Joe diGenova and Sidney Powell Discuss The DOJ and FBI Corruption…

They should go on a tour together.  Finally someone goes back and connects the dots from the hundreds of illegal FBI FISA-702(16)(17) searches where they were allowing ‘contractors’ to do opposition research in NSA and FBI databases.  Part of the dirtying up of their opposition required the digging of dirt for use therein. Thank You Sidney Powell.

That righteous notation triggered Joe diGenova’s memory… and Laura Ingraham was left nodding her head (she was lost) as details began surfacing that only a few have yet grasped.  Quite a good segment.  WATCH:


Heads up. Big News Coming Tomorrow!

  • Thousands of pages of documents about to be released.
  • Nunes/Gowdy meeting with Rosenstein cancelled.

(Graphic and website Link)

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536 Responses to Joe diGenova and Sidney Powell Discuss The DOJ and FBI Corruption…

  1. Cocamars says:

    So the big news document drop is about the Trump tower meeting with the Russians. The media is eating it up. Very discouraging.


    • Newhere says:

      Yah. Still hoping there’s something else. Would Nunes and Gowdy have agreed to cancel the DOJ meeting over a Trump tower document dump??

      Tomorrow? Soon? . . . . always soon


    • KeithBB says:

      Cocamars – I hope you’re not too disappointed or expecting the media to provide ‘news’ or truthful analysis on anything that may be damaging to the left. That’s like expecting the zebra to change it’s stripes… not going to happen. That said, we do expect LOTS of encouraging information coming out in the next few months. CNN et al will only cover it when Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Yates, Rice, Lynch, Power, Hillary, or Obama are arrested and charged with high crimes.

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      • Caius Lowell says:

        One thing this whole sorry MSM-fueled Obamagate episode has shown me that we conservatives get upset when the left lie through the media, but that’s all the modern left is – media-fueled lies! That’s it! Obama won two elections! Nothing else matters! Don’t expect Democrats to play by the same truth rules because they already made that choice — they lie, lie, and lie, and then per Alinsky they’ll accuse their political opposition of lying because it’s an effective rhetorical strategy and think nothing about it — nothing! This all goes back to the Berkeley FSM, the Viet Nam protests, Redford’s _The Candidate_, and Watergate when a full-fledged modern media was born and has evolved since then. Heck, Hitler was made possible by radio! The Founding Fathers worried about demagoguery, but there was no way for them to envision the mind-warping capabilities of the 21st century media.

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      • Am I the only one who believes that John Brennan has become quite the incontinent tweeter for someone who was once head of the CIA (albeit in the leaky ship adrift that was the Obama Administration)?

        He now describes himself as a “Nonpartisan American who is very concerned about our collective future.” Or, as a card-carrying member of the Popular Front like Brennan truly envisions it, “our collectivist future.”

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        • scott467 says:

          “(albeit in the leaky ship adrift that was the Obama Administration)?”


          Not so much a leaky ship as a Dagger aimed at the heart of our country.

          And they meant to use it.

          And they did use it.

          He shouldn’t even have access to Twitter. He should be in a straitjacket, at an institution for the criminally insane.

          With a whole wing filled with the Hussein and the Clintons and their band of merry psychopaths.

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        • pac7071 says:

          Brennan don’t forget is a convert to muslim….and we all know the muslim creed is that lying is permissible to obtain your means, any means.

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        • Charlotte says:

          Oh please. The bastard was always a Commie swine.


    • Newhere says:

      I’ll say this, though. We’re going to get the evidence and the answers. There’s no alternative. The drip, drip of information — and the administration’s extraordinary silence and tolerance around abject conflicts and malfeasance — these baffling dynamics wouldn’t be permitted to exist absent a certainty that we’ll get the information (or nearly all of it). The President, and the people around him, know how to manage expectations. This aint their first rodeo. They’d have been fighting the perception of weakness and cover-up if they didn’t know that they’d finally be publicly vindicated by the truth.

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  2. beigun says:

    In memory of Woodie Guthrie:

    Ode to Jeff Sessions

    Jeff Sessions, Jeff Sessions
    Quiet as ‘Bama Possum
    Layin’ Low by the Creek
    Lookin’ like He be Sleepin’
    Nobody knowin’ what He Doin’
    Up that IG CREEK!

    Jeff Sessions, Jeff Sessions
    Now is your Planned Time!
    Awake from Sly Slumber
    You found the Worst Crime!

    Now, Hillary started A-Shaken’
    And Obama, his eyes got Wide!
    ‘Cause that Ol’ ‘Bama Possum
    Had their Butts for Skinnen’ Time!

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  3. hoop says:

    Jacob Wohl on Twitter identified Federal Records that reveal that the Obama Administration paid Stefan Halper $282,295 to apparently spy on the Trump campaign.

    And BREITBART has moved even more LEFT – not a single story on the FBI TRUMP SPYING COVER UP on their homepage as I type this…. and it should be a main theme – covered every day!


  4. jakeandcrew says:

    On 2/8/2018, Sundance posted “October 2016: James Comey friend Benjamin Wittes Discusses ‘The Insurance Policy’ Against Trump…”

    He cited an October 24, 2016 article from Mr. Wittes blog, at the time entitled, “What if Trump Wins” – “We need an insurance Policy“. Interestingly, the title of the article has now changed. “We need an insurance policy” has been removed…

    Wonder why?

    Anyhow, Sundance’s point was that when looking back in 20/20 hindsight, the article seemed to become a road map of what was actually done to Donald Trump’s presidency, once he did indeed win.

    Pre-dating that article, during the Democratic Convention in July, 2016, Pete Strzok and Lisa Page were watching the convention separately, but texting each other their comments. They also exchanged articles. Strzok sent Page the link to this 7/25/2016 Benjamin Wittes blog post on July 27, 2016…

    Focusing on how a Trump presidency could abuse the intelligence community, it also reads like a road map for what Obama’s “small group” actually did. Some examples…

    First and most importantly, in some areas, it simply is not possible to behave too abusively without violating the rules. FISA, for example, is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a dense set of rules that prohibits certain types of abuses we’re particularly afraid of. You can’t target for collection domestic political dissidents in the absence of a solid evidentiary base connecting those targets with a foreign power without violating FISA, for example.

    Huge areas of discretion remain to the president, mostly but not exclusively related to overseas activity. For example, all of the intelligence activities authorized by Executive Order 12,333 are defined not by some elaborated statutory scheme like FISA but—as the name of the document makes clear—by presidential order, which has the force of law within the executive branch but is changeable by a single person…A whole raft of policies could be changed by a president would wished to change them. And if he didn’t want to take the political heat for violating 12,333, he could simply supersede it in individual cases with individual orders, probably in secret.

    This is exactly what Obama did! (in January, 2017)

    Finally, all of those many reporting mechanisms to Congress and the courts can be undermined. Again, this can be done frontally or just by treating them minimally. A report can be a few non-communicative sentences or it can be rich with information. If the executive branch decides to give Congress the minimum amount of information it has to give to comply with reporting obligations, it can greatly decrease the transparency with which it operates.

    And, please, put down your drinks before you read this last quote:

    As long as Jim Comey is FBI director, I won’t worry too much about the corruption of the FBI.

    There is more in the article, these just seemed like the biggies to me.

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    • LafnH20 says:

      Nicely done, jakeandcrew!!

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    • mr.piddles says:

      So couldn’t find the old title for that article using Internet Wayback Machine (snapshot from Nov 2016). Anyhoo, the “our democracy needs a health insurance policy” nonsense is… uh… certainly… uh… eye-opening.

      Somewhere in there he creates a TODO list for his “coalition”. Three goals in particular stand out:

      * Monitor the Justice Department and major regulatory enforcement bodies for signs of political corruption or misuse;

      * Interface with Congress to maximize whatever opportunities there may be for oversight and legislative push-back; and

      * Thereby ensure to the maximum degree possible that American constitutional rights and democratic institutions emerge from a Trump administration as unharmed as possible.

      How’s THAT for freaking irony?

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  5. Brent Hull says:

    If Mueller has granted Comey the broadest immunity possible do any state charges exist which would not be covered by Mueller immunity grant?


    • Dutchman says:

      This COULD get real interesting. If the I.G. report goes into detail of how grants of immunity was abused during email investigation, and how can it not???
      That may make it difficult/ impossible for mueller to pull same crap?
      Just public exposure, i.e. if your going to grant immunity, has to be justification?

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    • I am of the opinion that Trump has Mueller and Rosey compromised and they are doing HIS bidding, Comey does not have immunity. He simply thinks that his 2 buddies will never indict him. Could be in store for a surprise.


    • Jeff P. says:

      Well, if Mueller is Involved as the article implies, I do not think the Immunity would hold once Mueller becomes a “Target of Investigation” & no longer a prosecutor. I could be wrong, especially since our laws are designed to be used against us by our elected officials and appointees. Just my humble opinion.


      • LafnH20 says:

        Jeff P.,
        I tend to agree with your 1st sentence.
        As to your 2nd… Respectfully..
        Our laws are to be constrained BY the Constitution.. Not the inverse. Whether our laws have been created originally, or perverted, or both, by Debauched, Duplicitous, Feckless and Unprincipled politicians to Harm us, it is WE, imho, who bear no small blame for that reality.
        Voting for any person because of outward appearance, 30 second soundbites, “Party Affiliation”, or the ability to “Bring home the Pork”, is ingenuous and naive.
        America First must be our Standard!

        Indivisible. With Liberty and Justice for ALL!!

        An example would be.. Housing Invaders and providing for their needs to gain votes, divide us or as leverage against us; while United States Veterans (Brothers and Sisters) of ALL Stripes and their families, who have Given MORE… Sacrificed MORE… And far too often -Lost MORE…of themselves, (If not their very lives) than an overwhelming number of Americans could even contemplate… lanquish in our streets and back alleys; die in our Hospital’s doorways; and are in need of the simplest of things… Things many would not hesitate to give a stray dog or kitten… Kindness, Empathy and Respect!!!
        America was not, imho, created as a Zero-Sum Game. Win or Lose.
        Not Me OR You!! Not I got Mine!
        Rather, Me and You!!
        Depending on one another. Appreciating our differences. Using those collective and eclectic God Given Talents…
        For the Good of All!!

        Lest we lose sight of the One light; lose Grasp of the one Principle; lose forever the one Endomidable Human Longing..


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    • mr.piddles says:

      Was thinking about this immunity thing last night. So Mueller granting immunity would only cover anything that may come out of Mueller’s investigation, but ONLY Mueller’s investigation. Correct? So if somebody determines that Comey perjured himself during Congressional testimony (pick one, any one), that has nothing to do with the Mueller investigation itself. There is no “universal get out of jail free” card.


  6. Anything that requires Ingraham to silently nod her head is a good thing since silence is so hard for her during interviews.

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  7. Kan says:

    Notice how the media refuses to mention the Veselnitsjaya – Glen Simpson meeting the day before and the day after the Trump tower meeting?

    Never let them get away with this.

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  8. Flynn praises Trump is new book. So he basically did not rat out POTUS. CNN straw grasping.

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  9. The “100,000 Foot View” of this entire mess:

    Prelude: When Hillary Clinton was named Secretary of State, she knew going in that she never wanted to have to answer for any communication or correspondence in her official capacity as SecState. Also, she knew that she could parlay her position as SecState into a huge monetary windfall for the Clinton Foundation. So, she used a private, non-government server for her email service.

    1. Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Brennan decided to do some “regime change” in the Middle East back in 2010. They hatched up the “Arab Spring” idea to create unrest in the Middle East in certain countries and replace the leaders in those countries with Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

    2. Egypt, Libya and Syria had “spontaneous” unrest that would not go away. Rebel elements took that opportunity to try and depose the leaders. Egypt took theirs down quickly, as did Libya. Egyptians quickly rejected the Muslim Brotherhood leader that took over and ousted him. Libya devolved into a lawless state with different factions vying for control. In Syria Assad responded quickly and held on. Syria became a bloody mess.

    3. In order to salvage their plans, Obama and Clinton started supporting “rebels” in Syria. In actuality, they started giving arms to Al Qeda factions and ISIS.They did this by transferring the arms they could secure in Libya and transferred them out of Benghazi through Turkey into Syria. Somewhere along the line the Turks balked. The got the locals in Benghazi to attack the consulate when Chris Stevens was there. Stevens was coordinating/running the effort to run the arms out of Libya.

    4. When they attacked Benghazi, Clinton and Obama could not reveal that they had been running arms out of Libya into Syria to Al Qeda and ISIS. Obama would have jeopardized the 2012 Election just 4 months away. So, they covered up as best they could the disaster. They had a few Republicans involved in this arms deal, notably John McCain.The GOP assisted in killing/thwarting the investigations.

    5. During the investigation of Benghazi, it was ‘discovered’ that she didn’t have a email account, but was using her private server for official government business.

    Oops. That violated the government policy and is minor violation of the law.

    But she also used that server for classified email. And some of those emails ended up in the hands of people who were not cleared for that info.

    James Comey is a liar and obstructed justice. Hillary Clinton and several of hers aides (Abedin, Podesta, Mills and some others) are in direct violation of 18 US Code 793(f). This is BLACK LETTER LAW. Any first year prosecutor could convict these people of dozens of felonies in mishandling and losing classified information.

    Robert Mueller is in place to keep Hillary Clinton from going to jail.

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  10. Kan says:

    Powell making the point about Comey possibly getting immunity from Mueller is huge. It needs to be chased down..


  11. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    Apologies if this has been brought up earlier in this thread but I just saw Jim Jordan, one of the few I actually respect, on Fox telling (whatshername who always wears the red dress) that he just bypassed DOJ and sent a request DIRECTLY to President Trump himself asking for the President to start declassifying documents his committee has been asking for.
    Too bad they can’t (won’t) force DOJ to do it themselves since they have the power to de-fund, but Congress will simply NEVER do it. (More pathetic than obama’s “red line”)
    I hope this provokes some response from the White House.

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  12. Firefly says:

    Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, and Ron DeSantis letter to PTrump:

    DOJ leadership has obstructed Congressional oversight for long enough. @Jim_Jordan @RepDeSantis and I asked POTUS to instruct the DOJ to release ALL relevant documents on potential FISA abuse, the initial investigation of the Trump campaign, and more.

    Give Americans the truth.

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    • Good Job! says:

      the initial investigation of the Trump campaign, and more.

      Trump’s tweet did suggest their was a prior but failed warrant application. Based on the “pee memo?” Was it based on Papadoofus and did the judge say, “what does his words about Hillary’s emails have anything to do with the DNC hack?”


      • Firefly says:

        Looks like Rosenstein I tend to hide the letter from the Judge in the court hearing Friday too.
        PTrump tweets on Hillary’s emails were just saying what everyone else was saying and thinking and being humorous. He was campaigning and it resonated with his voters. Hillary paid for the dossier to do real damage PTrump. This is so nutty it should be put to an end- but politically it’s being kept going.


        • Konamon says:

          Something just ain’t right. Fishy.


          • Firefly says:

            I agree. It’s very unusual for congress to send a letter like this to the president that their investigation and oversight is being blocked. This implicates both Sessions and a Rosenstein of not cooperating with release of the documents.

            Whatever is going on we know it’s very big, very serious and held under extraordinary secrecy – so much so that that congressional oversight committees are being blocked. When in a constitutional republic the AG, DAG and FBI are distrusted so deeply and information is held so tightly it is indeed very disturbing.


            • Lindenlee says:

              I keep thinking that there more damaging information that is just now being incorporated into the IG report, info that is only now coming to his attention, that is critical to the total investigation.

              That this is the reason for the ongoing delays in the IG report, and Sessions silence. The m9re outrageous the findings of corruption, the m9re need for an ironclad case. Just my 2 cents.


        • Good Job! says:

          Could have also been based on Carter Page too.

          Or some other British disinformation the Feds don’t want to talk about.


      • lizzyp says:

        I thought it had long ago been established that there was a failed FISA application, I believe in June, that was rejected by the court as being ‘too broad.’ If memory serves, it has been reported by someone, somewhere, and maybe several someones, that the application ‘listed as many as 4 subjects’ and ‘contained the name Trump.’

        I think there might be a wealth of information to be gathered from the release of that application. Was it Title 7 or Title 1? Why, specifically, was it rejected? When was it rejected?

        The timing has always been suggestive to me – application turned down in June. Steele hired in June. First dossier memos delivered July. Suddenly Page is a spy and must be surveilled. 2 or 3 months earlier he was working for the FBI as an informant. By late June Hillary’s Q-pac poll lead had dropped from double digits to within the margin of error, I think. Something had to be done.


    • uvaldegirl says:

      Some bold John Hancocks, as we fight tyrrany from within.


    • Konamon says:

      Why he does not do it is a mystery to me.


    • Konamon says:

      If Trump does not respond to this something is very wrong here IMO. They are begging him to help them.


  13. Amy Musick says:

    Gee, a short conversation with Brennan and Clapper and now we have all our answers. Did you read the Fox story? After fourteen months, they needed these two traitors to cya and put everything into the perspective they wanted the committee to have. Notice how many times they lay everything off on their “staffs”? Sigh. Patience Lord.


  14. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    Yep. It’s a shame they have to bother the President with this. As busy as he is. Unfortunately the Freedom Caucus members do not control the speaker position. Sooner or later it has to be done IMO.

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  15. Everett Miller says:

    Jeff effing Sessions should be doing this. No excuses work for me on this small man NOT DOING HIS JOB.
    Sessions could hold a press conference and wave these documents in the air. Sessions could make a statement that “as I’ve said, we re-opened the investigations a, b, c, d and are actively seeking the facts in order to prosecute such crimes as are discovered” and further he could remind the public that “I’ve also directed the prosecutors to charge the for the highest crimes and biggest penalties allowed under the law for their illegal actions”, or, maybe he could just say anything???
    He is failing to Head up, failing to Direct the Department of Justice, failing to Indict the criminals.
    Start with the earlier know espionage and PERP-WALK HILLARY with lights and cameras as soon as she lands back on US soil.


  16. scott467 says:

    “Heads up. Big News Coming Tomorrow!”


    Is it tomorrow yet?

    Or is it only a day away?


  17. franuche says:

    Where in the Sam hell is that IG report? Would be nice if the good guys could win just once.

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  18. mpmp2015 says:

    RE: “Laura Ingraham was left nodding her head (she was lost) as details began surfacing that only a few have yet grasped.”

    HAHAHAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! So bad, but so true!!!


  19. Firefly says:

    Here’s an article that points out Brennan hasn’t been interviewed by Mueller – the originator of this Russia scandal. Brennan went to Russia and London investigating. Also note Strzok was working closely with Brennan yet Mueller put a Strzok in his SC group.

    The revealing crumb left in the David Corn/Michael Isikoff book on the Russia investigation.

    Excerpts from the article:
    Whatever Brennan collected was so insubstantial that Robert Mueller hasn’t even interviewed him about it. Consider that for a second: Mueller was supposedly appointed to complete the counterintelligence probe into Trumpworld, and he hasn’t felt the need to talk to the father of it. Brennan has tried to explain this astonishing discrepancy away by vaguely saying that whatever Mueller needs he could find in “CIA files.”

    The FBI’s liaison to Brennan was Peter Strzok, whose hatred for Trump equaled Brennan’s. But even Strzok knew that Brennan was blowing smoke about Trump-Russian collusion. Strzok would later tell his mistress that he sensed the probe would prove a crock — that “there’s no big there there.”


  20. jakeandcrew says:

    Okay, things are heating up!


  21. Concerned says:

    Sundance and a number of others have done an outstanding job of identifying the illegal acts of Comey, Mueller and many others in our government,

    I am perplexed and shocked by the apparent inability of our government to charge much less prosecute, any of them.

    Do we have any hope at seeing justice done?


  22. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    “Multiple subjects of a report can privately review…”
    Hmmm. That kinda sounds like special treatment. Can’t they be like obama and just find out what it says when they see it in the newspaper?


    • Dutchman says:

      They cannot be tried by military tribunal, or the ‘win’ even if they lose.
      They cannot go thru trial, in which their defence is to create reasonable doubt, not just in jury, but in American people.
      (My take) They must be charged, and faced with such overwhelming, LEGALLY OBTAINED evidence that their own attourney advises them to plead guilty.
      And, building such a case takes time.
      Anything less, and thise who are in cognitive dissonanc/denial, (about 50% of Americans) will remain in willful ignorance.


  23. Concerned says:


    Can anyone think of a good reason for not doing following?

    In a letter obtained by The Hill, several members of the hard-line House Freedom Caucus called on Trump to use his power to release the remaining documents they’ve been trying to obtain from the department.

    They said Trump should instruct Attorney General Jeff Sessions to “immediately produce all documents requested by Congress relating to our investigation of certain prosecutorial and investigative decisions made by the Department of Justice and FBI in 2016 and 2017.”

    Extracted from :


  24. TB says:

    Joe DiGenova makes a good point about the recent leaks to WaPo, that implicate Stefan Halper “as being the big, mystery source”, are probably a deep state smoke screen. The unnamed-source leakers (possibly CIA / Brennan cronies) say the redacted name in the EC document is a US citizen based overseas; which makes everyone (including Sundance) think the person referenced in the EC is Stefan Halper.

    But why do we believe that leaked fact is true? What if it is a deception that the deep-staters are planting to misdirect, while Brennan’s foreign source is actually a foreign citizen (specifically a UK person)? My guess is that the redacted name in the EC is more likely “Robert Hannigan” rather than Halper. Hannigan got fired as the head of GCHQ (ooops, I mean likely he “voluntarily” was forced to hand in his pre-written resignation letter) immediately after Trump’s inauguration. If it is his name that would be revealed once the redacting is removed, that would be extremely embarrassing to the UK. (Imagine how the UK government would feel to have it publicly known that one of their top spy officials had colluded with Obama IC officials in a failed attempt to sabotage the campaign of the current president of the USA; that would kind of put a damper going forward on the good old “historical , special relationship between the US and UK”, wouldn’t it?)

    That isn’t to say that Stefan Halper wasn’t involved in ops to dirty up Trump’s low level campaign staffers, because he almost certainly was: but in this case he doesn’t seem to be that big a fish for the DOJ to be falling on its sword in order to protect him.

    On a separate note, I keep wondering about the other “FBI source”, the one alleged to be embedded within the Trump campaign. Why does everyone seem to think that person couldn’t be Carter Page (acting either wittingly or unwittingly for the FBI)? I don’t have any evidence, but he sure seems like he would be a tailor-made “trojan horse” / plant for the FBI to get its foot inside Trump’s campaign. And who would suspect the guy who was “wrongly spied on” as being part of the set up?

    From the FBI’s stand-point, it sure seems “lucky” that someone who had a questionable enough history that the FBI has been able to obtain multiple FISA warrants on him (in 2013 as well as 2016), just “walked in off the street” to volunteer his services to the Trump campaign. It could all be happenstance and innocent and that Carter Page was a sincere Trump supporter, but he didn’t stay with the campaign long before completely fading into the woodwork. It doesn’t sound like he did anything of note while working for the campaign other than somehow, coincidentally getting invited to go to Russia to make a speech. Is it just me, or does it seem odd to anyone else that every time there are FISA warrants issued on Carter Page, he is never charged with anything, but the people he comes into contact with are indicted for something?


  25. Paqul Killinger says:

    WHY is Rosenstein still working there?

    WHY isn’t he on administrative leave pending investigation for obstruction of justice?


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