Happy Father’s Day


Fatherhood is the job that pays the least in monetary terms and the most in benefit to the world, along with motherhood. When a man chooses to become a father, biologically or with his heart, he makes a commitment that is lifelong and its impact is to be felt longer than his own life, into the future of his children, grandchildren, and yes, even great grandchildren.

Through his steadfast presence, his wisdom (most of it on the job, but maybe lots of it gained from his own father), his protection, his teaching, his prayers, sacrifice, love, discipline, encouragement and pride he tempers and builds the character and lives of his children.

Today, in gratitude and love, we pause to thank God for His precious gift of fathers, modeled in His own image. For all of you, we give thanks, we pray, we love you. And please, keep up the good work dads, in your job that has no off days, but great benefits.

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80 Responses to Happy Father’s Day

  1. judyw says:

    How perfect it that! Sending it to my son-in-law… 🙂

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  2. wendy forward says:

    Happy Father’s Day to ALL!

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    • 4sure says:

      This is a great lesson by Jeff Vines on Fathers as described in Scripture. Jeff is NOT boring. He has other lessons on fatherhood on you tube. Check them out.

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    • mdaush says:

      I take great pleasure on this day to marvel at my two sons, their spouses and children, and two more on the way! To see the men they have become makes any sacrifice more than worth it. I am blessed!
      Of course, I have to give their Mom all the credit!
      Happy Fathers Day Deplorables!

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  3. maiingankwe says:

    My daughter and I went to pick up her good friend for a sleepover a few hours ago. I asked her Dad what time he’d like me to return her and he said she could stay another night if she wanted to. I said, what about tomorrow, isn’t it supposed to be a special day for you guys? He replied, “Everyday is Fathers Day for me.”

    Aww, isn’t that the sweeetest thing to say and mean? He’s got five girls and one boy who just turned eighteen. He’s been raising those children mostly on his own with the youngest around four years old. An amazing and hard working Dad.

    Here is to all of you wonderful Dad’s who put your families first and work so hard to provide a good and loving home. We are ever so lucky to have you all. Thank you.
    God Bless,

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    • skipper1961 says:

      Miss M,
      Since the Missus is in Denver celebrating Father’s Day with her brother (and his two kids), I shall hail the Day by cutting the grass (in reverence of the memory of my dear, late Dad, who used to have to threaten thermonuclear war to get me to do it !).
      Seriously, I met my beloved when her daughters were 8 and 11. There were plenty of peaks and valleys since, but I wouldn’t trade a moment of it. At the risk of sanctimony, I take a special satisfaction in raising children who were in obvious need of love and guidance. So, while having no biological children of my own, I thank you for your wishes, and hope you are having a wonderful day, remembering all your fond memories of your Dad.

      Be well, Dear,

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      • skipper1961 says:

        To Miss M (and the rest of my fellow Treepers), please pardon the lack of “likes” from me, as my “like” button doesn’t seem to work anymore? Probably just as well, as it would be easier to count the comments that I wouldn’t “like”, than the ones I would.

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        • pacnwbel says:

          Skipper, you might try the like button now that you have written, that always works for me when my like button goes skittish.


      • Menagerie says:

        Two of my three sons have step children to love and guide along the way. I am most particularly proud of how they chose to love children who need a father so much. Our family is enriched by these children, and I hope that we all help them along their path as well.

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        • skipper1961 says:

          You humble me deeply with your response. Thank you for the reminder that being a “Dad” (or Mom”), as opposed to a father or mother (IYKWIM), is a wonderful, rewarding experience. You have obviously raised your children with respect and honor. You should be proud indeed.
          BTW, Thank you for your most thoughtful and moving posts, on such terrific days as these. (Along with all of your others).

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          • Menagerie says:

            Skipper, the honor is yours, today and everyday. I’m just somebody who likes to talk a lot, and since I live up in the woods and the dogs won’t listen, sometimes I write.

            My own father was mostly biological, not much on anything else, though he was there. I guess that taught me that fatherhood is all about being a man who cares enough to take time, make the effort, do the tough things, and above all else, love, the sacrificial kind of love.

            My own husband was that kind of dad, and I hope that my sons will be too. They are off to a good start, all of them. Between the three of them, we have eight grandchildren now.

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            • skipper1961 says:

              I don’t know if my keyboard is dusty, or the pollen, etc. from my uncut lawn, is making it hard to see, but with each subsequent reply, the memories of my Dad become more vivid, and greater in number. I can’t thank you enough for that….
              Now, as Dad would “prompt” , “That lawn isn’t going to cut itself!”
              Thanks again, Menagerie, you never fail to “lift-up”!!

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              • AmericaFirst says:

                Skipper, Your initial post has left me in tears; what a beautiful way to express love for your “ready-made” family. It can be difficult.

                God bless.


                • skipper1961 says:

                  At the risk of sounding “cliche'”, Most things worthwhile are usually difficult. To me, it makes them all the more rewarding. I made a point to NEVER “slag” the children’s father. I knew it would not ever make me “look” better, and in a way, I am grateful to him, for leaving me the opportunity of a lifetime.
                  God Bless you too.

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      • maiingankwe says:

        First, I know you like mowing the grass, you’ve mentioned it a few years past. 😁

        Second, you are a Father, a Dad in every sense of the word. You’ve helped raise those beautiful girls and were there when they needed you throughout. You’re an awesome Dad. I know. I had the honor of having the best Dad ever, so I know these things, trust me.

        So I say again and to you especially, Happy Fathers Day!

        Be well and stay smiling!

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  4. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Happy Father’s Day to all the Treeper Dads.

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  5. Stoobie says:

    In the late summer of 1988, my wife abandoned the family and I became an unsupported, low-income single parent. Life was difficult, and the overall general attitude I got from everyone that “Children belong with their Mothers” didn’t help any. Still we persevered.
    Today, I am pleased to say that both my kids are responsible, hard working, contributing members of society, (they even earn more than I do!).
    People tell me I did a good job raising them by myself, but I say if I was a good Father, it’s only because I have Great Kids.
    I shudder to think where I’d be today without them.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      God bless you. People say the stupidest things. I admire you very much.

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    • rashomon says:

      Greatness goes two ways. You three deserve each other. Many blessings today and for all your tomorrows.

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    • nikkichico7 says:

      God bless you Stoobie .. (it is obvious He does and Did) … you are a wonderful man who loves his children …. that is priceless …. you Honor God …

      What a wonderful story, I’m happy for you and your kids … happy for your love for each other ❤️❗️😉👍❤️❗️

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    • webgirlpdx says:

      Stoobie: Happy Father’s Day!

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    • lisabrqwc says:

      Happy Father’s Day Stoobie! Back in the mid 70’s, my mother left my dad, me, and my 3 brothers for another man. They had been married 16 years when this happened — they had adopted my older brother and me a year later. Six years after me, my mom gave birth to my brother. 11 months after that she had my baby brother. How blessed can one be? Except she wanted to stay out partying with some guy. She went out with a “girlfriend” and stayed out all night.

      I was 11 or 12 and remember my dad pacing the floor worrying about her all night. He gets to see her being dropped off by some guy just while the neighbor boy is delivering the newspaper.

      My mother was so drunk, she came in and just passed out in their bed. While my 2 younger brothers slept (5 and 6 years old), my dad, me, and my older brother packed my mother’s clothes from her closet and dresser and put them in the station wagon. My dad woke her up, got her in the car, and drive her to my grandmother’s house and dropped her off to her mother.

      That man was devastated — never saw it coming! He was a great dad all along, but now? He was dad and mom — while his own life was turned upside down. The 70’s it was unheard of for a father to have sole custody of 4 kids. I admire him more than any man on earth.

      He passed away from cancer 10 years ago, but not a day goes by that I don’t remember his common sense, honesty, humor, and strength. Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all dads out there. You are shaping your kids and your grandkids for good — no higher honor. God bless! ❤️

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  6. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Happy Pappy Day…

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  7. Alison says:

    Beautiful tribute, Menagerie.

    Thank you to every Dad and Father figure in our Treehouse. 💖💖

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  8. I spent this evening in the garage with my better 1/2 and our 2 sons working on one of their cars. Lots of laughter. My favorite entertainment. We’ve been married 30 years. Those great fathers are also great husbands. Bless them all.

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  9. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Keep a dry eye; I dare ya’

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  10. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome fathers of CTH.

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  11. andyocoregon says:

    And once again in Portland, Oregon, Father’s Day will be tainted by the annual Gay Pride parade downtown. They say it will be bigger than ever this year. I’m glad I live 25 miles away from Portland. The freaks and fairies will be all over the place.

    But, Happy Fathers’ Day to everyone!

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    • covfefe999 says:

      Did they pick Father’s Day on purpose? They must have. That’s awful. I don’t care if people are gay, I am opposed to the disgusting displays at those parades.

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      They do it on purpose, as they’re attacking our FATHER in Heaven. Just as the left is attacking every institution, the family, motherhood, fatherhood, the Church, and just about everything of eternal value. But GOD has already won. Forever.

      Anyway, Happy Father’s Day to everyone, too (despite all of that). It’s not easy being a Father sometimes, but the rewards are immense.

      I always think of this song when I think of my late Dad; if I can be 1/10th the Dad to my son, as he was a Dad to me, I’ll have done very well indeed….

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  12. Sylvia Avery says:

    I am so blessed to have had a wonderful father (and mother, too). Fathers are so important. I hate how popular culture has denigrated fatherhood, and men.

    One more thing I appreciate about PDJT is he is modeling good fathering skills. I hope that the value of fatherhood and dads makes a comeback. Tough job, and they deserve our gratitude. So thanks to all you Treeper Dads. You have an important job and you make more of an impact in your kids lives than you can possibly know.

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  13. 4beagles says:

    Ha ha, I might purchase this as a self gift.
    Check out the video…looks like a “Blast”.

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    • Apfelcobbler says:

      I can readily endorse this product, for the guys use it at my place of business. They get a kick out of it and I’m sure you will too! and that’s even in a gun-hysterical zone.


    • Jacqueline Taylor Robson says:

      DH got one for Christmas! I’m enjoying a spider-free environment this summer!


  14. rashomon says:

    Beyond my late and loving father, I also was blessed with two fascinating grandfathers, two uncles and several men in those generations who served as extraordinary mentors through my life. Parenting is not a skill to which people are born; it is a gift. How fortunate are we who found ourselves surrounded by those with such talents.

    Happy Father’s Day to you and yours. Most particularly to Sundance, who has exhibited remarkable patience for walking us through the maze of political intrigue to a place where we can meaningfully impact the future of our children and society at large. Bless you, Sundance.

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  15. floridawoman4trump says:

    Wishing all of the CTH Dad’s a wonderful Father’s Day!

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  16. hatterasgal says:

    Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Dad’s at the treehouse!!!!

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  17. BraveandFree says:

    It’s a tremendous responsibility for which I am great full to have. I know I have fallen short at times but God has taken those times and used them for his good later in life.
    God Bless all you Father’s today

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  18. Happy father’s day to all you treepers, I am wishing you the very best, you all deserve so much!

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  19. amwick says:

    Happy Father’s Day!
    This is a simple song… but I have always loved it… Hope you do too!

    TY Menagerie for a loving tribute.

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  20. nikkichico7 says:

    Happy Fathers Day! 🤨👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Happy Fathers Day dear Treepers men … you are so very important … and …. loved …
    God bless an extra portions today, God bless you …. always 🌹

    Only a dad with a tired face,
    Coming home from the daily race,
    Bringing little of gold or fame
    To show how well he has played the game;
    But glad in his heart that his own rejoice
    To see him come and to hear his voice…


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  21. Kristin says:

    Happy Father’s Day to my husband. Happy Father’s Day to all Treepers here.
    Have a blessed day.

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  22. Patriot1783 says:

    Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads here on the tree!
    May your beer be cold and steaks & burgers grilled to perfection!

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  23. tgmccoy says:

    I never had kids-my wife and I . but the memories of my Cowboy/Indian Pop came alive.
    He was a man who had Gene Autry’s “code of the Cowboy ” on his toolbox.
    No pinup. Happy father’s day to all who are fathers…

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  24. MattyIce says:

    Thank you SD, sincerely.


  25. CorwinAmber says:

    My old man turns 99 next week and he raised 6 kids so he’s seen a lot of Father’s Days. How blessed I am to have him as a father and a role model…you can talk all you want about your “white” privilege or other such nonsense, but having good parents is the greatest “privilege” of all!

    Thanks Dad for all you have given me and my siblings – we are who we are because of you. And, even though you are in a wheelchair and we will never have a catch again, this scene reminds me of you and always brings me to tears…love ya Pop!

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  26. ElGato says:

    This morning I woke to a text message from one of my three brothers. It said, “Finally, a group text where I can say Happy Father’s Day to all of the bros!” Today is my son’s 66th day on this earth. I’m a late bloomer. Enough so that the youngsters in my birthing class didn’t get my joke about me being the ‘Tony Randall’ of the group.
    I’m blessed to have a great wife, 83-year-old parents, and three great brothers to celebrate this day. Now I get it. My life now feels full.

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  27. IMO says:

    To all the great Treeper Dads “Happy Fathers Day”
    you are the pillars of the earth stay strong have a great day.

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  28. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “he tempers and builds the character and lives of his children.”

    Ephesians 6:4 And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

    Colossians 3:21 Fathers, provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged.

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Yep. My son reminds me of those two verses more than he should have to 🙂

      Then again, I was young once, and tested my parents’ patience. But we pray for GOD’s help and forgiveness. What a blessing it is to be a father, to have (had) a father, and to have a Heavenly Father who is infinitely kind, loving, and patient, and corrects us gently.

      “P-V-Bs” has so much about being a father, as do the Gospels and the Epistles. Would that Fatherhood and Manhood were both more respected and more lived out. Same thing for Motherhood and Mothers, as well…

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  29. tonyE says:

    The Saturday morning after my son was born ( got a beautiful daughter too, she’s two years younger) I walked out from the hospital into a new world. The sun was shining brighter, the sky was bluer than usual, the birds were chirping louder….

    ..things changed that day. For the much better indeed.

    I don’t let my family know, but I do enjoy Father’s Day. They treat me better and they don’t complain when the floor “barks” as I walk to the bathroom.

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  30. poodle12 says:

    Happy Father’s Day to Sundance and all amazing Treeper dad’s. I send you all love and blessings from Israel. Will be in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for a family Bat Mitzvah, but will be keeping an eye out for new CTH postings.

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  31. kea says:

    I miss you Vati….

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  32. stella says:

    Wonderful post, Menage. Fathers (and mothers too) love their children to the very end. We humans (parents and children alike) aren’t always easy to like, but love never ends. At least not for most of us.

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  33. Paul B. says:

    Thank you, Menagerie. That was a beautiful reflection. Here’s a little prayer for all Dads and kids who for whatever reason are separated.

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  34. Deadbeat says:

    Happy Fathers Day for those who have the privilege of being fathers and not had their parental rights exchanged for pecuniary by the Marxist deFamily Courts — one of the most insidious institutions every devised. The Left has covertly altered the laws of the state and the culture to encourage breakup and breakdown of fatherhood. No-fault divorces are epidemic and a legion on the health and stability of the society. It penalized the breadwinner and protector of families — the father. Yet this epidemic is mostly ignored for fear of the feminist backlash and Cultural Marxist ostracism.

    Good luck to you dads because you don’t have free will anymore to be a father in this Marxist dominated society. You are just one service away from becoming pecuniary.


  35. DAD rally at the park.
    I know I organized the DAD rally at the park, and I am sorry that I did not make it.
    If anyone made it to the rally for “Declination to Activity Disorder” (DAD)
    Let me know how it went.
    I will show up next year I will show up, I promise.
    And don’t call me lazy,


  36. Legacy Driver says:

    King George. My hero. Great song.

    “I Saw God Today” is another.


  37. individualright says:

    you know George Strait lost his young daughter in a car accident.

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  38. itswoot says:

    This song has always tugged at me. Invest in people, especially of a father with his children.


  39. pacnwbel says:

    Dad’s been gone awhile now, but his memory lingers on, as a kind and gentle man, devoted to my Mom and to his family. He was modern minded enough in the nineteen fifties to ensure that his daughter was trained in a professional career. He believed it important that one should be able to earn a reliable living because life often throws curves at you, as it had done to him healthwise. It turned out to be the best advice and encouragement. Thankyou Dad.


  40. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Can someone find and re-post a great CTH comment – maybe from Father’s Day a year ago – it was a long serious post – about the fathers willing to do the unpleasant rough stuff fathers have to do to raise boys to be men?

    I sure hope this rings a bell with someone. It was great, and I failed to copy and save it.


  41. TeaForAll says:

    Happy Fathers Day to all our GREAT DADS around the world


  42. Retired USMC says:

    Happy Fathers day to all. I was able to enjoy my daughter’s company all weekend doing what we both love….drag racing. We were able to share as a team the runner up position in this weekend’s NHRA division race. She is one heck of a driver and her old man makes for a very good crew chief….


  43. mariner says:

    The George Strait song brought tears to my eyes [again], as it has every time I’ve heard it.

    It’s the perfect Father’s Day song.


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