August 20th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #578

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

Sarah H Sanders Twitter @SHSanders45

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1,433 Responses to August 20th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #578

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  2. phoenixRising says:

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  4. phoenixRising says:

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  5. phoenixRising says:

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  6. kea says:

    David Hogg to ‘Old’ Nancy Pelosi: ‘Move the F**k off the Plate and Let Us Take Control’


    Ocasio-Cortez Sorry for Banning Press But ‘Sanctuary Space’ from Media Needed

    Well that’s a new one I must admit.

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  7. kea says:

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    • Dutchman says:

      Rudy getting very,..aggressive. DATES Brennan to sue, DARES MULETRAIN to release his report, “then We’ll RELEASE OURS”,…seems pretty confident, for a team that’s supposed to be ‘ On the ropes’,…

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  8. phoenixRising says:

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  9. kea says:

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  10. phoenixRising says:

    Looks pretty dang presidential to me !

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  11. kea says:

    Ok who wants to laugh?!?!

    Chelsea Clinton: Future Run for Office a ‘Definite Maybe’

    Dear Chelsea. Why? No one likes your Mama what makes you think YOU have a chance.
    No more Clinton’s no more Bushes

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  12. MfM says:

    I just saw on FB a ‘transcript ‘ of Pres. Trump’s remarks at the N.Y. Fund raiser. It was a closed event so I wonder were Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star got them. They are more like notes then what he would have said. It was obviously done to make Trump look like he has dementia.

    My suspicion was that Trump did talk about coal and windmills but didn’t look or sound like an idiot. Dale is very clearly a Trump hater.

    I’d link but can’t from this old device.

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  13. phoenixRising says:

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  14. patrickhenrycensored says:

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  15. Marygrace Powers says:

    DNC Chief Denies She Was at Hospital Night of Seth Rich Murder; Then Metro Police Drop the Hammer on DEM Leader/

    Posted on August 20, 2018 by admin

    “Donna Brazile, the former interim head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), flatly denied claims by conservative blogger Matt Couch that she was at the same hospital where former DNC Staffer Seth Rich died.

    Couch made several claims on Sunday and Monday that Brazile and Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Browser were at the hospital Rich was taken to the morning he was killed on July, 10 2016.

    Couch said he had “credible” information from sources and added that he had information that was “verifiable” and he has “a way to prove it.”

    Brazile on Monday claimed to be on the west coast at the time of the murder.

    But two D.C. Metropolitan Police sources told True Pundit on Monday that the new revelations are relatively accurate.

    “Ask Brazile for her cell phone records on the date involved,” one police source said. “That would settle it.”

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  16. Zak Maymin says:

    I’ve just heard on Dobbs that a half of R running for office are silenced on Trump. Tell me again why should I vote for them?


    • phoenixRising says:

      You don’t vote for all of them, you vote for those in your district.
      Which is? Research your candidates.

      Or, ask about them here.

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    • oldschool says:

      Because Trump is asking us to. That is my only reason.

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    • alligatriot says:

      “… why should I vote …”
      I know it’s cliché, but at times we really do need to vote for “the lesser of two evils” in order to reach a goal. The goal is the certainty that if Democrats gain control of congress, hard fought victories to Make America Great Again could be lost and others never realized.

      To vote is a privilege. To understand the benefit of your decision to vote or the consequence of staying home – that is not always clear.

      If no candidates are palatable this year for you, work hard to find qualified ones for the next election cycle.

      Freedom ain’t easy and holding on to our Republic is a challenge. The rewards for both – priceless.

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    • rf121 says:

      Because one will vote for impeachment and one might. Your choice.

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    • Jenny R. says:

      Because in the generals it comes down to the R being better than the D…for the time being. First the Democrats, THEN the Republicans of the Uniparty.
      How do you best eat a whale?
      One bite at a time.

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    • are you kidding me/ you’re going to let the dems take control of the country? wow, that’s what’s wrong with so-called conservatives…are you looking for a reason to not support POTUS? wow, really lazy….

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    • InAz says:

      @ Zak Maymin

      We must vote for the Republican candidate, regardless of who it is, to keep the commie Democrats from gaining control over either House or even both houses.
      Yes, we must hold our nose when voting… help President Trump.

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      If you weren’t active in the primaries it is too late to complain about the R candidates for the general election. In the primaries we needed donations, volunteers and active participation for MAGA candidates. Now, time to vote R.

      Trump administration and MAGA agenda Needs all Rs even if they will only support part of the time. Part time support is better than full time opposition!

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      • MAGADJT says:

        Agree. The general election is not the hill to die on. I’ll take someone who will vote 70% MAGA, and can be persuaded on key issues through phone calls, emails, etc; than someone who is 0% MAGA and will lockstep with the libs.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      You’re kidding right?

      If you support Trump and what he’s doing, vote Repub. Period.

      If you *don’t* support Trump and what he’s doing, 1) don’t vote or 2) vote Dem. ….cuz the result will be the same.

      This is not rocket science.

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    • WSB says:

      So we do not endure impeachment and a civil war?


  17. phoenixRising says:

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  18. For Eyes says:

    On collapsing narratives:

    1) Amazing investigative journalism. They don’t give Pulitzer’s to independents, but if they did …

    2) If a tree falls in the woods … If the point of digging out the truth is educating the public so that no one has the stomach for this again, then this is a fail. Half the country follows the news in the MSN, if at all. The story is there, but the people who need to hear it, don’t.

    3) Somebody please tell me, again, how this painstakingly assembled collection of facts results in: a) Black Hat indictments, when there is no one at DOJ who will do it? b) throwing the elected Black Hats out of office, when their constituents cling to the false narrative because they soooo want it to be true?

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  19. dogsmaw says:

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  20. kea says:

    What does she have to do with the USA? Oh look she wrote a book (I still question if she wrote it)

    J.K. Rowling Attempts to Troll Trump in Typo-Filled Tweet

    Idiot. Hey hows the UK J.K?!?!?!

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  21. Dutchman says:

    For eyes;
    Deconstruction is MESSY business, draining a swamp, even messier.
    Seth Rich have his life, to get SOME of the truth out.
    Julius Assange has effectively been imprisoned for same thing.

    In short, many have sacrificed much.
    By comparison, what are we being asked to do?
    Read, and try to educate others, to vote, and to keep our powder dry, and our anger cold. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask,…a little patience.

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    • oldschool says:

      Sorry dutch. One example, BENGHAZI. Three heroes did prime time with Hannity telling their story, a feature film was made exposing the horror, Tonto continues to “educate” boldly and yet, half the country still thinks it was some video and most have just moved on. That was 6 years ago? Without formal charges, HRC almost became POTUS.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Yes, I’ve read ALL the arguments, as nauseum. Actually had rumpole arguing “lunch or holder NEVER would have allowed this Mueller investigation!

        Thank you. If you wanted an A.G. like linch or holder , shouldn’t have voted for DJT.
        Anyway, your not moving the needle, one iota. No one who disagrees on sessions, is gonna have their mind changed by such arguments.

        And even if they DID, IT WOULDN’T MATTER! DJT is NOT going to fire sessions, cause a few commenters on this and other sites say he should, even if they repeat it over, and over, and over, … nauseum.

        IF he’s gonna fire him, it will be when HE determined the time is right, and not one minute sooner.
        Hence, WHAT’S THE POINT?

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        • oldschool says:

          If you are convinced we are on the right course, then there is no point at all. I will respectfully not reply to your posts. No prob.😐

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        • rumpole2 says:

          You are missing my point..

          I never said I preferred Lynch or Holder… or that people should have not voted Trump!!

          I was pointing out that Holder and Lynch would have SUPPORTED their POTUS… Sessions did not.

          My point is: TRUMP needed (and deserved) a better AG.

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      • Tom! says:

        Oldschool you are absolutely right. Not only have they moved on but many didn’t give a crap when it happened. When our ancestors had a problem with the government they banded together, overthrew the government and created through blood and sacrifice the United States of America. Throughout our history we have been accustomed to solving our local problems with hardly any contact with the federal government. Over time the federal part of government has grown like a massive black cloud over our lives.

        No matter how much winning we are seeing around the edges, we are losing more of this country each day that we don’t demand a return to local control and a greatly diminished federal government. Perhaps a leader will arise to take us in that direction but I believe that we the people need to be on the front lines.


        • oldschool says:

          Thanks Tom. I watched 10 minutes of Levin’s show last night. His two guests were Coburn (retired senator) and Meckler,( tea party organizer.) They were promoting a convention of the states (levins battlecry), but their analysis of our current state of affairs was spot on. The feds have too much centralized power.
          Our founders never intended that. So this monster we are trying to tame is untameable in it’s current state. Coburn said no congress can possibly straighten it out, yet we keep voting people in that we hope can fix it. The statement from Coburn that made an impact on me was, “we don’t have a personnel problem, it’s the entire system that must be flipped over back to the states as our founders intended.” Imo, that’s what we are up against.

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        • oldschool says:



  22. Dutchman says:

    Anyone else think the Mcghan ‘leak’ seems a little,…suspiscious?
    The ‘story’actually benefits VSG,
    Yet it’s the kind stupid media would jump on (“Trumps lawyer cooperating with Mueller ),…
    And the SPECIFICITY of “30 hours,..

    I’m wondering if a couple more reporters have tapped phones, and a Federal employee is set down, and having it explained to him, just how screwed he is?
    Can you say “leak investigation”?

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  23. linda4298 says: Here, finally, we reach the ultimate issue. With regard to the president, Mueller’s investigation has never been about prosecution. It has been about impeachment. As I have stressed any number of times, impeachment is not a legal remedy but a political one. To indict and convict, a prosecutor must establish all of the essential elements of a penal offense; but Congress is not confined to penal offenses in impeachment proceedings. A prosecutor may not legitimately charge a president with obstruction on the basis of constitutionally permissible acts, even if the prosecutor suspects they were corruptly motivated. Congress, however, may impeach the president for such acts on the theory that they are abuses of power. And to reaffirm what we have often observed, the Framers intended that presidential corruption would be addressed by Congress, not by prosecutors.

    That explains the focus on the president’s state of mind. Mueller is not writing an indictment for the grand jury. He is writing a report — one that is technically for the Justice Department, but that the special counsel knows will land in Congress’s lap. If the Democrats take the House in the midterms by a wide enough margin, they will decide that the president’s purported corruption is impeachable — even if he has not acted on his allegedly corrupt motives, and even if there is no indictable offense.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Linda; Good concise summary, I would suggest one wrinkle; Muellers probably the first person, other the George Costanza, to take a job, hoping to get fired!”
      I THINK, plan A or B was for Mueller to p.o. DJT so much that he,would do as many suggest, and fire Mueller, possibly Rosie and Sessions as well.
      Because THAT, alone would, they felt, constitute grounds for impeachment, even though, as you say he would be legally within his authority.

      I think one of many examples, where they believed their own propoganda; that DJT is erratic, emotional, short tempered, etc.
      Never have your plan DEPEND on the actions of your enemy; he may not do as you expect, and if you have no plan B, your screwed. Hence, MULETRAIN fumbling around, with made up, bogus charges against people who can’t tell them anything, against “Trump”, cause there is nothing to tell.

      I also think they thought he would react by hunkering down, stalling his agenda as he tried to fight them, instead of mostly ignoring them, and proceeding, unimpeded, with his agenda to MAGA.

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    • For Eyes says:

      Yeah, but Dems won’t take the House. When Dems are losing black support, and the union Dems are happy about jobs, and the US is feeling good enough about life to be opening the wallet causing restaurant sales to boom, Walmart sales to boom … well … the pollsters who got things dead wrong in 2016 are doubling down on wrong again. The Blue Wave is an ambition but not reality.

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    • WSB says:

      Hopefully, some intelligence was gained, and now we know what McMaster thought…prior to his exit.

      NOW, do it!!!


      • Dutchman says:

        McMaster was Islamist plant, so no wonder. Glad he’s gone, and DJT has figured out system to uncover leakers.

        I recall Mueller making statement something like “a lot of these stories (leaks) coming out are totally inaccurate, and unless you hear it from us officially, don’t believe it!

        He was trying to warn press, but they didn’t get it, and neither did I.

        Wonder how many other Wolfe’s there are, and how many other Ali’s?

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  25. Earl & Pearl Tourist says:

    The insanity of the socialist left. True story:
    My wife and I got off public transit on the way home, and we’re having a Conversation about EV charging stations in commercial bldgs. I stated that they were a colossal waste, bringing in only ~100/month in electrical costs at $.25/KWh. The empty parking spaces allocated for these is worth $30/day, 7 days a week. You do the math on that.
    So this guy next to me pops up to defend the charging stations. He said he was an engineer and drove 300 miles a week, wouldn’t be able to do it without his bldg having the charging stations.
    Being a mechanical engineer, I asked what kind of “engineer” he was, his response was IT. (Note: in most states you have to be a licensed professional engineer to use that title.)
    I asked what company he worked for, his response was the big “A”. His bldg is company owned with free parking and EV chargers for employees, while most commercial multi-tenant offices with parking charge full rates for parking. So my client is losing around $900/space/month for a feel-good effect.
    He then told me you had to have them for LEED certification, which I do not support or get involved in.
    He finally jumped to the evil CO2 and climate change, how everything was getting hotter. And there were more forest fires. I was getting into the real reason why the forest fires are bad(enviros preventing sustainable management practices, when my wife couldn’t take it any more and pulled me off in another direction. I barely got started on CO2 being plant food….
    Didn’t even get started how poor people mostly likely subsidized his EV.
    We have a long way to go to educate the next generations on common sense. I sincerely hope PT gets his full 8 years to get started on it.

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  26. dogsmaw says:

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  27. dogsmaw says:

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  28. phoenixRising says:

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  29. patrickhenrycensored says:

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  30. kea says:

    Does not hurt to watch it again

    Happy Birthday!!!! 🙂

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  31. kea says:

    James Woods rocks twitter!!

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  32. Cathy M. says:

    Oh good grief! Things are really, really getting out of hand.

    “Healthline Website Says the Term ‘Vagina’ Is No Longer Gender Inclusive – Will Start Using “Front Hole” Instead”

    I think this post by Sean Spicier (parody account on twitter) is appropriate here:

    “It’s a good thing we’re getting the Space Force off the ground. Plenty of people around here already living on another planet”

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  33. patrickhenrycensored says:

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  34. Publius2016 says:

    duh! socialists add one plus one equal two but forget farming is not addition!

    ““The mood among our members is very solemn. They are confused about the lack of any apparent strategy from the government and many are panicking.

    So many farms are up for sale, more than we’ve ever had, but no one is buying.”

    “Why would you buy a farm to know the government’s going to take it?”

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  35. wondering999 says:

    Lots of people in Mecca today for the 2018 Hijra.

    Watched some Arabic channel TV at the home of some relatives by marriage… we shared an excellent chicken and rice pilaf dish to celebrate their holiday. I’m not Muslim but I appreciate this family. Their daddy immigrated to Texas decades ago and is a very responsible, pleasant citizen, not particularly religious but loves his roots all the same, takes great care of his family. Good man.

    Thank you President Trump for helping to make the world a more peaceful, normal place where ordinary people can enjoy our ordinary lives.

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