Joyful: 94-Year-Old Veteran Steals The Show During President Trump VFW Convention Speech…

During an impromptu moment at the VFW Convention, President Trump invites 94-year-old veteran Mr. Alan Jones on to the stage during his speech; what follows is yet another example of President Trump’s innate gift for creating remarkable moments:


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192 Responses to Joyful: 94-Year-Old Veteran Steals The Show During President Trump VFW Convention Speech…

  1. AH_C says:

    Awesome instant rapport.


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  2. Successful Loser says:

    thought it great, brought tears to my eyes.

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    • Rich Van Slooten says:

      Agreed. Same here

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    • vladdy says:

      Yeah. To a lot of us.

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    • Kenji says:

      What a sweet old guy (who apparently has ALL his faculties at age 94) … whose very first thought is of his brother who didn’t make it home from WWII. And Trump’s respect and deference to this old (I think I can say … old) Veteran. Standing quietly and respectfully while Alan speaks his mind is testimony to whom and what Trump values. He values sacrifice, honor, and effort. And Vets like Alan have that in spades. I look forward to Alan’s visit to OUR Oval Office. Well done, Alan … well done Pres. Trump!

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  3. Helen says:

    Great TV. Made me proud to be an American. God bless our Veterans and President.

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    • Newton Love says:

      > “… Made me proud to be an American. God bless our Veterans and President.”

      Meanwhile, in the Donkey Party camp, there was weeping and gnashing of teeth. They have never hated America, or any American more than right now, and PDJT.

      I say we keep loving America, and PDJT, and thereby heap burning coals on their head, which must have been the Biblical version of “Heads Exploding!”

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      • Rebcalntx says:

        Newton, lol so true.

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      • Scarlet says:

        Yet, VSJPDJT simply ignores their bad behaviour , doesn’t let it get him down and he goes about making America Great !

        Every day he does something magnificent.

        This interaction with Sargeant Alan Jones was remarkable.

        GDP is projected to hit 5%.


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      • G. Alistar says:

        The cynic in me shouts that this wonderful moment was the motivation for the CNN release of the ten year old taped conversation with Trumps lawyer Cohen. The deep state, resistance in cahoots with the DNC and media will stoop to the lowest levels….ever. Veterans, the VFW and this crowd from flyover country KC all know…..just how deeply this POTUS cares, loves the USA and is committed to MAGA.

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  4. jahealy says:

    I hope I’m as spry and mentally with it as that lovely man when I’m 94. ❤️

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    • bkrg2 says:

      no doubt! I thought he was reading from that paper, but it was just an envelope for the picture. Amazing. I’m not even as coherent as him at almost half his age!

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  5. Donna in Oregon says:

    Sgt. Jones is a charmer. I hope on the April 11th birthday party we get to see some Jones family pictures, or maybe even a video of the oval visit. That would be awesome!

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  6. nonameisme says:

    Hey snowflake out there – look at this stage – two MEN are on it. Something the snowflakes no nothing of.


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  7. Rodney Short says:

    Man tears are flowing, I couldn’t help but think about my gramps Franklin J Short he was one of 13 survivors of his marine platoon in IwoJima.Almost 60 years after the war my gramps recieved his purple heart.Please excuse typos I cant see to type .
    God bless Donald J Trump our troops and our veterns

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    • Navy says:

      There is a small group of 30 JMSDF sailors that run the airfield now. We used to go down there (660 miles south of Atsugi) for pre-cruise landing practice for Tokyo noise abatement. Normally we would spend 3 or 4 days there twice per year. The island smells like sulfur…. “Sulfur Island” = Iwo Jima. There is now a winding road going up to Mount Sirabachi. There are about 10 caves we would explore built by the Korean slaves. Very extensive cave system. Deep weeds off the trails that may contain ordinance so we would minimize those journeys. Black sand beach on the east side of the hill is beautiful but historic and tragic. There are many steep cliffs on the east and north side. Tar pit just north of the airfield. If you run over it you are fine, but things disappear on it after a few minutes. Lots of artifacts are still discoverable but not as much after the 1990s. Airfield serves as halfway point between Guam and Tokyo. Very strategic location obviously.

      On the top of Mount Sirabachi is a monument for the 5000 Americans who died there (19000 Japanese died there), Everyone that visits hangs their dog tags nearby the white monument. Gunny and many others have this inscription memorized….. by Admiral Chester W. Nimitz:

      “Among the Americans who served on Iwo Island, uncommon valor was a common virtue.”

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    • Mongoose says:

      God bless your “Gramps” and your family. I think with those men and our memories dying off, history is but to repeat itself. We see despots again rising to attempt to take away freedom from the world and only the brave, strong, and righteous will stand up and say “Not on my watch!” We give thanks for the blessings of men and women of generations past who have paid the price for our freedom, and ask blessings on those who currently do so. God bless America.

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  8. Publius2016 says:

    dont let him near the mike lol takes over! wish he was running for the Senate! looks so young for 94!

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  9. Minnie says:

    Our hearts overflow with love and gratitude for Sgt. Alan and all who selflessly served our beautiful America 🇺🇸

    God bless them and keep them and protect them, always 🙏

    Thank you, Mr. President, you are the most loving, patriotic and loyal president in my lifetime ❤️


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  10. MIKE says:

    74 years ago, this guy WAS Kris ‘Tonto’ Paranto, and Marcus Lutrell. Only with about three weeks basic training.

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  11. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  12. NJF says:

    Beautiful 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  13. Shark24 says:

    I imagine every VFW hall in the country is having a few extra rounds today celebrating this very beautiful moment. God bless President Trump, God bless America.

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  14. trumpismine says:

    No words Except Prayers for all the Patriots and POTUS DJT

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  15. HHM says:

    Is it a camera trick or has PDJT lost weight? He looks incredibly tall and svelte!

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  16. IMO says:

    Wow just Wow. Mr. Jones is a gem. Our Veterans are our National Treasure.

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  17. Blue Moon says:

    What a moment in history. Amazing.

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    • vladdy says:

      Yes. Best comment of the night, and that’s hard, because so many are beautiful. This is a moment that shows the American spirit, in history.


  18. Lion2017 says:


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  19. Republicanvet91 says:

    Thank you Mr. President, and thank you Mr. Alan Jones.

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  20. Linus in W.PA. says:

    …got something in my eye…..

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  21. Phil Salvarado says:

    Watching and listening to the crowd, it is evident that the audience has a real affection for Trump. And why not? He’s gregarious, funny, warm and very smart. As if that’s not enough, Trump has actually been keeping his campaign promises. I’ll wager that a large fraction of that crowd haven’t seen a promise-keeping President in their lifetimes.

    Just awesome.

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  22. Mr. T. says:

    Just another reason as to why my fellow Vets and I admire and respect President Trump. He has certainly earned every bit of it and then some.

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  23. ATheoK says:

    Enuff said!!
    God Bless both of them!

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  24. vladdy says:

    I’m 68, and I haven’t…until now.


  25. L. Gee says:

    I love how Mr. Jones came prepared–as if he knew he just might get to meet the president and get his autograph! Thank you, Mr. Jones, sir, for all you’ve done for ME!

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  26. GOD bless Our President!

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  27. MfM says:

    What I liked was when Mr. Jones suggested visiting the Oval Office for his birthday when he turned 95… Trump didn’t say sure. He said any time and the his people were already going to be working on it.

    Trump knows that someone of 94 should come and visit as soon as he wants and not wait almost a year!

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  28. Yippeekiyay says:

    I think the way President Trump honored Mr. Alan Jones will be remembered as one of his most endearing moments. His love and appreciation for our vets is unsurpassed.

    Many here have shared memories of their family members who were also WWII vets. Both of my parents and four uncles were WWII vets. I like to think that they are all looking down on us with pride right now. They are a big part of who we are and why we are here.

    I hope they both have a blast on his birthday!

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    • Trump Train says:

      Compare Trump in that venue and his love of America and our Vets vs the filth slime democrats, fake media and celebrity haters. I honestly don’t even consider them Americans anymore.

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      • Mongoose says:

        You are correct. They are not Americans. To be American means believing certain things. It is not just a matter of living in a certain place. I thank God that I was born in America instead of any other place on the planet. I tried to teach my children about that but I guess the education weenies twisted that into them being the recipients of illegal gains from imperialism and criminal acts around the world and hence they are not worthy of enjoying such.

        These people cannot be reformed. There must be a culling. If they want a utopia, I always suggest going to some third world sh!thole and starting from scratch to build their own. They want to take America and make it into their utopia? Over my dead body and my empty guns!


    • lostandfound says:

      Yippee, I join with you and others in appreciating those of the Greatest Generation who are still with us. And I watched with tears as our beloved POTUS honored Mr. Jones and all those Proud Patriot Warriors that he represented. Both my parents and 4 uncles served in WWII; I was born on Parris Island and learned to sing the Marine Corps Hymn as soon as I could talk. My mother is the only one still with us; she is 94 years old and was one of the first Women Marines in WWII. She will tell you with pride that although they were not issued weapons, the Mission and motto of the Women Marines at that time was “Free a Man to Fight.” She lives now in an assisted living facility, and she counts cadence for the residents who participate in chair exercises. It is my privilege to be able to see her almost every day and listen to her memories.


  29. We have a great President….

    And, thank you Sgt Jones and all your comrades. Thank you very much.

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  30. cheryl says:

    I laughed and cried at the same time. I love this video.

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  31. TakeBackOurRepublic says:

    That was heart warming. What an amazing man and vet!

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  32. LKA in LA says:

    Tears and love for Mr. Alan Jones. This video sums up the love for President Trump. Too bad the corrupt media can’t relate to this video for I see it as a gift to loving people. God speed Mr. Jones and President Trump.

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  33. Amy2 says:

    This was SO beautiful. Thanks for posting! God bless you Mr. Jones, and we thank you.


  34. Armchair Quarterback says:

    I can’t wait to vote for this PDJT again!


  35. Dixie says:

    Our VSG, President Trump is looking especially good in that video.


  36. mcclainra says:

    Our president has a real gift which the Left will NEVER understand. Great example here, and we love you Mr. President!

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  37. rashomon says:

    Nothing beats The Donald for Trumping his those who doubt him.

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  38. Critical Mass says:

    Can anyone think of a President like this one, or a world leader for that matter, who has so much genuine and demonstrative love for his people? And that love is returned in spades. One thing you can be sure of with Donald J. Trump – he does not fake anything. The mutual respect and liking between those two on stage was something to see. Alan Jones is a gem and you could see that the President was choofed by his request to visit the White House with his family. I swear POTUS was glowing and even blushing. He is so often pilloried for lacking polish, but it is because he has no airs and graces that people connect with him so well. It must be such a restorative to the spirit to be with such good and down-to-earth people like this veteran.

    What a contrast to stories of sex cults, kiddie porn on Twitter, betrayal by Republicans, and threats and insults on a daily basis from riff raff and weasels.

    It’s times like this that you don’t just believe in God, but know and see God alive in the human spirit.

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  39. LibertyONE says:

    What more can I say…..two VERY classy gentlemen. You know and can SEE the sincerity on the part of OUR president. What a 1000% difference from the fake CONman who DISGRACED the office during the previous 8 yrs.

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  40. jim says:

    The president looked terrific today. He has lost weight. Don’t know that I have ever seen him with his coat buttoned before today.


  41. Cooper45 says:

    Fabulous. 2 great men that traveled very different paths in life but came together on stage for a few memorable minutes.
    I hope we can see some video later of Alan and his family in the WH after or before they are given some private time together with POTUS. If they just want privacy (not easy in the WH) that is OK of course too.


  42. canadacan says:

    I cried through the whole thing

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  43. Mary Ann says:

    PDJT’s time is well spent.. Thank you Veterans for your service.
    Thank you PDJT for your efforts to remedy the mess in VA..


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