also help others to understand that it TRULY is a spiritual battle of the highest order!!! Remember Franklin’s response to the lady who asked what kind of government they’d given us.

      We need to have large, moral families!!! In the long run, in my humble opinion, that is the ONLY answer!!!

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      • Of course it is the only answer. ALL battles come down to good vs evil and we are living in a time when they are attempting, as ignorant or willing pawns of the fallen angel, to impose evil as good and good as evil.

        The goal of ‘the enemy’ is the annihilation of humanity and the separation of humanity from God and ultimately all things that attack anything that the Holy Family valued (family, love, hard work, community, truth, humility, generosity, Effectively The Beatitudes) and gave us an example of are demonic in origin.

        Of course we have now had two or three generations indoctrinated to believe that new age and environmentalism and identity politics and fanatical focus on health and beauty and pleasure are to be respected and Judeo Christianity is all fairytales and self-imposed delusion.

        WHICH of course suits ‘the enemy’ just fine. You don’t have to believe in him and you’ll still serve him, but if you don’t believe in GOD and you ignore HIS guidelines…your life too often will be a topsy turvy tailspin signifying nothing and all too often leading to despair.

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      • StanH says:

        Indeed. It can be a bit irritating when folks come on the boards and spew “well I’m done with President Trump because…(the complaint du jour)” This to me is sign of a troll. Follow the logic or lack thereof, if not President Trump then who? Jeb, Marco, Kasich, Cruz, Hillary, Biden, the answer of course is non of the above.

        President Trump is doing a great job, considering what he is up against, the entire cabal, and I mean every swamp creature, lobbyist, foreign & domestic politicians, MSM, think tanks, and on and on, and he’s got them surrounded, along with his Deplorable Army, you and I.

        I for one couldn’t be more proud of our fearless lion, President Trump. His selfless act of running and winning the presidency, is a truly remarkable act of self sacrifice. Not to enrich himself but for the love of country.

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  14. Noble Jones says:

    I have enjoyed the analysis and commentary here at CTH for a couple of years now and must say, it is refreshing and thought provoking, unlike most of the other “hit and run” type articles. Sundance puts his heart and soul into everything said here. Thank you, sir.

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  15. CorwinAmber says:

    man, if I had a nickel for every time I furiously pounded out a brilliant riposte to some inane comment made by someone less brilliant than moi…then hovered over the “post comment” button trying to decide whether I should pull the trigger…I’d have a lot of nickels. FYI, most of the time, I relent and delete before posting because I really wouldn’t add anything to the conversation…just more fuel to the fire, sigh.

    I can’t imagine what this site would look like without Adrem…keep up the good work all ye who toil here, I’m sure Sundance is “easy” to work for!

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    • jeans2nd says:

      There are more Admins here than just AdRem, CA. We just rarely hear them anymore 😦
      But make no mistake, they are here, and very much appreciated.

      As for deleting a “brilliant riposte” then deleting – that makes two of us, CA. Sometimes our “caustic humor” is not quite appropriate… 😉

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    • mimbler says:

      Ha! Glad to see I’m not alone on that 🙂 What often stops me is remembering an internet meme of someone furiously hammering at the keyboard with the thought bubble saying: “Must respond, someone said something wrong on the internet!”

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    • alligatriot says:

      CorwinAmber, good post!

      I’m training myself to just press “delete” first. That way I don’t have to waste all that energy thinkin’ up my stunning responses and actually typing anything.

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  16. Km says:

    Thank you.. allot of us use our phones n to have to scan through some of these overly huge book like comments is a bit much. As well as the off topic pictures n videos.

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    • Jake says:

      Does CTH have an Iphone app? I searched for it and found nothing. Where are you getting the CTH on your phone??

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      • Why is an app necessary?

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      • steph_gray says:

        A tip for phone use – the mobile version of CTH is difficult on long threads because indented comments eventually narrow down to just a vertical column of one or two letters.

        iPhones (don’t know about other brands) have an option to Request Desktop Site. This makes the site look just the way it does on a computer desktop. The font is very small, but you can enlarge it and scroll around (I use reading glasses). In the end, it’’s a little easier to read because comments deep in threads don’t do the long vertical column thing.

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      • Ad rem says:

        Yes, we have an iPhone app. Easy directions….

        Go directly to WordPress to get the iPhone or iPad app.

        Click the iOS button and it will take you to the iTunes download immediately. You will see an Install button, which you click. Soon, it will ask for your iTunes password. After that you will wait a while as it downloads. You can then go to the iPhone screen and start up the app (its the one with the big W, of course).

        When the app opens you’ll see buttons along the bottom. Click “reader”. Then click the button “Manage” at the top of the big screen. You can then type in “”, click it when it shows up below, and you’re all set.

        You can get new posts by “pulling down” the articles, just like using other apps.


        • elmo says:

          Oh wow, I’ve been using you on iPad with DuckDuckGo with no problems. I’ll checkout the app to see if I can choose duck or if I get stuck with safari. Thanks.

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  17. Other than the occasional “name calling” and copy-and-paste posts, I think this site is A+.

    My concern is that as it’s readership grows, it descends into Breitbart territory in it’s commentary. Which I abhor.

    I like the CTH posts that inform me and move the Sundance topic forward. Especially when they provide a video or link to a background source/story.

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    • GB Bari says:

      My concern is that as its readership grows, it descends into Breitbart territory in its commentary. Which I abhor.

      Yes, this has struck me many times over the past 6 months. Generally, but not universally, articles that draw an above-average number of comments also appear to draw a noticeably lower quality of comments, mixed in with some of the usual well-researched, well-articulated, and/or justifiably pithy remarks. My reference point for “lower quality” is as compared to the average range of quality comments that attracted me to this site late last year.

      It’s just that when one is trying to read through the comments in order to see if one’s thoughts have already been well-represented by others, it is quite tiresome to wade through schoolyard-level bickering over some inconsequential point or off-topic subthreads that go on for 10 to 30 or more posts. I thought I left that sophomoric behavior behind on Breitbart and some other MSM news sites.

      Still, the site Admins do a pretty good job given the apparent number of hits every day.

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    • I discovered this through Rush. He lists some of his references at different times and one time he referred to this site and this brought me here.

      The replies, the substantiation and the courtesy hooked me. I have been reading all political stuff for about the last month and a half because my anxiety was so high with the Kavanaugh/pre-election/post-election/vote theft stuff.

      I’m still not willing to wade into more than here, and and Rush


  18. railer says:

    The discussion here can always be more informative and productive if posters hew close to the topic. A post can be fleshed out with off topic information, but a straight out divergence is unhelpful. We see that when “vote theft” suddenly appears in a discussion about trade, for example. Both are important, but only one is being analyzed in the initial trade discussion. The off topic post shouldn’t be made or responded to. I don’t like to add to our host’s burden on this site, and collectively we can all help here.

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    • Maquis says:

      Agreed. Even “good” OT’s divert thoughts from the intent of the thread and dilute the value and digestibility of the commentary.

      Sometimes those trying to “Re-Rail” a wide-wandering conversation appear as if they are the OT offenders!

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  19. teeheeman says:

    Thank you Sundance and thank you loyal Treepers!! This is a special place.

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  20. dobbsfan says:

    Great re-post about the guidelines here to continue making this the best “go to” site for real news. Personally, I’m here multiple times per day… I’m sure many others are too.

    I would only add that if Treepers feel compelled to do so, please make a donation to this site. Even small dollars/donations add up and there is a cost associated with bringing this content by Sundance to all you wonderful folks.

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  21. ThePoeticJusticeWarrior says:

    This is the second time, that I have seen this thread. I hope that this is a monthly maintenance, type
    of Thread. Sorta like, going back to school. It is also nice, to read others opinions, on this topic. So we arent guessing each others feelings.

    This feels like a, leading the horse to water, type of moment.

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  22. LeastInterestingManInTheWorld says:

    “I don’t always comment on the Treehouse, but when I do I always try to remain within the guidelines”

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  23. Satchmo says:

    It’s informative that the most prolific violators don’t seem to have a presence on this thread.
    I just looked at the presidential thread and 10% of the 224 posts are by the same poster and the bulk of them are just twitter links with no text other than a quote from the link.
    I rarely go to the open thread anymore as it’s mostly huge blocks of text (usually by the same poster) and the same masses of twitter links.
    If you’re in a rural area without a high speed connection as I and I’m sure others are, it’s impossible to follow a thread if it diverts to the twitterverse for pages at a time.

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    • jambo says:

      “If you’re in a rural area without a high speed connection as I and I’m sure others are, it’s impossible to follow a thread if it diverts to the twitterverse for pages at a time.”

      I’m in rural Australia, reception is crap anywhere but the house. I bought a cheap phone that only has treehouse on it so when i get back from working I can scroll away.

      This site is amazing but I can’t escape the feeling that the good guys are losing. President Trump needs to throw all the rocks away and let the sunlight in everywhere or his 2020 primary opponent need to step up.

      Trump was the only person who could have done what he did, beat the Bushes and the Clintons. Now he is either gonna blow the place up or people need to know that he isn’t.

      No discredit to him, he has done so much.

      Priestap white-hat or Priestap swamp-hat?

      This is for all the biscuits. No do-over. Ain’t gonna be no rematch.

      The Dems have perfected their ballot harvesting, box stuffing, dead polling, multiple voting, everything.

      2020 needs all people on deck and a common vision. President Trump may provide that, I truly hope he does, but time’s ticking.

      I love the guy but he needs to throw us a bone.

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    • lurker2 says:

      It’s informative that the most prolific violators don’t seem to have a presence on this thread.

      Not really. Many of us have been reading CTH for years. I started coming here and posting in early 2012. Sundance puts up these guideline threads periodically. IIRC I don’t post very frequently in them but I do read them just in case there’s something new, and I usually read the comments too.

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      • lurker2 says:

        Oh, duh, “violators” you said. 🙂 Well I suppose I have occasionally violated but I don’t think I am a prolific violator. But anyway my response might still hold. It just depends on how long the people have been coming here.


  24. Amy2 says:

    Since we can’t edit or delete a post, could you add a “regret” button?

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    • steph_gray says:

      Nice idea but I suspect that is part of wordpress.

      Because I don’t use wordpress, I create a manual ^^^Like^^^ reply for posts I like.

      And because I have no option but to do that manually, I can also use the reply link to post laughs at particularly funny posts! (Treepers are wonderfully witty – as is the host.)

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    • LeastInterestingManInTheWorld says:

      Let’s have a little fun with that one, make it a “ragrets” button; “you have no ragrets”?

      no?………….. none?………………….

      ……………………………….Not even one letter?

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  25. Del Parker says:

    Wish these rules were used on other platforms…

    Pressing the shift key at the same time as the return or enter key, inserts a hard paragraph break into your text, without posting.


  26. Jake says:

    By the time read an article and get through the comments an hour or two has gone by. It’s difficult to read everything and then go back and comment. I’m afraid if I feel the need/desire to comment I will continue to do it before I’ve read all of the comments.

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    • Maquis says:

      The minimum requested by Sundance is to read the main post completely. Thus, we may repeat in commentary a point made or question asked in the comments but have no excuse for doing so regarding the main post itself where chances are such points were made and qyestions already answered.

      It’s quite jarring and frustrating to see basic questions asked in commentary that were clearly addressed in the post. Another form of distraction, intentional or no.


      • Maquis says:

        D’oh! That said, few can hope to read 1,000+ comments and ever catch up! We are not being admonished to attempt such a Sisisiphyan task.


  27. My only complaint = at CTH it seems Cats rule when in reality it is Dogs that should get top billing.

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  28. Luke of the D says:

    I read these posts daily… yet comment once in a blue moon! There was even a period where you had me blocked from commenting for some unknown reason. Thus, I guess I am a “lurker.”


  29. Heroic Dreamer says:

    I love the view from this treehouse. It always helps me to put things in perspective and sometimes, I feel like I can see forever.


  30. coolmamie says:

    Sundance, my high school English teacher, Margaret Bobo (Aiken, SC), to whom I credit my ease with grammar, punctuation, and clear writing, is smiling down from heaven on you today.

    She was an island of excellence in a sea of mediocrity.

    As are you.

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  31. Striker Dad says:

    Since we all can’t start a blog – a little off-topic commentary is not the end of the world for people with ideas to share. SD will always feel more ownership over the blog and the commentary, because it’s his baby, and therefore the rules violations are more abrasive to him. But to people without a blog who have developed friendships among the CTH community, I say no harm no foul – on a case by case basis. How many of us sitting on a couch with friends watching a football game stick to talking football all afternoon? I know, I know, we don’t watch the NFL anymore.


  32. The Admiral says:

    Good stuff right there… not a bad “crash course” in online writing decorum, content and styling.

    Had no idea you had that much traffic, Sundance!

    Good on ya’ mate!


  33. Texian says:

    CTH Blog Guidlines
    [English Intelligence 4350]
    Lecture: Professor Sundance
    Lab: Professor AdRem

    “I love the friends I have gathered together on this thin raft…”
    — Jim Morrison

    The Professors love you.. Hence this class lesson.. Good manners, good English, effective analysis, effective concise intelligent Writing..

    So read and analyze the exercise, reread and edit your essay before turning it in to the Professor [CTH] and the class [the 100,000’s]. It goes on your permanent record.. So don’t post what you are not willing to back up.. The power tide in this Country could turn on a dime.. And we are on a thin raft..

    Many are watching.. Good Guys and Bad Guys.. Post carefully.. You are not invisible..

    I recently saw a nun in a Victoria’s Secret parking lot.. I must’ve been over the target on something.. Or just too often.. Diving off the raft into the deep abyss does have its risks..

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  34. Chris Lilley says:

    I am excited to participate “with worlds watching” I can comment freely to the stage of the world.


  35. Cnd says:

    Thanks for [re-]posting TCTH guidelines. I only post a comment occasionally. I mostly read or “lurk”.
    Sadly, I realize now that I have most likely broken the rules! I am positive that I have had an outburst of snark.
    TCTH has been an incredible source of info & wisdom as well as encouragement. (Thanks to all.)
    I can’t really articulate WHAT I’ve learned bc I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the complexities of all that I’ve read…
    Still, I am sure that I am learning.

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  36. 1321weave says:

    These guidelines, and of course the quality of the content, are why I come here: civil, smart, and informative. I rarely comment, but the reading always feels like I am gaining something and among friends. Merry Christmas, Treepers!🎄

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  37. God bless Sundance and crew! Many thanks for this space and your seemingly tireless efforts to dig up the truths nobody else seems to tell us so well.
    I don’t comment often, but I believe in quality over quantity. 😀

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  38. Do Stop Thinking About Tomorrow says:

    Everything is a battle. Was a time you could cruise through the CTH ignore the 2% that was to be ignored. But that 2% is now on some days 40%.


  39. golsono says:

    Thanks for this reminder CTH.
    Lately, I have been avoiding what used to be great, well considered, Respectful comments, and only reading the post/thread.
    Keep Treeping Please


  40. apfelcobbler says:

    A rare photo of Suspicious Cat and his staff of three detective critters!

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    • Texian says:

      The graphic is an excellent representation. The CTH “peephole” view out into the world..

      The curvature of the ground represents the world, a CTH cat pressing the “post” button.. The dogs are the lurkers, from the woods which represent the rest of the world behind them.

      A perfect graphical allegory that supports the point of the article..

      Simply excellent.. A+


  41. Absolutely love this “We are The Conservative Tree House, not because of political affiliation, but rather because the word “conservative” expresses our outlook. We would rather be deep, than wide; we would rather be honest, than popular; we avoid semantics in favor of accurately presenting both intention and meaning.”


    Great points all. More people coming here with Dan Bongino mentioning and giving credit to this site daily.

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  42. Dances with Wolverines says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for the reminder and thank you also for all you do and for making this place available to me.

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  43. HickTick says:

    I think there are lots of aspiring bloggers that use forums like these to express themselves .
    If its more than two paragraphs of more than eight lines , I scroll right on by .


  44. MAGAbear says:

    If I could add another rule: Don’t use someone else’s website (like CTH) as your own personal blogsite. If you need to post 10 newslinks per thread page, it may be time to start up your own site. 😉

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  45. MaineCoon says:

    It seems like a good time to re-read the guideline. One that strikes me is that “No Eeyore’s! Eeyores are committed to gloom..not looking for good outcomes, but instead are hoping that things go poorly so they can be shown to have been prophets in their doomsaying.”

    I suppose some would say it’s a fine line between being an Eeyore or just being realistic in expressing one’s sentiments in a post. I find discouraging posts very discouraging. I don’t want to go down the path of discouragement personally nor do I relish seeing the MAGA movement become discouraging so I find this guideline very helpful. We cannot win or productively move forward individually or as a group if we linger at the bottom of the barrel, yet there certainly is much to be concerned about. So I hope my posts will be encouraging to Others and and vice versa.

    After reading the many posts regarding the use of nicknames, I will not be using any in the future, other than maybe just a person’s recognizable name letters. When I started here, so many used nicknames I followed a pattern frankly because it was less letters to type.

    I am very grateful for this blog and all the commenters as it educates me and gives my strength in world of loud, violent liberal voices. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanakkuh to all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • MIKE says:

      186 comments at 4:00 P.M. and not one covers what I would like to read more of. And that is, many comments will use an acronym that I don’t recognize or might even be a tad obscure. My brain and eyes will go off the rails trying to find what those letters stand for and I lose the continuity of the comment. Even happens to me in the author’s articles. I can’t be alone.
      I read most of your comments I come across, MaineCoon, and truthfully I like funny or play-on-words nicknames for those in the news I do not care for.
      However, after reading some of the above peoples’ opinions on that matter, I will “knock it off”. In exchange, I hope you great collection of refugees will spell out some of the more obscure acronyms for me. Too selfish?

      Merry Christmas and Hanakkkuh to all the readers, lurkers, commenters, and staff, also.
      God bless us all.

      Liked by 2 people

      • lemmus1 says:

        I agree …and am at the same time often guilty …I work in a field where acronyms are 2nd nature …but it took me days here to puzzle out what CTH meant


    • mimbler says:

      Just as there is a fine line between being encouraging and cheerleading.

      I think the extremes at each end of the spectrum are equally annoying, and counter-productive.

      Having served in a Federal agency that became very political at times, those of us who were trying to do our jobs correctly were buoyed by people who rightly criticized our agency for its failings.

      We wanted to correct the problems not institutionalize them, and public criticism gave us ammunition to fix them from the inside.

      Liked by 1 person

    • lurker2 says:

      Realistic: Hillary might not ever be charged with anything.

      Alternative Realistic: I’m not seeing any progress toward bringing HIllary to justice.

      Eeyore: The Democrats ALWAYS get away with everything! It’s hopeless!

      Liked by 2 people

  46. CornPicker says:

    I hope it’s ok to express an opinion with something humorous ,finding the irony in a situation, some people may find humor and irony a safer way to express themselves sometimes they do it out of being nervous moreover “Irony usually conveys a difference between how things seem to be and the reality. As a literary technique it is used when a certain outcome is revealed, but is not what readers were expecting or hoping for. Irony can be difficult to define; it’s often subjective and depends on the audience’s expectations.”

    Dramatic Irony, Situational Irony, Verbal Irony, Socratic Irony and Cosmic Irony

    Keep the Audience Guessing
    Outside tragic nonfictional irony of events like the sinking of the Titanic, isn’t irony a wonderful literary tool? No one wants to be predictable, and irony is anything but that. Whether it’s dramatic irony, where readers are waiting for the other shoe to drop; situational irony, where everyone involved is shocked; or verbal irony, where words don’t line up with true intentions, irony is a fantastic way to send a curveball straight down centerfield.

    Liked by 2 people

  47. Davenh says:

    Really appreciate this blog, I find it more informative than just about everything else. Thanks to all who provide the content and what must be endless hours of research and cross referencing. The past year has been both exhilarating, exhausting and at times frustrating. It’s a blessing to find like minded souls. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah !

    Liked by 1 person

  48. fractionalexponent says:

    I personally enjoy the Turing Test of deciphering the misspelling, no punctuation, run-on paragraphs, the “their-there-they’re” folks. I enjoy looking for intent and meaning as opposed to whining.

    Creole snd pidgin communicate better.

    I don’t like moaners, groaners, grammar scolders.

    I do like those those who link to tweets, quotes, facts, knowledge

    Another curmudgeon heard from…have a good day…🤪

    Liked by 3 people

  49. Mac says:

    While I understand and appreciate the guidelines, I think one of the problems with keeping strictly within them is that SD often exposes things that honest people are–and deserve to be–infuriated about. If, after posting some outrageous behavior by swamp critters, he gets people saying that certain individuals should be hung from a high tree, or that invaders deserve to be stopped by any means necessary, it’s nothing personal, it’s just righteous indignation boiling over.

    John Ross asked a very good question in Unintended Consequences. That question was, at what point do the government’s offenses and injustices justify striking back? That is a damnably uncomfortable question and one that each person needs to answer for themselves. However, if some of SD’s commenters here express something a bit more heated than cold anger, it shouldn’t come as a surprise due to the nature of the topics being discussed. That said, the CTH may be serving a very useful purpose by letting some people vent rather than having their anger and frustration be manifested in more problematic ways. I hope it’s not time for any Henry Bowman wannabes yet!


    • lemmus1 says:

      …more Walter than Henry
      …its one thing to vent on a personal blog or one where such is acceptable …but when you openly advocate on CTH for the massacre by the US military of men, women, and children on foreign territory who have yet to commit any act against us …its a bridge too far no matter the provocation …imnsho …the mods inevitably take care of it …but with 1500 comments on a single blog post in one day, it takes time and effort …and in the meantime thousands are reading it and far too many are more than happy to cross-post it to the world as an example of CTH …it’s not …or shouldn’t be

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mac says:


        You either have borders or you don’t. If you’re not willing to protect them with whatever is necessary to protect them, then you don’t have them. Spengler has commented that Europe has been overwhelmed by the invaders because the invaders knew that the Europeans were not up to defending themselves if the cost of doing so was being horrible to the invaders. They deliberately put the Euros in a position where shooting invaders was the only choice they had to stop the invasion, and most of the Euros folded. The price for that cowardice is the loss of their country, because once the invaders are in, they’re not going to leave without a lot more trouble than it would have cost to keep them out in the first place.

        They have a very good saying in Texas: don’t start any trouble and there won’t be any trouble. The invaders have started trouble. They already showed they had no compunction whatsoever about forcibly breaching international borders. There was clear proof of that at multiple borders. We had no reason to believe they would stop at ours just because we wanted them to. They WOULD NOT have stopped at our border had they not been forcibly prevented from entering.

        The invaders believe their will, need and desire overrides our sovereignty. If one caravan ever gets through because the United States wasn’t willing to do whatever was necessary to stop it, the U.S. as a country is finished. Every person on Earth who thinks life will be better in the US than in their country will show up here believing they are entitled to entry because earlier entrants were allowed to force their way in. If you don’t defend your country, someone will take it from you. It’s that simple.

        We both have opinions. I think history backs mine up with considerably more proof than yours.

        Liked by 1 person

        • lemmus1 says:

          …you set up a strawman assuming my opinion on protecting the border differs in any measure from your above post …it does not, period

          …my post was targeted at those suggesting/demanding wholesale massacre of the “caravan” members …women and children included …by our armed forces on Mexican territory hundreds of miles from our border without a single act of violence against the US having yet been perpetrated on their part

          …and posting it on SD’s blog against the very specific guidelines he has repeatedly given us

          …that is ALL I said or implied …YOU tried to turn it into something completely different …that’s on you, not me


          • Mac says:

            That is not what I said, and you’re a damned liar for claiming I did. I’m done having any discussion with you. With your fast and loose approach to the truth, you’d make a fine Democrat.


            • lemmus1 says:

              “We both have opinions. I think history backs mine up with considerably more proof than yours.”
              …your words, not mine …my ONLY opinion given in the post you replied to is that we should comply with SD’s posting guide, (eg 10.) MODERATION / FILTERING THE HATE) …you wrote a long piece that set me up as having posted some cockamamie other opinions about defending the border …and then proceded to claim that history was on your side, not mine …and now you post this childish, vulgar diatribe …AGAIN on the very thread where SD asked everyone not to do so.

              This thread topic was/is about SD’s guidelines for commenting …my comment was precisely about that …you could not resist deliberately taking it off-topic, creating a strawman implying that I was somehow less protective of our borders than you …something explicitly forbidden in the very guidelines we are commenting on …I replied on point and held my temper …your vulgar temper tantrum reply is here for all to see and note.

              IMNSHO, you owe CTH an apology for gross and repeated violation of SD’s guidelines in the very thread where he posted them …again, that’s on you, not me …ciao


  50. jello333 says:

    Wow. Unless you’ve been here for a long time, you may not realize how seldom a comments guidelines thread is posted here. Generally only once a year or so, a couple times a year at the most. But unless I’m imagining things, this makes the second time in just the past month or so it’s been posted. So yeah, obviously the mods and Sundance have been dealing with some major problems here recently.

    Of course we’re always gonna have outside agitators, and trolls gonna troll… but we common little Treepers need to be EXTRA careful that WE don’t add to the insanity. (And yes, I have standing to give this advice since I is perfect! 😉 )

    Liked by 5 people

    • bour3 says:

      Did something happen?

      Lord, is it I?

      I’ve been posting links to CTH in decidedly anti-Trump threads here and abroad. I want to show those commenters how precious their little bubble and how malevolently wrong their spoon-fed received wisdom. They do sound ridiculous. For the benefit of others who are reading but not commenting. And that could invite trouble. Apologies if they’ve caused disruption. They are a thick mouthy lot.


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