Indefatigable Trump – President Donald J Trump 60 Minutes Interview….

President Trump granted a predictably combative interview request to Mrs. Chris Wallace of 60 Minutes.  The results were delicious.  Determined to deliver her snide and passive aggressive talking points, Leslie Stahl brought her pontificating swamp perspective.

The indefatigable Trump swatted around Mrs. Wallace, dismissed her crude attempts at disparagement, wrapped her ‘resist‘ talking points up in a well deserved fake news blanket, and offered no excuses for crushing her liberal sensibilities.  “I’m President, and you’re not“… Quite funny….

Here’s the Overtime segment:


And Yes, in the overtime segment you see an epic picture hanging on the wall in President Trump’s work office…. It was painted by Andy Thomas and is titled “The Republican Club”.  Screen grab:

Here’s the artwork:

Here’s the link to the source – SEE HERE.  And here’s a link to an expanded discussion of the painting – SEE HEREEpic trolling.


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633 Responses to Indefatigable Trump – President Donald J Trump 60 Minutes Interview….

  1. Judiciary says:

    “Do you really think I’d call Russia to help me with an election? Give me a break.” I love how frank he is. At a different point, she pretends he’s deflecting her question about Russia by bringing up China. But, she’s coming at that question from the already absurd position that Trump did call Russia for help. Then she clearly can’t ‘get’ that her bias, her whole approach, is based on fake news. And how arrogant is she to make her interviewing of the President a newsworthy reason to interview her. Blind and arrogant is the worst qualities in anyone especially one who claims to be a journalist.


  2. wodiej says:

    Dumb seems to never go out of style for liberals. There’s a saying “if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.”

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  3. Sandra-VA says:

    I managed to watch it on the msn link and WOW! Could Stahl be any more RUDE? I think President Trump owned the interview. He was strong, confident and knew what he was talking about. He batted down her lame “resist” blows like she was an annoying gnat.

    Great interview (for President Trump, not Leslie Stahlin)!!!


  4. Howard Richman says:

    Leslie Stahl was spewing fake news about climate change:

    1. She suggested that Greenland is melting in unprecedented ways. But most of the Viking archaeological sites from about 1,000 years ago are buried under permafrost. See:

    2. She suggested that the recent hurricanes hitting the U.S. were due to climate change, but there is no correlation between carbon dioxide concentration and hurricanes:


    • yy4u says:

      “She suggested that the recent hurricanes hitting the U.S. were due to climate change, but there is no correlation between carbon dioxide concentration and hurricanes:”

      This is the new liberal talking point (since we’ve had three or four hurricanes in the past couple of years). I heard it from my liberal son just yesterday.

      Since the Globalist haven’t succeeded in destroying the Middle Class by shipping their jobs out of the country, they want to slap them with carbon taxes. A large Middle Class is NOT conducive to neofeudalist Marxism (Marx and Lenin didn’t have a hate on for the rich, they had a hate on for the “bourgeois”, i.e. the MIDDLE CLASS).

      Middle Class is a problem to Globalist power mongers. They’re generally smart, generally have enough money not to have to toil 16 hour days ergo they can sit around after dinner and question what the ruling class is up to.


      • TMonroe says:

        Speaking of hurricanes and the Fla. Panhandle, I do believe 1559 (459 years ago) is prior to the Industrial Revolution:

        The Great Tempest, Sept 1559: this storm destoyed 7 of the 13 ships anchored in what is now called Pensacola Bay, the fleet of Spaniard Don Tristan de Luna y Arreland. The settlement at what is now known as Fort Barrancas was leveled. It was such a monumental disaster that Spain did not attempt to re-establish a colony in this area for 164 years, and there is no written record of tropical cyclone activity until the early 18th century:


  5. mutantbeast says:

    Stahl camae in looking for tyrouble, and frankly DJT beeched slapped her around. She deserved it. Several years ago she “interviewed” Pigbama and didnt ask him one question outside of “can I kiss your ass, King Barockhead?

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  6. IMO says:

    Notice these stasi feminist never take their husbands last name they look masculine and their husbands are bitter beta male cucks. The libtard’s disdain is towards all us deplorables. President Trump is our spokesman therefore he takes all the contempt, despise, scorn slings and arrows for us. Keep praying for President Trump and the patriots protecting us.


  7. bkrg2 says:

    Can’t watch right now, so i tried to read the transcript. had to stop after first page. this b!tch keeps interupting our President, so i can’t even follow the Q&A. what a cluster!

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  8. D says:

    Trump needs to be put on Mt. Rushmore

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  9. Right to reply says:

    Trump succeeded in turning her snipes into a political party broadcast. He won!

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  10. redridge45 says:

    She’s a ‘nasty woman’…our President rocked it, never-the-less!

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  11. yy4u says:

    Bottom line:
    She didn’t convince any of us not to vote for Donald Trump in 2020.

    She may have convinced some independents to vote for him in 2020.

    She put another nail in the coffin of the media’s claim of objectivity. Independents who watched could see a president being quizzed by a member of the opposite party. Independents don’t like that. They want objectivity.

    She made Donald Trump like pleasant while she came off as a shrill harpy. Counter to the media party line. Independents will see that.

    She didn’t convince any of us to stay home in 2018. In fact she may have made some who were relaxing after the Kavanaugh circus inspired again to get out there and vote.

    She didn’t lay a glove on VSGPDJT; she continually slapped her own self upside the head with her nasty woman behavior.

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  12. kea says:

    Video has been pulled… of course it has

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  13. G. Combs says:

    rumpole2 says @ October 15, 2018 at 12:39 am

    “I remember simple diagrams showing…
    THE CARBON CYCLE … essential to life….

    When you burn oil/coal you do the earth a service by LIBERATING carbon”

    Boy, ain’t that the TRUTH!

    The earth is literally in CO2 STARVATION mode. If the climate gets colder (as expected via the Milancovitch cycles) that the earth will be in a world of hurt.

    The Royal Society: Carbon dioxide starvation, the development of C4 ecosystems, and mammalian evolution. (Most of our veggies are C3 BTW)

    Carbon starvation in glacial trees recovered from the La Brea tar pits, southern California.
    La Brea tar pits are close to sealevel so this is scary. You have a ‘Tree line’ above which trees will not grow in the tropics because the partial pressure of CO2 is too low for trees.

    Impact of lower atmospheric carbon dioxide on tropical mountain ecosystems

    Carbon-isotope values of bulk organic matter from high-altitude lakes on Mount Kenya and Mount Elgon, East Africa, were 10 to 14 per mil higher during glacial times than they are today. Compound-specific isotope analyses of leaf waxes and algal biomarkers show that organisms possessing CO2-concentrating mechanisms, including C4 grasses and freshwater algae, were primarily responsible for this large increase. Carbon limitation due to lower ambient CO2 partial pressures had a significant impact on the distribution of forest on the tropical mountains, in addition to climate. Hence, tree line elevation should not be used to infer palaeotemperatures.

    (Useful info to toss at wobbly liberal friends.)

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  14. MAGAbear says:

    I haven’t watched the “interview” yet, but one should always keep in mind that the purpose of these “interviews” is to try and provoke PDJT to say something that they can then use in a sound bite against him. Like a boxing match, PDJT can land 99 punches to 1 punch from the media, but guess which punch will get shown on the nightly news?

    But it sounds like PDJT did well against the DNC operative Stahl. But he really shouldn’t even give them the chance to try and trip him up.

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  15. bigralphie says:

    I’m glad I downloaded this last night as – in typical COWARD fashion – it’s been abruptly erased ‘due to copyright’ or some convenient ‘technical difficulty’. Does Leslie STOOL keep a mortician on hand to TROWEL on her cadaverous make-up? It’s all part of her womanly charisma….

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  16. kea says:

    About that White House portrait of Trump and other GOP presidents: An interview with the Missouri painter

    Some of the questions of course made me roll my eyes.

    ‘Trump does look pretty good in your painting. He actually looks more athletic than he does in real life.’


    ‘His smile is very charming. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Trump smile like that.’


    ‘Now that your painting is all over the Internet — and because everything with Trump is so polarized — some people are making fun of it.’

    But I like the painting.

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  17. lydia00 says:

    This sort of interview format is just not working the way it used to. It’s obviously a gotcha! format. People who want to dive deeper into issues are looking for long format interviews with experts or others in positions to know more than them selves. It blows my mind the numbers of people who are tuning in to Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan and others.

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    • yy4u says:

      Dave Rubin is FANTASTIC. If Fox were Fox and not CBS annex, Rubin would be given an hour long prime time show. Mark Levin was not a Trump fan during the primaries, but he also has a fantastic one hour interview show where the guest actually gets to get beyond the period before he is interrupted by the host. Levin asks smart, cogent questions, and I learn a lot from him. I do not like the “Fox Format” where they invite two conservatives and a liberal on to shout it out whereupon the conservatives are polite and wait their turn to speak and the liberal monopolizes the time — as they do on all the liberal shows.

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  18. evermench says:

    She knew as soon as it was over she got exposed. That’s why she did her own interview where she remarks about his confidence now. Pure CYA on display.

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  19. Simone Gemma says:

    People ask why Trump would allow these morons to do an interview:

    It’s simple really.

    He is supplying their rope, now sit back and watch them all dangle.


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  20. What are Bushes and Ford doing in that painting this is weird


    • Turranos says:

      Suffering through those administrations was really bad. Bushies belong in front of the house and Fords belong in the driveway. Those oval office inhabitors belong rightfully on the trash heap.


  21. James Hilton says:

    Academia is now almost completely dominated by radical leftists. It’s basically impossible for that to have happened overnight. So it’s extremely likely that the last two generations of people coming out of academia had a serious dose of radical leftism. What we know for certain is that the overwhelming majority of politicians, civil servants, and movers & shakers over the last several centuries have come out of the university system.

    So what evidence is there that the world outside of academia might have changed in recent decades to reflect the significant shift to the far-left within the university system over the last 1/2 century? Also taking into account the likely massive impact of the moving Overton window which naturally shifts to reflect new cultural and moral norms. A process that can literally turn a cultural wave into a devastating tsunami if new cultural and moral norms are intentionally designed to be harmful. I suggest that we would now have expected a huge lurch to the far-left that would be most obvious in all of the places that university graduates generally find work e.g., the news and entertainment industry, the corporate world, and government. Well, what do you know! We seem to have hit the m’fing Marxist motherlode.

    Trump being interviewed by a progressive/neo-Marxist. And he hasn’t got a clue who he’s dealing with.


  22. fakenoozisforfools says:

    I haven’t watched 60 Minutes for 20 years. I used to think I stopped watching because the quality of the show had deteriorated. Later, I realized it was always bad. As I became more attuned to how biased the media was in the 90’s when the Clintons came on the scene, I stopped paying attention to news sources I had used since the 60’s. No one with an IQ higher than a hat size would say Stahl’s position was objective. Throughout the interview, she left no doubt what her brand of politics is. What a hack bee itch! I kept expecting Chuck U Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to appear in the background complete with pom poms to lead cheers.

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    • Beverly says:

      Don Hewitt who started the show is an old Lefty: in fact, in his later years he bragged about how he and his C-BS cronies helped sabotage Nixon in the first Nixon-Kennedy debate: they coached Kennedy on how to look good on camera with makeup and all, and cheated the camera angles and lighting to flatter and glamorize Kennedy and make Nixon look terrible. People who watched the debate on TV said Kennedy won — but people who heard it on the radio said Nixon wiped the floor with him.

      Of course the leftists crow to this day that Nixon lost the debate, because they’re superficial liars.

      Anyway, Hewitt was a left wing swine all the way back and 60 Minutes is his baby.


  23. Rainy says:

    Leslie Stale…..childish interview.


  24. Love this real truth to power. “Even scientists have a political agenda.”


  25. mollyonviola says:

    Stahl: “You’ve been president for almost two years now. Do you agree that its time for you to step down? Will you pledge to turn the senate over to the democrats immediately and not wait for the November 6 elections? You won’t? You won’t pledge? What are the worst things you’ve done so far? Anyone you’ve murdered? Have you murdered children, specifically? Yes or no. A simple yes or no. Will you answer that? Here is a nice, sharp dagger. The majority of the American people want you to fall on it. Will you fall on it? Why not? Are you any smarter than you were before you became president? SOOO many people thought you were stupid before you won the election. And you won! Have you worked on being smarter since you won? I won’t ask you again. Why have you caused all this division, strife, and anger? Don’t you want us to be happy? Why did you make fun of our stooge that we trained so hard to bring down your nominee? Why doesn’t your wife Melania trust us? Is she just naturally untrusting or have you made her that way with your thuggish behavior?” etc etc etc ad nauseum. AD. NAUSEUM.

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  26. Super Elite says:

    I’m not a Republican but that’s a good painting of Mr. Trump in the Republican Club. VSGPOTUSDJT is a leader right there. I like it.

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  27. President Donald j trump has created a new history that no president has achieved in the history of america


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