Bongino: #New Rules, #WAR !

Righteously expressed:

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225 Responses to Bongino: #New Rules, #WAR !

  1. PDQ says:

    And NOTHING can be done?
    We just keep taking it – they do whatever they want.


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    • Where is a solid strategy to block Dem interference?


      • pacnwbel says:

        The Rs could have said no FBI investigation of Judge Kavanaugh unless a concurrent investigation of Keith Ellison’s abusive behavior and ChiFi Di’s employment of a Chinese chauffeur for 20 years is carried out.


    • paulyho39 says:

      We have to stand up…in anger…and FIGHT! Whatever that means to you..we have to DO something..not sit back and wait … and hope! That involves voting, and Dan has said…we cannot let this mid-term election go by without voting!!!

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      • Marsha Frey says:

        We can do something. It begins with voting, taking everyone you know to the polls with you. We can protest in the streets – it only takes one to organize – the Left does it at the drop of a hat – why not us? Why not you and me starting in our own neighborhood, town. The Tea Party did it – why not now? If we sit and wring our hands – we aren’t serious. The reason we love Trump so much is because he doesn’t “wait for someone else to do it” he does it. Those close enough to D.C. – why are not you storming the senate offices? Are the rest of us filling up the phone lines, the e-mails of our representatives, our senators? Why aren’t we sitting on the Capitol steps refusing to move – just a few suggestions.

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  2. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Upcoming, yet another week of leftwing billionaires sending even more unemployable losers to Washington to occupy the senate building and disrupt governance in our republic. The evil Press will cheer them on and promote the foul mouth riffraff every chance they get. Yes DB, a crooked mass media IS the enemy of a free people.

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  3. daizeez says:

    First order of business for Congress should be to redo the rules of nominations for ANY positions. Put every single person in the room under oath. No more running to cameras, no theatrics, no leaks, no lying about what goes on in the room in closed or open session. And above all TERM LIMITS.

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  4. Mezzz says:

    Bongino is a major concern troll. Trust Trump.


  5. Ristvan says:

    I now think the FBI investigation will backfire on the Dems. The FBI can do what the Republican prosecutor could not in the Thursday hearing. Shred her credibility totally and unsympathetically. There are three main lines of easy investigation.
    1. 2012 recovered memory. The story is during 2012 couples therapy amongst other things about a second front door because claustrophobia (same as fear of flying thing debunked during hearing). BUT. Posted elsewhere, photo of house in 2007, one front entrance. Posted elsewhere here, building permit pulled in 2008, not 2012. Posted elsewhere, picture of house in 2011, two front doors. So the recovery story is at least partly a lie.

    2. Her recall of who was there has changed. Therapist notes, 4 boys. She says that is wrong. First 3 boys one girl (letter). Then five boys, one girl. Then (the holographic note for the lie detector test) four boys and two girls. The one girl remembered has given testimony that notbonlyndid it not happen, she was never at a party with Kavanaugh withnor without Blasey Ford. FBI to B-F showing her her own note: who was the other girl? Name, go interview. No name, proofmof unreliable memory. Crissy loses either way.

    3. All the oyher holes in the memory exposed Thursday. How did you get home? I don’t remember. Then how did you remember three or four different versionsof how mamynpeople were present. Forces her to admit the inconsistency as a matter of record, And yhe shakiness of the recovered memory. She is emotionally unstable. The FBI can and should try to break her. A lie to FBI is a felony under 18USC1001 (same statute that Mueller used on Flynn and Papadapoulous). If her attornies are present and suggest pleading the 5th to avoid the felony, bam her credibility is destroyed. All it takes is a good agent with the gloves OFF.

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    • Jpcarson says:

      Agree Ristvan (you’re a counselor, right?!).

      Lady prosecutor at hearing drew out more inconsistencies (lies) from Ford in her story (stories). It was clear the purpose was not to dispute those discrepancies in the hearing.

      As you said (without the cameras and media), the FBI can now be more stern in their approach to Ford without all the “visual” bullshit.

      If I was President Trump, I would not give up on Judge K after what he and his family has endured!!! If it takes a quick extended FBI investigation to get those three assholes (Flake, Collins, Murkowski), then so be it. It would be very disloyal to throw the Judge under the bus, and give the Socialists demons a huge victory going into the mid-terms.

      My only fear is they will continue to roll out more and more claims—and I wholly do not trust the dyke lawyer or McCabe lawyer (both Clinton operatives)!

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    • treeobserver says:

      4. Documentary evidence. Ford’s written statement for polygraph does not mention either boys surnames and has multiple edits. Letter to Feinstein also oddly worded and edited.
      5. Ford refuses to identify Chris Garrett by name. Some say because they were friends (still LindkdIn) but she had no qualms outing Leland Keyser. She was evasive in her testimony regarding Garrett. Most probably, as others have noted, because Garrett’s is the house where she was accosted. Close to Country Club, same layout (as per Ed Whelan). During her testimony, she changes her story to amend that the house “might have been further away” than she previously said– to deflect away from the Garrett house.. She testifies she knew both Chris and younger brother. Was familiar with Garrett house because they had dated for months. She knew bathroom was upstairs. Since Chris has denied being there, probably was Chris’s younger brother. Or Garrett house plan was superimposed improperly in her recovered memory of the event. yeah


    • Niky says:

      These little inconsistencies are good to highlight but not very important except to impeach her credibility, which is good. That is the problem with lying so much, she cannot remember her own lies. Like most socialists, she lives in an alternate reality 24/7 anyway.
      What kind of meds was she own during testimony?

      What they can determine is her real motives, and her nefarious ties: With the CIA, With big Pharma, With the abortion industry, With Soros, With the Clintons. Revenge for her folk’s foreclosure. Revenge on Judge K for being involved in Clinton probe. Her and all involved.
      Same with the other 2 accusers and creepy porn lawyer.

      A week is a short time, but follow the money and get electronic media from NSA, should be a slam dunk.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Of course, it’s what Democrats want that counts…

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  7. Minnie says:

    Side note:
    Thank you, Sundance, I have subscribed to Dan Bongino’s podcast website and will listen to him, often.

    Usually stick with Sirius XM (Patriot) on morning commute, but have recently become disappointed in Breitbart News, although I enjoy and appreciate David Webb (9 am).

    For all considering subscribing to Dan’s podcast, it is “free” and available anytime you wish to listen.

    Thank you 🇺🇸


    • Minnie says:

      PS – it is not an “app”

      Can be found directly through “bing” and saved to bookmarks.

      With my cell’s Bluetooth capability, will be able to listen through the car speakers.

      MAGA Onward 🇺🇸


  8. Carolina Kat says:

    I’m sorry I couldn’t listen to this. How many times does he say new rules? I don’t see any evidence of anyone fighting anymore. Lots of belligerent speeches is not a fight. Just listening to the impotence of it made me feel even more frustrated.

    The country is a tinderbox. This decision by the Senate made it worse. Flake has encouraged them to get into everyone’s faces to get what they want. And the right is more angry than I can remember – even during the dark days of the Obama reign and Obamacare’s passage.

    I am an optimist – and I believe that we have to give our President time to work through this, but it is requiring faith over reason. I don’t jump when poked. We’ll see if this resolves by Friday. If it does not I fear all Hell breaks loose on the right. And all the ‘new rules’ speeches are nothing but sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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  9. Mike diamond says:

    Can Bongino is right on,we need more Republican senators with backbone to stand up against the childish demo-rats!

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    • mugzey302 says:

      Leftists are eliminating the hands-across-the-aisle democrats for “progressive” candidates. We need to eliminate RINO’s and bring in Conservatives and Republicans. Suit up, folks.


  10. paulyho39 says:

    We have to stand up…in anger…and FIGHT! Whatever that means to you..we have to DO something..not sit back and wait … and hope! That involves voting, and Dan has said…we cannot let this mid-term election go by without voting!!!


  11. Joan Calhoun says:

    Judge Kavanaugh… our new American folk hero… Our second lion.

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  12. Joan Calhoun says:

    The Dems are starting to smell the stench of defeat.


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