Ground Reports – 2018 Mid Term Election…

In the past several election cycles CTH has posted ‘Ground Report- Open Discussion’ threads to review perspectives of ground reports from your state, city and neighborhood. ‘Ground Reports’ are a valuable resource to gauge the non-quantifiable elements around elections; they are often quite insightful.

Many states are currently in the process of early voting. If you have a ground report you would like to share, please use the comment section below to provide your perspective.

Additionally, there are often obscure events that can help identify voting trends and possibilities; so don’t limit your review to traditional perspectives. Sentiments and senses are also very useful. What do you sense? What is going on in/around your town and location? Good or bad; positive or negative; what do you see happening?

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560 Responses to Ground Reports – 2018 Mid Term Election…

  1. Lady K says:

    Husband and I voted yesterday Central Florida Osceola County. Polls opened at 9, was there at 10. There were about 5 others voting when we arrived and a dozen when we left. It was pretty quiet and hard to read anyone. Most voters were in their 50’s. Have early voted before and this is the first time we counted more than 3 or 4 voters.

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    • Greg Williams says:

      yup. I live in St Cloud. WE ARE DOOMED living here…DEMS everywhere…Just make sure we vote SCOTT and DESANTIS in. Our house guy will be a changing that.


  2. Dennis Leonard says:

    Anybody from Ok can verify this.Got this email from a friend there,who is in too politics.

    Sixty educator candidates for the legislature made it through the primaries. Sixty!! Liberal Republicans beat 6 of 7 of our most conservative House members who voted for the teacher pay raise, but who also voted against the teacher tax increase. These losses were by tiny, tiny margins, but they will cause untold damage to our conservative causes for at least the next 2 years.

    These defeated conservatives are the people that we counted on to be conservative voices to stand up every time for the Constitution, small government, right to life, traditional marriage, property rights, gun rights, etc., etc. Republican primary winners in these 6 races ran on a tax and spend agenda. Ironically these losses were caused by capitol Republican leadership causing conservative voter apathy by not voting like true conservative Republicans and NOT by conservative votes against new taxes!

    To compound the bad news of all this, the NBC TV affiliate in OKC, KFOR, is saying that the OK governor’s race is now a tossup between Edmondson and Stitt. It has been our fear that liberal educators (Of course, not all educators are liberal.), and others of their kind are working together with unions to get liberals out to elect Edmondson and the liberal Democrats and even some liberal Republicans. Additionally, conservative Republicans have handicaps in that a Libertarian is also running for governor, and some Libertarians are running in legislative races. They will take some votes away from conservative Republican candidates.

    I have heard Stitt speak several times. I believe that he is conservative and that he is honest and worthy of our support. Edmondson is an old worn out liberal Democrat who is full of the old worn out liberal Democrat agenda : Just increase taxes, spend more, and increase the size of government, etc., until the economy improves just like Obama did. (It made the economy worse!) Edmondson says not, but I don’t believe him.

    One thing that we conservatives can do in the next week is to volunteer to help Stitt and/or the conservative candidates by knocking on doors or making phone calls—even from our homes. Stitt’s campaign number is 918-928-8926. Alternatively your own favorite conservative candidate for the Legislature may need your help. Put their name in a search engine, and find a number to call them, or for incumbents, call the House switchboard at 405-521-2711 or the Senate switchboard at 405-524-0126 and ask for a return call. Of course money for your favorite conservative is always needed.


  3. I voted early on Saturday at a polling station in a Northwest Chicago suburb. The poll opened at 9AM. It took about 50 minutes to vote. I checked the vote tally when I submitted my ballot. It was 1,865. The line was just as long as when I left, but did not appear to be growing. The poll worker indicated they were very busy for a midterm election. There’s no way to know how it was going to break, but I can tell you that 2 canvassers for a Democrat Senator have visited my home in the last week.


  4. Scott Brooks says:

    Living in radical leftwing Uptown Minneapolis, the heart of Keith Ellison’s Congressional District #5, I’m not seeing the abundance of Democrat lawnsigns as is the norm. When I do see them, it’s often every darned sign they’ve got up and down the ballot. That tells me that the support the Democrats have here is more restricted to the most devoted, radical crazies of the lot. Let’s Go, Red Tsunami!


  5. datagooroo says:


  6. This morning here in Rowan County, North Carolina, me, my husband, 25 yr old son, and my in-laws went to vote together. All but my son voted for Budd for congress. My son voted for the Libertarian congressional candidate but at least it wasn’t for the Democrat. He did vote Republican through the rest of the ticket. It was pretty busy, a line of about 15-20 was outside when we left. The poll workers said it had been very busy since early voting began. We are all dedicated Trump supporters. When I submitted my ballot, it was number 6316 for that polling location.


  7. Steve Smith says:

    I voted early on Friday in clay county, FL. There was a lomg line, probably 100 people. The line moved fairly quick, hard to read the crowd, but by listening to nearby conversations, I’d say it was 50/50 dem repub.


  8. Daniel says:

    Living in Chicago (North side) there is not a chance a repub gets elected. I will say, signs, billboards, etc aren’t all over. That just means Chicago will vote “d” and complain about nothing changing again, fools.

    Good news, I have a lot of friends that are “d’s” but not this go around. They are spread through out Colorado. It will be interesting to see if it turns red again.


  9. Another Scott says:

    In Daryl Issa’s district, California 49th, the Democrat candidate, Mike Levin, is practically running unopposed. There are ads on tv for him every 5 minutes. He is smearing the Republican candidate, Diane Harkey, in ad after ad with no response. He might as well accuse her of murdering pre schoolers who won’t by drugs from her. Polls have him by 10 points at least. So sad that a solidly republican seat in the House for decades is going to a Democrat professional climate warrior like Levin.


  10. Here in South Jersey (South New Jersey), we are fighting the good fight for every GOP congressional candidate we can to help save the house. Paul Dilks is fighting against a local boss name Don Norcross…tough fight. He can use all the help he can get. Can you all please work to share the links of his two courageous videos. Please put them up on high traffic areas, and if anyone is in S. Jersey, please make sure to put them up on high traffic areas for the NJ 1st Congressional District. We are all stronger, together. Let’s flip this seat Red!! :- ) Thanks for your help!

    Paul Dilks for Congress

    Paul Dilks is not afraid to stand up to Norcross


  11. wsw says:

    Montana: This is huge. Native Americans in Montana typically vote Democrat. The Democrats know they have them in their back pocket and treat them accordingly. The major newspaper near Crow country, The Billings Gazette, has not reported this.

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  12. Tried AGAIN for 3rd time to vote early. Place is, and has been, insane! Never seen it like this. Ever. Typically, walk in and hardly anyone there. Not this time.
    Lines literally out the door. Each time.

    I still haven’t voted. At this point will just wait till election day.

    I live in Karen Handel’s district, in one of the most affluent towns in GA. VERY GOP.
    If ti’s like this in other GOP leaning areas, it’s over. There’ll be a red wave bigger than Trumps election.


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