Federal Judge Denies Papadopoulos Delay – Begins 14-Day Federal Prison Sentence Tomorrow…

Federal Judge Randolph Moss denies a sentencing delay for George Papadopoulos and instructs him to report to federal prison in Wisconsin on Monday; Papadopoulos will serve a 14-day sentence for ‘lying’ to  federal investigators.

The Judge rejected Papadopoulos request to delay his sentence while the legitimacy of Mueller’s probe is being challenged in a separate legal case.

[Read Court Ruling Here]

Papadopoulos argued it was possible the constitutional challenge in a separate case would result in his own conviction being set aside, and that he should therefore be allowed to remain free on bail. However, U.S. District Judge Randolph D. Moss noted Papadopoulos had not appealed his own conviction, having waived his right to do so when he pleaded guilty. Moss also noted Papadopoulos had not shown the appeals court case would likely conclude the special counsel’s appointment was unlawful.


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204 Responses to Federal Judge Denies Papadopoulos Delay – Begins 14-Day Federal Prison Sentence Tomorrow…

  1. paper doll says:

    I’ll be amazed if he ‘s still breathing after 14 hours much less 14 days. I don’t think Whitey lasted a day. This guy has the UK/AU wanting him dead. God help him.


  2. Tina says:

    Here’s what I don’t understand , how do these other countries know what is in the FISA ? The pushback for released these documents seem overblown , considering we already know most of the foreign actors involved . I’m just going to throw something out here of what I think may be in that FISA that nobody wants revealed , what if somewhere in that FISA it says something about the Obama WH giving the thumbs up to pursue this action against the Trump campaign ? If a judge were to see something like that they would be more inclined to approve it in my eyes . Just some thoughts I’ve had 😎


  3. mikefromwichita says:

    Fourteen days and home for Christmas


  4. Anonymous says:

    Mueller declared Manafort “lied” and should get his plea deal revoked (coincidentally) right after Corsi publicly told Mueller to stick his plea deal.


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