Sunday Talks – CIA Director Mike Pompeo -vs- Margaret Brennan…

CIA Director Mike Pompeo appears on CBS Face the Nation to discuss the possibility of negotiations with North Korea and other issues around the globe.

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77 Responses to Sunday Talks – CIA Director Mike Pompeo -vs- Margaret Brennan…

  1. mike s says:

    With regard to the “Pure hatred” glare of the presstitute all I can say is the feeling is mutual. MAGA

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  2. The Boss says:

    I like how unfailingly polite Pompeo is, by for example, referring to Margaret often as “Ma’am”. Nothing pisses off a bitchy woman like calling her “ma’am”.

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  3. Sandra-VA says:

    She asks questions that he already answered so she clearly is not listening to his responses, just following her hateful script.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      I watched for this – you were exactly right. She did NOT care what he said. WEIRD.

      My interpretation is that the “commie dirtbag faction” in CIA and FBI just need answers from Pompeo, to figure out where to sabotage next. Note that she asked a lot of stuff he would not answer.

      DNC-CPUSA-CIA-FBI DIRTBAGS – figuring out how to help their Nork buddies.

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      • The Jimmy Jackz says:

        Yes. There’s something else at play here.

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      • Mark McQueen says:

        Could be, or she was just pushing the “Trump is too stupid to do this. Who’s REALLY in charge?” narrative.

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          I’ll take your suggested motive gladly, and remove the “JUST”. There is not “just” with these guys. They’re not stupid. WE ARE, to think they have single motives.

          Gotta think opportunity, and ALL the purposes of journalism now. Journalism is largely low-grade spying, with the additional uses of propaganda and INSTIGATION.

          Everything commies do is multi-purpose and multi-layer. They cannot be defeated until one recognizes and disarms all the wires – sees what they accomplish on all layers. There is no “just” with what they do.

          Watch it all with clear eyes, KNOWING that CBS was deeply connected to Obama (the Rhodes BROTHERS), and was deeply involved in planting stuff on Sharyl Attkisson’s laptop. KNOWING that they were used AGAINST Cernovich on both Hillary health and pedo, in a strategic, long-term, multi-pronged fashion.

          Were they gathering intel on Cernovich? Of course they were. The ATTACKS that really brought down his influence came AFTER he stood up here. They’re very sneaky how they do this stuff.

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          • Mark McQueen says:

            Of course she was shaking the tree to see what dropped. If it was spying it was certainly low-grade. What I’m saying is the stage was set.
            (Trump changed his mind and “said nice things about NK”. “Tillerson says State is leading”. “You say CIA is leading.” It’s all so erratic and confusing with this President, yada, yada. )

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            • Mark McQueen says:

              Whatever it was, Pompeo didn’t bit. That’s a good thing. 🙂

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            • wolfmoon1776 says:

              Yup! They poke it any way they can and it looks like “journalism”. Just dumb journalism. But when people have a script, I’m always looking for an agenda behind it. “Get more about this.”

              April Ryan does that all the time. She asks questions that she obviously didn’t think up. They just leak spy motive in a face-palm way, but people assume she’s just a dumb hater, so they fly right by the crowd.

              F’rinstance, she was trying to get technical details on WH communications at a time when the McMuffinoids were desperate to recover from losses of access in the wake of Reince’s “departure” – I wanted to throw her in jail right there, and maybe waterboard her just a bit. Smirky beayatch.

              She ‘s good for orange in the long run, I’m sure. 😉

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  4. Ditch Mitch says:

    Pompeo is so smooth, and knoledgeable. Maggie, Peggy, Peg, MA’AM, actually did ok. She did try to divide the administration with the TRex cut.

    Don’t cha get it Peg? They are a team! TRex may be in the negotiation trenches, but PDJT is the Supreme Commander.

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  5. BobBoxBody says:

    When I see her face all I can think of is the propaganda guy from Enemy at the Gates continuing to smear his former buddy cuz the woman he liked preferred the sniper over him. And he keeps trying to smear the sniper even in the end when their entire line is being overrun and bombed. These people are in denial.

    Likewise I think how we feel about them can be summarized when the Nazi reporter in Das Boot takes pictures of the engine crew goading them on and saying how good the pictures will be before one of them flings machine oil onto his face. The look on his face and theirs is priceless and says everything you need to know without saying a word..

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  6. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    5:06 / 10:30… The look like your knickers are on too tight and you just sucked on a lemon slice thinking it was an orange slice…

    Back to the store for more winnamins and popcorn…

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  7. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Is this woman any relation to the gun-grabbing Communist who so recently FALSELY OCCUPIED Pompeo’s office?

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  8. It was perfectly okay to let NoKo fester throughout the Obama years because no one expected any movement to denuclearize, only appeasement of the NorKs. This development is VERY threatening to Obama’s legacy and the only way to make it not so is to move the goalposts to sudden denuclearization, or else, TRUMP FAILS AGAIN. The Left are such pathetic weasely morons.

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  9. appadoo9 says:

    Haley the snake

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  10. A2 says:

    Director Pompeo will not say it about KJU, but I will, “desperation”.

    The UNSCR and US bilateral sanctions are working (with the exception of some wobblies by China and Russia) and are affecting 90% of NK’s exports.

    “Harsh international sanctions are weakening the North Korean economy in an unprecedented way, according to economists.”
    “North Korean people’s purchasing power and industrial production will dwindle significantly from the second half of this year,”

    Also “depleting foreign reserves from the import-export imbalance. NK’s total exports are only ~$2 bil after low-margin tolling is excluded & 80% could be blocked. UNSC 2371 alone was thought to be sufficient to collapse regime”

    There are also reports that Kim can’t feed his army according to Prof Ahn, and only given one meal per day. This comes under what NK calls ‘internal risk management’. That is also why the news of a forthcoming summit was not publicized in NK. Isolation and the anti-American propaganda would rent holes in the fabric of propaganda keeping KJU’s dynasty afloat.

    President Moon also requested that the planned summit scheduled at the end of April with NK be allowed to proceed before any meeting with President Trump. This is important to setting the parameters for any talks and sussing out what KJU’s positions and credibility are. If the summit is a failure then the ‘talks’ between the President and KJU will not take place.

    US Stealth bombers are winging their way to Guam and the military build up is exceptional. KJU thought his missiles and nukes gave him deterrence, but have had the exact opposite effect, bringing the full might of the US military to his doorstep.

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  11. appadoo9 says:

    Can you imagine seeing President Trump’s back as he walks away from failed talks

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  12. Pompey looked like the cat that ate the canary multiple times….

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  13. appadoo9 says:

    United States Of America
    It’s becoming meaningful again

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  14. Chewbarkah says:

    I wonder who is really in charge in NK, and whether Kim has the political power to actually denuclearize and move towards demilitarization. The regime is a military oligarchy that enjoys a “privileged” standard of living (i.e., with “food”). Logically, the military gerontocracy would want to derail anything like progress towards normalization — because where would that leave THEM? Eventually swinging from a lamppost in Pyongyang, and from trees elsewhere.

    My assumption is that Kim is trying an insincere play to get relief from the UN sanctions so he can go right back to his old habits (China and Russia will support ending the sanctions). Trump will probably need to let a couple of rounds of fake posturing come and go, while standing firm and tightening the sanctions each time NK plays pretend. In the long run, they will cave.


    • czarowniczy says:

      Kim has the personality cult dynamics and the military has the guns. There’s a thin interface where the two meet that is mutually beneficial, sort of a ‘frog giving a ride across the river to the scorpion’ situation. Note how Rocket Man enforced yet another purge of the NK military late last fall, he’s not giving anyone even thought to be an incorrect thinker…see thread on Brit arrests for same.


    • Father Thyme says:

      The guy who shoots his adversaries with an artillery cannon is usually the one in charge…ymmv


  15. czarowniczy says:

    Did Mike do any ‘splainin’ on why so many ‘ex’ CIA employees are running for Congress (as Democrats, no less) this fall?

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  16. Her opening statement implies that this is all KJU’s doing! “Since he accepted North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s invitation to meet, President Trump yada, yada, yada”


  17. RLC2 says:

    Pompeo did a great job on that interview-
    refused to be drawn into her cheesy trap to split him from T-rex on “who will lead” on Korea…
    nailed her on the strawman on Iran, pointing out that Obama and Ben Rhodes didn’t want to upset the applecart and confront them in Syria…

    Very glad to hear that, and the confirm CIA is working with Israel to get the intel picture.
    Compare and contrast to Obama throwing Israel under the bus at the UN on the way out…

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    • RLC2 says:

      So, lets see- in one year of foreign policy:

      Trump has Putin rattled (see 300 merc’s wiped out, and airfield they occupied Tomahawked, with warnings of more to come).
      China put on notice on trade punishment for their proxies dangerous threats, and
      Lil Fat Kim offering to come to the table, with denuclearization as a start.

      It took 7 years for Obama to pivot to Asia, and when he landed in China, they made him go out “the back of the bus”.

      No wonder State is pi$$ed – he’s revealed them for the useless t*ts on a boar they are…

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  18. davidb says:

    Look at the black guy in the pic smiling while the rest are frowning. I bet he is a closet MAGA supporter. He had better start frowning before the unwhite caucus calls him a uncle tom.

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  19. Trey Dawg says:

    I still think its a trap.


  20. The Jimmy Jackz says:

    That’s the one I was trying to ID many posts ago. What a bitchy expression.


  21. The Jimmy Jackz says:

    She’s a UVA grad who did a post at a university in Jordan.

    She’s CIA. Operative Mockingbird or full asset and the msm is the side job.

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  22. calbear84 says:

    I don’t think there’s any doubt about who’s going to take the lead on this…the president of the United States!
    Thank you, Director Pompeo.


  23. I find it hilarious that the ad I see immediately below the last picture declares loudly “Can’t Afford Your Meds?”–like that chick (& the whole press corps) are in serious need of psych meds–hmm…


  24. wjb105 says:

    It looks like PDJT is keeping the CIA focused and busy on it’s mission: help the president with good intelligence. Only way to keep an agency like that in check (or out of mischief).


  25. Mark McQueen says:

    From her intro and throughout the interview she was carrying on with the Left’s “Trump is out of control” narrative. These people think they are slick..Lol.


  26. simicharmed says:

    That circled face (Face of Hatred – Pure Hatred), is spot on! I have noticed the pure hatred in her questions and her facial expressions for a few months! It’s one of those rare times I find humor and disgust at the same time – watching a hateful pathetic person self destruct…


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