Sunday Talks: FEMA Chief Brock Long -vs- Chris Wallace…

The head of FEMA, Brock Long, appears on Fox News Sunday for an interview about Hurricane Florence and the subsequent flood damage.

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57 Responses to Sunday Talks: FEMA Chief Brock Long -vs- Chris Wallace…

  1. Howie says:

    Whacko Wallace…Top Fop at FOX.

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    • I wind up using language that I would otherwise be ashamed to say every time I watch that weasel Wallace try to slyly twist the narrative to attack POTUS. Brock Long did an excellent job avoiding weasel bait.

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      • blondegator says:

        “Mr. Trump”. I’d like to shove his nose in it, like one does to a puppy, for his disrespect. He makes me want to blow a gasket, every time I hear him (I only listened to hear what the FEMA guy had to say).

        I am so sick of “Maria, Maria, Maria”. It’s an ISLAND, for cryin’ out loud, and a 2nd world one, at that. Of course it got demolished, hit head on by a huge hurricane. But when people (democrats) refuse to care for their own “stuff”…..the results are entirely predictable. I’m sick of it, truly. Half of PR left before the hurricane, due to public corruption, the insane cost of living, and no public services. If Puerto Ricans don’t care enough to fix the mess of their own creation, why should I care, or pay for it? Cut ’em loose!

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    • Fools Gold says:

      I’d like to slap him across his lips every time he employs his liberal narrative engineering.

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    • oncefired says:

      Hats Off to Brock! Glad to see someone Competent running a Government Agency! He handled the Swamp Denizen very well!

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  2. Ditch Mitch says:

    Wrong place to go to give a report. Maria would have been better.

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  3. Mike diamond says:

    I’m so glad Chris Wallace is not in charge of fema!!!!Chris is just a talking head news dude

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      His dad was a huge FOB (friend of bill) back in the 90s and was instrumental in covering up Clinton crimes via his 60 Minutes Mike Wallace reports. Of course these days Fox News is only slightly less “progressive” than the other Fake News outlets.

      All we ask is that they “Tell the Truth!”

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      • skifflegirl says:

        I just love Millie Weaver. That young lady has guts and confronts corrupt liars head on, face to face. No wonder they’re censoring Inforwars, they have some of the only real journalists left in media.

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        • Newton Love says:

          I hope that AntiFa never finds her. In a Civil Society, our Representative Republic, Millie Weaver is safe saying anything.

          In a Donkey Democracy, where AntiFa can beat, bodily harm, and even kill a Trump supporter, and the Donkeys bray loudly, cheering them on, Free Speech is DEAD!

          We need some new FBI and a New DoJ to protect ALL Citizens, not just the Donkeys!


  4. duchess01 says:

    Love this guy – knowledgeable and intelligent assessment – Wallace is annoying – but, Mr. Long cuts to the chase with information to quell his constant battering – blame game is not working, Wally!

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  5. jmclever says:

    If we are in there rebuilding Puerto Rico electric grid, Maria is probabl the best thing that happened to Puerto Rico. I’m not being callous. I do not think 3000 people died in that Hurricane.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      You have to hear Geraldo on “The Five” saying how bad PR was before the Hurricanes even hit. He also disputes the number of deaths caused by the hurricanes. I searched for it but can’t find it although many of the other FNN videos are available.

      Maybe someone will have better luck.

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    • mugzey302 says:

      It would have been helpful if corrupt officials hadn’t stolen the electrical equipment needed for repairs. Really slows down progress. The mark of a banana republic right there. And they are still screaming they are victims. You steal from your own people, dirtbags.

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      • farrier105 says:

        Stealing supplies reminds me of the stories about the warlords in Somalia stealing food from starving Somalis forcing us to land Marines to see that food got to everyone who needed it.


    • ‘the best thing that happened to Puerto Rico…’ Years ago an unusually stong hurricane like storm blasted through Gibraltar. Though not an actual hurricane it ripped through and destroyed a large part of the honky tonk and ugly part of their ‘shanty town’. The whispers afterward were that the storm caused $10,000,000.00 worth of IMPROVEMENT.


    • JAS says:

      There is no way the 3000 number is right. Cant’ tell you why I know, and I’m doing a rare thing here asking for trust because I’d never do that otherwise. Anyone can do it. Check the funeral homes and hospital records then compare (subtract) the numbers from normal conditions.

      It’s all bogus. People did die in hospitals. Terminal patients, because of lack of electricity when the generators ran out of diesel. That’s it.


  6. Ristvan says:

    Read the GWU statistical study. Beyond sketchy, covering Maria AND the 6 months afterwards. As bad as the previous Harvard School of Public health study that was also widely panned.

    And the MSM attempt to make it personal against PDJT, the Puerto Rican lady who just claimed he mother was a Maria victim, was just factually wrong. Her claim had been debunked months ago by CNN (of all places). Facts were mother was suffering late stage congestive heart failure. One consequence was lungs filled with fluid AT the hospital. The hospital had an emergency generator and could have done a draining surgical procedure. The head physician determined it was too risky given the heart weakness, so they elected not to operate but rather aspirate. Mom died of heart failure during the aspiration. NOTHING to do with Maria except the death happened during Maria aftermath.

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    • snarkybeach says:

      I watched a panel on MediaBuzz that all accepted the 3,000 Georgetown number because Puerto Rico accepted it (probably for political reasons.) According to a chart that was posted the other day, the death toll varies from 18 to 8,000+.


      • oncefired says:

        The 8000 number comes from another Sketchy Harvard Study. The only way to count deaths is to count bodies, but PR was in such bad shape before the Hurricanes hit that it couldn’t be done.

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  7. Guyski says:

    They should apply the same criteria from that Maria study to all power failures in Puerto Rico before Maria and see what kind of death toll they come up with.

    Puerto Rico battles massive blackout after fire at electricity plant – Sept. 2016


  8. M says:

    Wallace and Libtards are full of shite. If you want to know how many extra deaths. PR has them locked in freezers at their central autopsy center and they reek of rot 1 year later. Do a search of the stories over this past summer to verify me.

    They know damn well how many people died. 3000 is all that liberals could stretch like they do of all things to their advantage. It is politically driven junk science. No one asks a victim of disaster or mayhem whether they are a D or an R or whether they like their current leadership nor should anyone. So discussing politics in the midst of rescue and recovery is like ambulance chasing at the funeral..

    My family is ground zero of the worst of Florence and I am helping with other disasters away from home, so politicizing the misery of the public for political purposes is the worst of the worst.

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    • Research yes – obituaries; death notices and announcements from funeral homes; death certificates from each municipality; newspaper announcements; statistics from cemeteries; requests for survivior benefits from social security, etc., etc., etc.

      No proof – no story – tell the Dems and MM to stuff it.


  9. Montana says:

    Chriss is a nail….Brock is THE HAMMER….
    yep–after 40-50 years of corruption and graft in P.R. Govt…..with everything BK ….
    NOW – the AMERICAN PUBLIC, nationwide, have to foot the bill to FIX THEIR JUNK!!!…
    AND – because it takes lead-time to order in such quantities of “stuff”…. we are failing because it’s not all done in a single year???? GET REAL….. How long did it take to build-out the interstate hwy system? How long to build Hover Dam….eh?

    Anyway…this is a ton of water falling and running downhill now… DON’T GO FOR WALKS IN BLACK WATER, eh?… Don’t become part of the problem…. sit tight and roast some pig meat!

    Today should mark the end of the hurricane’s news cycle for now….can’t lead with a none event, eh?…. About time for some new document dumps….

    The Dem’s have to love being told they had to stay in DC cause of being in session….tough, eh?



  10. The Boss says:

    Chris Wallace sucks.
    /s/ Captain Obvious

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  11. tvollrath66 says:

    It doesn’t matter how many people they claimed died. The president did his job 100%. The federal government does not run states or common wealths (whatever that is supposed to mean.) Each state is independent. The liberal news trys to act like the feds control it all. If that was the case they would be no illegals. Lol. They try the same thing with voting info structure. Most states are not going to let the feds control anything, thank god.

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  12. lorenetn says:

    Great job by Mr. Long in this interview. Level headed, clear, factual. Wallace just can’t help trying to turn everything into a POTUS “gotcha” moment. Mr. Long was having none of that and stuck with the facts.

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  13. melski says:

    I notice Chris Wallace now refers to President Trump as Mr. Trump. What a JERK he is!

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  14. treehouseron says:

    Man this floood threat is legit. Two doors down the poor guys house is in a flood plain, he’s got about two feet left. I’m a good 15 feet higher so no worries but I feel bad for that guy.

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  15. I can’t listen to Wallace’ voice…only could take about 50 seconds of it.

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  16. Pam says:

    Just so folks understand, I don’t put any blame on any of the storm response on our president or FEMA. As Florence was getting closer to our coast (landfall was about five miles from me) thankfully, the storm was eventually downgraded to a category one storm. However, the aftermath has been a total nightmare. Physically, we are ok but this experience has been very traumatic to say the least.

    Because of the massive outages, finding an open grocery store or gas station (especially gas stations) has been quite a challenge. We have two trees down on the power lines on my street along with poor drainage flooding.

    Our president doesn’t deserve any blame regarding response. As of right now, the safest way for him to survey the damage will be overhead in a helicopter. Parts of I-40 and I-140 along with about 200 streets within this county alone,are totally impassible. Every hurricane is different. This is one like we have never seen in my lifetime and like a lot of you here, I’ve been through many of them.

    As we all know, these storms can bring out the best and the worst in people. Since I’m on a generator, I have been able to watch a little bit of TV. Yesterday afternoon and last night, this county was under numerous tornado warnings. Luckily, we are ok. The disturbing part came while watching one of the field reporters downtown doing post storm coverage. All those that were able to have TV witnessed live the looting of the Family Dollar store yesterday afternoon. I understand that Fox News mentioned it yesterday. The D. A. plans to prosecute in this incident. The store owner didn’t want the police involved. It’s not like they were taking something because they had no food or money. They were just doing what you would expect from people who act like thugs with no shame. I hope we will see examples made out of them that says that taking advantage of business and other innocent storm victims will not be tolerated.

    Even with all of the typical inconvenience of no power, we know we are truly blessed and that things could have been much worse. I know our president will go above and beyond to make sure that our state has the resources that it needs.

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  17. TwoLaine says:

    Yo Chris! Americans reject that number as sheer stupidity and spite!

    Why aren’t you interviewing the Governor of Puerto Rico and his corrupt minions, and grilling him on how he could allow an alleged 3k people to die when he had all the help and $$$ in the world. Tell HIM to SHOW US THE DEATH CERTIFICATES. We can clear this up real easy.

    BTW, this wasn’t new news this past week. It’s been out there for quite awhile and the FAKE NEWS MEDIA has been trying to push it to the top to no avail. So they used the next human tragedy to pile it on, a killer hurricane to push it out further, and to try to make President TRUMP the bad guy. We know how all of this works. They have said repeatedly that this is TRUMP’s Katrina. They will do anything to make it so, but it ain’t gonna’ work.

    These are the same evil people who are trying to make Brock Long look bad.

    Sorry, you aren’t going to Gruber us that easily!


  18. FelineFine says:

    What really burns me is now DeSantis and Rick Scott say they refute President Trump’s tweet about the made up number of deaths in PR! Extremely disappointed in both of them and ashamed they represent my state. All they’re looking for are votes…in whatever way they can. Dad gum it!


  19. JAS says:

    Real story heard first hand and I kid you not. The saying in Puerto Rico is that when it comes to hurricane winds and the electric grid:

    “The grid is so bad that If someone blows out the candles on a B-day cake the power goes out!”

    They do have a sense of humor 🙂


  20. Newton Love says:

    Wallace: Throw me a freakin’ bone! I need a sound byte that attacks Trump, and you keep saying nice things about him.

    FEMA Director: I won’t stoop to your partisan level.

    Wallace: But the (liberal) Murdoch Brothers told me that if I don’t get Trump killing quote, my year-end bonus will suffer.

    FEMA Director: That’s not my problem. I can only tell you what I know that is true.

    Wallace: Then you are worthless to me. Get off my show. Cut his microphone and cut his video feed!


  21. Normally Quiet Observer says:

    Why is every one picking on poor Wally? (sarc) He is just doing what his REAL bosses tell him to …. “Make President Trump look bad, no matter how you have to screw with real facts!” He is a Deep Stater in fake Fox clothing! He has ALWAYS been a shadow government shill …


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