Reuters Weekly Poll Reflects Upswing in Support For President Trump – Reuters Apologizes For Sharing…

Reuters weekly polling reflected an upswing in support for President Donald Trump.  Which immediately caused them to issue an apology along with the release.

Washington, DC – The Reuters/Ipsos Core Political poll has a significant realignment this week across a number of metrics. Most pronounced is President Trump’s approval rating which currently sits at 48% with all Americans. His number with registered voters is essentially the same at 49%. Corresponding with Trump’s stronger approval rating, evaluations of his job performance across the board are stronger this week from 57% approving of his handling of the economy (read more)

(Full Poll Results Here)


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276 Responses to Reuters Weekly Poll Reflects Upswing in Support For President Trump – Reuters Apologizes For Sharing…

  1. Mickey Wasp says:

    Dunno if y’all been watchin Levin with DiGenova and Boingino…
    Hittin it out of the park – keep uppin each other on the crimes of the past.
    Sure, Sundance is coping and laughing and getting ready for new article.

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  2. covfefe999 says:

    Why don’t they explain why they think it’s an outlier? 🙂


    • Phil Free says:

      Because they don’t want to accidentally prove to themselves that it’s _not_ an outlier. A riot! 😂

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    • fleporeblog says:

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      • fleporeblog says:

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        • T.L.T. says:

          That’s what I’m talking about. 🙂

          It’s kind of hard to ignore a North Korean disarmament initiative no matter how you spin it.

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        • Trump Train says:

          This is why he won. The left just doesn’t get it. There has been dramatic change. How do you tell someone their taxes did not go down when they did. How can you tell someone that the job market is bad when they have a good job………..could go on and on.

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        • maiingankwe says:

          I still think our President’s approval numbers are even higher than shown. I say this on jobs, foreign and overall. As others have mentioned, one cannot ignore North Korea either.

          I don’t have any facts to back me up except to remind those of the polls during the election, and how far off those were. What I do say, these numbers to me are considerably high when it comes to all of the negative msm continuous reporting on our POTUS. It’s a constant 24/7 bashing. So, if Rueters and Rasmussen both say around 50%, I can’t help but think it’s really higher. One would think with all of the constant bashing, the numbers would be far lower.

          I know a lot more Americans have woken up, but if so, wouldn’t cnn and others viewership have dropped a lot more than what they say it has? Oops, there it is isn’t it? If cnn didn’t have their contract with all of our airports, their numbers would be far lower, way, way lower right? Okay. The numbers I’ve seen for msnbc and nbc are quite dismal, so I wouldn’t be shocked if they are closer to the truth.

          It’s sad nowadays one cannot even trust our polls whether it be for our President or the msm.

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          • Mark Caswell says:

            You have plenty of facts to back you up in this poll. look at the approval numbers based on the issues. When people are asked about issues it becomes easier to favor Trump without approving the entire picture.


      • Konamon says:

        They wanna go to the beach.

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    • J Gottfred says:

      The results do not fit their narrative. If Clinton was elected their effort would be to rewrite history.

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  3. Konamon says:

    I think it is time to bury the hatchets. USA…USA… Let all Americans, be themselves. Let our POTUS be Of The USA. I am weary of the strife. Hey people, let it go. It is almost Summertime.


  4. Newt Love says:

    “All of the polling says with 98% certainty, than HRC will win the 2016 Presidential election in a landslide.”

    The pollsters are suppressing the numbers.
    Trump is up “bigly” [big league] but they won’t admit it.
    “Cooking the books” is a Donkey Party and MSM tradition.

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    • Rynn69 says:

      Frank Luntz, Nate Silver, Larry Sabatow…etc., etc., etc. all making $$$$ running phony polls to support Democrat narratives. It is a big, big business for them.

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      • GB Bari says:

        That has always mystified me. Why isn’t it just as profitable for them to run phony polls favorable to the Republicans? Then again, why don’t they run a purely objective & honest poll and let the chips fall where they may – whoever benefits can pay them handsomely.

        Ok so I really know the answer – its’ because their polls are of interest to the eneMedia as “news”. Since the eneMedia is hard left, leftwing-favoring results are far more marketable $$$$. Got it.

        Wonder how much the pollsters get paid by the media for their twisted polls? That’d be interesting to find out.

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        • jleonard14 says:

          Because Democrats have more money and pay more.


          • Rynn69 says:

            Yes, and the Democrat foundation of everything is based on the lie. Never forget that. What is Obama’s advocacy group called? Organizing FOR America (really AGAINST). What was Obamacare called? The AFFORDABLE Care Act (really UNAFFORDABLE). Etc., etc., etc., and the list goes on from “Planned Parenthood” to “Sanctuary City.” Everything is smoke and mirrors.

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        • Newt Love says:

          > “… Why isn’t it just as profitable for them to run phony polls favorable to the Republicans? …”

          Look up “the band wagon” effect in a non-google search engine.

          It’s an ancient technique that the (D) Donkey Party tried to perfect, but it MUCH less effective than it used to be.


      • The propaganda machine is in full force generally starting 6 months prior to Nov in any election year. This year has the same force as 2016 because they’re determined to wrest control of the House so they can spend the next 2 years continuing the witch hunt. IMO Mueller is hanging on for this outcome so he’ll be available for the Dem controlled House.


    • Phil Bacon says:

      ” For the survey, a sample of 1,548 Americans, including 556 Democrats, 579 Republicans, 163 Independents ages 18+ were interviewed online.”

      Interviewed online? Self-selected? What a narrow, restricted and rigged pool.

      Like;y to cut out anyone not compulsive/obsessive about social contacts/news/”issues”. Wonder how many recently unemployed were in that pool, along with your typical 9-5 wage earner or line worker.

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  5. rjcylon says:

    The Mainsteam media’s job used to be to inform people about the news of the day. Eventually they decided their job was to tell us what to think, and how to think. Now it seems they can’t even pull that off. MSM might disappear entirely with enough polls like this.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Media credibility has been totally crumbling during the past 18 months and they seem to be determined to stay the course. Good, their days are numbered. Their years of dominating the way people get the news is over and done with. Like the original heyday of newspaper and radio reporting, television news is becoming a vestige of what it once was. RIP ABCNNBCBS.

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    • rrick says:

      The job of the media remains the same; to gather and report the news. Its just that evermore there are less adherents to that duty. There are a few such as Sharyl Attkisson who still uphold that principal duty of the press.

      But what you detect is not new. It may have become more rabid but the ‘reporters’ conflating opinion with objective fact is not new. I’m not sure if even Hearst and his yellow journalism was the true advent of this.

      I think we can all see that the media have pushed it so far that their demise is likely. Their obfuscation of fact to favor unbalanced opinion coupled with the advance of alternate news sources via the internet and inexpensive print spell doom for the mainstream media. (its quite inexpensive to self-publish as never before) Until then, the MSM can be ignored. In fact, I encourage all to do just that, to ignore them in every way possible, for the purpose of rending them to irrelevancy and to cut off their funding.

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      • rrick says:

        Correction: ‘The job of the PRESS….’ It may be only semantics but it seems to me that here the term, press, makes better sense than to say, media.


  6. rsmith1776 says:

    I believe it is outrageous of the hoi polloi, the American people to disregard the will of our Dear Leaders, who have our better interests at heart and know so much more than us, unwashed masses.

    Even if he was a bit of a lefty (of an earlier, less corrupt kind), Bertolt Brecht did a great job writing the poem “Die Lösung” (The Solution) after the 1953 Eastern Germany uprising has been put down by the government:

    After the uprising of the 17th of June
    The Secretary of the Writers’ Union
    Had leaflets distributed in the Stalin Blvd.
    Stating that the people
    Had forfeited the confidence of the government
    And could win it back only
    By redoubled efforts.

    ***Would it not be easier
    In that case for the government
    To dissolve the people
    And elect another?***

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  7. It’s no mistake what Giuliani did this week RE: Stormy. The Trump camp WANTS the media to chase the Stormy BS story. It’s been poll tested, i.e. American voters DO NOT CARE. Let the fake news networks chase it all they want, because they’re gonna chase something. Might as well put the cheese in the maze where you want it and have the dirty rats chase something completely ridiculous while the rest of the country moves forward and the economy keeps rockin’. 😉

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  8. Konamon says:

    Howies Poll
    I would rather
    1. Go to the beach and have fun.
    2. Have a great BBQ with family an friends.
    3. Go fishing wit my pals.
    4. Watch CNN and MSNBC and pout.

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  9. If the polling data had shown a sharp downtick, Reuters would not be apologizing.

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  10. I would question the demographics of this poll. It seems like Republicans are over-sampled quite a bit, Democrats over-sampled not as much, but most of all, Independents are under-sampled. Doesn’t mean Trump’s support isn’t there, it’s just a curious sampling.


    • SteveT says:

      From the figures given up thread, I’m much more interested who the unnamed 250 are?
      556D + 579R + 163 Ind = 1298
      1548 – 1298 = 250 ???
      15% unidentified??


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    • Trumpelstiltsken says:

      She’s rotten to the core. But I trust DJT….he knew she was a snake before he took her in.

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    • rrick says:

      This is reminiscent of the old joke about (pick a political figure) can walk on water and the media makes hay of it and writes that that person cannot swim.

      I suggest perusing several different sources to try to glean what was actually said, by whom, and in what context.

      What I gather here is that Nikki Haley is not ramrodding for President Trump to immediately shut down Mueller so the media reports that as Haley being opposed to the President. Notice, Haley did say she thinks the Mueller bidness should be completed as soon as possible. One may read into that as they may.

      I’m not fond of Haley because of her behaviors before she was called up as Ambassador. But the opinion of President Trump of Haley is all that matters here.


      • rrick says:

        Let us consider it differently. The President has selected well skilled sheepdogs. There is bound to be friction between such personalities. Yet that does not mean they not once forget they are acting in cohesion towards accomplishing a set of defined goals. They do not go off the reservation, there are no loaners here.

        Or would it be that the President surround himself with doormats and sycophants? Mind you, this is on the world stage.


  11. honestyoz says:

    People go to work and think the sky hasn’t fallen a dozen times it was supposed to by POTUS. The look at America and its going well, they look at America in the world and is going well. So the more the Left treat them as stupid by feeding a negative POTUS spin the more the election prospects of POTUS improves.
    Its called shoting yourself in the foot.
    Thats why POTUS comments on it but doesnt stamp it out. Chuck S has caught on as have a couple of others but they cant pull up MSM because that is all they have in a 24 hour news cycle. They cant go to policy they have none. What they did have under O has absolutely proven to not work. Bottomline is the more the Left does this the more support they drive to POTUS its a beautiful thing! So dont get mad just hope they dont twig to it.


    • Steve says:

      It’s rather like the hysteria over “global warming”. There’s a point where people just get tired of the same drivel. Then they notice that the emperor has no clothes.


  12. J Gottfred says:

    “It’s the economy stupid.” The Democrats, the party of no, are on the run!

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  13. Nigella says:

    Pay no attention to this poll… Stormy Daniels!

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    • Dutchman says:

      “You can fool SOME of the people, ALL the time.
      You can fool ALL the people, SOME of the time,
      But you CAN NOT fool ALL the people, ALL the time.”
      This, I think, is the uniparty msm, etc. paradox.
      The fooled themselves into thinking they COULD fool ALL the people, all the time, when all they were doing was fooling all the people, SOME of the time.
      Cognitive dissonance, TDS and denial is making it hard for them to grasp that “the parties over”.


      • Your Tour Guide says:

        And East is East

        and West is West.

        And if you take cranberries and stew them
        like applesauce

        they taste much more like prunes


  14. covfefe999 says:

    Nov 7 2016 Reuters headline:

    Clinton has 90 percent chance of winning: Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation

    No disclaimer (that I can find) that Reuters considered the results an outlier. 🙂

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  15. J Gottfred says:

    “Ipsos Public Affairs is a non-partisan, objective, survey-based research practice made up of seasoned professionals. ” -About Ipsos Public Affairs in release.

    I see two un-truths here: 1) “non-partisan”, and; 2) “seasoned professional.” What a crock.


  16. DARREN BERNAT says:

    I’m curious if the POTUS slow walks Mueller so that this issue is front and center during november, does this more energize the left or right. My guess is that the left will be more hurt by this than the right because Trump’s popularity is in the increase and Mueller is sinking. I think slow walk their probe and allow voters the opportunity to punish the left for this abuse.


  17. Ray Van Dune says:

    I know how Trump can boost his approval by 10% or more!

    Indict John Kerry for Logan Act violations! Let the Dems and the media (BIRM) scream about the irrelevance of the Act they want to hang half of Trump’s team with! Be sure and use the word “collusion” in the indictment, as in “collusion with Iran”.

    Millions of the Americans who are Trump’s base have lived most of their life watching John Kerry giving us the middle finger… it’s payback time!


  18. thedoc00 says:

    For all those hoping this translates into a win in November elections, I urge a some caution. Note, this is a media “popularity assessment vs the President” and NOT the republicans in general. This all means ZERO if the Republican Candidates and RNC do not get on board with the President’s agenda to strengthen themselves in the local state elections, which are dominated by democrat supporting media narrative, sanctuary city driven population changes, local tax money distribution issues, etc. The RNC still has not initiated any sort of public campaign to align their candidates with Trump’s successes or policies in a believable manner. This non-alignment remains the republican’s Achilles Heal for November.


  19. The AP has investigated and finds Rooters roots clean !


  20. akupchuck says:

    I am surprised they are still actually polling real people.They wont make that mistake again.

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  21. ruckwarrior says:

    I laugh because Democrats have ran on no platform well the only Platform is that “Trump is crazy and America will fail”, now that his policies are bearing fruit they have nothing to fall back on. They voted and advocated against everything that’s working…

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  22. Fools Gold says:

    When are y’all gonna learn to ignore the GD polls that involve “The Donald” our favorite POTUS ever. I’m sure if they change we’ll be the first to let the pollsters know! Right now add 10-15 % maybe more if more blacks come on board as I expect! I think they’ve had enough of the Same ole Sh#t too!


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