Federal DOJ Arrests Five New Mexico Terror Training Suspects After Multiple Local Charges Dropped…

Thankfully, it looks like lawful common sense has interceded…

New Mexico – The FBI on Friday announced that it has arrested all five of the New Mexico compound suspects, just days after multiple charges were dropped against those involved. The suspects were charged with violating federal firearms and conspiracy laws.

The announcement comes as local prosecutors dropped charges in the death of a 3-year-old boy at the property. Taos County District Attorney Donald Gallegos said Friday his office will now seek grand jury indictments involving the death. Gallegos said seeking indictments will allow more time to gather evidence.

“The defendants, Jany Leveille, 35, a Haitian national illegally present in the United States, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 40, Hujrah Wahhaj, 37, Subhanah Wahhaj, 35, and Lucas Morton, 40, are charged in a criminal complaint that was filed earlier today in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Mexico,” the bureau said in a statement.

“The criminal complaint charges Jany Leveille with being an alien unlawfully in possession of firearms and ammunition in the District of New Mexico from Nov. 2017 through Aug. 2018,” the bureau said. “The criminal complaint charges the other four defendants with aiding and abetting Leveille in committing the offense, and with conspiring with Leveille to commit the offense.”  (read more)

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154 Responses to Federal DOJ Arrests Five New Mexico Terror Training Suspects After Multiple Local Charges Dropped…

  1. patrickhenrycensored says:

    Put them on a BUS to Gitmo.

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    • patrickhenrycensored says:

      The New Waterboarding.

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    • lastinillinois says:

      Or just shoot ’em where they stand.

      We’re going to end up paying to raise the kids anyway, might as well get some satisfaction out of it.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Regrettably those same kids that have been trained to kill will be avenging what Americans did to their parents. I pray that I am wrong but my gut tells me we haven’t heard the last of them.

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        • czarowniczy says:

          There are more of these Moslem compounds scattered around the country than this one, lots more. The FBI has primary responsibility for surveilling them…when they’re not carrying out a coup against the sitting president…but they can’t sit on them all.
          That said, if we just turn in our guns,show our bellies and accept a few hits on the way to inclusion everything should be alright in the long run.

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          • Zimbalistjunior says:

            These situations are what FISA is made for. For radical Muslim terrorists. Not for election campaigns.

            Let’s ditch the political correctness already. It’s like the TSA stopping and frisking the 90 year old grandma in the wheelchair. Marshall your resources in a logical fashion. Do not be a slave to PC crap.

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            • icndark says:

              That ship has sailed…

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            • Zimbalist – EXCELLENT.

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            • czarowniczy says:

              In a number of states you go to jail if you give a child a gun and let it use it unsupervised yet we willingly let the man-children we are supposed to supervise give themselves guns.

              Yeah, two weeks ago I flew to Dallas. I have TSA Precheck (shorter line, don’t have to remove vshoes/belt) and as I walked up the TSA puke is yelling out for any Precheck folks with joint/hip replacements or other metal in their bodies to take off their shoes/belt, put them thru the x-ray (there were no trays to do so) and get ready for acwanding/pat down. I go thru – beeeeeeep- my suspenders have metal. I can either take them off (they’re under my shirt so I’d basically have to undress) or go for a pat down…
              Now I had unbroken TS/SCI clearance for nearly 30 years, had accesses the TSA clerks had never heard of, including presidential access at one time, and TSA Precheck but the clerk tells ,me that’s irrelevant as TSA believes that even their cleared clients could try to smuggle a gun or bomb onboard an aircraft. WTF, over?

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              • josephnak says:

                People like you “try to smuggle firearms” all the time (read: 1-2 cases per year in the whole United States). Usually because you’ve stopped thinking about carrying long ago and didn’t think about it until you got to the checkpoint. And then those people go to jail.


                • czarowniczy says:

                  While I was still on the SO I could go to a class and get cleared to carry on a civilian airliner, yet as soon as that second hand on the clock passed midnight on the day I retired I was no longer deemed fit nor qualified to do so. Go figure.


            • Osugagal says:

              Zimbalist, love your user name. Wonder how many of the “younger” treepers know the meaning. I loved that show and really thought it was a true portrayal of the FBI. So sad what the bureau has become.

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            • RoddREpub says:

              OMG you are so right. I will never forget when flying out of O’Hare once they stopped this couple liver spots and all who looked like they were headed back to the old country to call it a day. They stopped them frisked them, but the Muslim guy walked right through! Wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!

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          • sat0422 says:

            It’s just like when your county sheriff looks the other way when a rural “night club” carries out prostitution and drug selling under the ruse of music and dancing. It goes on all over American and the sheriff is paid off. In our county, I was told that he allows the business as long as they don’t take it into the community or streets. That brings attention and he, the sheriff, doesn’t want attention.

            My brother has faced off with a sheriff who would not answer calls to come out to his house when local thugs target him and his wife. Seems that my brother, a former county elected official, was responsible for bringing “Crime Stoppers” to his small town. Well, that just puts pressure for the local law to do their job…..a job that when not done yields them under the table money. See how it works….now my brother is the bad guy.
            Citizens Beware!

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            • czarowniczy says:

              It’s not only rural – the sheriff in a major NOLA bedroom parish was ‘rumored’ to have been involved in protecting local vice rackets. New Orleans had, for well over 100 years, two seperate elected sheriffs, the city PD and other jurisdictions giving the city around a dozen LEAs counting state and Federal yet crime was as abundant as water.
              As for rural, our neighboring Mississippi county had its sheriff and some deputies arrested by the FBI for being active members of the Dixie Mafia.
              Oh, and NOPD still has two of its ex-members on death row for murder.
              It’s all too easy for LEA, like politicians, to turn bad if the people don’t supervise them.


        • Kenji says:

          But … their black lives matter more than whatever they may end up doing to your white children’s lives.

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        • agentcommonsense says:

          They said the 12 children one dead found at the compound are children of the terrorist.. I wonder if they all really are ?

          Why did the New Mexico FBI observe the compound for a month and still no action so the local police and SWAT went in ?
          The FBI is so messed up, really messed up

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        • moe ham head says:

          thats why it might sound bad but the kids have to go as well

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      • M. Mueller says:

        They’ll probably end up handing the kids off to “people of their culture” who can then finish their training! Yeah, I know, I’m getting more negative by the day.

        Smile, smile, smile. Ok, better.

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      • Deplore Able says:

        Please, we have to give them a fair trial before we shoot them.

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    • Sunshine says:

      That’s where they belong for the rest of their life for what they did to these children, These people are fully indoctrinated with no possibility of return.

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    • mikebrezzze says:

      Truck em to gitmo like the pigs they are!

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    • Steve says:

      It’s so good of the FBI to take time off from their attempts to destroy DJT to actually do their job!

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  2. bkrg2 says:


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  3. andyocoregon says:

    Liberal New Mexico State Judges won’t be able to release them on OR this time. Charges will not be dismissed. These are federal charges and they’ll go to prison.


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  4. L4grasshopper says:

    Sessions must have wakened from another nap…….

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    • Chris Four says:

      I doubt it. The US Attorney for NM would be the one to pull the trigger.

      “The Albuquerque Division of the FBI investigated the case, with the assistance of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives, the Taos County Sheriff’s Office, and the 8th Judicial District Attorney’s Office. Assistant U.S. Attorney George C. Kraehe is prosecuting the case. ”

      “John C. Anderson became the 46th U.S. Attorney for the District of New Mexico on February 23, 2018. President Donald J. Trump nominated Mr. Anderson to be U.S. Attorney in November 2017, and the U.S. Senate unanimously confirmed his nomination”

      US Justice

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    • MB224 says:

      Sessions has been wide awake. If you’re falling for this act it means the enemies are totally clueless about what he’s doing, what Trump is doing and why they’re doing it. If you notice Sessions has been a hawk on immigration issues and now on issues like this.


  5. Rex says:

    Don’t know if this is good news or bad.
    We may have been better of with vigilance committee justice.

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  6. andyocoregon says:

    I wonder if I could get the three women temporarily released on October 31st so I could use them as part of my Halloween display. They could chase little kids around my front yard scaring them into dropping their candy. They’d make great spooks.

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  7. Paul Strauss says:

    Yeah, um- thanks guys. But weren’t they the bunch that missed what was going on here? With the current state of the FBI, who knows? They might have been running the camp, and this is just another cover up operation. Hopefully not, but can anyone tell me it’s a totally absurd thought? Sad that it’s not that far-fetched given what we know about the FBI.

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    • JasonD says:

      Nah, this case has received far to much sunlight, and they covered up the death of a 3yo kid – no way to bury this one now (I think, anyway).

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    • Newton Love says:

      The FBI office in Albuquerque “took charge” of the horrible “Muslim compound” fiasco, forbidding any Law Enforcement from even surveiling the place.

      Finally, AFTER 4 MONTHS of FBI stalling, the Sheriff of that county ordered his Deputies to, “on my authority” raid the compound. They found starving children who were being brainwashed into becoming school shooters.

      When asked why they stalled for 4 months (while the children starved) the FBI ABQQ said, because it is FBI Policy to not offend Muslims.

      So, being “politically correct” is more important to the “rank-and-file” FBI Agents in the field, than violations of American Law. There are your “rank-and-file” in action!

      The Sheriff was able to get MANY State counts filed against those criminals. But the Liberal State Judge in NM dropped the charges!

      That allowed the DoJ to save some face by getting Federal charges filed against that Islamic Terrorist cell.

      But don’t you liberals fret! Sessions and Rosenstain will make sure that they instruct the Federal Prosecutor to make it look good, but to screw up royally, so that the molly-coddled terrorists are let loose again!

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    • littlequilterkitty says:

      Paul, I was thinking the same thing. The FBI needed to get these people away from any one asking questions so they could put a lid on the story about these people training kids to shoot American kids in our schools. The purpose of training these kids to kill Americans is to justify taking guns away from law abiding American citizens. This should still be a top news story, but it isn’t.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        Watch the Bureau change the narrative to: “The children were being taught to shoot in self defense in case they were attacked in school by armed Mormon missionaries”.


  8. got243kids says:


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  9. starfcker says:

    Common Sense may have interceded, but what happened here in the first place? Who are these prosecutors? Why are they so corrupt or inept? What about these judges? Why wasn’t coming since applied in the first place?

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  10. RyderLee says:

    I’m Surprised they were Still Around to Be arrested !
    Very glad to know that they were .
    This was a Horror Story from the get-go .
    Highest Regards and Thanks to the Officials who made this happen .

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  11. V.I.G. says:

    FBI, just trying to have a sit down with their Operatives

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  12. JIM says:

    Was this whole release and recapture orchestrated so that the FBI can save face?

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  13. scott467 says:

    “Gallegos said seeking indictments will allow more time to gather evidence.”


    Yeah, except the FIB already BULLDOZED the evidence, destroying the crime scene.

    Same as they do at school shootings, church shootings, etc.

    I mean, if the FIB is NOT actively involved in perpetrating these terrorist false-flag events, they really should be. Nobody is doing a better job facilitating these mass-casualty events than the FIB.

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  14. scott467 says:

    “The criminal complaint charges Jany Leveille with being an alien unlawfully in possession of firearms and ammunition in the District of New Mexico from Nov. 2017 through Aug. 2018,” the bureau said. “The criminal complaint charges the other four defendants with aiding and abetting Leveille in committing the offense, and with conspiring with Leveille to commit the offense.”


    I knew they could do it, if they just gave it the old college try!

    Considering the way the FIB manufactures charges against white people who have done nothing wrong, this should have been easy!

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    • scott467 says:

      I mean, it’s obviously periphery charges, intentionally avoiding anything substantive.

      Where is the charge of engaging in terrorism against the United States?

      Where is the charge of murder of the 3-year old?

      Where is the charge of child abuse and child neglect?

      The best they can do is charge an illegal alien with having a gun, and charge the other four militants with aiding and abetting an illegal alien possessing a firearm?

      If it had been me in that compound, they would STILL be coming up with charges, and they wouldn’t be wasting their time on penny ante ‘aiding and abetting an illegal alien’, they would be going for the death penalty.

      But that’s because I’m white. And a native born American. Different rules apply.

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      • Disgusted says:

        Making the Haitian woman illegal the big bad one RATHER than the son of the New York Imam gives everything a strange new twist. Taking a pro Muslim slant like he was only following HER? I find this new look to be very upsetting. Like it was HER who organized and facilitated the guns and creepy compound ? Bizarre! All three of the women look like they were slaves for the men. That Haitian woman was NOT the legitimate ringleader they seem to be implicating as such. Maybe her voodoo thing was responsible for the child death.

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        • scott467 says:

          “Taking a pro Muslim slant like he was only following HER?”



          The only time an islamic male follows a woman is if she’s trying to escape.

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          • Covadonga says:

            ^^^^ Like ^^^^

            In Shari’a, the moral and spiritual value of a Muslim female is one-half that of a Muslim male.

            This applies to inheritance (last will & testament,) testimony in court, the whole nine yards.


        • Molly Pitcher says:

          On the fisrt or second thread here I put links to the article but can’t find it now…who knew muslims were so superstitious…the guy was using a guide for exorcism The Sword …of something.
          There was also a link to Wahhaj being flagged by fbi in atlanta for the amount of arms training he was taking.
          This is a joke if they’re saying he wasn’t the head of this crew.


        • paper doll says:

          “The son of the New York Imam”.
          I think that is the key to a lot of the questions and the irregularities. For all we know these arrests could be a case of protective custody. Oh and how many other such compounds are there?


    • czarowniczy says:

      Still waiting for the charges of violating the civil rights of the 3 year old when they killed him. They pulled those charges on NOPD officers after the state tried them for Katrina-related shootings and they were found ‘not guilty’. Some local progs were pissed they got off – on multiple trials – and went to DC to get Holder to file civil rights charges against them.
      In this case we have far more POC than the Feds had in Katrina so why the delay?


  15. GB Bari says:

    This will be one to watch. Is this just for show, hoping we all forget about it in the near future?
    Hope that some reporters are going to keep an eye on our favorite LEA (/sarc) and how they proceed with this case.

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  16. PaulM says:

    I suspect what we’re blaming on incompetance is really the locals way of making sure the Feds pick up the tab. Somebody has to pay for housing them and transporting to court, medical treatment, etc. Probably a good call on the locals/state part so they don’t bankrupt the county.

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    • scott467 says:

      “Probably a good call on the locals/state part so they don’t bankrupt the county.”


      If so, then it sounds like they’re already morally and intellectually bankrupt, why not go for the trifecta?

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  17. TreeClimber says:

    Jeff? Is that you?

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  18. Braveboy says:

    There is something spooky-scary going on here, IMHO. The bigger question our intellectual friends, and the country, should be asking is why did the FBI arrest them? Now several doors are closed and maybe on purpose? A high level surveillance team could have tracked for several months and gathered intelligence such as other cells, contacts etc…….If they tried to flee then arrest them at the gate.
    Now other Americans may be danger.


    • Chris Four says:

      Your questions raises a much larger issue. What the hell is US counter terrorism doing? This group didn’t show up on their radar? Sounds like a CIA black op.

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  19. Brant says:

    I live in Georgia. I bet crossing state lines was about the only way the FEDs could get involved.

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  20. Justice Warrior says:

    Thank God! Charges need to be leveled against the judge that let them off! What a traitor!


  21. Are we seeing light at the end of the tunnel with the DOJ?

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  22. Maquis says:



  23. Kenji says:

    OK … “arrested” by the DOJ. Where are they? In Federal (pound you in the ass) Prison? Out on their own recognizance promising to show up Tuesday … cross their hearts? WTH? The DOJ is still practicing Hands-off Islamic sharia justice? Black Muslim Justice? Smh. Sessions is a limp dick.


  24. Patriot1783 says:

    FBI trying to now save face?

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  25. roger scott says:

    what evidence – most was bulldozed or destroyed


  26. czarowniczy says:

    The Feds have that all purpose tool in their prosecutorial tool bag – civil rights violation. They can even file against the garbage the judge and prosecutors screwed up on and turned loose. And while they’re at it the Feds might want to drop a dime and call the state’s child welfare services about the conditions the kids are living under.

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  27. TNGal says:

    Only the best and the brightest! I am sure that they are all Class Valedictorians.


  28. Gman says:

    Hmm, no breaking news on my local newscasts, it’s like whatever. Like reverse Waco.

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  29. Howie says:

    Illegal Aliens are all fugitives. Harboring any of them is a crime.


  30. Annie says:

    does anyone know..who or how “someone” called from inside the compound called on a cell phone to say they were starving and they needed help. I swear I have read a lot about this, but I do not remember if that was ever addressed..


    • Molly Pitcher says:

      They has cell or maybe SAT phones because the brother of the Haitian one said he talked to his sister frequently and even was aware that the little boy had died.
      They probably had generators


  31. Mary Ann says:

    Was the compound disguised as a used tire warehouse?
    I pray for the children who have been indoctrinated to hate.. The 3 year old is in God’s hands where there is only love..


    • nimrodman says:

      Yeah, my similar thought was “that’s a lot of work to have acquired all those tires, got ’em out there to the desert, and stacked ’em up like that.”

      And some money to have bought them and trucked them out.

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  32. Molly Pitcher says:

    One of the women in the New Mexico compound reached out to a family friend with a desperate message for help, expressing danger of starvation.

    Abdur-Rashid Al-Amin, an Islamic counselor in Georgia, said that message sent to him was the tip authorities used to raid the compound in rural New Mexico on August 3.

    Continents and regions

    Misc people

    New Mexico

    North America

    Siraj Wahhaj

    Southwestern United States

    Subhannah Wahhaj

    The Americas

    United States

    Hujrah Wahhaj

    Jany Leveille

    Families and children

    Family life


    Amin told CNN he received a friend request on Facebook around July 31 from Subhannah Wahhaj, one of the women who was found in the compound and subsequently charged with child abuse.

    When he accepted her Facebook request, she requested confidentiality and then cash.

    “I am desperately in need of $400 in order to save myself from starvation,” according to the message she sent Amin. “Again, I wouldn’t ask if I truly didn’t need it.”

    Since 2009, Amin had been a friend of the Wahhaj family. Amin said he had previously counseled several of the adults found at the New Mexico compound, including Subhannah Wahhaj, her husband Lucas Morten, her brother Siraj Wahhaj and Siraj Wahhaj’s partner, Jany Leveille.

    He said he also knew that members of her family, including Siraj and her sister Hujrah, had cut ties with their Georgia friends and families, right around the time Siraj’s young son, Abdul-Ghani had disappeared.

    “I was trying to ascertain [Abdul-Ghani’s] location,” Amin said about their exchange. The messages were entered into evidence in court this week.

    Subhannah Wahhaj’s request also said: “The money is to fight starvation.”

    In response to her request, Amin said he told her, “I’m not going to just send that money to someone and take it away from my family if I’m not even sure it’s actually you.”

    So, he said, he started asking questions to get their location.

    During their exchange, she gave him an address of a gas station in New Mexico.

    After obtaining that information, Amin said he reached out to her father, Imam Siraj Wahhaj in New York, and connected with the Clayton County Police. The information was relayed to authorities in New Mexico, he said. The compound was searched on August 3.

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    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Sorry for the unedited C & P

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      • nimrodman says:

        Thx for the apology.

        Until scrolling down and seeing it, I was wondering if that long list of double-spaced descriptors was Q speak and we’d have to ask one of the adherents to de-code it for us.


        • Molly Pitcher says:

          haha no Q decoder manual necessary.
          I thought I had read everything written on this but when i stumbled on it and saw it was details i hadn’t seen before…rushed over to post and screwed it all up!

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          • nimrodman says:

            I’m laughing wit ya, molly

            I was just making fun of the cryptic list of seemingly unrelated topics with no explanation. Looked like a Q post, that cryptic syntax.

            It looks like you copied a paragraph or couple from a web page and the list is all the “see also” topics from somewhere on the page that got grabbed by your copy.

            good for a laugh, at any rate, thx


    • singular says:

      Thank you, Molly. Oddly, I have trouble reading long twitter threads, but I had no trouble with this, and I am blind, and my computer uses speech. Very interesting background info.

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  33. Donna in Oregon says:

    I read all the comments here. Yes, the whole thing is suspicious. Posters don’t trust the DOJ/FBI/CIA or the courts.

    The holidays are coming. My fear is that the Swamp is coordinating another ‘terrorist’ attack on the American people to validate themselves. I call them ‘fundraisers’. Like Boston. Like the World Trade Center. Fundraisers.

    Yes. I do think that the Deep State is that cunning and evil.

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  34. MB224 says:

    Too early to tell if this is a REAL DOJ arrest or some BS. But all the Sessions doubters stay tuned. Jeff is far from asleep at the wheel. His MIA and Trump’s criticism is by design.


  35. Oh, man! Don’t tell California or New York. Lord knows those clowns will have something to say to protect these Haitian terrorists.

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