Jim Jordan Discusses Bruce Ohr Testimony….

House Judiciary Committee Representative Jim Jordan appears on Fox News with Lou Dobbs to discuss the testimony of DOJ Official Bruce Ohr.

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272 Responses to Jim Jordan Discusses Bruce Ohr Testimony….

  1. truthbomb says:

    Interesting Chan drops by alleged insider attending the Ohr hearing yesterday – “no one survives this”:

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  2. Everyone-
    George Web has more details on Derepaska, Steel, and the two Ohrs.
    He details it out like nobody. On youtube. Just google George Webb


  3. David says:

    Can’t imagine that it is coincidence CIA is running Spanberger for Congress at this critical juncture.


  4. radioman46 says:

    Two Ohrs in the water, means the boat is moving forward!


  5. Madi says:

    We need to see someone in orange jumpsuit now.
    Below is a 20 minutes clip talking about Cohen and Lenny Davis lie .


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