Florida Orders First Ever State-Wide Hand Ballot Recount…

Following a five-day machine recount of the more than 8.3 million votes cast in the Nov. 6 elections, Secretary of State Ken Detzner now orders a hand recount for two of the three recount races: U.S. Senate and State AG Commissioner.

The Ron DeSantis v Andrew Gillum ballot count ended outside the margin for a hand recount; and Republican DeSantis is now the Governor-elect.

FLORIDA – An unprecedented statewide hand recount is now under way in the Sunshine State, further extending a high-stakes, partisan battle over every last vote in Florida’s crucial U.S. Senate race.

Following a five-day machine recount of the more than 8.3 million votes cast in the Nov. 6 elections, Secretary of State Ken Detzner ordered hand recounts Thursday afternoon in the race between U.S. Sen Bill Nelson and Gov. Rick Scott, and also the race for agriculture commissioner between Nicole “Nikki” Fried and Matt Caldwell.

The order gives canvassing boards in the state’s 67 counties three days to pore over thousands of ballots that were rejected by machines because of “overvotes” — a voter appears to have chosen more than one candidate in a race — or “undervotes,” in which a voter appears to have skipped a race altogether. With the help of state guidelines, the canvassing boards, which are allowed to enlist the help of volunteers, will try to determine how these voters intended to vote.

It’s not entirely clear how many such overvotes and undervotes exist in the U. S. Senate race. A Times/Herald analysis of state and county data shows the number could be between 35,000 and 118,000 But the determination on how those ballots were cast — and the ability of the state’s elections supervisors to get through all the ballots — could go a long way toward deciding whether Nelson is reelected or Scott ascends from governor to U.S. Senator. (read more)


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150 Responses to Florida Orders First Ever State-Wide Hand Ballot Recount…

  1. PremAmericaReturns says:

    This is to flip the Commissioner race back to Republican.

    The SoS knows what he is doing.

    Broward cheat votes can’t be substantiated in a hand county and will be reversed.

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    • bekfl says:

      I hope you are right.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      The Commissioner picked up a lot of votes in the machine recount!

      That is the only race that will be decided in this hand recount. Rick Scott will actually extend his league when it is reported on Sunday.

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      • Boots says:

        Other posters noted Brenda Snipes turned her vote count into SOS at 3:02 pm, two minutes past the 3:00 pm deadline. Because she missed the deadline, those extra 800 votes for Scott don’t count. Only votes previously counted, count.

        Snipes is a master at vote fraud. Gov Scott should’ve fired her on November 7 after she missed the mandatory (e.g. “by law”) 30 minute deadline after polls closed to turn in ballot count.

        Never send a boy to do a man’s job.

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        • She probably submitted 2 minutes late on purpose. She got to eliminate the 800 extra votes for Scott and handed the Dems the argument that “thousands of your votes didn’t count over a mere 2 minute delay because the Republicans didn’t want them to count”.

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          • shirley49 says:

            She is not doing this on her own. Not smart enough. Would be nice to know who her puppet masters are.

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            • snellvillebob says:

              I fully agree. She can play the race card, sexism card and the short bus card. One of the other will keep her out of prison. I am sure people like Hillary, Podesta and Soros got a lot of good information from Florida on how to and not to cheat in 2020. Simulations are too subject to programmer input so this type of information is invaluable.

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            • you would think the NSA might have that info?

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            • Lady Sid says:

              Seeing as how a Sheriff of a County is an elected official (English Common Law), not appointed, and is the executive charge of securing the law of the County at the polls, the failure to do this in Broward County may be safely laid on the shoulders of Sheriff Scott Israel. He also failed to secure the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas HS last February, didn’t he?. The powers that be in places like that usually get some easily manipulated individual so that person (Ms. Snipes) can yammer on pulling the pity/racism card, while blocking view of the real criminals. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz maybe?

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          • Anonymous says:


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        • Had he fired her, it’s virtually guaranteed she would have pulled out and played the Race card. That’s what she probably will still do when she eventually gets canned which will hopefully be sooner rather than later.

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          • So?
            Fire her ass and let the devil take the hindmost.
            Outside the yellowstream media does anyone care about the “race card?”

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            • Judith says:

              Nobody cares about the race card. It is nonsense. We have laws to be followed so we don’t become a banana republic.

              I think it is the height of racism to suggest that black people can’t manage to bring an ID into the polling place. Are they really that pathetic? I think not.

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              • mcfyre2012 says:

                Blacks in Florida care. It’s the only reason they voted for Gillum…who no one outside Tallahassee ever heard of until two weeks before the democrat primary when George Soros poured money into his campaign. Then the “monkey” comment was made at the beginning of the governor run.

                It would have been loudly decried had Snipes, an eloquent, respected woman of color with a PhD…been fired this year…even though she had been found guilty of destroying ballots in the 2016 elections.

                The Florida Democrat Party always starts out with the race card in every contest a black is involved in, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. It rallies Florida blacks to vote for the Democrat, no matter haw bad the candidate is.

                Snipes was appointed to her elected position by Governor Jeb Bush when he removed the Broward County Super of Elections, Miriam Oliphant in 2003.

                Oliphant’s Wikipedia is pretty funny:

                Reason for Removal:
                “Government investigators found that not only had her office neglected to perform some of its most essential tasks, but it had gone almost $1 million over budget. Among other findings was that Oliphant fired many experienced staff members, and replaced them with an all black and less (in some cases not-at-all) experienced friends and associates with significantly higher rates of pay.
                She hired a college admissions representative who didn’t even know what a primary election was and put her in charge of registration and absentee ballots. She promoted a computer specialist, whom she’d met in her condominium building, to deputy supervisor.
                One of the most questioned of Oliphant’s personnel decisions was that of hiring a homeless man, Glen Davis, whom she met at the same shelter as her sister, who is also homeless. Davis, who was given mail room duties, failed to process over 300 absentee ballots for a 2002 primary election. His performance notwithstanding, shortly before her removal Oliphant gave Davis a $5000 raise.
                Due to Oliphant not hiring enough poll workers during the same 2002 primary, precinct voting locations had to open late and close early. All this was intolerable to Broward residents who had not forgotten the county’s handling of the 2000 Presidential Election.
                In February 2007, the Florida Elections Commission, which had originally fined Oliphant $55,000 and accused her of being “willfully and intentionally neglectful of her duties” dropped the fine. A state administrative law judge who heard the case agreed with Oliphant, who claimed she was not intentionally neglectful. His decision was based on an appeals court ruling in a separate case, where the Elections Commission was told it cannot fine elections officials for simply neglecting their duties but must show they intentionally set out to violate the laws or disregard them.”


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                • concerned says:

                  Brenda Snipes, Fl election official, does not have a PhD according to her bio information as I see it. Check into the colleges from which she received her degrees in education. She has an education doctorate from a basically online university. Please do not give her the PhD. title because it is a far different degree.

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                • mcfyre2012 says:

                  I’m only giving her the credentials the media gave her.

                  The first thing I noticed was her education doctorate was from an online university.

                  I work in a Florida county gov’t, and have dealt with a number of Brenda Snipes-types…”respected, eloquent women of color”…with dubious education credentials…in high positions of authority/responsibility…and they are some of the most incompetent folks I have ever met.


        • Mr. T. says:

          Boots, that’s what many people in Broward County and beyond are claiming, that Snipes deliberately reported the machine recount votes 2 minutes late so the Gov. Scott would not be able the count the additional 800 votes that were in his favor.

          Last night, the news was reporting that workers in Broward County, who are exhausted after spending days hustling to get the recount done, are extremely angry because of all the time and effort they spend, apparently in vain. According to the news, the recount in Broward County was finished sometime Wednesday night, giving Snipes plenty of time to report the numbers for the recount. So, it’s quite obvious that since Gov. Scott picked up the 800 votes during the recount, that the late reporting by Snipes was a deliberate attempt to suppress the vote. This woman belongs in prison, and the worst women’s prison that the state of Florida has.

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        • thetrain2016 says:

          Brenda Snipes can not to be fired. She’s an elected official. Why blame stupid voters always on Scott?


      • Flep. Scot won the machine recount! Why did the SOS decide on hand count? Is it because it’s within the margin for hand count?

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    • Chris says:

      That was exactly my thought when I heard about this. I didn’t read anything that led me to this conclusion; however, the SOS appears to be a straight shooter, this is what I suspect.

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  2. rumpole2 says:

    Could be tricky…

    I get the impression that many election workers are illiterate.

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  3. Mark Twain on Democrat Style Voting.

    Where did all these Democrats come from? They grow thicker and thicker and act more and more outrageously at each successive election. Now yesterday they had the presumption to elect S. H. Dwinelle to the Judgeship of the Fifteenth District Court, and not content with this, they were depraved enough to elect four out of the six Justices of the Peace! Oh, ‘Enery Villiam, where is
    thy blush! Oh, Timothy Hooligan, where is thy shame! It’s out. Democrats haven’t got any.

    But Union men staid away from the election – they either did that or else they came to the election and voted Democratic tickets – I think it was the latter, though the Flag will doubtless say it was the former. But these Democrats didn’t stay away – you never catch a Democrat staying away from an election. The grand end and aim of his life is to vote or be voted for, and he accommodates to circumstances and does one just as cheerfully as he does the other.

    The only man I ever knew who could counteract this passion on the part of Democrats for voting, was Robert Roach, carpenter of the steamer Aleck Scott, “plying to and from St. Louis to New Orleans and back,” as her advertisement sometimes read. The Democrats generally came up as deck passengers from New Orleans, and the yellow fever used to get them right and left – eight or nine a day for the first six or eight hundred miles; consequently Roach would have a lot on hand to “plant” every time the boat landed to wood – “plant” was Roach’s word. One day as Roach was superintending a burial the Captain came up and said:

    “God bless my soul, Roach, what do you mean by shoving a corpse into a hole in the hill-side in this barbarous way, face down and its feet sticking out?”

    “I always plant them Democrats in that manner, sir, because, damn their souls, if you plant ’em any other way they’ll dig out and vote the first time there’s an election – but look at that fellow, now – you put ’em in head first and face down and the more they dig the deeper they’ll go into the hill.”

    In my opinion, if we do not get Roach to superintend our cemeteries, enough Democrats will dig out at the next election[now 2020] to carry their entire ticket.

    – Mark Twain; Early Tales & Sketches, Vol. 2 1864-1865, (Univ. of California Press, 1981), pp. 313-14.]

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  4. “People” need to be jailed for lengthy periods of time for this.

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  5. chojun says:

    Hopefully at least they’re transparent enough about the process that it results in calls for a more modern elections system.

    Blockchain would be a fantastic resource to use in processing and counting votes and would be virtually un-hackable so long as anyone can compute hashes for elections stuff.

    Since Democrats are so huge on voter registration drives my best guess as to their strategy is that they use their registration roles to pre-vote in subsequent elections and hold the ballots in reserve in case they need to dump some to win an election. Additionally, elections supervisors are on the lookout for duplicates in case the registered happen to vote in the next election and they toss the duplicates. My theory is that Democrat voters are 1-2-time voters only and that’s why they push registration so much.

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  6. TheBullpen says:

    To determine how voters “intended” to vote. Seems like an opportunity for more shenanigans to me. My .02

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  7. jack says:

    Oh gee, are they going to fight over “chards” again, like back in 2000! Where they take out magnifying classes to see if the hole was completely punched. or the black pen made the “mark” strong enough.

    Are there going to be seated at the tables a “rep and dem” looking over the same ballet … with Law enforcement scanning the room to make sure no funny business goes on, and mobs outside the door… chanting and yelling and banging on the doors. 🙂

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  8. RWS says:

    Lol, I live here where there are many intelligent business owners and executives. This is so humorous. When I moved back here 15 years ago, I was amazed that a large percentage of county, regional and state employees were going to jail. Just to refresh peoples’ memories, in 2012, many, many, many districts in Florida voted at a 146% of the eligible voters. As far as I know only a couple of people resulted in guilty verdicts, and I do not recollect any that went to jail. For Floridians, this is not only embarrassing but a microscopic view of what kind of illegalities that are prevalent in major metropolitan areas of our country. Just remember, Philadelphia had zero votes for the republican in the 2012 Re-election of president obama. Lol, I had several friends that swore they go ted against Obama and their vote was not counted. Wake UP! America! The fraud is only beginning unless we stand up to this crooked manipulation. Sit on your Butts if you choose to, but this is only the beginning if we do not speak up NOW!

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    • Mia C says:

      I remember the voter fraud in Philly (106% of vote going to Obama), St. Lucie County FL and even a governor’s signature being faked by Obama supporters to get him on a ballot.
      –Trump tried to go after election fraud but the Democrat states stopped him by refusing to hand over data.
      –Can’t Trump fight this? Can’t the GOP fight back with lawyers and lawsuits. Take it to the Supreme Court if necessary. We finally have a trustworthy court.

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      • Dutchman says:

        The GOP COULD fight this, as the court injuction has been lifted.

        But, the GOP doesn’t WANT to ‘fight this’, read S.D.’s other thread, today about Trump vs. the BIG club.

        They (the GOPe) are IN on the,’scam’.

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        • Daniel.M. Camac says:

          Dutchman, Your three sentences answer Mia’s questions succinctly. No further explanation needed and how (unfortunately) true.


  9. kinthenorthwest says:

    Fits well in this thread.

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  10. AngelOnejudicial says:

    Dino Rossi (R) vs Christine Gregoire (D) for Washington State Governorship lays out relatively recent Election Fraud and it’s Blueprint now being repeated everywhere Democrats can get away with it. Same background players too.

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  11. 4sure says:

    Wait. I thought we had to prove intent. Isn’t that what the DOJ has been using to not charge Hillary w/crimes. Might want to send Comey down there to be the “intent” czar.

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  12. 4sure says:

    BUUUUUUT, the fake news says there is no voter fraud. It’s all a lie by POTUS and his deplorables. And at least half or more of the country believe the lie.


  13. oldschool says:

    🎶🎶Put your right hand in, put your right hand out🎶🎶do the hokey pokey, turn the ballots about🎶🎶That’s what it’s all about🎶🎶

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  14. Ziiggii says:

    I’m starting to believe all this 💩 is to counter the overwhelming call to get rid of electronic balloting…

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  15. RWS says:

    Lol, look at the voter map for the midterms. The country is red other than these mysterious small blue dots in the manipulated vote from the metropolitan areas. 99% of the land owners were red, the blue dots included 85% of the food stamp recipients.

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  16. Somebody says:

    If it was left blank (Undervote), then it was left blank. You can’t divine voter intent out of thin air. It should be assumed the voter’s intent was not to vote for either candidate.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      I left blank the choice between Dianne Feinstein the communist democrat running against her.

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    • Rock Knutne says:

      And if it was two candidates selected for the same office (Overvote) I’d take a good look at it and see if it was R all the way down the line and someone just colored in the D in the key contests to eliminate that vote.

      Just sayn’

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    • OmegaManBlue says:

      I have left votes blank on some races the last few elections. In these cases it was because it was D vs D in city races. Before that I have voted straight ticket except for one republican in a local office. In one case I voted for his opponent (D) the other I left it blank. The way I voted is the way I want it counted and if I messed up well its on me.

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  17. wyntre says:

    Well, DeSantis is now Governor-elect and Scott will probably be named the victor in the senate race.

    But wouldn’t you think Florida’s other 65 counties, the ones who did things by the books, would be seriously PO’d at Snipes and Bouchard’s shenanigans?

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  18. And remember, under the category of getting away with anything, having a “Black Woman Democrat” card to play beats even a royal flush of McCain POW cards.


  19. Lactantius says:

    Stand back!!! I’m going to commit heresy.

    Only those who care to vote should vote. Nothing whatsoever is proved by having every bumbling idiot and comatose inmate at a nursing home vote.

    It is time to standardize the ballots throughout the states on which votes for president and members of the House of Representatives and Senator are cast. They should be paper ballots and when the voter inserts it into the ballot box, the ballot is sequentially numbered, time stamped and impressed with the unique number of the ballot box. The ballot box may also be a reader and accumulator of the ballots. Other offices or issues being voted on will be by a separate ballot and handled according to the instructions of each individual state.

    If ballots are mismarked, so be it. Being able to bubble in a spot on a ballot is pretty simple stuff. Accommodations can be made for the seeing impaired, the illiterate or people who are physically unable to manipulate the ballot.

    The rules for absentee ballots must be uniform throughout the states.

    There is more I could add, but this is plenty enough to choke the vote early and vote often Progressives.

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    • Dutchman says:

      The problem is not with the ‘system’, per se; its lack of POLITICAL WILL.

      Polls for several years have shown a majority of citisens, regardless of party affiliation, support voter I.D.

      Roughly the same majority support for stopping illegal immigration.

      Leadership in BOTH parties, (POTUS excepted) are simply IGNORING the desires of the people.

      And, they CAN do this, as we are a REPUBLIC. But, they are SUPPOSED to pay a price, at the ballot box; WE, THE PEOPLE aren’t supposed to keep voting in people who consistently ignore us.

      But, we do,…


  20. Oh so this is why hundreds of recruited democrat volunteers have descended on Florida to assist with the recount. Must have known it was going to happen. Wonder how they knew? Wonder if republicans will be allowed to assist?


  21. Binkser1 says:

    Thank you Lord God in heaven for Ron Desantis’ victory and, for this election at least, not letting the ignorant, insane, virtue signalling dopes out vote the sane people in our state. Probably won’t matter next time with the felons, illegal aliens, etc., voting and continued cheating but at least we got this one. They got caught before they could fully implement their plan to steal it, thank God.

    Shame on anyone (not anyone here) who didn’t get off their lazy butts to vote for DeSantis because you almost let a racist socialist head our state.

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  22. Monticello says:

    Hand recounts? Right! I fully expect an unwelcome and pitiful outcome when we’re expected to trust the integrity of obviously highly biased election officials in Florida.


    • Monticello says:

      Anyone keeping track of how many Republicans with an election night lead are now defeated? This ain’t funny!

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      • sunnydaze says:

        Tons. And more every day.

        Dems were SERIOUS this time about “winning”. And they KNEW they’d never get there any other way.

        When you spend 2 years trashing the President – instead of developing a platform and finding common goals to work on – a last minute Cheat Fest is all you’ve got.

        I’d love to see a Watergate style wall to wall coverage of convictions and sentences for several months- from across the country.

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    • NC Patriot says:

      Scott has a whole large group of volunteers lined up to monitor the hand recounts.

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  23. sunnydaze says:


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    • mr.piddles says:

      Right. And “under law” the original counts were supposed to be reported every 45 minutes, and this was supposed to be done, and that was supposed to be done.

      So is Scott back up by 55,000? *smirky emoji*

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    • Sneaky Pete says:

      I’m sure there are many reasons why countries collapse. But as we are coming to know personally, selective enforcement of the law is certainly one of them.

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  24. WRB says:

    I see the GOP in AZ are auditing Maricopa County. I am thinking that FL, GA and AZ (at least) should start up undercover investigations, and in addition to law enforcement, lawyers, and election experts, bring in mathematics/statistic professors who know how to prove chicanery using math.
    (Libs used statistics to prove racial bias in hiring practices.)

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  25. MAGADJT says:

    Tired of conservative pundits calling the election fraud in Florida and elsewhere by names such as “shenanigans” or “dirty tricks”. This is what offensive lineman do when they try to draw a defensive lineman offsides. This is illegality, plain and simple.

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  26. sunnydaze says:

    Go Caldwell!!!

    His Acceptance Speech was fantastic. It was broadcast late down here on local PBS, along with Scott’s and DeSantis’ – and Gillum’s Concession speech.

    What a great nite that was. Then to wake up to this Bullsh*t. aaaargh.

    Rarely do I want to personally witness Perp Walks. Just knowing criminals are serving time is usually good enough for me.

    But in this case, I want to watch Perp Walks as they happen. And I want to see more than just a few.

    Us ordinary Americans have one route to Political Power, and that’s our vote.

    We need to know it counts.

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  27. Say it Ain't So Joe says:

    We better pray Caldwell wins Ag because that position also includes our port security etc and Freid was backed primarily by John Morgan (think Charlie Crist) out of Orlando with $10mil because she was a lobbiest for and instrumental in the passage of the medical marijuana legislation. She has already admitted to knowing nothing about ag but claims she is willing to learn. How much of a learning curve are the people willing to give her when products coming into our ports could cause irreparable damage to Florida’s crops. The Ag position is more important than some people realize.

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    • Paul Vincent Zecchino says:

      Morgan is a fat obnoxious bag man for communist demsheviks. Thank you for the intel re port security and Dept. Ag.

      Fried is perhaps a worse menace than even komrade Gillum, as she’s also backed by Bloomberg who expects her to destroy Floridians’ gun rights and replace them with NYC style gun control, i.e. prohibition.

      This witch is willing to ‘learn’ about agriculture?

      Fried’s arrogance knows no bounds, does it? She really sees the rest of us as stupid, doesn’t she? Typical NYC demshevik mentality. She has no connection to the land and likely will immediately blame farmers and ranchers for the red tide and punish them accordingly.

      Fried makes me sick, thinking of the terrible damage she will do to our state.

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  28. MAGAbear says:

    From Breitbart:

    “State officials testified that nearly 4,000 mailed-in ballots were set aside because local officials decided the signature on the envelope did not match the signature on file. If those voters can prove their identity, their votes will now be counted and included in final official returns due from each county by noon Sunday.”

    Now, may I ask, why would the signatures on the envelope be different from the signatures on file? I’ll take a guess that it’s because the dimms went out into the back streets and got people to sign a mail in ballot, filled it out afterwards for them and mailed it in for them (voting is so easy when you’re a demonrat).

    The good news is that the dimms will have a hard time finding those people to come in and try to validate their ballots……….but they get to keep that pack of smokes they were given by the ballot harvestors I suppose. 😀

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  29. MAGAbear says:

    Oh, and the dimms managed to reverse another healthy election night lead in CA for GOP rep Mimi Walters and the looney toon demonrat is now declared the winner. That was about a 5% lead for Walters last Tuesday night and it went to about a 4% deficit 9 days later. My guess is about 10% of the votes in that election were from outside the district. But with the dimms controlling all levers of power in CA, no one will ever find out.

    And it looks like Young Kim’s very healthy lead last Tuesday is also being wiped out as well. Amazing how all those late ballots are for the demonrats. :/


  30. Rock Knutne says:

    I knew the nation wide voter fraud was all set up when I saw Pelosi Galore pretty much guarantee that she’d be Speaker again in that incredibly smug voice of hers.


    In almost the exact same smug way Red diaper baby axelrod bet his mustache in 2012.

    I had a horrible feeling, call it gut instinct from my youth in Cook (crook) County Illinois, that the FIX was in and the word had come down everything was in place.

    Same feeling in both instances.

    This is a war and it’s only beginning.

    I’m still betting on President Trump!

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  31. Joemama says:

    Why do we need to fight legally? Why don’t Republicans start a campaign for all Republicans to register at least 4 times with slightly differently spelled names? Why can’t the Republicans be just as blatant with the election fraud? Nobody ever gets prosecuted for any election fraud.

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  32. Doreen Scott says:

    I hope this shows republicans not to leave blanks on their ballots because the democrats will vote for you. At least write in Mickey Mouse so it is not blank.

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  33. 6x47 says:

    Leader McConnell needs to tell Florida the Senate will seat Senator Scott, no need to bother with the hand recount.

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  34. 6x47 says:

    Given that Broward County and Palm Beach county could barely manage a machine recount I’m doubtful of their ability to perform a hand recount.

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  35. JimmyJack says:

    This is great and anyone who abetted this fraud should be held legally responsible. However this is a distraction from voter fraud across the country which is the intention. PA and AZ and so should GA, NV, CA and TX. And that’s at the very least.

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  36. Fools Gold says:

    Folks you can’t make this schitt up, or can you?


  37. marinovibe says:


    Now a hand job.

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  38. guitar107 says:

    It feels like groundhog day.
    In 2000,it was hanging chads and dimples to determine voter intent.
    Now it’s “let’s examine the overvotes and undervotes to determine voter intent”.

    Here’s a simple solution:
    I decided (voting for more than 1 candidate on a race): toss ’em!
    Undervotes (not voting for any candidate on a race): toss ’em!
    Problem. Solved.

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    • guitar107 says:

      Sorry about Autocorrect typos…

      Here’s a simple solution:
      Overvotes (voting for more than 1 candidate on a race): toss ’em!
      Undervotes (not voting for any candidate on a race): toss ’em!
      Problem. Solved.


  39. Sharpshorts says:

    Once again we’re back to the rule of men who decide that the power exists to:
    “determine how these voters intended to vote.”

    May as well eliminate elections altogether because there are exceptionally gifted people who just know what We the People intend. /s

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  40. tvollrath66 says:

    This is why it is so important to make sure your pick for each office is marked. Never leave a blank. I for one do not won’t someone picking who THEY think I would have chosen. I think it should be against the law.

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  41. COLK says:

    Thank You All for your exceptional commentary on this SINGULARLY IMPORTANT ISSUE this AM

    Made my morning coffee taste better than it has in WEEKS even though the level of my FRUSTRATION still remains, as I’m sure yours does as well !

    So the answer is quite simple – WE THE PEOPLE must somehow convince about 100,000,000 more of our fellow AMERICAN CITIZENS to feel the same way WE FEEL and VOTE ACCORDINGLY in all future elections! Can WE do it??

    So keep FIGHTING and don’t give up! This is a WAR AGAINST DEM that WE MUST WIN to preserve OUR NATION.

    Proud to stand with all of you in this effort to restore the RULE OF LAW!

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  42. emeraldcoaster says:

    Left Florida a few years ago, but I believe the Commissioner of Agriculture still oversees the issuance of concealed carry licenses (CWFL). Can only imagine how that’ll go with the “loyal opposition” taking over.


  43. Anonymous says:

    But it’s cool when Democrats do it.


  44. 6x47 says:

    IMHO Brenda Snipes submitted her recount results 2 minutes late as a trap. It showed gains for both Scott and Caldwell, but if the state accepted missing a deadline by 2 minutes then clearly the “deadlines” are meaningless. So what if they missed it by 2 minutes, or 2 hours, or 2 days, or 2 weeks.

    But by strictly enforcing the rule the DoS avoided the trap and passed the test.


    • 6x47 says:

      … and, of course, when she realized the recount would help the Republicans she purposely made sure they were late so they wouldn’t count. I guarantee you if it showed gains for the Democrat in either race they would have been submitted early.

      Liked by 1 person

      • tampa2 says:

        Vince Lombardi, legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers, famously stated “We didn’t lose, we just ran out of time”, after a close loss. Yet, the Demwits get more time?


        • 6x47 says:

          That’s a good quote from Lombardi. After McCain managed against all odds to lose the 2008 election to Obama, Dick Morris observed that McCain was narrowing the gap and if only there were 6-8 more weeks in the campaign McCain might have eked out a come-from-behind win.

          As much as I detested Obama, in a way I’m glad John McCain “ran out of time”.

          Liked by 1 person

  45. “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

    Liked by 3 people

  46. Judith says:

    It would follow that criminals can take valid ballots marked for republicans and fill in another circle for the democrat, to invalidate the republican ballot.

    That’s a fast and easy way to reduce republican votes without having to dig up with a bunch of “extra” ballots.

    This is not rocket science. In NY the circles are filled in and then the ballots are fed into the machine by the voter. The machine will reject such an “error” on the spot.

    This is not incompetence. It is fraud.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Pokey says:

    Election fraud has been going on in this country almost since day 1. Never mind that the framers thought they could prevent election fraud by limiting elections to the State level and leaving State governments to shoulder any blame for fraud that turns up. It would have never worked, in my opinion, but election fraud is now a systemic problem nationwide because of early voting schemes everywhere. It has destroyed even my idea that at least we can vote the bad apples out of leadership positions. Since early voting schemes have almost always been supported by both political parties, we can say that both Parties are probably heavily involved with it. I believe the Republicans, as usual, don’t have the long history and skill level at stealing elections that Democrats obviously have. They will catch up in this area, and our country will have another pillar of our unity completely destroyed. Even if Florida can be salvaged, nothing will ever stop the election fraud there and elsewhere. The elephant in the room is that crony corporations are now happily helping the political class control election outcomes. This bodes well only for our betters in the upper economic classes while the middle class will be further destroyed. It will soon be all Chiefs and no Indians running our Government.
    I am expecting that this posting won’t show up because my opinions sometimes get censored on this site. But I keep trying to post here anyway.


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