Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – Friday, March 16th 2:00pm Livestream…

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivers the White House press briefing for Friday March 16th.  Anticipated start time 2:00pm

UPDATE: Video added

WH Livestream LinkRSBN Livestream LinkNBC Livestream Link

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61 Responses to Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – Friday, March 16th 2:00pm Livestream…

  1. Everywhereguy says:

    The press briefing thread is always so lonely at first. 🙂

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    • PS says:

      I wouldn’t go that far… but “graduation party” implies they went to school together (U Penn?). 3 conspirators, 6 people out for dinner, kind of implies they are bringing their respective spouses? Kind of weird for people who are supposedly having an affair, so either (1) they don’t mind discussing this in front of their spouses, which begs the question what do THEY know? or (2) who were the 3 other people in this 6 person dinner, trusted enough that they were prepared to discuss FISA collusion in front of each other?

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      • Well, in the texts the Judge is referred to as “Rudy.” Thats pretty familiar, and the mention of one dinner party; are you implying that there weren’t other dinner parties, golf outings, barbecues, etc.? You don’t recuse yourself if you’re not friends…

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        • PS says:

          “Butt buddies” has a very specific connotation to me, which I do not believe is the case.

          I do not disagree that they could have had many get-togethers before and after. Life is weird that way sometimes. Maybe in Strzok’s mind, things “lined up” and it was “meant to be” to resist Trump.

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    • Firefly says:

      The texts messages leave little to the imagination. Flynn has been ruined like many others such as Hatfill. Let’s hope Judge Sullivan is able to find misconduct by the Mueller gang.

      Wonder what happens to MCCabe- it will give us all an idea what the AG gang under PTrump thinks is right and just.


  2. duchess01 says:

    Obstructionism by Senate Democrats – bet the press is giddy with approval – this stinks!

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  3. fleporeblog says:

    Our President rightfully tweeted this out moments ago.

    From the article linked above:

    U.S. consumers’ confidence hit a fresh 14-year high this month, as lower-income households reported feeling more optimistic about the economy.

    The University of Michigan on Friday said the preliminary result of its consumer-sentiment index was 102.0 in March, up from 99.7 in February. That was the highest level since January 2004, and well above the 99.0 economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal had expected.

    However, here is what our President and his Killers also understand!

    Every country that imports their materials into our country have a humongous smile on their face based on this great news. It means Americans will purchase more and it will extend the trade deficit in their favor and against us! Meaning our real GDP for the 1st Quarter will continue to shrink!

    Both the NY Federal and the Atlanta Federal Reserve have revised their forecast for the 1st Q real GDP in 2018 downward today. Look at the reason that the Atlanta Federal Reserve states.

    Bureau & this morning’s industrial production & capacity utilization release from the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. This increase was more than offset by the modest downward revisions to the of the contributions of real (HERE IT IS CLEAR AS DAY) consumer spending, real net exports, and real inventory investment to 1st Q real GDP growth.

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  4. applevista says:

    Everyone knows by now how crooked, corrupt and criminal the Socialist/Communist Democrat Party. I am exhausted with “Oh my bombshells”. It is time for justice served on the deserved and guilty culprits.

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  5. duchess01 says:

    Make a deal with Schmucker to do his job?

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  6. G3 says:

    Fox is Obstructing the Truth — cutting into Mr. Short’s Q and A about the Obstruction of President Trump’s Nominations.

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  7. Pam says:

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    • Coldeadhands says:

      Whenever the issue of votes in the Senate comes up, right next to Schumer is McConnell. McTurtle refuses to suspend the rules of the Senate so that a simple majority can get the President’s agenda rolling. Guess whose agenda he’s serving! It ain’t the President’s.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        I absolutely agree and I think Mark Short hinted to the fact that by continuing to highlight this stupidity, you are killing the Turtle and the Uniparty because eventually our President will go and speak directly to the country about both sides of the aisle.

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      • Blade says:

        As much as I despise McTurtle, and I do, we do have to remember that there is a Sword of Damocles hanging over his and our heads in the rare event that he dare do something positive for the country … If just one ( used to be three ) single (R) Senator decided to switch to (D) then it is game over. And I mean OVER. Nothing happens, even Supreme Court appointments could be blocked.

        It happened before with Jeffords (R)atsnake switching to (I)diot and caucusing with the (D)imwits. Then Reid or Daschle ( can’t remember which ) demanded re-organization of the Senate and a power sharing agreement because the (D)+(I) coalition tied with the (R)epublicrats. This could literally happen any single day of the week now if any one of those rotten SOBs like McCain, Flake, Murkowski, Collins, Alexander, Corker or a dozen more decided to screw us over just for spite.

        Frankly I’m surprised they haven’t already done it. It could be that the nuclear option is what would trigger the switch, who knows. So attacking him for not going nuclear may be a huge mistake. And then there is the more Constitutional argument ( that the Senate is not a majority house like the other one as designed by the Framers ) but no need to dwell in esoterica since basic mathematics and recent history dwarfs that academic argument today.

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  8. Pam says:

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  9. trumpthepress says:

    Sarah is the best. She handles the kids so well.

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  10. Pam says:

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  11. joshua says:

    fire McCabe or fire Sessions today.

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    • Tim says:

      I would be happy with just mccabe getting canned. I don’t, in my heart think it will happen, This will go a long way to finally know the color of the hat that our Attorney General wears.

      Small favors. :/

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  12. kroesus says:

    so with Marc Short’s comment about the continuing “openness” to negotiations and PDJT’s feelings that he is giving them merit to remain it is now clear he outright lied to supporters and Angel parents about the DACA “kids”………”if you here illegally you have to go HOME and apply to legally reenter through the door in my beautiful wall” and “I will rescind Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders on the first day of my administration”

    seems to punctuate the delusion of those proffering it was only a “negotiating tactic” to expose Dimm lies on the matter…..I fully expect the PDJT “faithful in all matters” lemmings to have some harsh words for my pointing out PDJT’s dissembling on the issue


  13. visage13 says:

    Too funny, DACA in exchange for the Senate doing their job? Really? It is despicable what the
    uniparty continues to do. I pray in November we get out the Dems control everything with Trump people not fake uniparty globalist hacks.

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    • kroesus says:

      did you see PDJT’s comments on the DACA amnesty for 3 year funding?……said he had seen this trick already under RWR with the amnesty happening and default on enforcement measures although he said 10M legalized under Simpson-Mazzoli….biggest estimate I have seen is just over 5M with an initial 3M estimate in the proposal to be legalized

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    • TheWanderingStar says:

      For people living and working in DC and covering the US Government these folks continually show their ignorance of how the government is supposed to work. Libs are always looking for the short-cut to get what they want.

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  14. Fender says:

    Can anybody go to California and vote for fancy Nancy????? I’m thinking of 100″s of us Trumpers………


  15. fred5678 says:

    My email just sent to Schumer, using his Buffalo office address to get through his email system, but using my real name, phone, and email address:

    Subject — 79 cloture votes in 14 months = you are a freakin’ azzwhole

    Chuck — you are a pathetic partisan hack — an enemy of American citizens who want a functioning government.
    Get off your azz and let the Senate do its damn job.



    PS — I wore an I Like Ike button in 9th grade and walked neighborhoods for Senator Barry Goldwater in 1964.

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  16. andyocoregon says:

    No sign of CNN’s Jim Acosta again today. Maybe he’s gotten the hint he’s not wanted in the press briefings. He wore out his welcome.

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  17. Katherine McCoun says:

    Short, when speaking to the press, (paraphrased) You all are very focused on personal within the White House, so perhaps you could cover the issue of our staffing the appointed positions, many of which have to do with National Security and Foreign Relations that are all being slow walked via obstruction in the Senate by the Dems.

    10:10 Press (paraphrased): The GOP said that they didn’t want to pass any of Obama’s legislation and that is the same as the Democrats blocking the approval process for appointees. Isn’t really the fault of the GOP for the way they acted when Obama was in office?


  18. andyocoregon says:

    No wonder so many repetitive questions are asked on the same subject. When the cameras are turned to the press corps, more than half of them have their noses buried in their cell phones and likely are paying no attention to the speakers.

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  19. Katherine McCoun says:

    21:26 Question Re McMaster & other staff re their jobs
    Mrs. Sanders told them that the admin is not focused on the news stories that you guys are writing but on big issues like North Korea.
    Like that reply!

    23:20 Press: Isn’t it the President that is focusing on the White House staff changes and stoking stories about turmoil/chaos in his administration??
    Mrs. Sanders: taking 2 sentences out of thousands of remarks the President says and trying to make it look like that is the entire focus on his administration is…
    Press interrupting: but he said that he is getting close to the cabinet he wants…
    Mrs. Sanders: Yes, he just nominated 2 new people and we hope they are quickly confirmed so that they can take a seat at the table…
    Implication is that President Trump would like to have a full staff and the Senate to do their job.

    Personal comment: Not 100% a bad thing if all of his admin knows he is not afraid to make changes when he decides. There is not taking their jobs for granted and keeps them on their toes! 🙂

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  20. XinTX says:

    The press seems to be upset about PDJT’s cabinet changes. Presidents always change cabinet members when they reach different policy benchmarks in their respective Presidential terms. It seemingly has not been noticed that PDJT’s benchmarks in policy occur perhaps closer together because he is getting so much done so fast. Tillerson left because he had finished what he had been chosen to do. Now it’s time for Pompeo to take PDJT’s policy to the next benchmark because Pompeo is better qualified to do so. Rather than being upset by the speed of personnel change, should we not be celebrating it?

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  21. Sarah is a breath of fresh air in the White House.


  22. simicharmed says:

    I used to like watching the White House Press Briefings…NOT ANYMORE! The destructive DNC has literally destroyed the once useful information “news” that used to occur. A legitimate variety of questions were asked about our Nation,

    Now it’s DNC destructive propaganda and it seems it’s deliberately coordinated with the idiots in the room with round-robin questions of the same topic! Questions that have ZERO meaning nor use to the US Citizens who can still THINK!

    It’s now a Jerry Springer show with Oprah, Geraldo, Phil Donahue and the National Enquirer choosing the topic at hand!


  23. ThingsWeTakeForGranted says:

    I’m going to talk to my local representative and work my way up. 11 1/2 years is obstructionism by the Senate, proof we require a rule change. I need to step up and logic says to start at the lowest level.


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