Breaking: Jeff Colyer Concedes To Kris Kobach in Kansas GOP Primary…

Delivering a very classy and uniting concession speech current Kansas Republican Governor Jeff Colyer concedes the GOP primary race to Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

Moments ago, after a week of ongoing absentee ballot collection for the GOP gubernatorial primary, Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer conceded the race to Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

During the concession speech Colyer said he felt is was the right thing to do, and as he endorsed Kobach he repeated his goal to keeping the Kansas Governor position in the hands of Republicans.   According to KMBC News Kris Kobach was leading Colyer by 345 votes and a total of 91 out of 105 counties had certified their results.

It really is a very classy concession speech.  Top shelf.  Well done.

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207 Responses to Breaking: Jeff Colyer Concedes To Kris Kobach in Kansas GOP Primary…

  1. railer says:

    Wow, great concession speech from Colyer, who I’d never laid eyes on before. Kobach had his reasons to run against him, but it couldn’t have been for lack of passion. Hey, if he moves to Michigan today, he can be my governor right NOW… he’s lots better than anything we have running this November.

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  2. mutantbeast says:

    More MAGA. At least its nice to see Colyer act like a class act, unlike filthy scum like McSkank Flake Corker or Lyin Ryan.

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  3. Elwood says:

    In Kansas we have a saying, “Trust Kansas.”

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  4. Haveaspine says:

    Congrats, Governor Kobach. Kansas you don’t know how lucky you are to have this man as your governor.


  5. Russell Groves says:

    The class act continued today. Here’s the email:

    The Kansas GOP is Hosting a Rally for Kris Kobach and Jeff Colyer Supporters!

    After a close race for the Republican nomination, Kris Kobach and Jeff Colyer want to thank the many volunteers who worked hard on their campaigns this summer.

    Join Kris Kobach and Jeff Colyer, as they extend their thanks to volunteers and supporters at the Kansas GOP Headquarters in Topeka! We will be united in the fight against the liberal progressives Greg Orman and Laura Kelly in November!

    When: 5:30 pm Thursday, August 16th
    Where: Kansas GOP HQ
    2605 SW 21st St.
    Topeka, KS 66604


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