The G20 Family Photo Preceding Friday’s Plenary Session…

Here’s some links you might enjoy exploring.  The official Website for the G20 in Buenos Aires (english version) [SEE HERE].  The photo gallery for the G20 [SEE HERE]  Pictures of First Lady Melania Trump [SEE HERE]

The leaders from all G20 nations assemble for the official photograph that precedes Friday’s first plenary session.  (Video and Photograph):

[Click Image to Enlarge]

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79 Responses to The G20 Family Photo Preceding Friday’s Plenary Session…

  1. Publius2016 says:

    Yes its true…America First! J A I…genius

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  2. MostlyRight says:

    Putin looks to be somewhere between Dr Evil and Mini Me. He’s like Medium Me.

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  3. Publius2016 says:

    Remember all the people who said Putin is the last roadblock to Globalism…then why not return men and boats to Japan and then meet with 45??? 45 always gives these leaders the option to make deals!


  4. sundance says:





    😀 😀 😀 😀

    God has a sense of humor.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      Looking for her is like “where’s Waldo?” Still cant find her!

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      • Ristvan says:

        Her plane had a serious technical malfunction and was diverted for repairs. She is arriving way late.

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        • LBB says:

          Electrical malfunction, then over heating of brakes when diverted to Cologne. No crew available for alternative airplane, some of delegation took bus to Bonn. Merkel eventually came in on Iberia (someone tweeted )

          She’s having a bad run. PDJT should sell them a new plane.

          “For finance minister Olaf Scholz, the plane’s technical problems are nothing new.

          In October he was on a trip to Indonesia when the plane was grounded because rodents had gnawed through electrical cables during an annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

          Last month, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier arrived late for a trip to South Africa because one of the plane’s engines would not start.”

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          • Publius2016 says:

            Wow…first early exit from World Cup and now, no photo at G20?

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          • GB Bari says:

            “…when the plane was grounded because rodents had gnawed through electrical cables…”

            Dang! Those ragtag middle eastern immigrants are hungry critters!

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          • Sunshine says:

            My God. I didn’t know it was that bad. If Germany can’t ensure proper maintenance of its government fleet, what else is happening behind the curtain?

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          • tonyE says:

            So, hmm.. the German Leader had to fly in Francisco Franco’s airline. El Caudillo comes through again for the Germans.

            How, how apropos. I suppose Alitalia would have been the other back up? And Air France didn’t offer a Vichy Airbus?

            What I can’t believe is that Lufthansa didn’t have a spare plane?

            Next time, Trump should send a 789 to give her a ride. A much nicer ride for sure.


        • stats_guy says:

          It would be nice to feel a little sorry for Merkel and her plane…I mean how embarassing. But then you think she’s leading the charge for the Global Immigration pact…and that Climate Change would be a valid reason to migrate. Let’s just open the doors all together, and the connected can live in their gated and armed compounds, armed against the peasants that live in the miles and miles of barrios that surround them.

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    • Sunshine says:

      She needs to come down from her very high pedestal. She’s totally power-embued, she has little regard for her people. The Hand of God, indeed. Her reign is coming to an end.

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  5. HickTick says:

    You can tell President Trump , loathes wasting his time with these Globalists

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  6. lemmus1 says:

    …let me guess …Rubio was the photographer

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  7. Timmy- the-Ute says:

    When nuclear war is on hand, the Deep State won’t let our Pres. talk with the leader of Russian.


    • Publius2016 says:

      Its a two way street…Putin should be gracious and bend the knee or maybe, he wants 45 out…Putin made plenty of deals with Obama Crooked and Mueller but not 45???

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      • gawntrail says:

        Putin and people like him only want to deal with people they can roll.

        When you walk in a room and can’t figure out who’s the mark….. you’re the mark.

        President Trump walks in a room and the other ‘leaders’ play nice and then stay to themselves. But, the second row guys can’t take their eyes off of him. They’ve never been in the presence of a winner.

        It’s an amazing spectacle to watch drones come in to contact with top flight talent. You would think they want to mate.

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  8. Successful Loser says:

    Hands up, don’t shoot!

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  9. Akindole says:

    That body language in the crowd was dripping.
    Lots o’ Luv

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  10. Truthfilter says:

    Trudeau addressed POTUS as “Donald” during the signing ceremony this morning. It was within the context of bringing up the tariffs on aluminum and steel. Very disrespectful.

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  11. mikeyboo says:

    Macron seems to be smaller and smaller. He is practically Macronscopic!!

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  12. Right to reply says:

    Trudy gives me the creeps. He looks like a cross dressing serial killer!

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  13. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    I had to scroll way down before I came to two pics of our POTUS and lovely Melania, Is this cold shoulder the Trumps day?

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  14. Nathan Hale says:

    From my view,PDJT looked distracted, impatient. A man with bigger issues on his mind.

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  15. Notice that Erdogan and Crown Prince MBS are as far apart as possible in the official photo.
    Also caught a story about Macron dissing MBS, while Putin otoh greeted him warmly. Not posting the link as it is from the c*8p site yahoo news.

    Tough crowd but maybe real deals as a result.

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  16. MfM says:

    I haven’t been following this much today (I’ll catch up this weekend).

    What I noticed was that after the photo Mohammed bin Salman, just stood there for a few seconds, no one came to speak to him and he didn’t approach anyone. He turned and walked away to his left… and then a few other people followed. My thought was that was where they were headed next.

    It seemed like he was getting the cold shoulder… or he felt he was.


  17. E, ROBOT says:

    These guys are worse JHS girls dissing each other.


  18. GB Bari says:

    Neither Macron nor May (to PDJT’s immediate right) are raising their hand in greetings like everyone else.

    What a couple of hubris-filled maroons.

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  19. Ghost says:

    Observations from a small branch.

    I have previously posted that MBS, Putin and VSGPDJT working together could bring down the whole globalist edifice.

    MBS gets it and is working with PDJT, he gets what he wants, regime change in Iran and ensuring quiet in the region. Then a return to higher but stable oil prices.

    PDJT gets what he/we want booming MAGA economy to displace wall streets political power.. This why they all go through great lengths to drive wedge between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. They hate MBS as much as they do PDJT.

    They can’t allow Russia to join with the program, The fact that Putin doesn’t really understand the economics of free enterprise helps them He is a crony capitalist at heart.

    Staging the Ukrainian incident was pure deep state ops. Preventing VSGPDJT from sitting down with Putin. The fact that MBS and his ministers have been meeting with Putin and his ministers has them very worried.

    Note to our Canadian friends. I read last week in the business news coming from Canada how wonderful things are under Trudeau. Then I look at Canadian GDP m/m at -0.1% and I feel for you.


    • sadsack says:

      Our news organizations blame everything on the ‘bully’ Trump. They are worse than CNN and often have interviews with reporters from the Washington Post and people like David Frum (sp?) The U.S. positive economic news due to the policies of President Trump are portrayed as Trump being a bully to other nations.

      Trudeau is rarely portrayed in a negative light. The people are seeing through this. Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick in recent election have thrown out the liberals. There is hope for us but it will be a tough uphill battle.

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  20. Garry Smith says:

    Caption for the front is to repeat, “I solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”. Oh that’s right. Macron, May and the absent Merkel don’t have to. And Justin from Canada just peeks over Trump’s shoulder as a tease for truth.

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  21. notyetbeguntofight says:

    Wait a minute…wait a minute…I thought raising your hands in that manner is making a Nazi salute…that’s what the guys below were accused of, right? WTFO? Couldn’t be a double standard, could it?


  22. Texian says:

    There are only two in that photo that have the same look on their face.. And they are the only two that I would feel comfortable with enjoying the evening formal dinner..

    Donald and Giuseppe..


    • tonyE says:

      Giuseppe is the guy on the front, far right, huh? Signore Conte?

      He’s definitely the best dressed ( MBS non withstanding ) with a snappy tie, modern shirt collar, good looking suit and that excellent pocket handkerchief.

      His smile is also very cool, mischievous, sort of like “just you wait ’till that old hag Merkel shows up….”, after all, Argentina is as Italian as it is German.


  23. Jeffrey Stewart says:

    Trump: “okay, take the picture and let’s make a deal!
    Macron: “I just had the most wonderful enema;
    May: Why this far from center?;
    That guy right shoulder/2nd row. Argentina PM will forever have his finger in this guy’s nose.
    One representative form a middle east is grinning nearly uncontrollably in the only man dress;
    Nine maroon/red ties and guess who’s tie is loudest?
    Yuppers. #MAGA


  24. MfM says:

    My understanding is that the longer you are in office the closer your placement is to the center of this official photo. The host country head gets top billing in the center. That was why Trump was off to the side last year. They know going in where they are supposed to stand.


  25. lieutenantm says:

    Where is Mutti? Powdering her nose?


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