Heartwarming Story – CEO Rewards Work Ethic, Gives Car To Employee Who Walked 20 Miles To Work…

Bellhops Moving employee Walter Carr tells his story about how he walked almost 20 miles to work and was then given a car by Bellhops Moving CEO Luke Marklin for his efforts.

Fox Business News host Charles Payne gets choked up as he discusses familiar rural work ethic of young Mr. Carr.

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106 Responses to Heartwarming Story – CEO Rewards Work Ethic, Gives Car To Employee Who Walked 20 Miles To Work…

  1. JuiceMan_V says:

    Always nice to see what America is really like outside of the political realm.

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  2. wheatietoo says:

    Yes…cough…it was heartwarming to see Charles get so choked up over this story.

    I choked me up too.

    Great story.
    Personally, I think it is another indicator of The Trump Effect.

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  3. MM says:

    This story makes you tear up and at the same time gives you hope for the human race…..

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  4. Patrick S says:

    Eye humidity = 100%.

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  5. Why I’m here so much…

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  6. sobriquet4u says:

    This is the second heart warming story about a young person I have heard today. So awesome and I will repeat the mantra from the 1st story I shared. “Be the Walter Carr and Cohen Naulty you want the World to be!” Such inspiration!

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  7. fleporeblog says:

    Charles Payne is a Great American! This young man’s story and what his boss did is what MAG everyday and twice on Sunday!

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  8. Rami says:

    We can thank his parent(s). Someone raised him correctly, obviously taught him a work ethic. Not many would attempt to walk that far for his first day of work. And, there are good employers out there too.

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    • treehouseron says:

      I was just going to say the same thing ,whoever his parents are they should be so proud that they’ve raised such a fine young man full of nothing but potential.

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  9. singular says:

    Imagine what Paul Harvey would have done with this inspiring story. Good day.

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  10. Amazing! Determination defined.

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  11. NotALiberal says:

    I have to say, as a small business owner, this young man’s determination is beautiful to behold. It’s nice change of pace to read about our youth in a positive way.

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  12. WSB says:

    This young man was interviewed early this morning on Fox and Friends. I barely noticed this until he said he counted back 7 hours to make sure he would be 15 minutes early.

    May God bless him and the owner of the moving company.

    Both are looking out for each other!

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  13. roccoboy1 says:

    Such a heartwarming story.
    As an aside, I love Charles Payne. Authentic. Fair. Intelligent. Down to earth. Just seems like a really decent guy.

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  14. CorwinAmber says:

    I live near DC and have to watch the local news in order to find out what neighborhoods to avoid, sigh. I often despair at the state of human affairs within the District and adjacent Prince Georges County…not a day goes by that there isn’t some report of minority youth killing each other – in fact, this week four of Obama’s sons jumped out of a vehicle in SE DC and pumped some 60-70 shots at the locals, killing a 10 year old girl. After 20 years living here, I have lost the capacity to care…then I see a story like this one and my faith is renewed – this kid needs to meet our POTUS…NOW! Somebody at the WH, please make it happen tout de suite!

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  15. Carrie2 says:

    Thank goodness there are no many good people in America and especially to pay attention to and honor someone like this young man. He sacrificed sleep, time and energy to get to work. He deserved the car and attention so others can learn where there is a will there is a way, and rewards!

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    • Esperanza says:

      This is why capitalism is better than Socialism. The boss has money he can spend rewarding this young man. Here in Europe, he wouldn’t have the money, the car would be too expensive and they would think he was crazy.

      Back in the day, my company was young. They sent me off to evaluate students, and set up groups etc. And that was the last I heard. Then several years later I was given a student in the company and realised that it was a big, on-going contract for us, but not only had I never gotten a thank you I had never gotten any of the work….And my boss loved me and considered me to be one of his best employees. Lol

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  16. YvonneMarie says:

    American men are great !

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  17. FofBW says:

    What a wonderful blessing to end the day. A beautify example of God’s love manifested.

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  18. bcsurvivor2 says:

    I have something in my eyes
    Bravo young man!!!! BRAVO

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  19. StanH says:

    That’s real America, the America that cares for one another, that can do spirit the Cabal wants to quash. Great story.


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  20. hoghead says:

    But but I learned at Boston College that capitalism is just so, you know, UNFAIR!

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    • Disgusted says:

      If you are quoting’t the dem primary candidate all over the news from NY, she didn’t graduate from BC. It was BU, regretfully for them!

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      • hoghead says:

        YIKES! I fouled up big time! I typed BC instead of BU. Wrong. Night and day. And I know a little about the Jesuits. Please, don’t anyone tell them which CTH limb I am on! [mea cupa, mea cupa, mea maxima cupa!]

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  21. Impossible says:

    I believe there are innumerable stories like this emanating every single day, every single hour (every minute) in these United States. However, (in general) our press is on a singular and unabated mission to foist cynicism and negativity upon our collective souls. It is crucially important to know that the spirit of optimism and self-sacrifice courses through the arteries of our collective. Yet, politicians must justify their purposefulness by ever sowing discord. To love is to live encompassed in joy; to disparage (see MSN) is to wallow in covetousness… we need to uplift and celebrate what we built in this nation. Every. Single, Day. Win over the deceived one at at time, continuously, and our future may yet be bright. Pray, extol, celebrate, unceasingly. I teach in the most liberal school in the county and I never tire of fighting to do so.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      As far as people helping others, Impossible, I agree that these things happen all the time in the US.

      The remarkable thing about this story tho is really Walter. I had a *fantastic* work ethic as a kid but….start walking at midnight to get to work by 8 AM? I gotta say NO to that. (!)

      That’s what’s special about this story….Walter.

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      • Impossible says:

        …’‘tis true sunnydaze; but I imagine that you underestimate all the amazing things you did to fulfill a purpose, or a promise…. the reason I am compelled to continually reference this site is because of people like you. The honesty is compelling… still, I agree, it’s a great story. The fact that this young man’s dedication was recognized and rewarded may well set him on the path of honorably for life! What an amazing inducement.


  22. simplewins says:

    I saw the story this morning on Varney, but the segment with Charles P. was great.

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  23. Heart warming stories like this one touch people far far away. I know coz I’m all the way in Melbourne Australia.
    I hope this young bloke stays with this company for a while.

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  24. TeaForAll says:

    This young Man will one day grow up to be a great leader . One with good work ethics and a moral compass .Amazing example for our younger generation. His parents must be so proud of him, I know I am. Thank you as always to our LEO. You are the Best…
    Walter wish you the best that life has to offer,

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  25. InAz says:

    What a fantastic young man……..what an inspiration!

    My eyes are sweating……

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  26. jb says:

    The kid gets it. His new boss gets it, obviously.

    Years ago, this was the common road to success.

    It is sad to say we have lost that to such a degree that we are surprised to see it suddenly “appear” in our midst. But it still lives in America. Kinda how we are and all. 😉

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  27. John Martin says:

    Sweet Home Alabama.


  28. treehouseron says:

    I post this video by the great Edwin Starr in honor of young Mr. Carr! Feet, don’t fail me now!


  29. MIKE says:

    Maybe, America is beginning to heal after eight years of intense racial warfare brought down on us by you know who.

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    • jb says:

      Take it back to the late 60’s and 70’s, Mike. It goes that far back. Obama was the culmination, not the beginning. That whole story is a book in itself.

      There is no real racial warfare – there is only the imagination of the commie left, and the fools refusing to leave the commie dem plantation.

      Walter gets that. 😉

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  30. scslayer says:

    We need more Walter’s!

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  31. Dougs says:

    Fantastic story. That kid has everything he needs to be a tremendous success in life

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  32. joeknuckles says:

    What is Bill Browder so afraid of. Why can’t he answer a few questions? He and all his co-conspirators are screaming awfully loud about the possibility he might be questioned. How does that saying go again? “If he’s innocent, he needs to start acting like it”. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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  33. Kitten says:

    Sundance will you please bring light to the story in Chicago where two CVS employees were fired for calling the police on a woman who was upset they would not take a coupon . The coupon didn’t look legit apparently-wouldn’t scan. For some reason they couldn’t accept. After apparently explaining to the customer..she in her own words on the CVS review complained about the refusal of said coupon ,then she followed one guy to the back after he refused to be videoed,.where he shut the door and she continued to argue through the door and manager asked her to leave as he had called the police..At some point she videoed him calling them. He was trembling..which he has been mocked for.

    If you look beneath her comment under the review,she immediately post that he is a LOG HOUSE REPUBLICAN,,,he apparently is also an advocate for the LQBTQ community,which she didn’t post. I find extremely odd that someone,who had a complaint about a store would immediately think to post someone’s political affiliation. Some places are reporting he was also working on a petition that had something to do with advocating for AA’s ,however he forged some signatures to try and get this looked at( wrong but yea…anyhoo).

    I just read tonight,that a local channel reported he recently had severe brain seizures. Likely what was causing the tremors. I have read racist comment after racist comment from her followers on FB of people laughing etc. CVS fired both for discrimination…yet to have seen the whole story or evidence to prove anything but her narrative and a video of him calling police. If he did something wrong…then so be it..But at this point,it feels like some are having their lives destroyed by a mob who up to this point has only seen 1/4 of the story. Maybe I am missing something with this story..but it has been weighing very heavy on my heart tonight.

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  34. Alison says:

    Yes, folks upthread mentioned Walter’s family. Often it is that rooted structure, but I have known several like Walter who rose from ‘ruins’ to make their own way. Regardless, this story was delightful to hear in his own unassuming way.

    One of President Trump’s most enduring qualities is his expectation that each individual will maximize his/her opportunities, and his message is always “believe in yourself.” Walter certainly embodies that as well.

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  35. joeknuckles says:

    So the Russians want to interview former ambassador McFaul, who was a rabid anti-Trumper and was harshly critical of Trump Jr. meeting with Vesilnitskaya. He was also part of a group that pushed for the Magnitsky Act. Vesilnitskaya was supposedly against the Magnitsky act. That being the case, what was she doing with McFaul at this hearing just hours after the Trump tower meeting? Photo is midway down in the article.


  36. lastinillinois says:


    What a beautiful story.


  37. kinthenorthwest says:

    Sundance you forgot the “Kleenix” warning..
    Damn time to get more boxes out the garage…TY Sundance
    Damn you know it is really hard to time when you got something in your eye that makes them tear up.


  38. Sisterdo says:

    This warms my heart. What I wish the news would highlight is the stellar treatment of all those police officers who fed him and gave him rides, notifying other officers he’d need help as he approached their areas. I used to get rides from the police when I worked early in the morning at a bakery. Only years later did I realize that like this young man they were making sure I wasn’t a criminal (in my case that I wasn’t a hooker) but that as soon as they realized I was a young person in danger on the streets they began to make sure I got to work safely any time they saw me. That’s the police in this great country. So this was a beautiful story on many levels.

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  39. frerd5678 says:

    When I sent this story from earlier source to my email friends, I put the subject as:

    “Alabama white cops stop black youth walking on side of highway late at night — surprise ending”

    When I posted a link to this story here yesterday I warned folks to grab the tissues before reading.

    THIS is an example of MAGA!! Not just economics and military, etc.


  40. Rynn69 says:

    Wonderful story. Charles Payne’s reaction was so warm and genuine. I have always thought Charles Payne, Maria Bartiromo, and Greta VanSusteren (when she was on Fox) were the hardest working people there.

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  41. distracted2 says:

    It’s such a great story! His work ethic will serve him well. I see great things ahead for this young man.

    As an aside, they were both on Fox & Friends yesterday as well. His boss, the owner of Belhops, is not a wealthy man. He gave him one of his personal cars. He had a used sedan and a minivan. He didn’t think the young man would want a mini van so he gave him the sportier car.

    This is the America that I love.

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  42. unconqueredone says:

    Best story of the month, hands down.

    Quite a number of years ago my boss overheard me saying my car broke down on the way to work- wasn’t worth repairing. I was driving 70ish miles each way at the time. His office manager pulled me aside later and told me he had instructed her to tell me to go buy a car- and a nice one- on him. I was floored by it. The man is a socially liberal businessman, but loves people. He’ll have my eternal gratitude for making a difference when it mattered! So… thank you John!


  43. buckwheaton says:

    Great story. The CEO’s job is to set a good example and maximize the potential and contribution of every employee.

    The sad downside of this is, thanks to our federal tax law, if the car is worth more than the gift tax limit, this was a taxable event to the young man, who probably does not have the personal funds to pay such. That may mean that the car must be sold and the proceeds used to pay the tax and buy some other car with the money left over. If that is the case, it should not diminish the CEO’s generosity nor the hard work ethic we see here.


  44. chrissy says:

    Love to see stories like this. Thanks for sharinh


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