We Honor All Who Serve This Veterans Day, and Every Day…


Soldier 2



US Marine 2nd Battalion - 1st Marines Regiment - Helmund Province Afghanistan



jmportraitofsoldier-22veterans day 1.

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211 Responses to We Honor All Who Serve This Veterans Day, and Every Day…

  1. JimmyJack says:

    I’d like to thank all Treepers here who have served and extend that gratitude to your family as well.

    I will forever be grateful my SO came from from Iraq as did both his brothers, 6 tours between the three of them. When we see now what they may have actually been fighting for over there – deep state actions – for a government that was funding their opposition – it is almost more than we can bear. The cost for all three was enormous and this is infuriating both in general for all American service members and for us personally.

    I pray daily that the deep state cabal is held to account and we reorganize our structures so this never happens again. I pray for a hedge of protection for true patriots in our military and for a purge of those who have infiltrated it for nefarious reasons.

    God bless America.

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