President Trump Tweets at Conclusion of Kavanaugh Hearing…

Moments ago, at the conclusion of the nomination hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump shares his perspective via twitter:




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968 Responses to President Trump Tweets at Conclusion of Kavanaugh Hearing…

  1. Eberhard says:

    I can only imagine with glee the campaign ads that can be cut to run going forward. Kavanaugh in tears defending his family. Graham shaking with righteous indignation as he exposes the rot. The Dems always controlled the narrative with their fake emotion and empathy. They will be scorched for this repulsive sham.

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  2. H.R. says:

    It seems I was on WordPress Double-Secret Probation yesterday.

    I made 5-6 comments, only one of which appeared. Apparently, I am now off probation.

    Pro Tip: Human sacrifices into erupting volcanoes might work to get out of WordPress purgatory, not that I am advocating for or have ever tried that.


    • DDragons says:

      I am so tired of the mean spirited ugly people who get their sick twisted jollies out of disallowing rational and sane comments on WordPress, Disqus, and Facebook, Twitter, Reddit as well as others while allowing the predators and criminally insane to post absolute filth and degradation. I am spending more time at alternatives these days where free speech is not being curtailed for the Conservatives or anyone who wants to speak truth instead of the drone lies. I have kept WordPress only for a few sites but am close approaching my cancellation date. I quit Google 10 years ago, Twitter 1 year ago and Reddit a month ago. I go to Fakebook only to check family and participate in a fewprivate book blogs. I see less and less traffic there and wonder if it voluntary or FB purging.

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  3. CNN_sucks says:

    Am curious to read Mark Judge memoir now. Heard he fought his demons, too. Pray for his recovery.

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  4. Julia Adams says:

    Dear Ashley,
    We CTH Trump supporters are saddened by what you were put through. Please know we love you and we support you, your daughters and your amazing husband. God Bless you. Julia

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  5. Mike diamond says:

    Diane Fienstien,Cory booker,dick,durban,and kamala,harris should all be investigated!!!

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  6. cthulhu says:

    When I look at the level of slime, the level of filth, the loathsome nature of the proceedings over the last few days; the disrespect for the electorate; the trampling of the Constitution; trampling of precedent, custom, and decorum; and the amount of backstabbing traitorous s***-slinging against everyone in the United States, everyone in the Senate, everyone in this Committee, and Judge Kavanaugh — it is absolutely mind-boggling that it all comes down to just 100 evil men and women. The supposed senior half of the Article I powers is exposed to be a clique with less honor or dignity than the average High School “mean grrrls”.

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  7. Troublemaker10 says:

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  8. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    The dumb communist Senator from Washington State, Patty Murray said that “Judge Kavanaugh should withdraw immediately.” Guess that means that she will vote NO? 🙂

    Projected final Senate vote tally on Saturday, Kavanaugh confirmed 52 – 48.
    West Virginia’s Joe Manchin jumps off the sinking ship USS Democratico.

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  9. Troublemaker10 says:

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  10. Troublemaker10 says:

    Alyssa Milano must have a cold, cold heart.

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  11. Julia Adams says:

    The Senate better confirm Kavanaugh. Yes, he was emotional, but that’s part of being a human being. He has what is needed to be a superb Supreme Court Justice. And the rest of us, crawl if you have to to the polls, but get out and vote!

    Vote a straight Republican ticket. Some of you may say, but the Rinos! Vote as many Republicans as possible into office and then if they don ‘t perfom primary them. This means that we all have to remain vigilant and involved. I am so furious at what the liberals put the good judge, his lovely wife and his family through. No one, I say no one deserves the torture he was put through.

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  12. DDragons says:

    Besides being a “Professor” at the off brand University, she also at a major University down the street from Palo Alto. She just so happens to head up the CIA undergraduate internship program at Stanford University. This has been confirmed and is easily checked yet not reported in the MSM. Why?
    Christine’s grandfather was Nicholas Deak, former CIA Director. Former CIA Director William Casey lauded Deak’s decades of CIA service. Why is this not being reported widely? Perhaps, because it is being blocked.

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  13. Cooper45 says:

    During Brett’s and Ashley’s interview with McCallum, Brett’s emotions were noticeable whenever he talked about a family member (esp Ashley and the girls) or good friends that have been adversely affected by the endless smears. It was even more evident today.

    Judge Kavanaugh is a strong but compassionate man that can better endure the attacks on himself but he has a tough time when others are drawn into the hell with him by the sleazy Dems. IMO, it is a very admirable quality and not at all a sign of weakness.

    Vote Yes for a Good Man GOP members.

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  14. MAGAbear says:

    So I’m having a Yuengling at my local Chickie’s & Pete’s and two guys sitting a few seats away who aren’t into politics are scouring the demonrats for their “performance” today. The clear losers today were the demonrats…….and when they lose, America wins!

    My three favorite people today are Kavanaugh, Graham and Candace Owen. Unlike most commentators, Candace tells it like it is. At best, Dr. Fraud was a well coached woman with severe emotional issues/delusions. At worst, she’s a calculated liar.

    Imagine if an hour after Kavanaugh is sworn in, Ginsberg’s ticker stops ticking? Lefty heads that haven’t already exploded will turn into mushroom clouds! 😀

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  15. hard masada says:

    Hey everyone come on over to it’s like FB butt w/o the frickin censorship


  16. Disgusted says:

    I read a book this past year written by Dredrick Bachman, a Novel: “Beartown”, in which I think Ford or her handlers found their high school party assault inspiration. Just incredibly too close to home! Bachman is a NYT -#1 rated author but he’s not to blame! Seems to me someone used his story as an outline for Ford’s! Please read and decide.


  17. Countrywatch says:

    I highly recommend the twitter thread by Praying Medic on the events yesterday and the background. PM will no doubt be doing a follow up on this, based on further information that has just been posted.

    Also, it has been posted by Q that the Dems were trying to bargain with P Trump: they would not prevent Kavanaugh getting voted in if P Trump backed off FISA declassification. P Trump apparently refused. Cue the fury and vitriol from Dems.

    Also, there is a link to a hugely significant piece of information about the role of military courts in trying individuals for treason (and execution). Tied to a Supreme Court ruling apparently. See the line of questioning of Kavanaugh by Graham in videoclip below:

    (Youtube censoring apparently on another link about this).
    (The Executive Order of December 2017 is of great significance in the emergency powers which it grants President Trump).


    • frankie says:

      The author of the post “Should Deep State Criminals Face Military Tribunals?” on the website covered this. To see it, Internet search with the term “Should Deep State Criminals Face Military Tribunals?” It will take you to the article. The author lays out the military trials of the Lincoln murder conspirators, and noted DC whites in the day were Democrats with Southern sympathies, so a military tribunal was necessary. Today, DC and No VA and MD are anit American areas full of fedearl bureaucrats aos the same logic applies.


  18. madeline says:

    I wish Kav had said, when the demo kept saying, just ask for an FBI investigation, I will do that if the demo are also investigated into how this smear transpired. And if any crimes occurred you will be charged. That will include all senators involved and the attorneys that represented them. If they lose their licenses so be it. If you have to resign so be it. Will all Senators agree with that?


  19. cali says:

    I have been going over this in my mind now a couple of times and can’t shake off the handwritten note by Ford which she signed with Blasely rather than Ford.

    I studied handwriting for a couple of years and I am convinced that the handwritten note was not written by Ford. The handwriting and the signature do not match at all and rather came from two different people.
    Then there is the writing style – throughout the note the direction changed drastically from right to left rather than a normal steady hand when one writes notes, letters or memos.
    The note itself if it were analyzed by an expert would tell you that it oozes deception that also can be seen when seeing corrections as though a teacher graded the paper/note.

    She suppose to be a psychologist but her students have some very unfavorable opinions that would match the ever changing writing style ergo someone unstable at times.
    The signature itself appears to be that of someone other than Ford signing that note.

    Taking together with her ‘testimony’ she either appeared to be clueless when questions were raised about her fear of flying and yet she flies frequently.

    There were other such questions where she could not clearly answer or contradicted what we were told beforehand.
    She was given the so-called ‘polygraph’ on 7th August although in the email she stated she was traveling in the Mid Atlantic on the same day -7th August. How did that happen?
    Reading this morning that this ‘polygraph’ was administered by a one activist democratic attorney it’s safe to assume that it all was nothing but a sham like everything else.

    She recruits at Stanford for the CIA which is tradition in her family no wonder we have such incompetent and conflicted intelligence ops.

    Ford was financially rewarded with nearly $160,000.00 via GoFundMe while Sheila Jackson obviously slipped an envelope with cash to the attorney Broomfield.

    Destroying, slandering and smearing a man with a stellar record, a husband and father of two daughters pays these days. Anything is for sale including their soul. There will be lasting damage to the daughters who had to listen to these morally corrupt and void of any integrity accursing their dad of rape, gang rape and spiking drinks of girls targeted for rape.

    Then you have the ever attention seeking Avenatti trotting his ‘victim’ out who has 10 children and no husband who could use the GoFundMe way too like Ford making a buck. There too is something not right because the anons have been digging about here and stumbled over the pic used by Avenatti not matching with the name.
    Not even the ever helping NYT could not validate her claims because there is not one person or witness to the gang rape charges although she too claims to be gang raped while Kavanaugh and Judge were present.

    The left is not done yet and are organizing an impeachment campaign of judge Kavanaugh as the Daily Caller reported this morning.

    This is not really about judge Kavanaugh: This is about the pending 20pg FISA doc declassification that will implicate a host of them and the republican side together with their mockingbird media agents.


    • Roger Eles says:

      I totally agree! I too studied handwriting and can confirm that she is actually an alien from outer space who has taken on a human form. Someone needs to start a separate post on this. It’s all be proven!


  20. shipley130 says:

    I wonder if anyone told Blazzeh-Ford that Kavanaugh had calendars and diaries going back to his high school days so he could keep track of his sports, church and other activities.


    • Roger Eles says:

      Totally agree. I wish he would have kept a diary of how much beer he drank then in the summer of 1982 because he could then have proved that he was too stonecold drunk to have grabed a women by the ps..


  21. shipley130 says:

    Did you catch the comment when Blasey-Ford mentioned she had “Google” parties at her house? Did she mean she had Google employees come to her house for parties? We all know how the Google employees feel about Trump and republicans. Yeah, there’s no “political agenda” coming from Blasey-Ford. I got some pyrite for sale.


    • Roger Eles says:

      Yes, I read that she had orgies with Google employees in the summer of 1982. I read that she actually sexually assaulted Brett, but he was able to maintain his virginity and he is too much of a gentleman to state that in public and embarrass her. That shows what a fine man he is. Just check a recent post on this site. It’s all proven!


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