French President Emmanuel Macron Pre-State Visit Briefing…

French President Emmanuel Macron arrives in the United States tomorrow for the first official State Visit and State Dinner of the President Trump Administration.

In advance of the visit, the pontificating media ambassador to the DC swamp, foie gras Wallace, briefs President Macron on what horrible vulgarian affronts he may encounter:


A bit of background color – As noted in the interview, President Macron will bring with him a gift, offering to President Donald Trump and the American people, an oak sapling taken from Bellau Wood, about 60 miles northeast of Paris in the Champagne region.  The site is where a famous World War One battle took place, where the U.S. Marine Corps repelled a German offensive in the final year of the conflict almost exactly a century ago.

The sapling grew close to the so-called “Devil Dog” fountain, a spot that has become legendary within Marines ranks.  It is where U.S. soldiers are said to have gathered after the battle.  The “dog” in the fountain’s name refers to its spout, which resembles the head of a bull mastiff. But the nickname also stems from the German moniker “Teufelhunden”, or “devil dogs”.  That term is said to have been used by the Germans to describe the U.S. Marines due to the ferocity with which the Americans fought.

As a consequence, “Devil Dog” soon became a common nickname for U.S. Marines.

Part II:


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292 Responses to French President Emmanuel Macron Pre-State Visit Briefing…

  1. Gary says:

    The red stripe on the pant leg of the Dress Blues was established to acknowledge the Officers lost in The Battle Of Bellau Wood. You must reach the rank of Corporal before obtaining the stripe.

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    • pnj01 says:

      Belleau Wood was a great victory for both the USMC and the US Army. The USMC regiments fought in Marine brigades next to US Army brigades as part of at least two US Army Divisions during WWI. Significantly, a Marine General, General John Lejeune (later USMC Commandant), the man whom Camp Lejeune is named after, ended up as the Commander of the US Army’s Second Infantry Division beginning in July 1918. It was that US Second Infantry Division and another US Infantry Division (3d INF) that stood their ground at Belleau Wood. The French were very impressed in particular with the resolve of the US Marine Corps.

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  2. Mickturn says:

    Let’s hope the Oak Sapling taken from Bellau Wood is planted in an historic place at Parris Island so ALL Marines can admire it and sit in it’s shade for as long as possible!

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  3. Excited for our lovely Melania at the State Dinner, our First Lady stunning, elegant and graceful, no doubt wearing French haute couture. Knock me over with a feather if US fashion press features her… American Vogue would have a historic sell out on their hands if they covered Melania – so no way no how will they let that happen! Let’s hope the French fashion industry takes this opportunity to feature our First Lady along with Brigette Macron.

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    • Jan says:

      She is brave beyond her years….Does ANYONE think anyone would have treated Jacqueline Kennedy if she were in the White House today this way? Of course not. I sent my first letter to Mrs. Trump late last week. She needs as much support from us as we give My President [because I know you all do support My President]. Why would anyone doubt that our President does not support LEGAL immigrants?

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  4. Pokey says:

    I know nothing about fashion, my idea about being fashionable is the occassional new t-shirt color I buy, but I thought Melania looked her usual beautiful self in these pictures. Macron seems a lot smarmy to me, but I reserve judgement because have never met any of these folks yet.

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  5. Patriot & Scholar says:

    Semper Fidelis to all Devil Dogs on this site!

    Sgt. LW Nash USMC/USMCR 1977- 1992; USAFR (Ret.)

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  6. Mike diamond says:

    Chris the wallace,!!!! ?????


  7. Patty FromTexas says:

    Donald and Melania look bigger than life, figuratively and literally. They look more … THERE somehow.

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  8. Mercenary says:

    I thought this was an incredibly savvy interview by Macron. He only focused on areas of agreement, showed President Trump respect, and showed America honor by mentioning the thousands of young American men that died in France. He may be a globalist, but he certainly knows how to do diplomacy, and it’s no surprise Trump likes him with that attitude. He doesn’t have the Trump Derangement Syndrome of the European elites. I know almost nothing about him, but came away from this interview slightly impressed.

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  9. Kokanee says:

    I was raised by “Devil Dogs”!


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