No Thanks To a Poop Patrol Career. And The City That Needs It.

Over at Stella’s Place she mentioned the  Poop Patrol in San Francisco. It has salary and benefits worth $184,687. The article from Zero Hedge reveals the following figures.


  • A $72.5 million-a-year street cleaning budget
  • $12 million a year on what essentially have become housekeeping services for homeless encampments
  • $2.8 million for a Hot Spots crew to wash down the camps and remove any biohazards
  • $2.3 million for street steam cleaners
  • $3.1 million for the Pit Stop portable toilets
  • $364,000 for a four-member needle team
  • An additional $700,000 set aside for a 10-member, needle cleanup squad, complete with it’s own minivan

This article, combined with some deragatory comments I saw on Quora a few weeks ago made me reflect a little bit. This is from my comment over at Stella’s.

No joke at all, I’m betting that 180,000 plus dollars in SF would not come close to giving me the standard of living I enjoy in my dot on the map that elites turn their noses up at.

I saw one of those stupid comments from liberals a few weeks ago about the “proof” that we who lived in red states are really lower IQ, hicks, unsophisticated, yada yada, on and on. I have to give it to them, they named off several truths about things we don’t have, including mass transit, availability of goods and services, etc. plus more crap stuff that they made up in their tiny minds.

Here is the thing though. I don’t want a bus to pull up at the end of my driveway. I don’t want a train passing my house. I don’t give two craps about how far away Whole Foods is. I actually do go to plays occasionally, as well as other forms of entertainment both high and low brow. I’m just fine driving a ways to enjoy them. I have been known to drive even a couple of hours to go to a museum. It didn’t kill me.

I really, really don’t give a hoot that there is no college in my town. There are some good ones in all four directions, two of which are only a half hour away. Also, news flash, I could go online and get educated by some top universities. Or I could go online and learn a new language, refresh my calculus skills, learn to play a guitar, or how to knit.

I have what they can never have in their fifth floor apartment on a bustling noise filled street. I have very fresh air, cold and absolutely delicious well water, the likes of which I’ve never tasted anywhere else. I have a bajillion trees surrounding me, every night I see thousands of real stars, not city lights.

I get to see lots of deer, turkey, and we won’t even count the horses, cows, goats, sheep, and ducks and geese that I still find nice to be neighbors with. Sometimes the donkey across the road brays and it always makes me smile. Last year for about three months we had some kind of cat who came around and yowled at night, came through about every three weeks. My favorite thing is watching the hawks fly right through the trees, somehow zigging and zagging and swooping through the woods. I put up with the coons, loathe the squirrels and chipmunks and mice and scorpions, am kind of glad about the possums (tick eaters) and don’t mind snakes and spiders too much.

For every satisfied liberal who really looks down on those of us who choose not to live our lives in the city, I simply can’t think of anything at all I’d want to add to my life. I can go find what they have. I don’t think they can have any of those things, short of mice, spiders, maybe a lost snake or two, that I care about.

I comprehend that they don’t want what I have, and I don’t look down on them for it. They cannot say the same.

And if anyone were to poop on the sidewalks of my little town, I really believe the cops couldn’t get there before someone, maybe even a little old lady, beat the absolute crap out of them. Then there would be God knows how many charges against them, but I guarantee you public indecency would be at the top of the list, and a judge would very likely send them to jail for at least a few weeks.

Upon further reflection, I can say without exaggeration that I believe there would be several citizens who would make sure to be in court to make their outrage heard.

And I really like that too.

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365 Responses to No Thanks To a Poop Patrol Career. And The City That Needs It.

  1. AceODale says:

    Late to the party but here to say the the desire for country living is not necessarily an age thing. I, for one, have never been attracted to cities. A brother lives in the Seattle area and another is in Nashville, but I’ve never lived in a place with more than 50K people at a time.

    As others have already observed and delineated, we were never meant to live piled on top of each other.

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    • Fire Dog says:

      The San Francisco dilemma is contrived.

      When conservatives had had enough of the liberals’ abusive taxation and social engineering to destroy American cultural values of morals and ethics, conservatives will REOPEN insane asylums, and drug rehabilitation centers, then ENFORCE the inhabitants (and their families) to pay for the costs of “room, board, and biomedical treatments.”

      It is time patriots restore TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND HONOR to the Republic.

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    • Helen Pearson Souza says:

      For 43 years I lived in a town of 1500 people. Volunteer fire, County sheriff under contract, no restaurants, one doctor and one drug store, one high school. We have lived for eight years in a town of 50,000 because we need to be closer to our children. We used to take trips to LA and SF for museums, plays and restaurants. We don’t anymore because of the failing infrastructure of these cities. We have found many cultural wonders within one hour of our home without venturing into these cess pools. This will be what brings them down and it can’t happen too soon. Can anyone spell Venezuela?


  2. And one of the biggest advantages to living in a small rural community….you are not surrounded by Democrats.

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    • Kris Langley says:

      By moving out of Anchorage, itself, I still have a lot of Democrats living in the area.
      But, they’re old-school Democrats – not progressive idjits.

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    • Iamcat says:

      Yes ! It’s wonderful! We moved from Dallas to rural east Texas and we have never been so happy.

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      • Welcome to East Texas, Cat. I too love it here. I have to drive nearly 30 miles to the closest gas station or grocery store. So I only go to town a couple of times a month and rush hour may have 4 or 5 vehicles on the road. Lovin every bit of it.

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    • unconqueredone says:

      You might be surrounded by them, but they are not Dimocrats. They voted Trump and still have the signs in their yard and bumper sticker on their truck. They paint Hillary for Prison 2016 on their vehicle windows. They HATE elites with a passion.

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    • ScoutBird says:

      True. Libtards can have their urban poop & needle filled utopia. Glad to see all these nutcases crowded into a few locations. The rest of us can enjoy life while they rail about how evil America is, when in truth, it is they that are filled with evil & live with systemic corruption they in fact voted for.

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  3. Greg says:

    Sounds like we could be neighbors, I live in rural Missouri. I drive 15 minutes to get a gallon of milk with only one stop sign just before the store. I lease my land out to the Amish, that Amish buggy traffic can sometimes add a minute or two to the trip. I’d rather be poor and live where I’m at than be rich and live in any city. Both of my kids moved to the city when they left home, in about a year they came back.

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    • booger71 says:

      I think I live fairly close to you too Greg, by the way, an Amish crew framed our new house. They did an exceptional job.

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    • Cyber says:

      I live in SW Missouri in a town that is smallish compared to KC or St. Louis, but still big enough to have lots of conveniences. We have a fox that comes around, tons of deer, possums, all sorts of wildlife. And I live just in the city limits. Oh, and no poop downtown.

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    • It took me about 7 years living in Houston to finally return home. Don’t get me wrong. The Texans are great folks and I made a lot of ‘kicker’ friends. Once the glitter of the city lights wears thin, you realize how cities really suck.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Spent 50 years in Chicagoland before moving back up North.
      Seen a couple of bears last week when I was decorating some graves at an old country graveyard. Two of my cousins from Orlando Florida were with me.
      They were making a big deal out of seeing a couple of small bears, it kind of freaked them out. Perfect timing I guess.


  4. Lactantius says:

    The “red” counties have their “blue” pockets and the blue areas are generally urban in nature. “Urbane” (cultivated, worldly, cultured) and “urban” are linguistically connected to the town or city as opposed to rural and countrified.

    Our values and traditions arise in the country and we get “refinement” and “culture” from our urban areas. Like it or not, it is the fact that “civilization” builds cities and they are distinctly different in culture from the countryside.

    Oswald Spengler wrote “The Decline of the West” just after WWI. With a clear, but skeptical eye, he addressed socialism: “Everyone demands something of the rest. ….. In the ethics of the West everything is direction, claim to power ….. You ‘shall’, the State ‘shall’, society ‘shall’….”

    In his appraisal of “culture”, Spengler writes of “ethical” socialism instead of “economic” socialism. He calls it a “morale” which means that it is the cultural imperative of how one must behave. Spengler writes: “If we allow that Socialism is that world-feeling which seeks to carry out its own views on behalf of us all, then we are all without exception, willingly or no, wittingly or no, Socialists.”

    Spengler addresses pre-existing religion, calling Socialism “the great Sacrament of personal contrition. Will-to-power even in ethics, the passionate striving to set up a proper morale as a universal truth, and to enforce it upon humanity, to reinterpret or overcome or destroy everything otherwise constituted — nothing is more characteristically our own than this (Socialism) is.”

    In the Morale of Socialism, the city is the high source of “culture” and the country is where people “cling” to tradition. Among the “quaint” traditions is the outmoded practice of religion, the Ten Commandments, and doing unto others, but only if you are moved to do so. It is the sophisticated elite (city mouse) contrasted with the rustic little people (country mouse).

    Spengler pretty much has it pegged. The Socialists are full of what they will abide and what they will not abide and yours is not to reason why, yours is but to get with the program. Damn it!!! (Just so there is no confusion, Oswald Spengler was very much opposed to socialism. Nonetheless, within ten years of his writing, Nazi socialist Germany did everything he said about socialism, including setting up a form of state religion.)

    Of course, any sentient person understands that power abhors a vacuum. Socialists are not going to automatically gel like lemmings, they have to be herded by an authoritarian source. A good little Socialist goes along with the program and never has a thought which varies from it. This is how the average liberal arts campus of today operates. All Hail Socialism!!!

    We are a house divided. It is the Socialists vs. the Individualists in the most fundamental terms. Hollyweird and the mainstream media control the culture and individualism that is not directed toward the Socialist imperative is the enemy.

    Many of us, however, are urbanites, but our country roots are so deep that we look upon the Progressives (socialists) with horror and disdain. The Oscars, Emmys, MTV awards are crashing and burning because America has had enough of their pious horseshit and preening disgust with common sense and values oriented common man stuff. We are now engaged in a great civil upheaval, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. The test will determine if this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

    The country can live without the city. The conceit among the citified is that the city can live without the country.

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  5. freedom says:

    It is hard to comprehend that Americans, even if they are California fruits and nuts, would abide this disgusting, disgraceful, unsanitary and uncivilized public pooping. Shame on CA public officials for abiding it without levying fines and jail time. How far can these idiots descend into chaos? And do they not care for their own health? Disgusting.

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    • Hun Driver Widow says:

      The CA elites don’t go anywhere near the feces they created.

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    • mireilleg says:

      It’s not nice to shame CA officials. It really is not under their control. They are afflicted with a debilatating disease part liberalism part TDS. If they were dogs (some are, but let’s ignore it) they would be the equivalent of rabid dogs and would be euthanized. How I wish we could be merciful to these poor humans.


  6. rustybritches says:

    Gosh, I am right there with the rest of you, I live in a small community in Nevada and have a small home and about 1/4 ace which at times being my age, even have a bit of trouble making sure it all gets cleaned up but have big trees and can take my RZR and drive with pups any where in the back forty and that’s just the way i want to keep my life. Do not want to live in any city and have at times in my life done so and hated every min of it…

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  7. Iamcat says:

    Oh well that is the entire country if the Dems win.


  8. Donna in Oregon says:

    When I was a kid our elementary school always had trips to The City. We went to the Japanese Tea Garden and had tea together, California Academy of Sciences, Morrison Planetarium, de Young Museum. Went to all the museums. It was so exciting!

    It was a beautiful city. A great place to visit.

    Now, apparently it’s just a crap hole.

    Glad I moved. I would be sad to go back and see The City and the Bay Area. It was once a great place. It really was.

    I guess an equivalent would be for someone from the mid-west to see The Gateway Arch in Missouri only to realize that the people that built that arch are long gone and their replacements are Liberal Loons running a ghetto.

    We live in the country now, much like what Sundance described. I make a conscious effort every day to appreciate the beauty of nature not the insanity of Liberal Loons. Happiness every day.

    The best way to defeat your enemies is to be happy, every day. God loves a happy warrior 🙂

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  9. wildsailor2018 says:

    Watch a few episodes of the TV shows your teen and older kids like to watch on TV….upset kids who feel ‘squashed’ by their parents (living in a 8000 square foot house) or a group of “poor” college students living in a 3-bedroom apartment in Manhattan.

    I explain to them all the time that the house, apartment, and the rest of these shows depict people with millions of dollars. When they move out they will not live in a penthouse apartment in Manhattan or some mansion with an 8-car garage and brick driveway. Hollywood is setting up our youth for a major disappointment as to what living in the city is like.

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    • 5.0Mustang says:

      So right…I used to live in the NYC met area, and secretly laughed at all the people I met in college (in Pennsylvania) who couldn’t wait to move there – they were all watching “Friends” and “Seinfeld” at the time.


  10. GB Bari says:

    Great article Menagerie. Thank you.

    We all need to be occasionally reminded to be thankful for what we have versus what we might not have, but for the grace of God.

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  11. daughnworks247 says:

    Ohhh Menagerie, your words are perfect. Some people see it, and some die, having never caught a glimpse. I did a 180 degree turn by accident and was blessed for the change.
    Who would ever have the “dream job” of becoming the poop police?
    At 22 I took a transfer to Manhattan, I thought that was what society told me to do. Dream job = Success. Right? By 24, I lived in a penthouse in Miami and was making 2X’s the salary of my executive father. I went home for Christmas with lavish gifts. My well-grounded Marine daddy was furious, but I didn’t understand. Why was he mad at me when I was doing what he wanted and what society told me to do? By 26-27, I was dating a guy back in NYC, and we traveled back and forth on weekends… Success, right? We talked marriage and started house hunting in Westchester. We settled on my dream home, “success, right?”,….. but something happened along the way.
    I stopped at the local mall.
    Mom’s had their kids on leashes, kind of a long telephone cord, so they would not lose their children. What? I asked the boyfriend about it, “too many abductions”, he said, “can’t let them play in the front yard”. As we readied paperwork on the house and planned the wedding, I couldn’t shake the “kids on a leash” image. I broke up with him, fundamental difference on how to raise kids, but I was still too shallow and blind, living in the urban bubble.
    By 28, I made partner, and in a twist of fate, I cashed out. One of us needed to be a lawyer and I was the test-taker. I had enough money to make it about 5 yrs but couldn’t afford to live in a Miami penthouse as a student. My grandfather had just passed, grandma was all alone, and she lived 30 minutes from a good law school. I applied, packed, and moved home to rural life. With my head down, it would be a temporary stint of 2-3 years.
    Culture shock hit me the first week. Grandma wanted me to drive her around town so she could pay her bills “in person”. We were sitting at a stop sign and she complained, “We shouldn’t have gone out at lunchtime – too much traffic”. Three cars in front of us…., traffic? Later on, at the same stop sign, a woman jumped and I was forced to slam on my brakes to avoid an accident. I shot her the bird – typical for NYC and Miami – not so good in Mississippi.
    Obviously, I needed to calm down, quickly.
    The yard was a mess since Grandpa had been ill. I started the reclamation. The fresh air, hard work, and a pasture of horses beckoned. I started riding again. Divine intervention. Grandma longed for fresh tomatoes and I agreed to plant a little garden. Needing lumber, I pulled into the local farmer’s co-op, in my Alpha convertible….they laughed at me.
    The town had a little Arts Council and the silent auction was the biggest event of the year. Of course, Grandma had tickets. I had a date. She cried. I cancelled the date and we went together. I met a guy, who thought I was “full of $hit”. Naturally, we became an item.
    First date, Ducks Unlimited Banquet, down the rabbit hole I went.
    400 guys, drinking heavily, auctioning off guns and bows, exotic hunting trips, and growling. There were three women in the room and it was clearly a test. I loved it. We married and I settled into his world. We bought a B&B and I kissed law school goodbye to raise kids — WITH NO LEASH.
    I learned about farms and farmers, migratory flyways, Johnson Grass and Kudzoo, the best corn, beans and milo, boats, trucks, ‘equipment’, and how to lovvvveee a cotton crop. There’s nothing better than blowing a beaver dam with dynamite.
    As soon as the chores in the house were done, I headed outside. Nothing humbles a person like the land. Similar to Menagerie, we have a family of skunks, coons, bats, “pretty” spiders, deer, a hawk that lives in a tree I refuse to cut down, and our life flows with the seasons. I’m reluctant to come in when the sun sets and there is no place else I would rather be.
    Transformation complete.
    It really doesn’t take much to pop the urban bubble and reset someone’s mind to what is really important in their lives. What we see is the conflict between the media version of success as opposed to what is real success or happiness.
    There’s more than one option.
    Today, guests spend a night here and they wake up as a different person. It’s weird but true. They blow through their alarms so frequently, I had to start asking them what time they HAD to leave so they would not miss appointments. They say, “it’s so quiet here”, and they are shocked by birds and squirrels. I catch them acting like family, taking off their shoes at the front door, bringing their own plates into the kitchen, lingering at the table to talk – to a real person, instead of a phone. Eventually, I catch them sneaking bacon for the dogs.
    We have guests, especially professional women, who hug me hard when they leave. Sometimes they have tears in their eyes because they don’t want to leave… and I understand exactly what they are thinking, and I tear up too. I was there. It makes me wonder what we’ve done to ourselves and why we make the choices we do.
    What are we chasing?

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  12. Wee2low says:

    For me, having liberals look down their nose at me and my rural lifestyle is just fine by me. The further away they are from me and my family the better. I grew up in the Silicon Valley before it became the bastion of postmodernism, Progressive group-think it is today. It was really fun getting into trouble in the hills surrounding the valley. Once .bomb hit the place changed and continued to move toward what it is today (cough, poopville). Moved away to the Sierras 13 years ago, bought a house and started a family. My family and I live on a .5 acre in a modest home that for us is the Ritz. Last night my wife and I were relaxing on the bbq area we just finished and looked up at stars that can’t be seen in may other areas. A friend of mine who I grew up with still lives in SV. He and his wife make about 4 times what my wife and I make. They rent because they can’t afford to buy.

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  13. Anyone who is not envious of where you live and your townsfolk attitude of how certain behaviors should be handled is not a true patriotic American.

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  14. PotP says:

    Some cities just reek. NYC comes to mind.

    Worst part is they are permitted to export their rank trash to landfills in other states.

    Need a “you excrete it, you keep it” Federal law.

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    • Southern Son says:

      Totally relevant to Menagerie’s excellent thread, is Metropolace’s Exporting their Refuse(pc) to Rural areas.
      Railroads supply transport of these Trash Cars, that haul Sewage Sludge to Rural Dumps. These cars Smell strongly of dried urine. There are videos of a small town in Alabama, where a 120 car train of these were Stored, smelling up the Whole Town!
      Full or Empty, they Stank!!
      At a little league bb game, they were bbqing, and said the smell was Not helping their appetite.
      Large cities should be required to Incinerate, or otherwise find a better solution, to Pooping in Our Towns.
      Holding our noses for now…


  15. billsbowl says:

    Re: top picture. Can’t they at least make them wear belts?


  16. Walter Bean says:

    As a Democrat living in a rural area, I agree with the benefits of country living. I also agree with the “about us” section of this site. It makes perfect sense whether you call yourself liberal or conservative. Given the nature of our government, we will always have differing opinions on how much they interfere in our lives. My only issues are when governments seek to impose or eliminate controls at the detriment to our liberties. We are not as free as you think!


    • Michael says:

      We aren’t free at all. It’s a tolerated illusion. We can’t even own real property. Think you own your house free and clear. Try not paying the “rent” to the property tax collectors and see what happens.

      Grinch off.


  17. Suite. D says:

    A country mouse am I. I’ve developed an allergy to big cities. San Franpsycho is in on my list along with cell block #1,NYC, cellblock #2, Chicago and the prison yard, LA. Don’t fence me in. MAGA!!!

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  18. Raven says:

    I’d put on a biohazard suit and spray the crap down their city sewers for $180,000 a year — as long as I can then go home and take a long hot shower using the cleanest well water ever (‘cept for all of yours!), sit outside on my deck and not see another human being the rest of my life until and unless I want to (long driveway through lots-o-trees), heat my house with a matchstick and fallen trees from my property (and in northern Minnesota that’s pretty good!), and look out at night and see God’s vast richness of stars that were once hidden from me in the city (Minneapolis/St. Paul).

    But when I think about it, I have been busy working on all “their” crap since Donald Trump announced his bid for the Presidency. I don’t get paid to do it, but the benefits from the job (President Trump), and being able to go home to my hill-billy paradise at the end of each day (I am a deplorable after all), makes what I do priceless.


  19. Great article, Menagerie. 😊

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  20. this is my neck of the woods- San Francisco was about 10 years ago one of the safest big cities in the world -it had a home town, small town feel- I never once felt concerned for my safety. Now, I will not go into town, there are muggings in broad daylight, the city is filthy- and if you do make the mistake of driving your car in- there are entire streets with the windows broken out of cars- This is what a sanctuary city looks like people-where there are so many opportunities to make money…
    Oh and a poop cleaner (you’d think some of the homeless would sign up for this) makes $185,000 per year! I think that also includes benefits. These people are INSANE. What has happened however is that during Super Bowl, and despite Brown’s law against it- they bussed some of these people out of SF and into our Conservatives communities- Communities are broken up here often by economics, race and political affiliation – so now we have junkies in our tiny wine town, laying in the parks, on the grass in neighborhoods, on our river, leaving needles everywhere, stealing anything not nailed down. We are planning to flee this state in 5 years- we would sooner but can not until then. This has become hell on earth. The Democrats are DESTROYERS of anything decent.

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  21. w barna says:

    Personally, I don’t care if their liberal (and literal) CRAP gets 3 feet deep. I don’t plan to waste my resources either going there are funding their septic cleanup. I do plan to watch it from afar and LMAO at their self-made dilemma…..the deeper it gets, the funnier it is for me!


    • Donna in Oregon says:

      The problem is disease. That is why we can’t let the Liberal Loons take over.

      At least 569 people have been infected and 17 have died of the virus since November in San Diego, Santa Cruz and Los Angeles counties, where local outbreaks have been declared.

      Dr. Monique Foster, a medical epidemiologist with the Division of Viral Hepatitis at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters Thursday that California’s outbreak could linger even with the right prevention efforts.


      • listingstarboard says:

        And they are powerwashing untreated disease filled poop into the storm drains, straight into the water supply. Where is Tom Steyer?


  22. covfefe999 says:

    That salary seems so great until you realize that the average cost of a house islike $1.5 MILLION and a hovel of a house sitting behind another house is more than $500k.

    $500k for this one:

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  23. Ono says:

    As an avid surfer I wonder how Surfrider foundation is going to react to all the crap that is getting washed into the Ocean?

    San Francisco used to be a beautiful city. I was there a little over a year ago and on the return to SoCal I opted to take the East Bay route. Driving down Mission on the wy to the Golden Gate bridge I saw people shooting up drugs, prostitutes performing and people defacating on the sidewalk. Really good for tourism and business.


    • lurker2 says:

      That is one city I have no desire to visit.

      Are they trying to relive their Haight-Ashbury days? Wanting the counterculture to flood San Francisco like they did in the 1960’s? The hippies were a far better lot I think. The dropped acid, I don’t think many of them shot up heroin and dropped the needles on the sidewalk, or pooped in front of someone’s house.

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  24. yzest5121 says:

    Since when did Treehouse start censoring posts? Looking for a post made by Diana247 about 90 minutes ago that i have been looking for. Where is it? Are we now imposing (arbitrary) length limits on posts? I can’t imagine CTH is making content decisions. DIana247 is a popular CTH contributor. What’s going on?


    • lurker2 says:

      I’ve had some of mine wiped out. Sometimes the admins do some cleanup. I don’t take offense.


    • Menagerie says:

      I looked for a comment by Diana247 in spam and in the trash. Did not find in either place. In answer to your question, we have screened and monitored comments from day one, although we simply cannot keep up with so many now.

      You call it censorship if you like. As this is a private blog, we call in standards.

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  25. Elle says:

    how come no one is asking why the homeless population surged so rapidly? Is it because the socials services that kept people off the streets were overwhelmed by the rapid influx of refugees?

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    • lurker2 says:

      I think laws had something to do with it. Cops can’t pick up people for squatting in front of a building or under an overpass. Chicago has a problem too, but having cold weather in the winter and some brutally hot and humid summer days keeps the homeless population down.


      • lurker2 says:

        And by the way, some of these homeless are runaways who then get involved with drinking and drugs. With no way to force them off of the street, they aren’t compelled to get better.


    • snarkybeach says:

      when I lived in the bay area some 20 years ago, they had a pretty high GA assistance check with few restrictions. I think the clement weather and many social services providing free food was also a major draw.

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    • Elle says:

      All of the above comments are true, but those reasons were AWAYS true. There has always been drugs and the down and out. The question that needs to be asked is why did the homeless populations explode so rapidly over the last decade?? What changed?

      The homeless populations in all major cities exploded around the same time they started bringing in large numbers of refugees.

      Some people will argue it is different pots of money for refugees, and there is some truth to that,but that ignores that like cities can’t instantly manufacture more free clinics and more social services, section 8 housing or jobs available for the destitute. The massive influx of refugees had to have an impact and put stress on those systems. Did it do so at the expense of individuals who in the past would not have ended up on the street if those services had not been overwhelmed. Why doesn’t anyone ask that question? It seems obvious to me there has to be some correlation there.

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    • Elle says:

      My point is made: The Catholic Church is more interested in bringing in 75,000 more taxpayer funded refugees…. is there really any question why the homeless are not receiving the housing and services they need?


  26. Rockindubya says:

    Oliver Wendell Douglas said it well….. “Farm living is the life for me!”


  27. talker2u says:

    That’s expensive poop!


  28. Trapper says:

    The slow-acting toxicity of tolerance

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  29. cadgbd says:

    The irony is how the leftists bill themselves as “back to nature” and “natural”, “earth first”, offering wooded yoga retreats and showing off their front yard urban gardens, their houses and yards smothered with tall uncut grass and weeds and plants (virtue signaling how “green” they are), while scoffing at people that live in the country or off the land on farms. You can’t make this stuff up!

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  30. Walk around naked – OK
    Shoot up on the street – OK
    Pee in the park – OK
    Defecate on the sidewalk – OK
    Drink from a plastic straw –

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  31. Donna in Oregon says:

    After the 1906 earthquake San Francisco was rebuilt over whatever…..meaning that it’s not really more than a floating moat. After the 1989 quake, the word “liqufaction” became synomous with San Francisco and fire.

    It is not a stable city. It never will be. One good earthquake, poof. Even the poop will be gone.

    I lived there. I know what they did to “prepare”. Nada, nothing.

    The Hayward fault is one of my favorites. Every single emergency service (including hospitals) are located on the fault (maybe a few exceptions). But you get it, they’re doomed.

    Fremont, bless their hearts built their emergency shelter on a fault. They built a Police Dept on a fault and then had to build another Police Dept. but then that one was also too close to an earthquake fault. Not to mention Bart… It never ends, the stupidity. It never ends.

    I could go on for days….earthen dams that will not hold in a severe earthquake with the natural waterway going straight to parts of cities that are flood zones.

    We moved because we wanted to live.

    The planning there is the worst. Poop is the least of their problems.

    After the Cypress Freeway collapse and the Bay bridge section collapse it was fairly clear that these Silicon Valley geniuses are doomed. They haven’t spent any money on their infrastructure…..doomed.


  32. The problem is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. I read an article in a San Francisco online paper the other day and the liberal cucks were blaming rich people, white people, capitalism and pretty much everything else except one thing. The people who are crapping in the streets. They are so blinded to reality that they are helpless to solve anything. Let them rot in it.


  33. andyocoregon says:

    And taxpayers living in Democrat run cities wonder why their taxes are so high. Sheesh!


  34. Fools Gold says:

    20 years ago I was offered a job in Alemeda Naval base to be in charge of AM-120 depot development, installation, and training. At the time I lived in Texas and had just completed the same contract for the supplier of another missile (AIM-7M). I was offered standard relocation and GS12-5 position. I practically owned a 2500 sqft home in Texas and had 2 children in grade school. I thought that was a good offer considering my age and such so I set to see what home pricing was. I freaked out when I saw pricing of homes anywhere close to the base. After an exhaustive search I found I could buy a condo in my price range in Sacramento and commute 1 way for 2 hours. Needless to say I told the gentlemen making the offer that I’d have to decline that offer based on the term reciprocal trade…

    This story is true except for last three words. I actually wasn’t that kind. I told him he was living in the wrong town. The guys car was a beat fup our cylinder and 15 years old. His wife was a stay at home mom and that was their only transportation. He was GS-13.

    Ever walked across the golden gate and entered the bathroom on the northern end? Oh my God!

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  35. Michael says:

    I’m sure it was mentions already but Dr. John B. Calhoun showed exactly why what goes on in big cities.

    We now see the rise of Dr. Calhoun’s “beautiful ones.”

    Eight minutes if you want to see to what I refer

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  36. Donna in Oregon says:

    Google employees have been taking over San Francisco for a while now. The battle between the homeless and Google employees has been going on for a while. The homeless even stood in front of Google buses…..

    It’s going to heat up. Google is claiming territory in Silicon Valley, and San Francisco better back off because Google can be evil.

    Google threatens to block housing if it doesn’t get its way
    Don’t be evil
    By Brock Keeling@BrockKeeling Sep 28, 2017


  37. Republicanvet91 says:

    I have been in 42 states and 18 countries at a little past 50. I was born and raised on a farm in North Dakota, enjoy going there because the people are so great, but I don’t think I would give up the little piece of home I have now in western Colorado.
    I don’t have serious traffic, and crime is mostly concentrated in one area which the cops know very well.
    Bottom line. I have sufficient acreage to support my family if needed, and very good fields of fire from high ground. I don’t want anything else.


  38. Colin the little brown emoji says:

    “Availability of goods & services”
    Ya mean like Starbuck’s?
    Don’t those people know that everything’s available through an internet connection and to your door through several delivery services?
    Or just as likely, the flyover people have the brains, initiative and physical ability to build what they want.
    The shitty by the bay, indeed. the entire southern portion of the state, has been ruined by the brownshirts.


  39. Molly P Newlon says:

    I’ve been one of two conservatives (the other is my husband) living in SF for over 30 years. I swore that I’d never leave my city home but couldn’t stand what The City had become. We moved to a beautiful beach town in So CA. It took me 3 months to get used to the fact that I could walk my dog without being jumped, could take public transportation without sitting on a used syringe, could actually leave my car on the street without seeing the windows bashed in, not worry about my home being broken into and people who said “hi” were actually nice and not trying to grab my purse. I am not making this up. It is 100% due to the “stupid-visors” and liberal mayor and judges who run the city. They think of the criminals as the victims… I still commute to SF part time to work and I am so saddened to see this beautiful and magical city destroyed by the leftist politicians. Gavin Newsome was our mayor and will likely be our new governor, God help us. The reason that SF is finally “doing something” about the filth is that the city is losing tourism dollars by conventions being cancelled. Think I’ll go sit on my front porch in the sunshine of Orange County and wave to my nice neighbors!!!


  40. cdquarles says:

    The city is a controlled environment, the people are wild. The country is a wild environment, the people control themselves.

    Add me to the list of big-city despising people. I was born in the big city and have lived in a few more; but hate them. Once the population gets above 20,000 in one incorporated area, people go nuts. ;p I grew up in a small city of 10 to 15,000. I currently live in the county with about 100 near neighbors and about 1000 overall. I’m between incorporated areas of 3,000, 7,000, and 15,000. Within 10 miles of me are about 40,000 people.

    I also live in the old South, where courtesy is still prized and thugs are not.

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