Today’s meme …

Congratulations to the Treehouse, and thanks to Stella for the find.

Stella's Place

From Sharyl Attkisson (seen on Twitter)

Notice conservative treehouse?

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192 Responses to Today’s meme …

  1. Patriot tom says:

    Nice job Sundance and Treepers.Good stuff. Been coming here for about 6 months always my go-to first thing in the morning. Sundance is great commenters are close second don’t get all mushy on me Treepers lol.

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  2. Kaiser Derden says:

    have never used Google, Yahoo, Facebook or Twitter to find my news … have always used a Netvibes RSS feed page to track my news … nobody filters baby …


  3. SickRick says:

    First stop in the AM for YEARS (thanks Trayvon). Breitbart, Legal Insurrection.

    We should be HIGHER UP. OTOH – the more well-known we are – the more TROLLS we will have to contend with.

    Just sayin’.





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  5. JAS says:

    Interesting to see that she sees MSNBC as way far let than CNN. But we already knew that 🙂

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  6. Lactantius says:

    Conservative Tree House has been placed to the right of Infowars in the “extreme” slot mirroring Salon and Columbia Journalism Review on the radical left. That seems to signal that CTH is judged to be more of a “conspiratorial” food source than a legitimate site. To my eyes, there is not any other site which compares with the solid investigation and analysis which appears on this site. What’s up with that?

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  7. dianeax says:

    On the map! I don’t post much but it’s my go-to place for news. I don’t bother with going anywhere else unless there’s a link in the treehouse!

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  8. CNN_sucks says:

    Dunno about HotAir? They are nevertrumper.

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    • prairierose123 says:

      I thought “Red State” was nevertrumper too and I thought they were done and closed down their crummy (very negative to MAGA) website. Hmmmm….

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  9. oncefired says:

    Noticed it before I read your question asking if I noticed…..Big Congratulations that was earned with a lot of Hard Work on Your Part and Well Deserved! I would have moved you up higher because I visit this site long before anything up above!

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  10. Reloader says:

    I agree that CTH has News 2-3 days before Fox, et al. Every Morning, I stroll past the Examiner, AmericanThinker, badblue and whatfinger on my way HERE. I note that badblue, whatfinger and sparta report are not shown. (and what’s wrong with page formatting at AmericanThinker?)

    Isn’t Real Clear Politics owned & operated by the Chinese?

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  11. Steve Summar says:

    Love Sharyl…and CTH…WWG1WGA

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  12. teeheeman says:

    Nice! Real nice!! CTH rocks baby!!!


  13. Gary says:

    HotAir- Out
    Ace of Spade HQ- In

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  14. moonpup says:


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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      Just went to etsy and looked up the shop from which I ordered the Lion Logo “because this isn’t working any more” t-shirts to link for moonpup. Couldn’t find the etsy store any more or the t-shirts. Guess that was just a one off for the election. We still have ours and wear them to President Trump events!


      • Katherine McCoun says:

        These were neat. No longer available but we really treasure ours. Thanks to whoever made these! And, yes, fun to have more shirts! But do we really want the general public to know? Lovely to have a semi community here and “real” conversations without constant snark and arguments (unless AG mentioned! ha)


  15. Roy jennings says:

    Yee ha. Keep up the correct good work


  16. Congrats to SD!
    American Greatness is a good conservative site too..Julie Kelly writes some good articles and VDH often writes for them too.

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  17. Linus in W.PA. says:

    When I engage with libs/leftists/democrats/fb-friends, I no longer post any links to back up what I’m talking about, or saying.

    When asked for ‘links’ or other back-up material for my assertions, I comment that I won’t post any links, and for the person to go and search for themselves. After they try to reply that I have no basis, I tell them that they would not believe any single thing I link to, and that the only way for them to learn is to find the information for themselves.

    It’s a slog though!!!

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  18. B says:

    It should be TOP RIGHT


  19. jmclever says:

    When Breitbart became a threat to the establishment, they went on a smear campaign calling them an alt-right white supremacist site.

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  20. Skip says:

    SD. Been here since before Travon. Wish there were two of you.


  21. Troublemaker10 says:

    Ok. We have the left/right graph.

    Now they need to add the Google/Twitter/FB filters (shadow banning, algorithms, quality filters) and see if there is anything left on the right side of the graph. Just sayin’….


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  22. Justice says:

    Regarding ABC Network: I’d like add that John Goodman saying Rosanne isn’t a racist doesn’t stand. If he believes that, he should not proceed with the show until she’s brought back.

    Nope. They all go on without her and that reveals who they really are. Trump haters…gutless to the core, including John. He has absolutely no courage whatsoever.

    It proves NONE of them care about her and are selfishly, ignorantly, feeding off of her show after throwing her under the bus. This evil is being exposed every single day, because of Trump.

    These people are sick vipers. Hey, John! Quit the damn show if you are so confident she’s not a racist.


  23. Fools Gold says:

    I got here during the Trump R primary. I was looking for factual information with opinions based on facts. Sundance has continued to amaze me since day 1!


  24. apfelcobbler says:

    Between AIM and CR … that’s a nice branch of her tree!


  25. tuskyou says:

    Conservative Treehouse is #1 on my graphic 🙂

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  26. kea says:

    Treehouse is my #1 go to site. Thanks to whoever posted the link to the treehouse in a BB comment.

    I’m side eyeing the DM… TBH


  27. SteveC says:

    Personally, I’d shift that line to the right… to about where the ‘E’ in Fox News is.
    And as other’s have commented there are several where the originator is either being very kind or they are looking at different ‘content’ than I see.


  28. D. Bag says:

    No /pol/? I am sad, disgusting as it may be.


  29. churchmouse says:

    Original source tweet for meme of the day — Sharyl Attkisson:

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  30. Steven Levesque says:

    The Weekly Standard got a pretty conservative rating🤣😂😂. Kristol is a joke.


  31. dayallaxeded says:

    TCTH should be above the arrows, where the Sonshine is truth unobstructed and truth has no agenda! Still great recognition! Congrats to SD and all management!


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