President George H.W. Bush: 1924 – 2018

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  1. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    This book tells you most of what you need to know about Mr. Bush, despite him having an “R” after his name and having served honorably in the military.

    “Argues that Presidents Clinton and Bush are under the influence of the CIA and that the agency worked to insure Clinton’s election”

    Not only does it argue it, it presents a plethora of compelling evidence as well. Although not covered in this book, when H. Ross Perot (who was good friends with GHWB) found out about WJC and the CIA drug running out of Mena, Arkansas, he went to GHWB. When Mr. Perot found out that GHWB would not do anything about it because he was complicit in it as well, Mr. Perot decided to mount a third party challenge.


  2. Mia C says:

    I feel that George H.W. and W. derailed all the good Reagan did and that their open borders may have cost us the presidency for the foreseeable future. God I hope I’m wrong but we can’t win without FL, FL barely squeaked a win for the Republicans in the midterms. Now they voted to give felons the vote. Without the open borders for the cheap labor pushing Bush’s (you know invasion is an “act of love”) I feel we could have still won. The open borders and Iraq Wars are just unforgiveable.
    –So my husband was sad to hear of this passing. And I do feel that if I were in the news I’d just focus on his war hero status, vice presidency for the greatest president, presidency and father of a political dynasty.
    –But since I’m just an average Jane citizen I can’t help but be angry at how he and his kids derailed every great thing Ronald Reagan did. The one exception is George H.W. didn’t blow it when the Iron Curtain fell due to Reagan’s efforts. But wow, I just pray we can recover from the Bush damage to this great country. Trump will be the greatest president of all time if he can figure out how the Republicans can continue to win with the demographic damage (full scale third world invasion) the Bushes allowed and promoted.


  3. rumpole2 says:

    I see all these dang shows “Remembering former President GHWB”.. and many more to come over next 3 days and more…..

    He only went yesterday… nobody has forgotten him yet!!
    And personally… I am not keen to remember him anyway.


  4. Blue Ridge Mts Va. says:

    Trump Sending Air Force One to Bring George H.W. Bush’s Casket to Washington

    “……President Donald Trump on Saturday said he’s sending Air Force One to bring the late President George H.W. Bush’s casket to Washington, according to a pool report.

    “Air Force One will be taking myself and a group of our people back to Washington. It will then be reset and it will be sent to Houston to pick up the casket of President Bush and it will be sent back to Washington,” Trump said from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he is attending the G-20 summit.

    Trump added it was “a special tribute that he deserves very much.”……”


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