Brad Parscale Discusses Political Messaging in Era of Fake News and Advanced Social Media…

President Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale discusses how the campaign used social media to break through the firewall of MSM control.  Additionally, Parscale confronts the reason why the approach is needed in an era where MSM gatekeepers attempt to manipulate the type of information.

Within the interview Brad Parscale directly confronts the MSM gate-keeping mindset, as advanced by an interviewer who is ideologically predisposed to support control over any content he disagrees with.  The result is a lengthy but very interesting interview.

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178 Responses to Brad Parscale Discusses Political Messaging in Era of Fake News and Advanced Social Media…

  1. SharonKinDC says:

    Despite the intellectually challenged, hypocritical, agenda driven interview, this was an incredibly important piece. Parscale rocks.

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  2. Fascinating. Parscale shows his smarts, but also his sincerity. The interviewer (and the disembodied voice in the background) can’t grasp what Parscale is saying, because their habit of thought is convoluted and accustomed to “schemes” rather than straightforward thinking.

    One of the best quotes from Parscale what when he said that Candidate Trump never changed his message to suit an algorithm. HRC (and Bill, for that matter) were well known for poll testing most of their utterances, which resulted in a mishmash of inauthentic “positions” but no coherent message. And then, when caught without a teleprompter, HRC characterized voters as deplorable. (Bill’s famous line was “it depends on what the meaning of is is”!)

    POTUS speaks authentically, which is why his message was one that the voters wanted to hear and ultimately voted for. All the data manipulations and advertising tricks in the world can’t replace authenticity. I think this is why President Trump won, and why he will prevail again in 2020.

    Reagan was another example of a “real person” not a scripted politician, which allowed him to create the winning coalition of voters from disparate backgrounds. Bush 41, on the other hand, was a more mainstream pol that allowed his speechwriters to craft his message (“the vision thing”) which he never bought into. Hence he had no indigestion in reneging on his campaign pledge of “read my lips, no new taxes” and his defeat was a foregone conclusion, Perot or no Perot.

    I’d argue–others might not agree–that the few successful politicians in the world today are likewise authentic. Macron, May, Merkel and many others don’t pass that test and therefore command no loyalty.

    Interesting times. Parscale is a very astute guy; thank goodness that Kushner found him.

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  3. I learned a lot from this interview. I had no idea how Facebook worked, how it made money, how you could make money, how it could be used to promote someone or something. So educational.

    The part I liked, and would never had thought of in that way, was Parscales explanation of the “bad actors”; how few there were in proportion to the whole; and how it would be ridiculous to believe they could have any impact at all on how people think with such a small voice.

    Also, Parscale, wow, POTUS is lucky to have found him, or was it Kushner? I don’t know, but he is very straightforward, no masks, no games, thus the interviewer could not understand or believe anything he said. The interviewer is completely brainwashed. Who is he? And what is Frontline? Is that on a network somewhere? ( I do not have a tv).

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  4. Donald says:

    I would never have acceded to this interview. It was pure brain-picking for 2020, looking to know where to stifle the Trump message, and what avenues to try to cut off, what pressure to apply to Facebook that will specifically thwart Trump’s effectiveness.
    This little twerp of an interviewer was transparently looking to make a case for violations of laws and civil rights within the larger 2016 Russia collusion, conspiracy farce, with an eye toward possibly referring this interview to the Special Counsel. This felt, throughout, like a deposition given to a US Attorney.
    In general, there was way too much information given to these transparently totalitarian dopes, with their ‘hate speech’ this, and their ‘targeting Black people’ that. And the Russia connection stuff was full of little legal traps that had Robert Mueller’s name written all over it.
    A frightening interview when you think we have a deeply revered constitution that people purportedly aspire to uphold!!


    • Donna in Oregon says:

      I thought that too for a minute. Then I reversed it. Maybe Brad Parscale is picking their brain(s). Facebook is left, so no secrets there. It was $100 million dollar deal with Facebook. An embedded inside Facebook person was part of the contract. The Swamp knows everything.

      POTUS doesn’t broadcast to his enemies. What was in it for Brad Parscale? That’s what I want to know.


  5. cyn3wulf says:

    “do you think that sites like Facebook have in any way exacerbated a sort of post-truth world that we’re living in…” As if it wasn’t the Left that created the post-truth world.


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