October 15th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #634

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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  1. phoenixRising says:

    Benny has compiled a THREAD on the number of times Warren has lied about…

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  2. Jason Ross says:

    I’m sorry, but who is setting U.S. foreign policy?

    Turkey? CNN? Lil Marco Rubio on his soapbox?

    Two months ago, the media KNEW Assad was going to gas the entire population of Idlib. TURKEY was outraged. Republicans and Democrats were OUTRAGED. Trump had to make a bunch of silly press statements. Never mind that Idlib is full of Sunni Wahhabists and other assorted friends of Turkey’s autocratic regime.
    Assad is the moderate in the fight. That point was completely missed.

    This week, the media KNEW Khashoggi was murdered in cold blood. TURKEY was outraged. Republicans and Democrats were OUTRAGED. Trump had to make a bunch of silly press statements. Never mind that Khashoggi is a Sunni fanatic and a friend of Erdogan. He was supportive of the old Saudi dynasty, but his support soured with Muhammed Bin Salmon’s social reforms.
    And the media!!!!!!!! Not six weeks ago they were still waxing poetic about how women were getting a new deal in the Saudi kingdom. Now, MBS and the House of Saud is literally Hitler.

    We are living in 1984. That is the only possible explanation.

    It was widely reported that Turkey was buying ISIS oil in the summer of 2015, and allowed the free-flow of fighters across its borders. Trump should have made a declaration on his first day of office to NATO: either expel Turkey or the U.S. would leave NATO in support of the United Nations’ Declaration on Human Rights and then proceed to turn Ankara into glass for its crimes.
    Turkey is the true evil incarnate, Trump (or perhaps Russia) will have to take care of its regime sooner or later.

    Instead, Erdogan is emboldened by each cuckolding squeal by Rubio and others as America’s leaders call out the Saudis. Honestly, it’s infuriating how our political leaders are lead like sheep to a microphone on cue.

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    • phoenixRising says:

      CIA, as always, is directing the Media…
      which is not projecting reality, but propaganda

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      • Jason Ross says:

        How can at least the GOP talking idiots not put two and two together?

        This guy Khashoggi was pro-Mujahadeen, pro-Al Qaeda. He was a propagandist, not a journalist. And now Turkey has a wedge issue to regain the upper hand and stir up more Mid East siht. ISIS is essentially wiped from the map, but Erdogan still has his own fighters and ISIS holdouts in Northern Syria waging war on Kurds.

        This Khashoggi fiasco is icing on the cake. Can anyone see this for what it is?

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      • nikkichico7 says:

        Yeah .. 🤡’s in action … see them here 👆🏻 .. see them there .. 👇🏻 .. see them .. see them …. everywhere … 🤬


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  3. Troublemaker10 says:

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  4. sunnydaze says:

    Really hope the comments are indicative of how Mainers will vote on Nov. 6. About the ricin letter to Collins home in Maine:


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  5. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    Conservative 7-Day Meetup and Workshop in Fine Villas

    Conservative meetups and workshops in fine Villas in Italy. We will wine and dine, hike and bike, walk through the see sights, swim, cruise, and work together while discussing issues of the day and strategies to implement.

    (I won’t be able to make this one)



  6. dufrst says:

    Trump punctures a hole in Obamacare (no thanks to John McCain) and lo and behold, premiums come down. Imagine where we would be if McCain didn’t do what he did ? Recall that skinny repeal, had $1 trillion in savings to put towards paying for tax cut plus it was going to send Medicaid completely to the states.

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  7. dawg says:

    I believe that the day POTUS Trump took office, Team Trump immediately began to focus on the 2018 Midterm Elections. I think that has to be the primary objective of any first term President. But they knew that keeping control of Congress was going to be especially hard considering Trump had just won the biggest upset in the history of American politics.

    How do you “win” the midterms? You fulfill your campaign promises. If you need a good refresher on how President Trump did in that regard, watch “Trump at War”. It’s excellent and worth watching in its entirety. Go to: https://trumpatwar.com

    Only after a successful midterm election can any of the past crimes by the previous administration and deep state be effectively prosecuted. Any battles won on that front in these first two years would be undone with a loss of control in the legislative branch, so its best to focus on the war.

    Now is not the time to get weak. I believe that if the Rs keep the House and Senate, it will ensure POTUS’ reelection in 2020. If that happens, the sky is the limit for what this country can achieve and become.

    In a nutshell:

    Fulfilling Campaign Promises leads to Winning the Midterms which leads to 8 years of MAGA and traitors being prosecuted

    Keep America Great 2018

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  8. rumpole2 says:

    Unfortunately the bad news for Pocahontas…

    DNA test proved that she is NOT:

    DNA test does NOT prove she is:

    Also she is Biologically XX (female)

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  9. jeans2nd says:

    Well, well, well, looky here. Guess what AG Jeff was doing today?

    Yup, that’s right, ANOTHER SPEECH!
    Now isn’t that special???

    Link to remarks transcript
    This was just uploaded an hour ago. Will listen tomorrow. My mood is sour enough tonight already.

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  10. dufrst says:

    Love this. Get out and vote!

    Good read

    I’ve always been suspicious of Mattis. I think Trump put up with him to smite ISIS. But in other areas, such as procurement and social policy at DoD, Mattis is “a bit of a Democrat” indeed!

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  11. dufrst says:

    Love this. Get out and vote!

    Good read

    I’ve always been suspicious of Mattis. I think Trump put up with him to smite ISIS. But in other areas, such as procurement and social policy at DoD, Mattis is “a bit of a Democrat” indeed!


  12. IMO says:

    October 22, 2018 Monday’s rally will be held at 6:30 p.m. at NRG Arena. Those interested in attending the rally must register at Trump’s campaign website.
    Houston, TX Trump Rally. Get Official Tickets Here

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  13. phoenixRising says:

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  14. jeans2nd says:

    Here, have some good news –

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  15. B Woodward says:

    AWOL Sessions is in the news again, highlighting how bad federal judges have become in their bias against POTUS. But again, Sessions has let his President down. Sessions says that if these judges keep acting so badly there could be calls for their replacement. Why hasn’t Sessions already acted to stop some of these judges by filing a writ of scire facias? Maybe it’s time for the DOJ to test the waters on this and fire a shot over the bow..


    Attorney General Jeff Sessions unleashed a blistering assault on federal judges Monday, saying anti-Trump bias has led some to abandon their role as legal referees and become “political actors” erecting roadblocks to the president’s policies. In unusually stark language, Mr. Sessions suggested judges could soon face “calls for their replacement” if they don’t cool it.

    NOTE: This is what Wikipedia states about replacing a federal judge: “Article III federal judges” (as opposed to judges of some courts with special jurisdictions) serve “during good behavior” (often paraphrased as appointed “for life”). Judges hold their seats until they resign, die, or are removed from office. Although the legal orthodoxy is that judges cannot be removed from office except by impeachment by the House of Representatives followed by conviction by the Senate, several legal scholars, including William Rehnquist, Saikrishna Prakash, and Steven D. Smith, have argued that the Good Behaviour Clause may, in theory, permit removal by way of a writ of scire facias filed before a federal court, without resort to impeachment.[1]

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  16. Bigbadmike says:

    Hey you talented Treepers. Please create a Jason/Freddy Kruger meme with Hillbag with a hockey mask. Hillary V can be at your local movie theatre in 2040 starring Hillary and Alec Baldwin with a cameo of Robert Dinero.


  17. phoenixRising says:

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  18. phoenixRising says:

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  19. SR says:

    I hope PTrump tweets project verity video that will end her career.

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    • phoenixRising says:

      James is doing a great job… it’s all over the internet

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    • rjcylon says:

      Every time I watch one of the PV stings, I wonder how do they pull it off. Everyone knows who James is.

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      Hoping they drop a video for Tester/MT race, for WV/manchin and for the NV, FL , IN & MI races. AZ and NJ are doing to themselves! So much in their past to dig up and use now! I figure Beto is set to loose against Cruz.

      According to latest polls GOP is looking good to maintain all seats and maybe flip a few ourselves! MO and ND look like they are flipping to red. Would love to see MI, IN, MT, FL and WV flip. Surprises me how well Manchin is doing in WV. Don’t think we will hit the magic 60 but I really do think we will pick up a few seats.

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  20. phoenixRising says:

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  21. GB Bari says:

    Here is a dedicated conservative blogger who has had her Facebook pages deleted. She has posted an article on Allen West’s website asking where areal the supposed conservative lawmakers, movers and shakers as this is happening. Why aren’t any of them jointing together and screaming bloody murder at the Republican Congress to DO something about this Nazi-like purge.


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  22. Troublemaker10 says:

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