President Trump Will Hold MAGA Rally in Washington Michigan Night of WH Correspondents Dinner…

The Trump campaign has announced a MAGA rally for Saturday April 28th in Washington, MI, the same night and time as the White House Correspondent’s Dinner 07:00 pm (EST). The rally venue is Total Sports Park, and doors open at 4pm EST.

Tickets Available HERE

Total Sports Park – 65665 Powell Road, Washington, MI 48095  Doors open 4:00pm and rally start time 7:00pm.

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294 Responses to President Trump Will Hold MAGA Rally in Washington Michigan Night of WH Correspondents Dinner…

  1. AH_C says:

    I envy those that will be attending. Trump is guaranteed to be on fire, what with Sessions, Huber, Wray and Horowitz dropping their hammers.


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  2. ablefox says:

    Brilliant is the word.

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  3. Athena the Warrior says:

    The Swamp Media can’t stand it that PDJT has reduced their exclusive event to a who cares affair. Kennedy was whining once again on Outnumbered that she thought he should attend under the guise that it would be good to to go after the press in person and that POTUS was very funny.

    When Lisa Boothe pointed out that PDJT would rather be at a rally with supporters, Kennedy pouted more that he could do a rally anytime. Admit it Kennedy, you like the snooty, elitist dinner that leaves out regular Americans.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      That correspondents’ dinner used to be the annual schmoozing of the media elite who had been running the country for decades. The Pravda-riche and wannabe-influencial movers and shakers still get together to pat each other on the back and pretend that they matter. Since their hero Obama left office they have become more and more despondent and irrelevant. Trump and the Deplorables ignore them and they just can’t admit it yet but their glory days are over and they are not coming back. M A G A

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      • DV- you are so right. During the campaign I watched every single MAGA rally at least once and most times I replayed them a few times on my computer, especially when I was feeling down.

        I don’t know if you ever watched the coverage by RSBN, but they had this Trump theme song that they used to play as Trump’s plane arrived at the airports where thousands of people had gathered for the rally. No matter how badly I thought things were going, the sight of the the man who was destined to become the POTUS made my hopes soar as his beautiful TRUMP plane landed on the field and he came out the door wearing his MAGA red hat, often times with the most beautiful Melania by his side.

        Even during the darkest days of the campaign, when the evil disgusting MSM swamp creatures were spewing their most vile venom and trying to convince us that it was hopeless, it was the Rallies that made me believe Trump not only could win but that he WOULD win.

        I have never seen such wild support and enthusiasm for ANY political candidate. Our beloved President was and is a genius for figuring out the most direct way to capitalize on our support by bringing us together at a rally where we could cheer each other on.

        To this very day, I think it is the genius of DJT that he will always speak directly to We the People who love and support him, no matter what. I wish he would have at least one rally per month in fact, they are that good.

        It would be a complete waste of time for POTUS to spend even one minute with the hateful swamp creatures who want nothing more than to destroy him and his presidency.

        F*** the Swamp and all the devils that reside therein.


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        • In Az says:

          @ Seneca the Elder


          During the presidential campaign I was so convinced that the Marxist Demoncraps would steal the election
          Those azz wipes that tried to get the Electoral College members to change their votes should have been arrested. I even got my children Passports ready because a Clinton as another Obama made me physically ill.

          Every day I literally thank God, the God of the Holy Bible and Creator of the world, for President Trump.

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          • I think you were not the only one who was demoralized by the endless blast of anti Trump propaganda we suffered through during the campaign. That is why the rallies were so important. Because even though they tried to hide the number of people who attended, they couldn’t get away with it. Trump called them out every time- remember? “The most dishonest people on earth.” But our Genius President knew how to out maneuver them and forced them to aim the cameras at the crowds.

            I am convinced that God sent us the only man in the universe who could outwit the demons of hell who were and still are arrayed against him.

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            • PatriotGalNC says:

              I whole heartedly agree! The sheer power and energy of his rallies really kept us all going! When he announced doing a rally a couple of weeks before the election, in Selma, NC (a small town in rural NC…) I was ELATED, as Selma is but 30 miles from my husband and I! We went! It was held in a rural community complex that spilled out into farmer’s fields. There must have been easily 20 thousand people there, or more! Twenty Thousand! (Selma is a small town with about 6500 residents!) The rally was ELECTRIC! People were so excited! There were all races there, including a group of Asian people who held up signs that said “Asians for Trump!”. People were polite, well mannered. Yet, when DJT finally came onto the stage, it was thrilling to see. I managed to edge my way closer to the stage so I could get a better look at him. He is a big guy! And he spoke from his heart! There were a few protesters, who were immediately surrounded with Trump supporters who identified them by yelling Trump!–Trump!–Trump!. This way, the security folks could edge their way in to remove the protesters. Very orderly, no violence. At the end of his speech, he left the stage and then treated everyone to a huge fireworks show! The 4th of July in rural NC, in late October! Another interesting aspect of this particular rally is that this complex that it was in is bordered by I-95. When my husband and I were finally able to find a spot to park, there was pandemonium on BOTH SIDES (North bound and South bound of I-95), as people were pulling off the interstate onto the shoulders–and running across I-95 and jumping the barrier fence to get to the rally). As you can imagine, it created quite the traffic issue on the interstate!) I have never in my life ever seen anything like it! Cars were lined up on the side of I-95 for a mile or two. This obviously created issues for people passing through, but no accidents occurred–but there was a lot of horn honking! Anyway, I too watched the rallies on RSBN! It kept me with my eyes on the prize!

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          • Cisco says:

            I’ll say it again.
            I never prayed so hard and long that night.


            • New Nonna to be Again!!! says:

              On my knees, eyes closed, praying, praying, praying. I know I was not alone in doing that. Thank You, God! For hearing the cries of Your people. 🙏


        • svenwg says:

          As there are 52 States in the Union, VSGHEPOTUS could have a rally every weekend in a different State, with Christmas and Easter at home with his Beautiful wife, children and grandchildren.

          It would be a very effective way of keeping the MAGA Train 🚊 fuelled and flying along the tracks not touching them but giving his supporters the moral upliftment they so richly deserve!

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        • Grandma Covfefe says:

          Those Trump rallies were the good golden Days..and they will come back after the election’18 is over. We watched every one of them too. That theme song on RSBN was what got us running to the computer from whatever we were doing while waiting for Candidate Trump to arrive. It was a song announcing his arrival, and we loved it.

          What you said here describe us perfectly, too, as well as millions of Trump’s supporters.
          I hope Bakocarl will take your comments and create yet another outstanding poem.

          May the Lord Bless all of you Treepers today and keep you safe.
          Thank you, Sundance, for your ongoing commitment to this MAGA Movement…
          and to AdRem for keeping us clean 🙂
          Covfefe Rules.
          Praise the Lord!

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        • ‘Member this?

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        • Cynthia says:

          Those rallies were always a shot in the arm for me, too! Still are! 🙂


        • awesome..couldn’t agree more..some of these reporters and reporterettes make my stomach turn..Jennifer Rubin and Maggie Haberman are among the lowest of the low..but we could go on…At least the people on Fox with a few exceptions are tolerable..You can dump Juan Williams first, then Shep Smith.


        • Somewhere in Dixie says:

          I’m totally with you. I did the same thing with the rallies. Went to two of them and it was a thrill to be there and watch that plane land. Let’s hope the rally in Michigan is overflowing with people. Will be watching it on the computer.


        • Seneca the Elder I totally agree with you because it was ditto here

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      • brh82 says:

        The Correspondent’s industry has been made obsolete by the internet and social media, and I feel sorry that they take it personally, as if they caused it and must retaliate by crucifying anyone who challenges their narrative they’ve been given by the Liberal bosses.The radio industry was changed massively by TV, leaving many whose training and income depended on radio just as angry as Jim Acosta is today. Yesterday there was an article about Melania being ignored by the magazines. She doesn’t need them and they are a dying industry, but many, like Anna Wintour, Editor of Vogue, can’t come to grips with it yet. Change is sooooo hard.


  4. mike croft says:

    Man I love President Trump! MAGA!

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  5. bleep21k says:

    90 minute drive from Toledo, Ohio – me and the missus will be there!

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  6. iwasthere says:

    35 minutes from Clarkston, Mi. That’s main street America. Going home for the Clarkston 4th of July parade.

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  7. The Devilbat says:

    President Trump is a real winner at most everything he does. Look what he has already done for good of the country. When he runs again in 2020 he can drop the “M” out of “MAGA” and change his slogan to, “America Great Again” Hopefully we will all be wearing “AGA” hats.

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  8. KimmyK says:

    Thank you so much for the scoop on the upcoming rally! I love the Treehouse, Sundance, the Admins and all the great Treepers! This is the best place for the REAL news!! I don’t post much, mostly try to just keep up with reading everything.

    We went to the the first Michigan rally in August which just happened to be on our anniversary and it was super! We went out for a nice dinner after so we had a really great day.

    We also made the last rally with Ted Nugent before DJT went on to Grand Rapids super late right before the election. That one was totally awesome too!

    Our four year old grandson heard we we going to the rally and wanted to go with us and was a little upset when at first we weren’t sure if we should bring him with us or not.

    I explained to him it was probably going to be a long walk, lots of waiting in line and standing etc, but he still really wanted to go so we took him with us.

    He was great! We had to walk close to a mile to get there, waited a couple hours to get in and had to wait a while since our President was running late coming in from the other rally. The little guy was so cute yelling “Drain the Swamp” “Donald Trump, Donald Trump” and “Lock her up!!”

    He did awesome. It ran pretty late and no complaints at all. It was kinda funny too, because before the rally whenever a commercial came on he would chant “Drain the Swamp” and “Lock her up!”

    After the rally his mom said he would tell people wherever he went…even the cashier at the store, “I’m voting for Donald Trump!!” MAGA!!!

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  9. kea says:

    Both my Mom and I agree one of our goals in life have to be to see Trump/go to a MAGA rally!!!!

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  10. burnett044 says:

    Here is the why of not going to the dinner…….notice look on Trump face….who`s laughing now..

    get em TRump..karma is a b!tch..

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  11. Pat Frederick says:

    so jealous of all of you who will be attending! even when our President travels to PA, I am unable to attend–I have a fear of crowds–but seeing him in person would be the thrill of a lifetime! can’t wait to hear all the wonderful lines and read all your wonderful insights!

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    • I am not a psychologist. I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn last night. But for a MAGA rally, instead of thinking of it as a “crowd”, think of it as a gathering of 20k of your favorite friends.

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      • Grandma Covfefe says:

        …and that is exactly what it was for us when we first attended his rally in Costa Mesa, Calif. (Orange County). We felt safe among our newly founded friends, who were strangers a few minutes before. I commented to someone that I felt like I was reverted back to my childhood in the early fifties. We were among others who also had good manners, respect, helping, and encouraging one another. Trump’s rallies were great movements to experience.

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      • Pat Frederick says:

        i wish i could! I was trampled at a Tom Petty concert years ago and ever since then I just can’t…
        even missed my Eagles in their Super Bowl appearance this year…
        but i will be there in spirit!


    • brh82 says:

      Pat, I sympathize! I think it’s a form of claustrophobia, like all the oxygen is sucked out of the room. My spouse is opposite….the bigger the crowd the better! But we’ve managed to make it work for 63 years so far.


      • Pat Frederick says:

        that’s awesome to hear! congrats!
        I have the most understanding hubby ever! truly a Godsend!


        • Hoosier says:

          Pat you should go to a rally. There was one held less than a mile from my house. We walked. Nicest most polite most excited people you could imagine. If you fall they will not step on you, they will pick you up and carry you. Would ask if you wanted to leave or stay and what direction to carry you out in whether you stayed or wanted to abscond immediately. Think of the deplorables as VERY nice Amish. We take care of our own. Think of it as a very large family reunion. Rally was held at Grand Park in Westfield, IN. It was mind blowingly electric. Do not deny yourself the joy because you don’t like crowds. This isn’t a crowd. It is your people.


  12. DanO64 says:

    Every day I find I just love our VSG President Trump even more. Like Sheriff Joe said ” I’ve waited 75 years to find a hero, Donald Trump is my hero.” I am Spartacus..

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  13. Reillyi says:

    Wouldn’t it be perfect if the names of the “journalists” who were paid off by Fusion GPS were released the day of the despondent’s dinner? Sounds like something our VSG would do!

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  14. covfefe999 says:

    Just want to say “THANK YOU MICHIGAN” for what you did on Nov 8 2016 🙂

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    • dlddd59 says:

      YW, I also flipped 25 union brainwashed friends and family to vote for PDJT.
      You just have to be able to explain why.
      Actually I should credit Ovomit because his eight years were so horrible and destructive.
      All of these people did believe Ovomit try to take this Country down.

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    • KimmyK says:

      I will say for me it was a nail biter for a while. Praise God for DJT, I still can’t imagine where we would be right now if the beast had won.

      We need to keep praying because he sure is up against imaginable evil and as Sundance says, “Trillions are at stake”

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  15. MEMcL says:

    Going to a Trump Rally is so much fun. Here in California, I went to the Orange County Rally and the San Diego Rally. Important tip to First-Timers….You MUST have a ticket to get even close to the event. Also, a ticket doesn’t guarantee that you will get in. You may be out on the street watching on a teleprompter with the overflow crowd. Get there early! You will enjoy mingling with the crowd!

    The people who attend are marvelous. Both times, I went by myself and talked to people of all ages and backgrounds. They just seemed to finish my sentences and were so well informed! A stranger I sat next to went out to the concession stand for a soda, and came back with one for me. Cost $5.00, but wouldn’t take my money. Another long line for free t-shirts, so I walked past it. A young man walked up to me and said that he had 2 shirts, and gave me one.

    And, that is all before our Great President has even appeared on stage.

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  16. Phil aka Felipe says:

    President Trump prefers to be in a room full of real people that night instead of in the company of a bunch of fake, phony, lyin’ frauds.


  17. thesavvyinvester says:

    Treepers this is just not a Rallye before heading off to meet Kim and to stick it to the Presses Party

    So much more at stake here in MI. You have Bill Schuette running for Governor with PDJT’s blessing, with Tea Party favorite Pat Colbeck challenging him with Sean Hannity and Bob Lutz’s endorsement .
    Debbie Stabenow is at 40% in recent polls. she is beatable politically for a pick up IMHO. Will PDJT endorse one of the candidates especially John James a Helicopter Pilot Veteran of African American Heritage as the Candidate to support against her?

    Will PDJT give a hat tip the Lena EpStein, ( one of 5 co-chairs in Trump-16-MI effort ) who is running to take over for the retiring David Trott.
    MI is key for MAGA going forward, the economic turn around here is visible. However the question begs, can this rallye and support and rallyes in the future bring more Trumpian Candidates to DC and here in MI. This is key going forward towards 2020 as well…

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  18. Linda Elie says:

    I have loved reading the above messages about our GREAT PRESIDENT!! I attended his Hershey Pa rally, and I will never forget it. I could go every nite! Do you want a “lift”? Attend one of his rallies! His supporters, his message and his intelligence- with humor added too..It is quite an experience! Our family watches every rally Trump has on the television but actually BEING THERE makes me prouder to be an American and thankful…oh so thankful….to have Donald Trump as our President!!!


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