Joe diGenova Discusses Special Counsel Mueller With Sean Hannity….

Former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova discusses his perspective on Robert Mueller, and the current position of the special counsel investigation, with Sean Hannity.

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59 Responses to Joe diGenova Discusses Special Counsel Mueller With Sean Hannity….

  1. Fred says:

    Sundance when does it end?

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    • Joshua says:

      I know I’m not SD, but was asking myself this question months ago.

      It has become my (humble) opinion that this only ends (maybe long) after trump’s final term.

      It’s seems likely, to me, this will exist, and persist, in some form or another, longer than the trump presidency itself. Enjoy

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    • Publius2016 says:

      Never! Every generation must fight to keep life liberty and the pursuit of happiness alive I. The United States of America! We have a champion as President and will stand and defend as long as their is air in our lungs and blood in our veins!


    • It will end when somebody with a spine steps up and ends it.

      Mueller will never stop until someone stops him. Rosenstein won’t do it. Sessions MIGHT do it … but given his humility it’s hard to picture him finally stepping up and taking charge. But perhaps the Horowitz report and the Huber grand jury will finally give him the legal predicate to declare that his prior recusal was the result of a seditious conspiracy based on the perjured testimony of corrupt FBI and DOJ members of the “small group”.

      Then he can take back the reins from Rosenstein, thank Mueller and his team for all their hard work, and direct Mueller to wrap it up.

      That’s the most likely outcome, IMO.


  2. SR says:

    This sp is making President weak on international trips and commitments. Those folks watch CNN and other liberal media and may want to wait longer before any deal.
    I still have some feeling that PTrump would be clear before Korea trip with report from SP.

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    • Mickey Wasp says:

      President Trump interacts and negotiates with ‘Heads of State’, as his cabinet members. And you think these leaders of other nations only have CNN as info..?

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    • littleanniesfannie says:

      If PDJT had God as his attorney, this crowd would trash him like they do now. Their hatred of Our VSG far outweighs their desire for salvation.
      Really humorous is when one of the idiot lib mouthpieces proclaims that conservatives hated Obama. I will admit, I hated the way he tried to change our country, his non-Christian values and ethics, and his attempt to destroy the American Dream. I did not hate the man. Libs today despise the man and would rather sacrifice the country than recognize him for what he is doing. I realize they don’t want a middle class. In their worl, there would be only the elites, the donors, and the inheritors. The elites would be the ruling class—politicians, their inner circles, non-believers would be destroyed. The donors would be the former non-elite upper class and the entire middle class. Their existence would serve two purposes—give the elites what they want and to give the lower class what they want. The inheritors would be those who feel entitled to get what they want for doing nothing but coveting their neighbor’s possessions.
      The left will never understand why conservatives are upset. They just aren’t smart enough or compassionate enough. They are just like a two year old that sees everything they want and screams “Mine”. We need to get them “mine”—and hope it explodes their warped dreams!


  3. TNgal says:

    Love how diGenova said that Mueller was a cross between Madame Defarge and Inspector Javert.

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    • ezpz2 says:

      Yes, Joe definitely has Mueller’s number so to speak.

      Rudy, otoh, calls Mueller a patriot, a good guy who has no malice, and other such nonsensical praises.

      I’m hoping this is just part of his strategy, because if Rudy really feels that way about Mueller, then he’s just not seeing clearly, imo, and might not be the best choice to head up the legal team.

      I know….concern noted

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      • Linda says:

        Rudy is negotiating. If he goes out there and calls Mueller out for who he really is, Mueller is going to be even worse.

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        • ezpz2 says:

          Maybe, but I’ll say it again: I would like to see the legal team in ‘best defense is a strong offense’ mode rather than this negotiating nonsense. What’s there to negotiate? How many questions Mueller can ask and for how long? Ridiculous!

          Zero and zero! That’s ho many and that’s how long!

          I would like to see them pointing out all the conflicts of interest that Mueller and team have, rather than treating this as though POTUS is a defendant! He’s not! He committed NO crime!

          Shut this thing down!

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          • Publius2016 says:

            When the President strikes, he hits 1000x harder…the Congress needs to hold DOJ fbi in Contempt…but don’t be surprised if one judge throws the whole thing out!!

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          • jmclever says:

            I don’t think it’s negotiating w.r.t. Giuliani saying nice things about Mueller. IMHO this is how you deal with narcissists. You stroke their ego and get them believing that you believe they are as amazing as they think they are. Meanwhile you go in for the kill and they never see it coming.


            • ezpz2 says:

              jmclever, respectfully disagree. I don’t think that works on Mueller; his horrible track record seems to indicate that he takes great pleasure in ruining people’s lives.

              I like the more honest and direct approach – like calling a spade a spade.


        • Countrywatch says:

          I believe there is no negotiating by Giuliani. Mueller is being told the terms, I believe. There is a lot of play acting going on, and for good reason.


      • Critical Mass says:

        Yes. Your second paragraph – spot on. Apart from anything else, it was not professional of Giuliani to express his personal attitude or relationship with Mueller in a public forum. Giuliani’s likes or dislikes should not come into it, and surely his lack of objectivity is a compromise of both his skill and neutrality as a lawyer. In fact I thought that in the interview he came across as an old fool trying to restore his glory days – sometimes sounding like a knight errant, and at other times like a horse trader. The President deserves better than that.

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      • Jim in TN says:

        All I see is that when everybody starts swearing to the integrity and honor of attorneys who worked as prosecutors or for the FBI/DOJ,

        it really means that they are the most crooked lying weasels who routinely abuse the power given to them, both for personal and for political benefit, and always to help Democrats no matter what party they claim to be in.

        Just sayin,


    • Julia Adams says:

      A Tale of Two Cities meets Les Miserables
      Pure genius!

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  4. terry says:

    I was thinking before and now believe that
    Comey was sacrificed by the deep state.

    Rosenstein recommended his firing which I believe
    was a set-up to appoint Mueller.

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  5. Pam says:

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  6. Peter Rabbit says:

    Joe is always clear, concise and correct. Articulates why Judge Napolitano is wrong in claiming Mueller has legal authority to subpoena POTUS with grand jury. DiGenova needs to be on TV every night pounding home the law, decency and common sense. Now clear for all to see that Rosey is Black Hat. No other way to comprehend his sanctimonious comments about Congressional oversight, its Constitutional Authority AND Responsibility. Look also at his wife. This couple is really dirty.

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    • TNgal says:

      It seems that Judge Napolitano is always looking at all things in a way that favors Muller and is negative toward Trump. Nothing is ever construed to benefit the President or to be skeptical in the first place that this investigation is corrupt.

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    • Jim in TN says:

      Don’t forget all those analyses of the team Mueller hired that showed he was prepared to bust the constitution and make novel arguments in court defending those corrupt illegal acts, all the way to the Supreme Court.

      Improperly taking campaign records and waiting for the knowledgeable custodian to go on vacation to do so.

      Using an illegally obtained FISA search warrant to spy on Americans.

      Breaking into Manaforts house before getting permission to do so.

      Busting attorney client privilege.

      Possessing exculpatory information and hiding it from Flynn while forcing him to accept plea bargain on threat of throwing Flynn’s son in jail.

      Repeatedly hiding all the information that proves he took over a case which is nothing but a political abuse of justice and IC against political opponents based upon paying foreign agents to frame an opponent.

      Mueller has shown himself to be more than capable of harrassment of the President with illegal actions and forcing them all the way to the Supreme Court.

      Rosenstein will give him pseudo cover for these illegal actions.

      And the news will vomit forth all sorts of attorneys, both paid and acting politically, to make these illegal acts sound saintly and Trump’s defense of the law sound illegal. Ala Napolitano.


  7. TNgal says:

    Joe diGenova predicted in the April 4 appearance on
    “Hannity” that the kinds of questions regarding the President’s feelings during the firing of Comey would be prepared by Muller. Why can the President be even questioned regarding obstruction when Rod Rosenstein wrote a letter recommending Comey’s firing? The firing in a sense was done upon the recommendation of Rosenstein. And doesn’t anyone think it is bizarre that Comes admits to the leaking of his own memos in order to have a Special Counsel appointed? That makes is so blatantly obvious that it was all a set up.

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  8. wheatietoo says:

    James Kallstrom is appalled by all of this.

    He has nothing good to say about Mueller.

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  9. Julia Adams says:

    This entire investigation is unlike anything before it. It’s truly beyond the pale, unprecedented.
    Leaks, lies hate and drama. We are watching lawlessness undermine the rule of law by the very people who are sworn to uphold it while the defendant whose only crime is he won a presidential election is on trial in the court of public opinion.

    Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be lawyers.

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    • Dutchman says:

      I may have not expressed myself well in earlier post. I am still cautiously optimistic:trust the MAN, trust the PLAN.
      In order for ME to believe Sessions is black hat, I would have to believe Huber appt., BY SESSIONS, was all a smokescreen. I don’t believe that, ergo Sessions is white hat.
      Main way DJT is beating them, is by NOT being distracted, and getting things done.
      Let me get this straight; with all the winning FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, economically, oil export-wise, optimism, employment, etc. which is directly attributable to HIM, and with all the winning internationally, re: N.Korea, Iran, China, new, better trade agreements, etc. And your gonna IMPEACH him?
      After the mid terms it will be insane for them to even try.
      He’s spanking the people who PAID the traitors; China, Am.CofC, etc.
      And he WILL make these barstuds pay, with public humiliation/condemnation, as well as jail time.
      We are the ‘law and order’ people: we BELIEVE in the rule of law, and Constitution. Its the ultimate ‘culture issue’. Take THAT away, (without first taking our guns), and,..well it SUCKS to be you. Blatently, in our face show us “there is no rule of law, we CAN overturn the will of the people, cause we are the deep state”, and there will be an epidemic of lead poisoning, all but that comedianne, who will (literally) have her head handed to her.
      The only thing keeping the american people in check IS our respect for the rule of law.

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  10. Perot Conservative says:

    Pption 1: IG Report fallout.

    Option 2: economy roaring, North Korea peace, Trump makes a move.


  11. Karl Kastner says:

    (Sung to the tune of “Windy” by the Association)

    Who didn’t look at Clintons’ foundation
    Do-nations meant for people in need
    Who knew that pay for play was the motive
    Everyone knows it’s Comey

    Who acted for the a-ttorney general
    U-surping Lynch’s au-thority
    Who called the Clinton emails “a matter”
    Everyone knows it’s Comey

    And Comey will em-pha-size
    The truth when he really lies
    And Comey attempts to fly
    Above the law (above the law)
    Above the law (above the law)

    (musical interlude)

    And Comey will em-pha-size
    The truth when he really lies
    And Comey attempts to fly
    Above the law (above the law)
    Above the law (above the law)

    Who supervised on each FISA warrant
    Based on the bogus Steele Dossi-er
    Who vouched for such, a shady in-formant
    Everyone knows it’s Comey

    Who trashed the bureau’s clean reputation
    Con-spiring with, members of DNC
    Who looked the other way for promotion
    Everyone knows it’s Comey

    Who’s leaking out his class-ified memos
    Claiming that they’re, just his di-ary
    Who sought the naming of special counsel
    Everyone knows it’s Comey

    Who wrote a book to raise defense funding
    Coupled with shameless a-ppearance fees
    Who’ cashing in on each public moment
    Everyone knows it’s Comey

    Who will be charged by In-spector General
    Justice for crimes the jur-y can see
    Who’ll go from special agent to felon
    Everyone knows it’s Comey

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    • Dutchman says:

      And who found out he was fired by seeing it on T.V.?
      Everyone knows its Comey.

      Couldn’t happen in a more appropriate way!

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Great one (along with your others)!

      After all this is over, and the swamp has been MOABed, Nuked, Drained, and evaporated, there’ll not just be a book (Pulitzer Prize to Sundance), a Movie (Oscars all-round), but a MUSICAL! (Tony Awards, too) 🙂


  12. Publius2016 says:

    Every President since WWII has had a file presented to them by the Director of the FBI! President Trump looked at it and said: “LIES! Please investigate who would said them.” UNIPARTY Deep State Think Tank Black Ops took action to find something.


  13. littleanniesfannie says:

    Personal observation. There are many parallels between this case and Duke LAX. Mule-er is the same as Mike Nifong. Out to make himself greater than he can ever be and bent on a conviction. Damn the law, full steam ahead. Those two are peas in a pod. Trump is the same as the Duke 3. Accused falsely on trumped up charges as a means to their end. The Constitution or the rule of law the two prosecutors swore to defend mean absolutely nothing if it hinders the objective. Sundance is the K. C. Johnson of this fiasco. Brilliant, analytical mind who realizes all the dirty moves. Neither had a following the size of the MSM, who convicted both the LAX players and the Trump team in the media without proof. Both were on the side of justice, not the misnomered Justice Department, but justice of the American way.
    For Nifong’s lies to the press and court (similarity 1), his hiding of factual evidence which did not suit his narrative (similarity 2), his willingness to impeach the credibility of anyone who didn’t tow the desired narrative (similarity 3), his willingness to throw wealth and class around as justification for the unproven “crimes” (similarity 4).
    For trying to destroy the lives of the Duke LAX players and coach, the powers that be deemed public humiliation, disbarment, and one night in jail as reasonable punishment. Well, that wasn’t enough then and it won’t be enough now. Nothing short of ALL guilty treasonous members of the Clinton/Obama team who have perpetrated and are perpetrating these crimes against our VSG facing long prison terms and massive fines will be acceptable. Time for everyone to wake up and decide whether this country is worth saving or not. Failure to achieve the maximum punishment for trying to destroy the country simply because your little Nazi, Fascist group didn’t retain power is not reasonable. Our forefathers fought for freedom from religious oppression in the 18th century. The 19th century saw a Civil War from within. We fought two World Wars in the 20th century to help countries escape Socialist/Communist/Fascist policies and attempted coups. We may face another Civil War in the 21st century to combat the tyranny of the new Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Nazi takeover of our country. The next few months will tell the story.


  14. scruffyleon says:

    One sure way we can all help our Blessed President is to vote in November. All of us!! We need to vote all Democrats out of office and where possible, replace RINOs and NeverTrumpers with a solid, patriotic Republican.
    The Democrats will never stop their harassment of PDJT but with fewer in power, the better it is for our side.
    VSGPDJT would love to see a political landslide in November showing unwavering support.
    Vote and get everyone you can to vote also.


  15. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    “Between Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, and the absent attorney general, God bless him, we have a very serious crisis in American law enforcement.” Unless Sessions has something up his sleeve, he’ll go down in history reviled by the right and forgotten by the left.


  16. Dear Mr. DiGenova,

    I have followed many arguments and pleadings for a return to the rule of law in this our beloved Nation. Your briefings and presentations in that regard have been superb. Thank you! As a former FBI Agent who served in the 1970’s, I would have been honored and delighted to participate with you in bringing to justice some of the Goodfellas from the swamps of those … our days.

    Judge Gohmert recently published 40 important questions that should be asked of Robert Mueller. I, however, would have wanted to find answers to many more than just Judge Gohmert’s questions. Foremost, Mueller’s scandalous, shameful, corrupt, and complicit conduct in “The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI)” matter of the 1990’s should be exposed. For example, I would have dug out answers to questions about why he did damage control for Washington’s insiders, Goodfellas, legislators, and other swamp creatures. Answers to some of those questions can be found here, “13 Shocking Facts About Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller Posted on November 1, 2017 by WashingtonsBlog”

    I would also focus on at least two of Washington’s current Goodfellas … Orrin Hatch and Patrick Leahy … who can be found on a purported BCCI Bribes list. If possible, please connect to an old YouTube video via Google where Hatch can be seen and heard trying to lie and deny his way out of having solicited a $10MM loan from BCCI … at the time the most corrupt bank in the history of the Word. You may be able to access it here

    Could Mueller’s current (but hopefully fading) insulation from scrutiny, censure, and prosecution be attributed to outstanding “You owe me” chits from the Goodfellas to him? What do all of these misfeasants (sic) have in common? Is there truly a “Deep State” that overrides and transcends all parties, politics, dogma, and ethics? Why has the BCCI debacle not been headlined in Mueller’s resume of criminal conduct?

    I hope this reaches you and I hope you will ask my questions at FOX and of Hannity and the many others who seem to be avoiding the nexus to Mueller’s history of serious wrong doings.

    Best wishes,

    Wayne L. Wickizer – MSAJ
    Major, U.S. Army Special Forces Ret.
    Former FBI Agent 1970-76
    Retired Educator
    Member Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)
    Freelance Commentator and Political “Lurker”
    Skype = wwickizer1
    Cell 435-828-0496
    Linkedin =


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