Ground Reports – 2018 Midterm Election…

In the past several election cycles CTH has posted ‘Ground Report- Open Discussion’ threads to review perspectives of ground reports from your state, city and neighborhood. ‘Ground Reports’ are a valuable resource to gauge the non-quantifiable elements around elections; they are often quite insightful.

Many states have concluded their process of early voting. If you have a ground report you would like to share, please use the comment section below to provide your perspective.

Additionally, there are often obscure events that can help identify voting trends and possibilities; so don’t limit your review to traditional perspectives. Sentiments and senses are also very useful. What do you sense? What is going on in/around your town and location? Good or bad; positive or negative; what do you see happening?

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481 Responses to Ground Reports – 2018 Midterm Election…

  1. Stephan says:

    No time for Complacency.
    The MSM are out indicating that the polls can not predict results based on the record number of voters, and who knows what could happen. They are even suggesting the Blue wave has Crashed on the Rocks of Trump. Decepticons at work.
    Do not allow yourself or your fellow patriots to be fooled into thinking their vote is not needed.
    The time for a crushing blow to the Globalist Anti-American agenda is now.
    Make sure you and yours vote..

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  2. donnyvee says:

    I can’t explain it but I have a good feeling that the republicans will hold the house. I will be a poll watcher here in Henderson NV tomorrow for four hours. I am setting my DVR to MSNBC and CNN to save what may be some of the best comedy in the history of television if the house stays in republican control.

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    • fabrabbit says:

      I’m in Calif and have a meeting I cannot cancel Tuesday evening. I’ll miss all the eastern state calls. I’ll watch highlights on YouTube, just like 2016. Still funny.


  3. Kris Langley says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed, and making a point of voting tomorrow night. We’ve got two statewide offices on the ballot that have the potential for causing havoc. One, former Anchorage Mayor and 1-term Senator Mark Begich who, until Bill Walker (*spit*) pulled out, didn’t have a chance against Republican Mike Dunleavy. With Walker out of the race, it is ‘tight’ for the Governor’s Mansion.

    An Outside-funded “Independent” (left wing radical, in reality) who has never held political office is giving “Dean of the House” Don Young (R) a pretty good run in the polling. She’s a whack-job if you peel-away the insulation, and would be a SanFran Nan clone if she moved into our House seat.

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  4. Metro Hockey says:

    My father in law visited very secluded, wealthy area in Dallas. He said you wouldn’t imagine the Cruz signs. You see, people dont have to worry about being vandalized for a yard sign in a high security area.

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  5. 804hokie says:

    I now live in the Willston Basin of ND. Solid Trump-Cramer-Kelly Country. I sent in my ballot on Friday.


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  6. Peter says:

    THis is from Ohio. A 78-year olde neighbor of mine is originally West Virgina. As I was walking to other day, he pulled his car up, rolled down the window, and announced that this is the first election in his life when he won’t vote for a single Democrat.

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  7. J says:

    From NM….Early and absentee voting breaks New Mexico records. 460,000 highest ever for non-presidential cycle…38% of each party have already voted. Compared to 250,000 in 2014 and 297,000 in 2010.

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  8. KCShakedown says:

    Here is my take on this election. Democrats and the media, their Praetorian Guard are desperate. The election of Trump was a middle finger to all of them. For our side had a fighter, to stand up to these bullies and their political correctness. Obama wouldn’t have been elected without the middle class. After his 8 years of unchecked power, scandal, lies, deception, unaccountability, the middle class had enough and abandoned the Democrat party. To call the middle class voters bigots, racist’s, Nazi’s, won’t win the middle class back, it’s had the opposite effect. We see things are better, more optimism, what was once thought impossible, possible. The mask of the left has slipped off, they want control, but we can’t be controlled by their shame, guilt or whatever they throw at us. It’s over. They will turn more radical, more Fascist to gain back control. Control our speech, our thoughts, our rights, what a sad and pathetic group. I blame the Republican for a large part too, they allowed this to happen. No fight, always giving in, never stood their ground. I can’t wait until the Paul Ryan’s of the world slither behind their walls surrounding their million dollar homes. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but it is a new chapter and the end of going along to get along and business as usual. Go Red Tsunami!

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  9. rustybritches says:

    I have Prayed all morning about the Republicans keeping the house and also the senate
    We cant afford to give power back to the Dems and after all they have done to harm people That will only get worse if they win. they will try to shut down everything The American people stand for. please lord I pray for your devine Intervention and please hold the Repubs in your hands and give them strength to go forward and help the President to take this country in the direction that its headed now and to accomplish the rest of PT goals for America

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  10. JRD says:

    Florida early vote is at 75% of 2016.


    • JRD says:


  11. JRD says:

    Just contacted a women’s group in my Church. I am driving 4 elderly people to the polls tomorrow who did not plan on voting. And as I type this my phone keeps ringing and the list of people I am driving continues to grow.
    Get busy Florida. You have to bring more people to the polls. We cannot afford for Soros to win. Florida will become California.

    I still think DeSantis will win but we need an “insurance policy.”

    He ran a stupid campaign so let’s fix it for the jerk!

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    • beat_those_dems says:

      Why was his campaign stupid?

      This Gillium is a real loser… Ron better win. Thanks for doing your part here!


      • JRD says:

        DeSantis’ campaign was extremely lackluster. We all warned him about it early. He really didn’t have a message. The only reason any one is voting for him is to stop the corrupt Soros bankrolled Marxist.

        When DeSantis wins he owes Trump big time !


  12. DesertRain says:

    Pulling that Caravan Ad was a ridiculously blatant attempt to interfere in voter decision making.

    I’ve lived in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona the majority of my life. Past 20 yrs in AZ – less than 2 hours from the Mexico border. Female. 30+ year career in technology. World traveler.
    Authentic Redhead.

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  13. Super Elite says:

    The 2018 Election is remarkable in Washington State in that I have never seen rolling billboards on the back of 18-wheelers before. For some reason they are upping the “get the vote out” meme.


  14. Susan Davidson says:

    Brazoria County Texas has seen record turnout for early voting. Right now it appears that voters are evenly split between Democrat and Republican. Lots of concern about some down party Republican candidates. This is the last year that people can vote straight party. Worried that as Harris county Democrats move further south down 288 they are shifting the voting totals against some very good current office holders, especially judges and county commissioners. Will update info on turnout tomorrow.


  15. jm murphy says:

    Went to the Macon Trump rally and besides the comments about gargantuan crowd and stirring energy I wanted to add that the most amazing thing for me and my companion (both on Medicare) was the huge crowd of young women all decked out in MAGA gear and totally knowledgeable in conservative principles and Trump’s accomplishments. Young men were just as tuned in but the women seemed particularly committed to making sure we knew they were all in. Very encouraging.

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  16. Daniel says:

    This may have been mentioned by others here, but for some locations, there is a dirty Democrat trick afoot. In my area there are two judicial seats being voted on and no primaries for judicial office were held. In two of these cases, TWO Republicans and one Democrat are on the ballot. In each of these cases, only one of them are backed by the RNC and on one case the candidate changed party from Democrat to Republican earlier in the year.

    SPLITTER STRATEGY. Being aware of it may not be enough to stop it from working. But it’s worth paying attention to this. Do the research and find if you have this problem on your sample ballot and if so, figure out which Republican to properly support with your vote.

    This is extremely dirty business.

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  17. Maria says:

    Y’all. I’m in South Florida. Not necessarily a bastion of conservatism. Today we were driving around and saw a throng of people with several American flags and a Gadsen flag on a corner sign waving for all the republican candidates. There was also a digital sign truck driving around for DeSantis. They got a bunch of honks and waves and cheers. It did my heart so good because I have been so nervous for tomorrow and praying God delivers us again from the evil of the left. We did NOT have this during the 2016 campaign. Take that for what it is worth. Also we drove down the coast over the last few days and we specifically went to two urban areas and we saw precisely ONE Gillum yard sign on a median strip at an intersection. I’ll be at church praying tomorrow for the election.

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  18. fabrabbit says:

    Heard Quinipiac pollster on Cavuto today. He said Melendez was up 15 points just today. I cannot believe that. If it’s true then NJ should change their motto to “Crimes R Us” but that should have been the case decades ago.


  19. fabrabbit says:

    Anyone else see the picture referenced below? it’s really ugly. I’m not going to their FB page to see it again. Article references they were holding “guns”. They were holding automatic weapons!

    Atlanta. GA (CBS46) A picture posted to social media showing members of the new Black Panther Party holding guns and a Stacey Abrams campaign sign has a lot of people talking.

    The picture was posted on the group’s Facebook page and the caption says they’re “not working with any campaign –but rallying against voter suppression.”

    Republican candidate Brian Kemp’s campaign posted it on Twitter and sent CBS46 a statement.

    “It’s no surprise that militant Black Panthers are armed and patrolling the streets of Georgia for Stacey Abrams. The Black Panthers are a radical hate group with a racist and anti-semitic agenda. They are dangerous and encourage violence against our men and women in uniform.”


  20. Roberta says:

    Reported previously on the large return of ballots in Washington & the fact that it tells us nothing about the party preferences of those returning the ballots since there is no party registration in this state.
    Just returned from a quick trip into town to check the ballot box in this rural area of northwest Washington: conservative farmers, loggers, small business owners, but loads of liberal artist types and escapees from congested, kooky King County, wealthy folks (due to Google, Amazon, Microsoft, et al).

    Steady trickle of folks dropping their ballots in the ballot box (chancey putting ballots in the postal boxes on the day of the election…they may not get postmarked in time).

    Will check at the end of the day, when the box will be staffed with volunteers to handle the historically long lines in the last hours before the box closes at 8pm.


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