Indefatigable Trump – President Donald J Trump 60 Minutes Interview….

President Trump granted a predictably combative interview request to Mrs. Chris Wallace of 60 Minutes.  The results were delicious.  Determined to deliver her snide and passive aggressive talking points, Leslie Stahl brought her pontificating swamp perspective.

The indefatigable Trump swatted around Mrs. Wallace, dismissed her crude attempts at disparagement, wrapped her ‘resist‘ talking points up in a well deserved fake news blanket, and offered no excuses for crushing her liberal sensibilities.  “I’m President, and you’re not“… Quite funny….

Here’s the Overtime segment:


And Yes, in the overtime segment you see an epic picture hanging on the wall in President Trump’s work office…. It was painted by Andy Thomas and is titled “The Republican Club”.  Screen grab:

Here’s the artwork:

Here’s the link to the source – SEE HERE.  And here’s a link to an expanded discussion of the painting – SEE HEREEpic trolling.


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633 Responses to Indefatigable Trump – President Donald J Trump 60 Minutes Interview….

  1. positron1352 says:

    Insufferably arrogant reporter. Very hard to watch this individual be so disrespectful to the President.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Stahl was pretty disrespectful to the president.
      She would never try to talk over Buraq.

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      • Peoria Jones says:

        This wasn’t an interview, it was a sparring match. POTUS was taking it easy on the lightweight, however, as she was clearly in distress.

        And more narrating, of course. Stahl just can’t get enough of her own opinions. What a nasty woman. These people have no shame or sense of embarrassment.

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        • WSB says:

          Yes, but President Trump is one of the few presidents, like Teddy Roosevelt and Truman to spar. And Spar like a boss.


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          • scott467 says:

            It’s easy for him to swat these dingbats around.

            As he likes to remind his supporters at rallies, with regard to the hateful Left and their slave whore media…

            He’s smarter than they are.

            He went to a better school than they did.

            He has a higher IQ than they do.

            He is more successful than they are.

            He has more money than they do.

            In every kind of measure that is important to the Shallow-class, by which they measure themselves, he doesn’t just beat them comfortably — he annihilates them. The very fact of his existence reminds them daily just how pathetic and inadequate they really are.

            A lot of confidence comes with that kind of knowledge.

            Confidence which previous presidents — by virtue of being nothing more than glorified puppets doing someone else’s bidding according to someone else’s schemes — could never have.

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      • Totally disagree! This is what reporters should do. The problem is they never do it to the dims.

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        • Peoria Jones says:

          Reporters should report – not narrate.

          Interviewers should interview – not interrogate.

          These hacks in the enemedia don’t do their jobs, they play games. And we the people get nothing of use out of it, except more confirmation of how much they hate us.

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    • Zimbalistjunior says:

      Perhaps the most edited of the thousands of 60 minutes interviews which, traditionally, have been the most edited and misleading interviews in television journalistic history.

      And yet no matter how hard they tried to disrespect the Prez they just succeeded in making themselves looking foolish.

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    • Rex70 says:

      Positron–you took the word right outta my mouth: INSUFFERABLE. Good Lord…these people…they’re stuck on Stupid. Just stuck there. Like talking to a child who can’t or won’t see past her own nose. What a tremendous waste of our POTUS’s invaluable time. I stopped after the “Will you make a pledge to me right here, right now…” An insufferable child. Done with that…and yet another media takedown by President Donald J, Trump. Next!

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      • InAz says:

        “Will you make a pledge to me right here, right now”……..I would really like to know who told her to ask President Trump that ridiculous question.

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        • Maquis says:

          It wasn’t a question, it was a bear-trap, and he pushed her into it instead. Who the Hell is she to attempt to bind the legal actions of our President and set him up for their schemes?
          NO ONE.

          No one at all.


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      • 1stgoblyn says:

        That is exactly where I had to stop too. Insufferable, indeed!


    • oncefired says:

      All these so-called MSM reporters are just flat out HACKS! these just love to asl “Gotcha” Questions and they say this is a Yes or No, there is no possible way of answering the question that way! PDT made her look really bad!

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    • Impossible says:

      agree positron: it’s heartbreaking to see questions couched in loosely-disguised accusations. Worse were some outright untruths, she claimed “When you won, you won; no one’s going to argue with that.” Really? The entire “division of the country thing,” is essentially hinged on the fact that her assertion is patently untrue: the adversarial hysteria and rangling mobs are mostly due the non-acceptance of the election: at minimum they were sparked by all the attempts to delegitimize the election night reality.

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  2. Flubber says:

    Lots of editing and editorialising..

    I liked the summary of Mueller’s indictments, conveniently omitting that precisely zero indictments are to do with Russian collusion.

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  3. Tiffthis says:

    Looney Rooney was always the best part of 60 minutes. He was the most informative too. /s

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    • Newton Love says:

      Mike Wallace’s daughter-in-law is a liberal buffoon that interrupts the president more than Dan Rather interrupted George H W Bush, but because Stahl is a girl, she gets away with being a “rude and obsequious lout with the manners of a farm hand.”

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    • gman-reloaded says:

      You ever wonder why the piece of buttered bread always lands with buttered side hitting the floor? Some people say the buttered side weighs more and gravity just takes over. I’m not so sure…


  4. topavalley says:

    I love President Trump and I support him, but it is so hard to listen to or look at Leslie Stahl interviewing him! I can usually take it. This one I am listening to in pieces.

    President Trump does so much for us and for the USA!
    Stahl and 60 Minutes are not fit to wipe his shoes!

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  5. itsarickthing says:

    Alligator skin. Titanium spine. Genius brain.

    New York smash mouth attitude.

    God, this VSGPDJT is nothing but awesomeness. Imperfect awesomeness.

    Keep kickin’ a$$ POTUS 45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  6. Ken says:

    She drove me nuts with her cutting POTUS off and talking over him. I wish he would have kindly reminded her that she should offer him the respect, as anyone would do to any guest, to finish talking before interjecting. She was just plain rude.

    Also, what is it with Dems asking for “pledges”. What a stupid concept. Either do something or don’t. Pledging means nothing.

    Lastly, I think that Leslie’s face was so tight, one could play her lips like they were banjo strings. Her nose slits looked similar to Lord Voldemort’s. Crazy ugly.

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  7. topavalley says:

    Leslie Stahl, botox, upper lip, she looks like a fish.

    Yes, maybe petty, but she deserves it!

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  8. James Street says:

    As a business man Trump did tens of thousands of interviews. Over those decades he studied and perfected interviewing.

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  9. Elric VIII says:

    What a harridan! Her style of interviewing is horrendous and she is very disingenuous. And she has a fish-face. It’s like watching a guppy in an aquarium. Truly cringeworthy.

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  10. romy911 says:

    The long knives were out for this interview but the Fake Media failed (again.) All the editing and this was was the best they could do? I mostly smiled and laughed during the interview. Maybe it’s because I love our President so much. He was great.

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  11. Chris says:

    Leslie is pretty bad but she comes off as less hateful than many TV journalists. Trump comes off as disarming, utterly likable.


  12. Chris says:

    Leslie is pretty bad but she comes off as less hateful than many TV journalists. Trump comes off as disarming, utterly likable.


  13. Chris says:

    Leslie is pretty bad but she comes off as less hateful than many TV journalists. Trump comes off as disarming, utterly likable.


    • spren says:

      No, she did not. She was completely contemptuous and disdainful towards him. She showed next to no respect for him or his position. She cut him off and tried to ridicule him but he always completely turned it back right around on her. I think this was one of the most disgraceful and shameless interviews I have ever seen, and CBS has greatly lowered their already low status by doing it. It was an attempted hit-job right from the get-go and they failed miserably.

      Go back and look, early in the segment, when this (word that rhymes with witch) asked questions about climate change! Look how incredulous she becomes that anyone could challenge their religious doctrine. I suffered through the entirety of this charade and would never watch 60 Minutes or any CBS “news” reporting if SD hadn’t posted it.

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      • topavalley says:

        I agree completely with your post. I watched because Sundance posted it and President Trump did the interview.
        Respect to our indefatigable President and Sundance.

        They and we are in it for the long run!

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        • Tom Idlewood says:

          I’m glad I’m not the only one who noted the interviewer constantly cut off and interrupted the President. The antagonism was on full display and the President was remarkably adept at handling this woman’s questions — I especially chuckled at the “global warming” exchange. It’s was as if he said the word “MOB” on CNN. Finally, who the heck does she think she is demanding any sort of “pledge” from the leader of our nation? Unbelievably arrogant.

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    • yucki says:

      Tough old broad.
      Figures she can get away with anything.


  14. keebler AC says:

    I’m the President and you’re not. I look young for my age and you don’t. PDTJ is one year younger than Leslie Stahl! Hold my beer!

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  15. Phil Free says:

    .. 😂

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  16. Will says:

    Anyone else think that PDJT is having the time of his life as President and telling himself 10 times a day, “Heck if I knew it was going to be this easy and this much fun I’d have run 20 years ago”? All those years in swimming through the construction shark tanks and dealing with pols of both sides, he must be having a blast owning them all, daily. Way to go, GEOTUS!

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  17. drawfortruth says:

    I had to stop watching after about 15 minutes. Do journalists like her really think the American people can’t see how bias they are in their questioning? For the time I watched it was one constant attack after another.

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    • H.R. says:

      drawfortruth: “Do journalists like her really think the American people can’t see how bias they are in their questioning?”

      Maybe yes, maybe no. The YSM jurinalists (Swedish pronunciation) are well paid for their bias. Its not their job to care about whether or not they are water-carrying useful idiots nor to care if they are successful. “Jus’ gimme da talkin’ points and I’ll deliver ’em.”

      They are so busy thinking they are part of the elite that they don’t actually think.

      If they actually did bother to think, they’d consider what happens to the useful idiots once the revolution is over. Sadly, and I mean that, it’s always “the other guy” who is the useful idiot. Wait until they find out they are “the other guy.”

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    • jrapdx says:

      Believe me there are plenty of people in the viewing audience who will take every word Stahl said as proven truth, and be convince PT was being evasive, lying or “bullying” Stahl in the interview. Of course it was “attacking” the President, it’s what the MSM does. PT takes this BS in stride, he’s promoting his agenda, got some good points across, and conceded nothing.

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  18. topavalley says:

    Stahl, on Blasy Ford, “but why did you have to mimic her?”


    Stahl’s brow was as furrowed as she could make it.
    Dems, Blasy-Ford,& media went for full on character, political & legal assassination of a good man with no facts or corroboration.

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    • New Nonna to Be, Again!!! 🤗 says:

      ‘Boo hoo’ is EXACTLY what I said out loud to myself, too! I yelled: time for silly putty and bubbles for you, you snowflake!

      I cannot stand these ridiculous people.

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  19. doctorfixit says:

    God she is so insufferably pretentious.

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  20. SHV says:

    I was at a restaurant during the 60 min., briefly watching a wall tv with the sound off. I don’t know if it was that TV but PDJT didn’t look good; odd skin color, grey-bluish circles around his eyes. Leslie Stahl looked “normal”. I had assumed that the TV crew arranged the lighting to make PDJT look “odd”. Anyone else notice this?

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  21. OMG, this woman is a nut. No one ever polarized the country like Obama. We have slowly been recovering from the hate he engendered between groups. Stahl is a liar and a vicious partisan.

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  22. Texian says:

    Watch it from outside the box – She’s probing our base camp Leader for the deep state..

    She did reveal things that are important to the deep state.. The climate change shakedown scam.. Jeff Sessions (this now proves he’s an infiltrator).. Mueller.. She also appears to be concerned about upcoming replacements – because there are deep state infiltrators inside.. (Melania is right to be concerned).

    A sample of a couple of amusements.. “..You mimicked her.. you mimicked her..”. Her inflection on President Trump “campaigning”.. That bothers her – and rightly so.. President Trump campaigning for the midterm elections is becoming very effective..

    The enemy has been rebuffed in recent major battles.. Nothing in their playbook is working.. They are losing ground.. So they sent a forward observer out there to reconnoiter..

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    • topavalley says:

      I don’t know why my “like” of your comment does not show up.
      Love your comment!


    • swampratterrier says:

      Here what President Trump can tell Stahl.

      What’s on your mind, if you will allow the overstatement?
      – Fred Allen

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    • rbrtsmth says:

      Rallies are Trump’s way of keeping touch with the people. He could do rallies as often as he likes on into the future. It is a way of demonstrating to the Republican establishment that he can and will activate them to cut them off from the trough if they don’t play along with his agenda. Trump will work with people if necessary and expedient. His ultimate goal is to replace them.


  23. fred5678 says:

    “Chunks of ice” falling off glaciers is a sign of MORE GLACIER weight accumulating at the center or uphill, pushing older outer ice at the edge toward the sea until it is unsupported by land and breaks off. The calving of glaciers is not melting of glaciers.

    As SNL’s Dan Akroyd said to Jane Curtain years ago, “Jane, you ignorant slut.”

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  24. rjcylon says:

    President Trump experiences a contentious interview with a weaponized media hack like you or I would experience ordering a meal from a cashier at a fast food joint. Fairly inconsequential, quickly forgotten.

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  25. Motzilla says:

    I’d love to see the outtakes. Great interview. After many years, I am darn proud of my President once again. Hallelujah!

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  26. vigiles24 says:

    Regarding the painting, I saw the earlier version of it (without Trump) in a little art shop in Laguna Beach, CA just a few months ago. At the time I doubted whether the painting would ever be updated. I don’t picture Trump sitting around like that, and certainly not hamming it up with the Bushes. He’d have Bill and Hillary in there before those guys.


    • Will says:

      I’ve been in that shop! They had several last time I walked through it. Still amazed the triggered local Libs haven’t gotten them all removed, lest they cause one of the snowflakes a fainting spell.

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  27. BetsBets says:

    The way PDJT played with Lesley Stahl throughout that interview reminded me of how a cat plays with a half-dead mouse. He totally owned her and really didn’t allow her to score a single point. He looked like he enjoyed toying with her. This is the interview that will put every future interviewer on notice—you cannot intimidate the big dog.

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  28. I believe she’s had enough

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  29. Sethspof says:

    I was watching the interview and my wife looks over and asks why I am smiling.

    Truly few moments have a true joy like watching a liberal make a fool of themselves on national TV.

    Thanks Mr. President

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  30. Do Stop Thinking About Tomorrow says:

    I am not divided from or in this country. I am a patriotic American voting to save our country.


  31. Do Stop Thinking About Tomorrow says:

    Thank you President Donald Trump for having spent time in a room with such evil.

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  32. Nom de Blog says:

    Mrs Chris Wallace is absolutely correct.
    The number of imbedded assumptions in every question was preposterous.

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  33. margarite1 says:

    I didn’t think it was bad although it was more like a little debate than in interview but 60 minutes has generally been combative since the beginning. As it was she put out her point of view and he swatted it down….over and over. It was a good opportunity for POTUS to make some points with an audience that may not usually watch him.

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  34. Tiffthis says:

    Did she say trump was the only president who didn’t serve in the military? Cuz she would be dead wrong.


  35. doctorfixit says:

    Stahled out and nosedived into a crater. What a buffoon. What a lightweight.
    “Professor” Blasey Ford is NOT a professor. She is a sociopath and a liar.

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    • Maquis says:

      Also a disgustingly non-credible “victim” of any sexually oriented offense or even interest, of any kind, anywhere, ever.



  36. Rudy says:

    OK we saw Perseus behead a Gorgon…again. Next.

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  37. Jase says:

    As a successful property magnate PDJT has very likely sat and listened to mafia bosses, union bosses and Russian mobsters threaten him.
    He’s dealt with people that would keep the likes of Stahl (and Acosta) huddled in her safe space for a decade – yet these faux-journalists keep insisting to themselves that he is some sort of buffoon they can bully.
    It’s like watching a rabbit telling an eagle that it looks pretty stupid wearing all those feathers.

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  38. Red Tsunami! says:

    SD, thanks for posting, especially the overtime segment. The interview was a blast we could not stop laughing.

    On elaborating on an answer
    “I’m the President you’re not!”
    On not firing Mueller
    “Why should I pledge to YOU!”
    On Russian interference
    “Do you really think I would call Russia to help me with an election?” “Gimme a break!”

    Boy that NY accent is really coming out. She was right about one thing. PDJT is comfortable being President.

    During the scripted, agenda driven interview PDJT slapped back everything she threw at him. And then some. Overtime segment Leslie was a little more honest.

    Great job PDJT!!!

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  39. Cooper45 says:

    When Obama was being interviewed by Stahl or any MSM reporter (other than a few at FNC), he could lean back in his easy chair and put his feet up on a stool while fawning softballs were affectionately tossed to him.

    But Trump has to be fully charged up and ready for serious battle with the vast majority of “reporters and journalists.” In this interview, Trump was not the usually relaxed jovial POTUS we routinely see during most of his public appearances. But this combat ready, edgier. defensive Trump is the only Trump most MSM viewers will ever see that don’t watch his full WH events or rallies etc

    I think this is one reason the MSM is able to successfully fabricate, (to the most gullible) a false image of Trump being a rough, belligerent character whose personality promotes a constantly feuding WH staff and who routinely upsets and angers friendly allies and on and on with the contrived fakery.

    Opportunist Alec Baldwin’s ludicrous, gruff and ultra silly impression of Trump is likely based on interviews like this where Trump had to be sharp and decisive in his answers as well as ensuring he maintains control of the interview. We know that this Trump is only the necessarily cautious and defensive Trump when the MSM is lurking about and not the usual Trump. Undoubtedly, many never see the difference. They only see the contrived MSM image of him.


  40. teeheeman says:

    Sorry Leslie, put you just got PWNED…..

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  41. trialbytruth says:

    Trump left them nothing to sound bite LOL

    A true genius. I enjoyed his statement about how bad it is in Washington and how tough these guys are. How he use to think it was kid stuff but not anymore.

    OK SURE So our VSGPOTUS is equating talking bad about someone behind there back and not keeping promises to the construction industry in New York where a violent felony conviction is a resume enhancer. This would be the VSGPOTUS who describes doing door to door rent collections in The art of The Deal. I believe it was the first building he owned I am guessing these were the kind of tenets that didn’t pay by check. Yeah Washington is tough, all those buttoned down bureaucrats and powdered pompous politicians are a lot scarier then the steel worker fired on a work site for tossing his tongs at his foreman.

    “Appear weak when you are strong”

    I bow to the Master.


  42. KingBroly says:

    It’s pretty amazing how hard she tries to ‘gotcha’ him and he just swats her away like she’s nothing at all. He doesn’t fear them, yet they try so hard to make him fear them. They didn’t create him, so they can’t destroy him.

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  43. Garrison Hall says:

    Trump is so far outside the box in this interview that he easily frustrates the good Ms. Stahl. It was pretty funny but also pretty boring after awhile so I quit watching. What I love about the president is how he is completely unimpressed by these inflated-ego media folks. Stahl worked up this interview with a sizable staff of 20 something producers. The president appears to have simply walked into the studio and—completely unrehearsed—politely dismembered her carefully prepared and rehearsed talking points.

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  44. Mandy says:

    I enjoyed the interview.

    FWIW, the left is screamin livid over the interview, so … LOL! GOOD!

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  45. teeheeman says:

    Does Leslie even know about or acknowledge the dossier/FISA questions?? The bubble out there in DC is so thick maybe not???? This is getting further into psychological disorders than anything.

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  46. Maquis says:

    FFFFFFFF Stahl.



  47. rajabear1 says:

    Ah, she thinks she too cute by half.
    So pissed off at the media on how they treat my President an First Lady.


  48. One Voice says:

    When Stahl brings up the division in the country, I wish he would put the blame on the media. Then he could use this interview as a clear example.


  49. Cooper45 says:

    Trump did very well in the interview with a typical MSM anti Trump set up artist.

    But he could have had a better answer on Climate Change and where the stats on “more hurricanes in the past” came from. His promise about clean air and clean water helps to diffuse some of the arguments against him but a better answer will be needed in 2020. If he had time which he didn’t, he could have explained how sending trillions of dollars to the politically corrupted IPCC or the Paris Agreement to fight “Climate Change” would have been gross malfeasance on his part rather than “saving the planet” when China and India had a free pass for 10 years.

    The NOAA has similar stats to this video which is possibly what Trump was referring to about hurricanes:


    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Here are a couple of charts about hurricane intensity and frequency over the last century.
      There is NO upward trend, indeed the trend is downward. The only thing that has changed
      is that people are building in places that would be better left unbuilt, and population density
      in these desirable spots has increased over the years (look at SF and LA for the same thing – building in floodplains).

      Here’s the article, from NoTricksZone (by Pierre Gosselin, great site):
      (Note the article was written after “Florence”, but before “Michael”.)

      And the charts:


    • trialbytruth says:

      It was a troll if they think they can attack him for making things up they will…….then you set the hook by repeating the unsubstantiated claim…. Watch press briefing today …. Then you real them in n as the facts sneak out

      Wash ,. Rinse. Repeat.

      Trump is the master.


      • Cooper45 says:

        Who were you calling a troll? Your post is not clear.

        The video link I provided in my original post shows the comments of a certified meteorologist and former employee of NOAA “confirming” Trump’s comment on hurricanes.


        • trialbytruth says:

          Cooper I was referring to Trumps troll of the media. He has the facts behind him. He lays it out there as an unsupported non-chalant bombastic statement for the Lamers to go after him and then slowly they have to walk it back.

          It is people like you with the facts at the ready that make it work for Trump. The Media sets themselves up at the grand no it alls and will ride him for days on what appears to be a throw away comment by Trump. Sooner or later the Media steps in their own DoDo.


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