October 30th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #649

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

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2,162 Responses to October 30th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #649

  1. phoenixRising says:

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  2. Troublemaker10 says:

    So glad Candace clarified this.

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    • AmericaFirst says:

      I liked the designs, but I wish she would have patronized a MAGA supporter for the process.

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    • Troublemaker10 says:

      Kanye’s place in all of this is simply to support “free thinking” and the end to demonizing people you disagree with. He was never telling others to support any policy or Trump. He was simply saying it is ok to support various ideas and Trump.i

      I think the media stirred this up by taking Candace’s words about design help and falsely implying Kanye supports Blexit (as a founder). Candace explains this was not her intent and she is the sole owner of Blexit movement.

      I never thought it a good idea for Kanye to be the face of policy other than to say he shared ideas with the White House. So stepping away from politics is fine (probably a good thing, imo).

      Kanye’s value to our culture, outside of his talents, has always been the promotion of free thinking. He will likely predominately support Dem candidates in the future….and that is ok. It’s about the acceptance of free thinking.

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      • treehouseron says:

        I agree, even if Kanye goes full democrat at least he’ll be the type of democrat who THINKS.

        He’s already so red-pilled though I don’t think he’ll predominantly support Dims but if he does that’s o.k. too. I like the guy.

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    • treehouseron says:

      She handled that better than I thought she would. I’m very proud of how she’s handling ALL of this, very respectful woman.

      By the way, I don’t hold any ill will towards Kanye too, if you look at what he said it’s completely consistent with everything he’s said the entire time.

      When I was reading those stories and tweets about how Kanye designed those shirts, I thought “Uh…. I never heard him say that” and then people were saying that the Blexit site was his site, I was thinking “Uh…. I don’t think it is”. Just didn’t sound right.

      So his tweet just said he’s been used to support things he doesn’t support, so he’s going to take a step back from politics for awhile. His tweet about disagreeing with President Trump about immigration was respectful, and there’s nothing wrong with someone disagreeing on certain issues.

      Good for him. The worst thing you can do to somebody like him who’s just starting to see things clearly is to try to turn him into some incredibly partisan political animal when really he hasn’t had time to live with his new knowledge he’s acquiring.

      Give him time, leave him alone, let him think.

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  3. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • Jim in TN says:

      Ah, establishing truthiness with lie detector tests.

      Unless Weissman supervised the tests and declared Stone to be telling the truth, I think these tests will do Stone less good than Blasey-Ford’s test did her.

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  4. JX says:

    $2.6 Billion in Tax Hikes Needed to Implement Gillum’s Progressive Plan

    Gillum’s tax plan proposals “would adversely impact the business climate of the state” if he is elected governor, costing Florida 155,000 jobs and $28.2 billion in economic loses per year, according to the James Madison Institute (JMI), a Tallahassee-based conservative think-tank.

    Gillum’s tax proposal has drawn fire from a wide range of business groups, as well as the Republican Governors Association and Americans for Tax Reform. JMI’s study shows there is merit beyond partisanship with those concerns.

    The primary concern being Gillum’s plan widely underestimates the costs of doing what he says a 40 percent hike in the corporate tax would pay for

    The institute estimates Gillum would have to raise the tax rate to 11 percent to raise the kind of revenue necessary to pay for his “Fair Share for Florida’s Future” plan.

    JMI predicts businesses will leave Florida to avoid paying the higher tax rate.

    “Businesses can, and do, change their behavior based on tax changes, and now more than ever businesses are able to readily take their enterprises elsewhere. Consequently, the proposed corporate income tax rate hike cannot be expected to raise $1 billion in tax revenue,” it reported.

    According to JMI, research shows that workers bear anywhere from 35 to 60 percent of the corporate income tax in the form of lower wages, so raising it would decrease wages by imposing that share of the burden on workers.


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  5. treehouseron says:

    I agree with this tweet so much. Everybody’s arguing about whether Hillary was being racist, or it was a joke, or whatever. What actually happened there was, the girl that was asking her softball questions, doing everything she could to help Hillary out…. made a simple mix up and called the wrong person the wrong name.

    Hillary responded by mocking the woman.

    That’s the big take away from that little exchange. This bitch is evil. The mask drops every once and awhile and she reveals her true self. It’s not that she’s racist, it’s that she’s relentlessly vicious and calculating, ready to throw anybody under the bus at anytime. Truly Psycopathic behavior.

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  6. JX says:

    Do State Corporate Income Taxes Reduce Wages?


    The incidence of a tax does not always fall on those responsible for remitting the tax. In the case of the state corporate income tax, labor bears a significant burden from the tax in the form of lower wages.

    In addition, the mobility of capital leads to an inefficient allocation of capital among states, as capital flees states that impose higher corporate taxes. Finally, because state corporate taxes reduce wages, they may also influence the attraction and retention of highly educated workers.

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  7. JX says:

    New Federal Reserve Paper: State Corporate Taxes Hurt Entrepreneurship

    On January 2nd, the D.C. branch of the Federal Reserve released an article by Professor E. Mark Curtis of Wake Forest University and Ryan A. Decker of the Federal Reserve examining how state tax policies impact employment at start-ups. They find that the corporate tax has the most robust identifiable impact on start-ups. In their words:

    … [W]e find that increases in corporate tax rates have a statistically and economically significant negative effect on employment among start-up firms. Specifically, for every one percentage point increase in the corporate tax rate, employment in start-up firms declines 3.7 percent.


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  8. MR52 says:

    looks like The Atlantic and CNBC are pushing a story about Mueller – Mueller Wants the FBI to Look at a Scheme to Discredit Him
    Sounds like another fake story to make Mueller look like a victim. How much more are they going to make up?

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  9. Jason Ross says:

    What absolutely infuriates me is the same 20-somethings who now weep on social media for the Tree of Life Synagogue are the same characters who spent their whole summer break screaming about ‘fascist’ Israel… as if their general hatred of organized religion needed an underscore. They protested in all major cities; they forced musicians like Lorde and Beck and Taylor Swift to cancel their intended concerts in Tel Aviv. CNN covered this stuff, complete with the knee-jerk twitter responses from the shamed musical artists.

    Now, suddenly these hipsters are spiritual and in several cases even reconnecting with their Jewishness.

    And now they’re screaming and protesting because Trump went to Pittsburgh to pray? What alternative universe is this???

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  10. trishinsouthernillinois says:

    Now that everyone & his uncle are calling democrats, the democratic party…I will henceforth call the republicans, the REPUBLIC party!
    Dems get an -ic ending…Republicans are getting an -ic ending too.
    I dare someone throwing around the “democratic/democracy” nonsense, to correct me.😝


  11. treehouseron says:

    It’s becoming apparent to me that there are two distinct types of thinking patterns in U.S. culture that break along republican and democrat lines.

    It’s not smart versus stupid. A lot of these reporters like Jim Acosta are actually pretty smart people. So we keep thinking “Damn, they’re stupid!” but that’s not really it. They’re just of a liberal mindset which is completely foriegn to us because it’s not based in reality.

    So one thing that liberals keep doing is , they have this weird tic in the their brain where they just don’t get how we think… so when they try some crazy scheme, and it backfires…. they think that they can just do it to us, and it’ll backfire on us. But it never backfires on us, because we don’t fall for it as hard as they do.

    So that’s why we’re always saying the Dims are projecting… they project onto us what they get caught doing themselves. Dims are a clearly racist party, and so to combat that they call US racist because they think it’ll destroy us like it destroyed them (for awhile).

    So now they are LITERALLY trying to do a Reverse Kavanaugh. It’s stunning to see. They’re really *THAT* stupid.

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  12. daughnworks247 says:

    FYI – Here is part 2 of the video (30 seconds) of the train spotted in northern AZ, but it was heading south bound.

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  13. linda4298 says:

    https://www.conservativereview.com/news/levin-paul-ryan-was-dead-wrong-on-birthright-citizenship-heres-how/ Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin ripped Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., for his response to President Trump’s statement that he plans to issue an executive order to end birthright citizenship. There’s been no law passed that conveys birthright citizenship onto illegal aliens. There’s been no Supreme Court decision that definitively confers birthright citizenship onto illegal alien children. Nobody’s a hundred percent certain how this came to be. But everybody seems to be a hundred percent certain that the president can’t fix it. … Well, does the Constitution confer birthright citizenship on the children of illegal aliens? Of course it doesn’t!”


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  14. linda4298 says:

    The Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office today released data on the number of persons who changed their party affiliation on their voter registration in the weeks before or on the date of the 2018 Primary Election – August 21st.

    12,509 persons in total changed their party affiliation between July 6th and September 20th:

    6,057 Democrats changed and registered as Republicans;
    4,355 Unaffiliated persons changed and registered as Republicans;
    744 Unaffiliated persons changed and registered as Democrats;
    477 members of the Constitution and Libertarian parties changed and registered as Republicans;
    430 Republicans changed and registered as Democrats; and
    296 persons of various parties changed and registered as Unaffiliated.
    Of those 12,509 persons who changed their party affiliation, 701 subsequently changed their party affiliation again and re-registered back to their original 2018 party affiliation.

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  15. MtnCougar says:

    Just saw this, I’m not sure if it’s been shared here before but I like it and wanted to share it.There are some good phrases/comments in this. “This is Why the Left Loses” *Language Warning

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Thanks for posting this. Saw it when it first came out (could swear it had better sound quality).

      Anyway, this was made in EARLY 2017 (Feb), so almost two years ago. And the Left is still as tone-deaf as ever.

      Just.Think. how many more people have been RedPilled since then!

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    • rbrtsmth says:

      Who are those people?


    • lemmus1 says:

      …good god gertie …why isn’t this the opening clip on Hannity every night of the week …the kid has it down …he nails it …wanted to shout at the voice in the background to shut the hell up so I could hear every word he was saying …this is our credo …this is who we are …at least I am

      …if you’ve not watched it before, do you and yours a huge favor …watch it now


  16. Dennis Leonard says:

    And believe this,


    Here are 10 reasons why there will not be a blue wave:

    “It’s the economy stupid!” as James Carville pointed out to former President Bill Clinton during the 1992 election. Clinton won. In the same way, the economy is booming under President Trump. People vote in their self interests. There are more working class Americans who are benefiting from the Trump administration policies than not. Win Republicans.

    The illegal alien invasion. Immigration remains a hot button issue with Americans, especially those who immigrated to the United States legally. Americans do not want to see their jobs taken by illegals nor do they want to pay welfare to those coming in the “caravan.” Win Republicans.

    #JobsNotMobs is a winning slogan. The attacks on individuals have soured the American people on the lawlessness exhibited by individuals and groups. For women a key factor is security. A safe home and community are key issues. Fear is not a winning strategy. Democrat supporters accosting people in public places hurts Democrats. Win Republicans.

    Saying what you mean and then doing it. President Donald J. Trump is the gold standard for making promises during a campaign and then keeping them when in office. A series of videos by Project Veritas has shown key Democrats running for election are saying anything to get elected. Lying is bad policy and worse politics. Win Republicans.

    The radicalization of the Democratic Party. Two movements are making an impact on bringing key Democrat constituencies to the Republicans. The first is the #WalkAway campaign. The second is the #BLEXIT movement. Both ask Democrats and Independents to think for themselves. These two campaigns, which are just getting started, will have an impact on the minority vote in 2018 and bigger impact in 2020. Win Republicans.

    The legacy media and fake news. The media did not learn from the 2016 presidential election. Rather than taking the win of Donald J. Trump in stride and reporting on his policies and positions in a rational and fair way, they went in the opposite direction. The legacy media now makes up news in the hopes that people will just trust them. Trust in the media is at an all time low. Fake news did not work in the presidential election of 2016 and will not work for them in the 2018 midterm election. Bias is obvious, lying is obvious and the hate for those who voted for President Trump is obvious. Win Republicans.

    The blame game doesn’t win hearts and minds. Since November 2016, the Democrats and the media have blamed President Trump for everything from causing Hurricane Michael to the slaughter in a Pittsburgh synagogue. President Trump is a man of action. The Democrats are running on blame the other guy at all cost. Win Republicans.

    The Democratic Party’s growing list of socialist candidates. The Democratic Party, in order to appease the most radical part of its base, has chosen to run socialists in key races. Perhaps the most noteworthy of this neo-Socialist Democrat movement are Andrew Gillum, running for governor in Florida, Julia Salazar, running for New York state senator and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, running for the U.S. Congress in New York District 4. Socialism sucks (see no. 1 above). Win Republicans.

    The Kavanaugh hearings. The lingering effect of the duplicity and animus shown during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on now Associate Justice Kavanaugh still hangs like a cloud over the Democrat Party, and an energizer for the GOP. Win Republicans.

    Finally, the lack of ideas. The Democratic Party is running against President Trump. That’s is their entire message. As Tip O’Neil famously said, “All politics is local.” Republicans are running on the booming economy, lower taxes, secure borders, law and order, support for ICE, support for minorities by improving their lives, legal immigration, fair trade and less government control. The Democrats aren’t saying what they really stand for but they are the opposite of what the Republicans stand for — and, by the way, hate Trump. Win Republicans.


  17. JoD says:

    Since the thought police have yet to “remove the content” of our dreams…
    Wouldn’t it be nice if we shocked the living $HIT out of those Commies…again?
    Think of it.
    Your Favorite President won’t be burdened by all their crap.
    Nancy Pelosi fades into obscurity.
    Mad Max goes back to SNL.
    Babs moves to Canada.
    The possibilities are endless.

    If each or us can just bring ONE extra person to the polls…we have a shot.


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