Update Hurricane Florence: Winds 140mph – Cat 4 Storm – 38 Hours Away from Cape Fear North Carolina…

The 2:00am advisory for Hurricane Florence shows sustained winds of 140 MPH, with some strengthening possible, and a forward speed of 17 MPH.  With an approximate location 625 miles SE of Cape Fear North Carolina, that can mean projected landfall in approximately 38 hours.  All hurricane preparation should be rushed to completion.

Maximum sustained winds are near 140 mph (220 km/h) with higher gusts. Florence is a category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Strengthening is forecast through today. While some weakening is expected on Thursday, Florence is forecast to be an extremely dangerous major hurricane as it approaches the U.S. coast. (read more)  – 5:00am Advisory Will Post Here

Massive flooding is likely.  More than 20 inches of rain is probable.  Storm surges from 10 to near 20′ along the inner-coastal waterways are possible depending on tides.  You do not want to be near this. Listen to all evacuation orders and instructions from local officials.

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223 Responses to Update Hurricane Florence: Winds 140mph – Cat 4 Storm – 38 Hours Away from Cape Fear North Carolina…

  1. treehouseron says:

    I’m in Charlotte, good time for me to get out and clean out the gutters on the back of the house, and install those leaf guards I’ve been waiting to do 🙂

    Front of the house is already done….

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  2. smiley says:

    that has it heading back out to sea, too…but way north.

    depends on how far south it hits and drifts.

    if it keeps inching more & more south…no likey.

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  3. smiley says:

    nasty potential scenario for SWFL from Isaac being sucked up into this by Florence…



  4. 4EDouglas says:

    It starts:blame Trump for the Hurricane-Horseface , hero of the Cong rice bag:

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  5. bcsurvivor2 says:

    Prayers for everyone affected by Florence. Sigh.
    I live in north central Florida. I really wasn’t worried about Florence. But now with the talk of it wobbling southward AKK! And seeing issac on the gulf coast. I’m freezing water now! Doubled up Ziplock bags work really well and can keep your freezer cold for days, plus you have water to drink and cook with.
    We obviously wont get a direct hit but those outer bands can contain tornadoes due to the highly unstable air. When Irma came through last year the winds were at 90mph+ up high you could see it in the many, many 100 year old oaks, but the wind on the ground was only around 45-55mph. Very strange.
    We were without power for a week, which can get dangerously hot. The dog and I sat in the jeep blasting cold air while charging up the cell phone.
    Anyhow, everyone stay safe. Stuff can be replaced but not you.
    I’m sure if you post on here and you need help, we are here for you.

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  6. Ziiggii says:

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    • PotP says:

      Great picture of the “dazzle” camo used by ships. Danger with being caught in port is banging into dock. Not much of a dock though there. Wonder if she’s stuck in mud and if the storm surge will refloat her?

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      • Ziiggii says:

        she’s a floating museum… the a WWII battleship that was the namesake of the state. It is pretty much stuck in the mud, but they’ll need to do some extra shoring on her if there really is gonna be an extra 15+ feet of water – it still floats!

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  7. youme says:

    “Wave heights to 83 ft”: Check

    86,000 sq miles in size: Check

    Time to leave? Check

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  8. youme says:

    Climate change narrative on steroids today:

    Good to point out

    1900 Galveston hurricane: 8,000 dead

    1900 CO2 level: 295.7

    2018 CO2 level: 412.6


  9. youme says:

    Washington Post is a fringe propaganda machine

    “Another hurricane is about to batter our coast. Trump is complicit.”
    “When it comes to extreme weather, the president is complicit.”


  10. burnett044 says:

    I am in SW Virginia…already water sold out in many stores….can only imagine the panic on coast ..
    get prepared and stay safe Treepers in the path….


  11. Ziiggii says:

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  12. burnett044 says:

    time to move to ……


  13. Ziiggii says:


    • Dixie says:

      I’ve got friends who are keeping me informed on what they are learning about the storm. Just got a report that the storm surge will be 6 feet to 11 feet of surge in Morehead City. That’s quite a difference from the 20 foot surge being batted around. According to my friend, this came from the weather channel.

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      • Ziiggii says:

        I wouldn’t trust the weather channel… the surge may be higher than that just due to the prolonged nature of the water continuing to be pushed ashore.

        the rain has shifted again – south.. Was going to say something earlier that SC wasn’t get much love regarding the changes the last day or so


      • yy4u says:

        I don’t know about anybody else, but the Weather Channel reports like their hair is on fire. I listen to the hysteria and when they’re finished telling us the sky is falling I realize I haven’t gotten any real information. Frankly, checking in the Treehouse gives me more info on Florence than watching an hour on the weather channel. I’m smack dab on the Chesapeake Bay. We’ve brought in everything that can go flying around in a big wind, battened down the hatches and have the storm shutters down. We have water, I’ll fill the bathtub tonight so we have water to flush commodes if necessary and to give the dog if we run out of bottled water, but we’ve ridden out quite a few storms, so we’re as ready as one ever is. Looks like it’s going to hit the Carolinas and go inland. This puts people inland in danger of flooding as the ground is saturated.

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  14. Summer says:

    I learned that Berkeley county where we live is under mandatory evacuation but Governor said that no one would be forced out of their homes. What kind of mandatory is this? I feel that he might be over-reacting with his “better safe than sorry” approach. All doom and gloom, 10 feet surge, heavy rain, damaging winds, flood, no electricity for weeks… I don’t know what to think at this point. In the past, our worst damage was a few shingles lost, a broken tree branch and other minor damage.
    We are technically not in a flood zone and don’t even have flood insurance. Which bothers me immensely.

    All highways are reversed and thousands of people are leaving. Yet many are not. Airport will be closed tomorrow. Dammit, I am supposed to fly to San Diego through Atlanta on Monday. Looks like it might not happen.


    • He also said if people choose to stay, they won’t be sending help out until after the storm has passed. He wont put first responders in harm’s way. Good luck to you. Hope you can get your flight out on Monday.

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    • He also said if people choose to stay, they won’t be sending help out until after the storm has passed. He wont put first responders in harm’s way. Good luck to you. Hope you can get your flight out on Monday.


  15. Mark McQueen says:

    Latest…120mph. Cat 3. Expected to continue to veer SW.


    • Dixie says:

      Surprised they didn’t add that it was going to strengthen just so we wouldn’t be too relieved……..


      • Mark McQueen says:

        This was just current conditions from TWC. Winds have dropped 20mph in the past several hours. I don’t think they know how strong or how much it might move south. Inland rainfall will still be a big threat though.

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        • WeThePeople2016 says:

          They don’t know. The guy, Bernie, from AccuWeather was not convinced today about the moving south trend. He said that may happen, we don’t know. He kept pointing out that the storm will stall off the coast of NC for days before it moves. He said he cannot understate the ramifications of it stalling to the region. He also said it is going to go back up to a Cat. 4 before it makes landfall. I am afraid that some forecasters are jumping the gun with the drifting theory and now some people in the NC/VA region are not going to take it as seriously as they should.

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        • MaineCoon says:

          MIke of Mike’s Weather Page said not to be concerned about the drop in wind, because that won’t make much difference in the rain since it is lingering. He said that dropping Category in this instance will be deceptive. Practically said to ignore that. Said ~85% of hurricane related deaths are due to water not wind. Nothing has really changed, per Mike. This makes sense to me.

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  16. bcsurvivor2 says:

    Here’s the thing. imho….
    After having experienced numerous hurricanes here in Florida, and growing up on a beach in the USVI, hurricane David in NJ, blizzards and tornadoes in iowa and blizzards NJ, earthquakes in San Jose, CA…. You just have to know the strength of your house, where you sit with regards to flooding, the infrastructure around you ie: is there a dam, a river, a levee, are you on high ground? It is all situational. AND if you are undecided about to stay or leave THEN just LEAVE.
    Listen to your gut feelings.
    I live in a mobile home. The home has been here since 1985…..it has seen plenty of weather and it is still standing. No harm done. At all.
    But we know our particular situation.
    Soooo, again being prepared for the aftermath is as important as being in the storm itself. Have cell phone numbers for your neighbors. During Irma my neighbors left and actually had a more difficult time up north but I was able to tell them that their homes were ok. A small thing but much appreciated.
    Don’t forget your furbabies, they are scared too…


  17. bcsurvivor2 says:

    By the way Sundance,
    You were incredibly awesome during and after Irma. If I didnt say thanks I am doing so now.
    God bless You!!!!


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