Flake’s Revenge – Senate Cancels Votes on 21 Federal Judges After Jeff Flake Blocks Committee…

Outgoing U.S. Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona has given the American electorate the big middle finger for Christmas.  Flake has followed-through on his vow to block more than 20 judicial nominees; forcing the Senate Judiciary Committee to abandon six federal circuit court nominees, and 15 federal district court nominees.

WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) announced Wednesday that he is canceling votes on nearly two dozen of President Trump’s judicial nominees that were expected to come up in the Judiciary Committee this week.

The cancellation of the committee’s Thursday business meeting comes as Senate Republicans are in a standoff with outgoing Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), who has vowed to oppose all court picks until he gets a vote on legislation protecting special counsel Robert Mueller.

The notification from the Judiciary Committee didn’t specify when, or if, the committee votes on the nominations would be rescheduled. Six circuit court nominees had been expected to get a vote, as well as 15 district court nominees.  (read more)

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483 Responses to Flake’s Revenge – Senate Cancels Votes on 21 Federal Judges After Jeff Flake Blocks Committee…

  1. PMadison says:

    They’d better damned well keep Romney off the Judiciary Committee or we’ll be in for 2 more years of this nonsense.

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    • Yeah, we can probably expect Mitt’s bitterness to surface; will not be surprised for him to cause Hell in the Senate and for Pres.Trump. Jealousy, like Anger, causes people to act like deranged psychos.

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    • Romney will be a freshman JUNIOR Senator from Utah. He can be assigned to something less consequential. Flake should be REMOVED from the committee. He is a lame duck anyway, In no way should a lame duck be permitted to hold up confirmations. Cmon Grassley, grow a sack and remove this POS. This is for Flakey, Dear Jeffrey, we F&*&KING hate you. Go away! PS, looser, don’t even THINK of running for any public office again. Unless you move to snowflake land as a carpetbagger, you couldn’t beat my dog in a race for dog catcher anywhere else.

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  2. TheTNPatriot says:

    McConnell and Grassley know that they DO NOT need a Committee vote. The full Senate can vote for confirmation with either approval, no note, or disapproval from the Committee. These people need to realize they are being played by Flake and the Dims.

    Sure the Dims and the MSM (but I repeat myself) will howl, but they should understand what Obummer said – Elections have consequences.

    My prediction is they will weasel out and wait for the next Congress; they will have more votes and no Flake. This will be a way to show what MAGA really means!

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    • TheTNPatriot says:

      By my last statement, I meant that voting in the full Senate would be showing what MAGA means.

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    • warmac9999 says:

      The delay is unnecessary and costly in time. This can be done now with Pence the tie breaker as was done just the other day. Each delay by the Republicans means more delay for Trump’s agenda. Sorry, I just don’t buy the lack of action which can be done in a day.

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  3. Christina says:

    I did research on Mr. Flake several years ago. He has uranium connections. I’m sorry I can’t provide links as I was only looking for what motivated his behavior and dropped the search when I found the explanation. I look at his face, and I see that Mr. Flake already lives in hell. Look at the video of the son who pulled a gun, shortly after the survival island stunt. Something is seriously wrong with them.

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  4. Redhotsnowman says:

    Would like to get him alone in an elevator for a few seconds. I hope he sees McCain in hell soon.

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  5. Hoop says:

    Flake is a 100% Absolute DEEP STATE PAWN.

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  6. Flake was pressed by the McCain establishment as soon as he sat in the seat. He was always only a tool for the establishment repubs. I am ashamed that I voted for him.

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  7. DrJoe says:

    The Senate should recess. Then Trump can make appointments without the Senate.

    This will not happen. The president will do his job. Globalist Harry and the uniparty want to stop him.

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  8. Trumpelstiltsken says:

    I’m not advocating violence, but if Flake ever asked for a quick fix to help him straighten out that crooked nose of his, I’d be the first in line to help him out.

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  9. Walter Thomas says:

    Flake is a grandstanding idiot. The legislation in question violates separation of powers. The senate cannot tell the president what to do about one of his employees.

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  10. Scott says:

    I honestly think that Arizona and the USA are better off with Senator Sinema than we are with the flake they have now. Thank God this seat did not swing the majority in the Senate.

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  11. accurite1 says:

    Senator The Flake represents the globalist politicians. This whole obstructionist is too stop a president who Stands for America first over globalism.It has nothing to do with jealousy or hate it has everything to do with billions and billions of dollars at the elite have invested in a anti-American agenda

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  12. DonnyHo says:

    From the moment a congress-critter resigns or loses re-election, they must immediately be replaced in any committee they have been assigned by one who will not be a lame duck representative/senator.

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  13. Jenevive says:

    If any one is interested in following the voting of all judicial nominees and you
    have twitter go to Senate Cloakroom..they list all votes cloture and final votes
    for each nominee everyday a vote takes place. Today so far there are 3 votes for
    cloture and VP had to make the affirmative vote.

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  14. Chieftain says:

    Can they pull him off the committee?


  15. Chieftain says:

    Flake and Gardner are two enemies of America, they have done as much damage to Republican efforst to appoint conservatives as any Demoxrat.

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  16. scorpion99man says:

    Good thing that Flake is leaving. I would rather a real Democrat than a worthless dirtbag like him.


  17. E.jay Miller says:

    The putrid stink rolling off of McConnell and Grassley will soil the pages of American History for centuries hence. Worst scum traitors-to-We The People ever kept in office by the toads we call Senators. Their lack of support for the Greatest POTUS ever cements their place in the history of the damned.

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  18. E.jay Miller says:

    McConnell and Grassles could have taken snow-Flake off the committee months ago and set him in the kindergarten seats while seating just about any of the other Rep senators who would follow-the-leader, (such as he is). Gutless freaks who eat soft cheese and cucumber sandwiches with Ben Sasse.

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  19. The Red Pill says:

    Flake will not get past the pearly gates, he will be on the down elevator…way down!!


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