Slick Move By Cronies – Mueller Unseals Virginia District Indictment Forcing Manafort To Defend Two Fronts…

Nothing about this has any relationship to President Trump; however, the DOJ cronies under Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Greg Andres and Andrew Weissmann, made a slick move today by unsealing indictments in Virginia against Paul Manafort opening up two legal fronts in an effort to wear down Manafort’s financial ability to defend his interests.

The maneuver comes after Team Mueller lost DC District Judge Contreras, who was replaced by a far more critical Emmet Sullivan, and who is forcing Mueller’s team to show all exculpatory evidence (Flynn case).  The new indictments against Manafort were not in DC where they filed the first set but in Northern Virginia District Court.

If the new indictments were filed in DC it is likely they would have been consolidated under the current judge.  Filing in Virginia makes Manafort fight in 2 separate courts. We’ll have to wait and see if Mueller moves to have the entire case transferred to Northern Virginia or if Mueller drops the initial DC case.  Of course Manafort can, likely will, petition the court to move both cases against him into the DC circuit.

Greg Andres and Andrew Weissmann squeezed Paul Manafort’s prior business partner, Rick Gates to gain a guilty plea in Virginia. Mr. Gates admitted to taking part in a conspiracy to hide tens of millions of dollars that he and Paul Manafort obtained for their lobbying and consulting work related to Ukraine.

[…] U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson released two new indictments against Manafort, one returned last week and the other returned earlier Friday, removing some foreign-account-reporting charges that prosecutors have effectively transferred to Virginia as part of another indictment, unveiled on Thursday, that is focused on tax and bank fraud.

Gates’ plea agreement requires him to cooperate with Mueller’s various lines of investigation, including his prosecution of Manafort, Gates’ former business partner and mentor, who served as Trump’s campaign chairman in the summer of 2016.

Jackson accepted Gates’ guilty plea Friday afternoon but set no immediate date for sentencing. The plea agreement says that if prosecutors deem Gates to have provided “substantial assistance” to the government, they’ll file a motion that could increase Gates’ chances of getting a more lenient sentence than the roughly four and a half to six years likely to be called for by federal sentencing guidelines.

The rest of the charges Gates faces in Washington and Virginia would be dismissed at or after sentencing if he abides by the deal.  (read more)

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  1. j1u2l3i4a5 says:

    All of this Mueller mess must be stopped. He should be brought to justice through the Uranium One deal he is included in. Why isn’t something being done about that? This is like the dark ages.

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    • Richard Wicks says:

      No, let him continue to deep a deeper grave for himself, and keep feeding him more rope.

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      • paulraven1 says:

        How does that work? What’s the end game for Mueller’s “grave”? I’m curious to understand the argument of “feeding him more rope”? Lacking a media that will ever provide accountability, or a public that can understand all the legal missteps or oversteps, and in view of a passive and even collusive DOJ, when and how does this end for Mueller and his work?

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        • Zoe says:

          I agree. We have plenty of reason to stop Mueller’s biased investigation now. Digging a grave six feet down is sufficient; digging 8 feet will provide no better proof that Mueller is corrupt and should be in prison himself, especially considering that such digging deeper and giving him more rope will cost taxpayers millions more dollars. It’s as if the elite have no sense of what millions of dollars would mean to average U.S. citizens, if left in their paycheck instead of wasted by Mueller and his cohorts.

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          • Navybuckeye says:

            I’m with you Zoe. I do not understand why that this charade is permitted to continue. I just don’t. It is becoming very apparent tht the rule of law does not apply to anyone who says they work for the people.

            In addition, how can they not be arresting Steele or anyone else involved with the dossier after they just issued warrants for Russians who did the exact same thing.


            • SJM says:

              It is becoming very apparent tht the rule of law does not apply to anyone who says they work for the people….

              Plus ca change….

              EXCERPT from SD:

              This entire FBI report is nothing more than a generalized, albeit techno-worded, explanation for how Nigerians, Indians, or in this case Russians, attempt to gain your email passwords etc., nothing more.

              However, what was alarming to consider was how far the various radical political ideologues, and the media, were willing to go to create a straw-man crisis for political benefit. Secondly how terribly diminished the integrity of the executive office of the U.S. presidency actually became amid this level of ridiculous propaganda.

              There’s no doubt the intended outcome was to create internal confusion and begin selling a narrative to undermine the incoming President-elect Trump administration. No-one expected him to win; Trump’s victory sent a shock-wave through the DC system the professional political class were reacting to.

              Trump was a threat, an existential threat to their entire livelihood, and Trump won. Now the outgoing administration was in a state of panic; and the outlier co-dependent agents from that administration were similarly apoplectic with fear.

              The outgoing administration needed to create something, some narrative, to block Trump from upending their entire political system. They sold this ridiculous Russian Narrative to a gullible U.S. left-wing electorate, because the Obama administration -writ large- knew media would help them and millions of people who will buy into these fabrications.

              Consider the December 2016 example from a Yahoo News article:

              […] The US intelligence community has concluded that a hack-and-release of Democratic Party and Clinton staff emails was designed to put Trump — a political neophyte who has praised Putin — into the Oval Office. (link)
              There was, and still is, absolutely no evidence the DNC was “hacked” (WikiLeaks claims the information was an inside job of “leaking”), and even John Podesta admitted himself he was a victim of an ordinary “phishing” password change scam.

              Does hacking exist, of course it does. Do hackers exist in every country connected by the internet, of course they do. Do state governments participate in hacking offense and defense, again – yes, of course they do. And yes, the FBI and U.S. intelligence community act purposefully against all participants they can catch.

              But what does that reality have to do with allegations that hostile Russian hackers attempted to gain entry into the DNC or John Podesta? Those were, and are, two entirely different issues which the Obama administration conflated simply for political and ideological purposes….MORE:



              Katharine the Great: Katharine Graham and The Washington Post is an unauthorized biography of Katharine Graham, the newspaper owner, authored by Deborah Davis, and initially released in 1979.

              The book was first published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (HBJ), but they withdrew the book from circulation after a few weeks and returned the rights to Davis after citing that “certain facts and circumstances have arisen since publication.”[1] Davis sued HBJ for $6 million in 1982 for breach of contract, alleging the recall came after a letter from the Washington Post’s executive editor, Benjamin C. Bradlee to the publisher; Bradlee called the publication of the book “completely irresponsible” and then listed 39 errors where his name appeared. The suit was settled out of court for $100,000.[2][3]

              An Interview With Deborah Davis
              author of Katharine The Great, Katharine Graham and Her Washington Post Empire
              Q: Let’s talk a bit about what exactly happened to your book. The
              first edition came out in the late `70s, right?

              A: 1979. November `79.
              What happened was all part of one great big, giant society
              that these people in Washington have created for themselves where
              the most important thing to them is putting forward this myth
              about themselves that they are supremely moral, supremely
              powerful, all-knowing, all-caring. They’ll take care of the rest
              of us and anything that they do that is questionable they try to cover it up. You might ask why they’re so afraid of having these…


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        • mimbler says:

          Yes, rather than giving them rope, and using 3d levels of investigation where “they’ll all get rounded up at once”, Mueller is just quickly getting indictments and convictions.

          His methods seem far more effective.

          And I note that he’s gone back to the well with additional charges for Manafort, so his quick indictment didn’t hurt his process any.

          IMO, people are fooling themselves thinking grandiose things are going on at DOJ. I think the IG is doing the heavy lifting there,


      • fightthepols says:

        The purpose of this is to put pressure on Manafort, Gates, Flynn to get them to agree to somehow make a statement against Trump. This will not stop until Mueller and his investigation is stopped. It never should have been allowed to go so far. Corrupt, ruthless lawyers will never stop until they get what they are after, or until someone stops them. So far they have unlimited funds to pursue this.

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      • drdeb says:

        I agree with what so many of you report. It concerns me greatly that so much money is being spent on Mueller’s investigation. And I agree that Muller should be in prison unless this investigation is really about uncovering the corruption of the Deep State.

        I do see the plausibility that Trump’s initial meeting with Mueller was really designed for Potus to tell Mueller what they have on him and to offer him a way to escape prosecution.

        I follow QAnon. It appears that this source is working in concert with President Trump. QAnon says to trust Sessions and Wray. I trust President Trump.


      • j1u2l3i4a5 says:

        But there is the fear he will either turn Manafort into making a false claim against Trump or make up a false charge. But wouldn’t those things be examined before Mueller jumped on Trump?


      • bliss3609 says:

        Meantime…. Meuller and Weinstein destroy more lives !


    • The Jimmy Jack says:

      It’s like Chinese water torture watching this daily. Mueller, McCabe and Brennan have got to be held responsible for their actions.

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    • medspec53 says:

      Mueller has been out fishing for collusion/conspiracy connections for over a year. If he had the goods on DJT/Trump campaign conspiring with the Russians, then he would have shared that with the ever willing Legacy Media. The man’s efforts remind me of Geraldo Rivera’s “Capone’s Vault,” empty and a waste of time. Crumbs is all he has and those are to feed the ravenous appetites of the Trump haters in government and the media. Perhaps those really deserving of prosecution will have to face justice, but what is truly amazing is the material being produced to write the history of all the bad actors in the multiple efforts to overturn an election and destroy the Presidency of DJT. I don’t believe Mueller for one second thought that his investigations would lead him back to him. The man needs to keep producing these fall guys in order to look seriously productive.

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    • Ask Sessions! That’s exactly what Trump tweeted.

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      • Luther Wu says:

        The world of international intrigue, far above my pay grade and there for all to see.
        By claiming Ukrainian interference, it looks more and more like the Russians after all; infiltrated throughout the FBI and everywhere else the trail seems to lead.

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      • Andy says:

        I saw that Trump said that, but why is he tweeting it, and to whom? Isn’t he Jeff Sessions supervisor? Why isn’t he asking Sessions that question himself — why is there no prosecutor and no prosecutions? The fact that Trump asks the question tells me there is no FISAgate prosecutor and no prosecutions. These Democrat crooks have tied our government in knots to the point where it’s not functioning. It’s the responsibility of the President to correct that situation. He has to start looking beyond his own narrow self interest and start looking out for the broader ninterest of the country, imo. That means terminating Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller and his hoax investigation, and getting the FISAgate prosecution underway. Trump has all the ammunition he needs to do that. I like what Nunes is doing, but it’s too slow and not enough. We need a FISAgate prosecutor and prosecutions.

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    • lfhbrave says:

      As POTUS puts it, “ask Sessions”, aka Rosenstein.


    • cwf60 says:

      Mueller has a long list of nefarious deeds. Will he be held accountable? It is not looking as if that will happen.


    • Feanor says:

      Dark ages? You wish.

      Thomas Moore had better hope of justice.


    • Mary Mac says:

      This is unbelievable.Where are the AG and IG?

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  2. Time magazine called Mueller the Lie Detector on the cover last year. Henry Luce and the Mockingbirds would have been so proud of him. (They were a rock band in the fifties)

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  3. You call this a legal system?

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  4. The Jimmy Jack says:

    I hate the way the left fakes the Gates plea as an indictment of Trump.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      The left practices Nietzsche’s Prespectivism, there is no such thing as truth, only interpretations and truth only appears to the one observing.

      The left have nothing, and are losing the argument and have been losing the argument for quite some time. Most of the Marxist and Social warts hide behind the post modern paradigm, because they can’t defend the failures of socialism. From Foucault, to Jameson, Derrida, and the others who tried to shape modern culture in their own image, did so by highjacking Nietzsche’s ideas, and often misinterpreting them to suit their own warped distorted views of the world. The Nazi’s did it, even though it is well known that Nietzsche was not antisemitic, in fact he detested the idea of being an antisemite, which is one reason why he eventually moved away from his once considered friend Wagner, the megalomaniac. That being said, when looking at post modernist paradigm from a historical perspective in order to gain understanding and insight in what is and how the left are thinking, then it is easy to understand their approach to logic, and their absence of morality. The government is full of people who think a long theses same modes of thought and think nothing of lieing, cheating, stealing, murder, because to them the very idea of Nihilism that they subscribe to, justifies their rationale, their actions without having to deal with any once of remorse or the fear that they will be held accountable by a higher supreme being. In their minds “God is Dead” so there is no fear for the crimes they commit. “But there is a God, it’s just a matter of interpretation on what that God is”.
      ~ E.M. Coolidge

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      The “left” is not just the politicians. It includes traditional media, all of it. For instance watched the local 6:00 News and they were breathlessly reporting that the “Mueller Probe” had found a Trump Campaign Official was guilty of working with the Russians in Ukraine and did not disclose his consulting fees.

      What Manafort actually did was advise people in the Ukraine who were in support of the democratically elected government there. That was before and after it was illegally overthrown in a coup led by GeorgeSoros, BarakObama. and various other criminal western interests leading to a bubbling civil war.

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  5. farrier105 says:

    Mueller isn’t quitting. That much is very obvious. He is fighting to save the cornered rats.

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    • Winston says:

      PDJT has a huge knockout blow,if he dares use it.
      Mueller would indeed be swinging in the breeze, literally.
      Muellers first job as head of the FBI, made him very wealthy.
      Why ?
      Follow the money.

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  6. paulraven1 says:

    They’re trying to destroy Manafort. Literally destroy him. Manafort is no doubt a longstanding player of dubious ethics in Washington but he is in no way exceptional for that culture, and certainly no worse in terms of his misprisions than Mueller himself. They will move from Manafort to someone else next. This won’t be a one-off Scooter Libby deal, either. It will be a relentless, grinding effort to get closer and closer to Trump. They won’t get closer in any real way, but that doesn’t matter. The media will continue to say “close Trump associate” or some other spurious phrase.

    My question is — who on our side is trying to destroy Mueller? Because this is not only necessary in a war, but justified as a civic imperative.

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    • Winston says:

      Both sides are complicit in a crime so huge, it makes Benghazi look like a BBQ is
      why.Mueller covered it up as his first job as head of the FBI, he has the goods on them all,
      except PDJT.
      I’m sure you can work out what it is.


    • fightthepols says:

      I want to know why North Carolinians aren’t putting huge pressure on Senator Richard Burr to force this investigation to end? Democrats NEVER investigate Democrats, and certainly NEVER their Democrat President. The people need to pressure their Republican Senators/House Reps to get this disgusting investigation stopped.


    • CustomsBrokerNAFTA_SME says:

      “They will move from Manafort to someone else next.”

      IMO you are absolutely correct. Tony?? Where are you these days Tony?

      Podesta gets indicted and soon. This is all leading in only one direction, and it’s the direction I’ve been expecting all along.



      • Tony says:

        MUELLER IS NOT A PROBLEM. Mueller/Comey/Trump/Rosenstein/Sessions.. ARE ON THE SAME TEAM …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. …… …….
        Let me just offer this. We set up a great DEER hunting trip with many friends.We all meet at the cabin and head out. You I and the rest of our group then begin to shoot birds. All of us start shooting birds And every day we go out deer hunting all we shoot are birds. The news papers and Media as well as you and I keep saying we are on a “Great Deer hunt” over and over again.

        Any chance we change our Trip focus from deer to bird hunting ? Why are we calling it a deer hunt ? What are we hiding ? Who benefits by calling it what it is not ?
        Mueller has not 1 time charged anyone for any crime tied to Trump or Russia collusion

        Every Charge he has laid at anyone’s feet are EXACTLY THE SAME CHARGES Hillary and her people where given a total pass on. And the SAME people who gave her a pass. Are the same ones who charged Trump affiliates.

        AND are the same 12 removed from there TOP of the TOP Level FBI/DOJ positions.

        YET we are deer hunting ,,, Yes it’s true , We only shoot birds. But telling everyone we really hate deer allows us to kill all the birds we want. And so FAR few people are any wiser about it.

        Manafort is the Key to Podesta who is the Key to Clinton and the key K street lobbyist.

        Its slapping all of us in the face. If we only paid serious attention, we would be like. There it is !
        Mueller 13 indictments of Russians NOT tied to any American. ( Placates democrats)
        Flynn Plea deal , blows a hole in the swamp. Strzok / Page outed 12 hours later and the judge who took the plea recuses himself 4 days later. ( FLYNN”S charges are False using altered 302 forms)
        Papadopolus PROCESS CRIME . He was charged for getting DATES WRONG. Got that ? Dates wrong was the Basis for his charges. NOT collusion or criminal behavior but a Process crime.
        Gates a swamp filthy pig along with Manafort all crimes charged TIE 100% to money laundering and every K Street pig you can ever dream of . Including Clinton and her foundation.

        Folks there is a reason this is happening the way it is. Its slow and its painful to those of us Owed Justice and who demand Justice. And WE our getting it. Not as you expect to see it and not as fast as you want it. But mark my words. The swamp is doomed. Its all documented , we need no witness and we need only to be patient. Trump is nobody’s fool . He has not just out witted the Swamp. He has out witted even his supporters like you and I .

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  7. Lion2017 says:

    This witch hunt needs to end! Where is the justice??


  8. Just quickly read article about Gates guilty plea – Ukrainian lobbying stuff sounds like ‘business’ as usual ” in DC with mega bucks sliding around BUT part that stood out like a red flare was Gates “admitted he lied to PODESTA group and mislead them ” You have got to be kidding , they don’t give immunity to Podestas , no need if they make them innocent dupes (victims) mislead by crafty Manefort and Gates , yea right , like the ultimate insiders like the Podestas didn’t know how the lobbying game ( wink ,wink) was played ,come on.

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  9. I’m lost. Gates claims Manafort told him (Gates) that there was no discussion about the Ukraine at a meeting, and Manafort says there was some discussion and never told Gates there wasn’t. Do I have that right?


  10. daizeez says:

    No way should the highest investigation agency in the world try to bankrupt someone into a guilty plea, I don’t care how little or much money they have. This is wrong for so many reasons.

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  11. john says:

    No matter what one thinks of Manafort, in comparison to Mueller he draws my sympathy. No matter what you have done, no citizen deserves to have the full weight of the “justice” system (an oxymoron today more than ever) to come crashing down on them. The government to purposefully undertake to bankrupt someone so that he is unable to defend himself is greater than any evil they are trying to prove.

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    • RoddREpub says:

      I’m with you. I don’t know Manafort, but I’m sure he’s no angel, but this is way out of hand. Imagine it is you will. You drive 45mph everyday in 40mph zone. Eventually one day you are stopped for not wearing a seat belt, the cop wants to write a ticket for the numerous times you were speeding. It makes no sense. This has to stop.


  12. iwasthere says:

    Well, just waiting for the charges against Tony Pedesta – since he was and is after all Paul’s partner in the Ukrainian engagement – right?


  13. wtd says:

    How is judge shopping not considered a due process violation? This is not just slick…it’s sick and should be unconstitutional.

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  14. Andy says:

    We’re not going to make headway on any front until we get rid of Mueller. Mueller has the country and the government tied in knots. It’s not functioning properly. The innocent are being investigated by a prosecutor while the crooks are not.

    The first step in solving that problem is to get rid of Mueller. Mueller has outlived his mandate. Two Intelligence committees and many Congressmen have stated they have found no hint of collusion. Mueller himself has produced no evidence of it. We have found out that there was no real evidence of collusion to begin with and that the investigation of it was based on a hoax. It’s time for Trump to call Rosenstein in and ask him if Mueller has found any crimes relating to collusion. If Rosenstein says no, then it’s time to terminate Mueller and his investigation. And Trump has to order Rosenstein to do it. If Rosenstein refuses, fire him and get someone else who will do it. The rationale for firing Mueller is there. All we need is a President who will take the steps.

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  15. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Am I to get worked up about Mueller prosecuting Manafort and Gates? Have at ’em. No surprise that they’re only going after R’s. We await another special prosecutor to go after Podesta’s, Hillary, et al. But a crook’s a crook.


  16. TheWanderingStar says:

    I’m walking down the CTH shore this morning and the “Hate Sessions Tide” must’ve rolled in earlier.

    Lots of trash on the beach.


    • Andy says:

      He messed things up from the start. If he stands his ground, against an obvious hoax, there’s no Mueller. But he caved and put the government and the President in a straight jacket. Trump has called him an idiot, and he is one. Trump also said that if he knew the idiot was going to recuse himself, he never would have appointed him. That makes sense also. As a matter of courtesy to the President, Sessions should have informed Trump of his recusal decision before he made it, to give Trump the opportunity to appoint an AG who did not need to recuse himself. Instead, Sessions thought only of himself and went ahead with the recusal.


      • TheWanderingStar says:

        It was only reported by the MSM that PDJT called Sessions an idiot. Fake news. The real news is PDJT can fire Sessions at any time. Just admit to yourself that no one really knows what is happening in DC, especially with respect to Sessions.

        I don’t know anything of what other people are thinking, including PDJT and Sessions. But I choose to trust PDJT.

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      • Kid Jupiter says:

        There is nothing stopping the president from firing Sessions. Apparently, he asked for Sessions’ resignation at one point last year, Sessions tendered it, then Trump refused to accept it.

        Barring something happening behind the scenes that we aren’t privy to, the entire upper echelon of DOJ and FBI should’ve been fired months ago, including Wray and his fancy hairdo.

        Fire them all and let the psychopath Mueller drift out to sea on his own, with no covering fire from Rosenstein and the absentee AG.

        Why hasn’t Trump fired them?

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  17. Keebler AC says:

    Mueller is without a doubt a dirty, dirty cop now. The abuse utillizing a corrupted judge for warrant to raid Manafort’s house in the early moening and victimiing his family including his wife was a clear indication of his dirtiness. These actions by Mueller, top dirty cop is also a sign that mUELLER IS DESPERATE TO HIDE HIS NEFARIOUS INVOLVEMENT IN HILLARY RUSSIA DEALING.

    Always keep in mind that Muh Russia was to take control of the small group failings and instead fling the accusations at a Trump.

    The people who should be prosecuted for money laundering with foreign agents should be Mueller et al and NOT Manafort. If prosecute Managort then prosecute Mueller for a much larger whale of a deal hidden by the very politicians who gave themselves immunity.

    The whole point of victimizing Manafort is so they can now deal bargain in return to get off scot-freeof the Uranium and Russia conspiracy.


  18. jeanmarc says:

    The ongoing efforts by Muller et al with charges on Mr. Gates, Mr. Manafort, and General Flynn are likely to be causing long term problems which may not be appreciated. Apparently the charges have nothing to do with the Trump administration. I don’t say that Mr. Gates or Mr. Manafort are innocent, and General Flynn should have handled this better. But I do feel the actions underway by Mr. Muller et al are likely to have a long political impact.

    The possibility of such actions will likely be a strong deterrent for anybody who would consider working for the next presidential campaign or transition team. The financial and career risks become more than many people would accept, particularly for events well before and unrelated to the campaign and transition team service. Maybe that is the goal, but that is a very political action.

    This is compounded by the observation that a special prosecutor for actions by Hillary Clinton and her campaign/foundation workers could likely file 30,000+ charges for obstruction of justice in the first morning at work, based on the Congressional testimony of Mr. Comey alone. That would allow more than ample time for coffee breaks, and a regular lunch hour. However, such productivity possibly could be hindered by the laser printer speed and logistic requirements for additional paper.

    Further, filing charges on the lawyers and staff members that helped Hillary Clinton perform the destruction of records would produce a roster of more people than Mr. Muller has charged in almost a year. That would include the Russians that were charged but unlikely to ever have their day in court.

    President Trump is right to be verbal about that topic, and the AG needs to better consider the matter. Hopefully after the FBI/DOJ IG report is released, such actions will be taken with equal vigor to that displayed by Mr. Muller.

    Or do we have two standards of justice in the United States of America?


  19. elricviii says:

    When a prosecutor switches judges without a clear and supportable purpose something is very wrong with that prosecutor.


  20. NoJuan Importante says:

    I’m really not worried about Mueller. Busting a bunch of former Ukraine paid lobbyists is not really a big deal to me. And them pleading guilty is not a big deal either. One thing that can always be negotiated when you plead guilty is how much money you get to keep. In this case, Gates is probably keeping all of it. So it’s a no brainer. Ask Scooter Libby if he would do it all over again.
    No. When the federal Man decides to set up against you, principal is probably the most expensive thing in the world. Trump hired Manafort because he agreed to work for free. Was Manafort a deep state plant? Was he a Russian plant? Take your pick, but I just think Trump is too smart to fall for a sting like that. and I just don’t think he will make up a story just to keep his money. The best thing Manafort can do is negotiate the best deal he can and plead out and move on. As Strozk said, there’s no there there.


    • NoJuan Importante says:

      *principle. yes, i know the principal is your pal

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    • mimbler says:

      I don’t care about Manafort, other than I can see someone facing the rest of his life in prison, agreeing to perjure himself on something about Trump to make a deal. I certainly believe Mueller is dirty enough to propose that,


      • NoJuan Importante says:

        Its hard for me to believe that someone that worked for the FBI and practiced law as long as he did would suborn perjury.


        • mimbler says:

          You could be right, but personally, I think he is dirty as can be.
          And I don’t see his tenure in the FBI as honorable service.
          The very fact that he took the SC job with his conflict of interest, and the illegality of the SC itself (no crime cited as is required) also shows he has no respect for the law.

          Just my opinions, I respect that yours are different on this matter.


        • Kid Jupiter says:

          NoJuan, you haven’t realized yet that there’s no one checking Mueller’s power. Who’s going to hold him accountable for suborning perjury? He’s been given an extra-wide berth and has lots of covering fire, as his job is to protect everyone’s asses from exposure for their crimes & TREASON, including his own. He can do whatever he wants, however he wants.

          The only solution is for Trump to fire him and tell the American people exactly why, in CLEAR AND CONCISE language. Then let them try to impeach. He put himself in this position by idiotic personnel choices at the beginning: Sessions, Priebus, his daughter & son-in-law (who need to GO), Bannon. He should’ve fired Comey in Minute One and replaced him with a non-DC creature instead of Wray & his Magic Hairdo. He should’ve kept his big mouth shut about letting Hillary off the hook.

          Unfortunately, Trump put himself in this precarious position with his own stupid moves. The only way out is to blast his way out and let the chips fall where they may.


    • Bill says:

      I think, Manafort should take this case to the Supreme Court. I believe, it’s important to keep in mind that Mueller’s team would not exist, had not been for a tainted FISA wiretap.

      It’s likely that the Supreme Court would see the actions of Mueller and his team to be a stain on the judicial system. Think of the courts reaction after seeing Weissmann. something like, to stepping in dog shit, I expect.


  21. Lunatic Fringe, Phd. [undocumented] says:

    Every man is innocent until proven guilty but Manafort – IMO – is like touching a fish.

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  22. Pelicansview says:

    I would offer this.

    Democrats have nothing …absolutely nothing to run on in 2018. PDJT has an approval rating that won’t stop climbing and democrats are desperate to get back some control. RINOs need cover as well, as they are now being exposed for the pay-to-play junkies that they are. Remember as SD explained, there are trillions at stake that depend on the establishment maintaining its grip.

    Independent Counsels historically have little problem knocking off big targets with tactics always the same. Flip the little guys one by one until you have enough firepower to take on the actual target. Mueller is doing just that, and is doing it quite unimpeded. It is his only mission.

    Now, a federal conspiracy is proven if there was any type of an agreement (even implicit) to commit a federal crime between at least two people. Conspiracy charges are used aggressively by federal prosecutors to convict people for crimes when they have no evidence to convict them of anything else. Mueller is to this tactic as Peyton Manning is to the forward pass. He is a god.

    If the White Hats, led by Mr. Nunes, don’t begin to counter very soon using prosecutorial force, it will be too late. Once dirty cop Mueller levels an actual charge (and it WILL be conspiracy) against the president, the game is over. That bogus charge will be amplified by the media, Dems, and RINOs at a decibel level far too loud to counter. The House (and perhaps Senate) will change hands and the dark side will have won.

    I say God speed, Mr. Nunes; but be reminded, …timing is everything.


  23. Santiago1314 says:

    This whole “Russia” thing is a Made-Up Shell Game…FBI/DOJ Lying to FISA Court. Judges getting Recused. Laundering Hillary/DNC Blumenthal/Shearer FAKE “DOSSIER” thru Trump Hating STEELE, with Complicity of the “Secret Society” of CIA(Brenner), State Dept.(Winer), Media(Isikoff) and Now Mueller. “Circuit Shopping” cause he knows indictment would not hold up in D.C. Court anymore…Shameful attempted Political Coup D’etat.!!!


  24. nerveman says:

    Manafort. Podesta. Ukraine. Color revolution. Sec State Hillary Clinton. Why is Manafort so important? I just always come back to rest on this thought.


  25. CanadianAussie says:

    Remember when Holder tried to goad/bait Trump into firing Mueller with hysterical tweets threatening the sky would fall? I’m convinced they had something really evil cooked up for that scenario. But to the naked eye, if you have nothing, at least a charge of obstruction will always be historical evidence of consciousness of guilt in the minds of useless eaters. Trump letting the whole SC simmer on the back burner for a year is ballsy with a capital B. Time is exonerating POTUS in a very expensive bouillabaisse. I agree with Pelicansview that history proves time is also against us but that countdown starts i believe with the drop of the IG report, the unicorn in the swamp. Everything will unroll from there.


  26. Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

    Andrew Weissmann should have been disbarred and perhaps jailed a couple decades ago for his sociopathic lack of ethics.

    I’m hoping he may finally get his comeuppance as a side effect of this whole fiasco once it’s over and the practices of Mueller’s whole team are investigated.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Ferris Mueller says:

    Fraud applies,even to members of government and must therefore apply to special prosecutors.The original surveillance was instigated using a fraudulent document.Mueller’s mob knew that and knows that.They are operating above the law that applies to the rest of us,and so far getting away with it.Whatever was obtained by that surveillance is ;poisoned fruit’.The FBI and other corrupt fellow travelers used illegally obtained evidence to appoint the special council and expand the investigation.These newest indictments are to cover the lack of evidence against members of the Trump team.They hope to threaten these defendants into giving them something,anything they can use to justify millions spent for ‘process crime’ charges.The judge in D.C. could throw out all charges in D.C,,with justification since Mueller mob is now trying to go around him with the latest charges.With any such setback,the Mueller mob becomes the public laughingstock they deserve to be.Then maybe a class action suit for the American people could be looked at.It’s our money the Mueller mob has wasted on a fraudulent investigation.


  28. Steven Hitt says:

    When it is all said and done there should be enough evidence to support an indictment and prosecution of Mueller, Rosenstein and their team for Sedition for their attempt to overthrow the Trump administration.


  29. molonlabe28 says:

    Judge Sullivan is not going to permit gamesmanship to let Mueller continue retaining exculpatory evidence he didn’t ethically produce to Flynn’s counsel.


  30. Jenny R. says:

    So…thus far the SC has uncovered: that Manafort had some shady foreign deals with the Podestas, and that he is basically a scumbag. However, this was all BEFORE he was in the Trump campaign and in fact none of this has anything to do with the Trump campaign (there could even be some conjecture that Manafort, due to his connections, was a plant sent to the Trump campaign); it has also, through the course of its investigations, unmasked itself as being 1) pointless, except for what was found on Manafort, which again has nothing to do with the Trump campaign, nothing has been found with regards to Trump colluding with anyone, least of all Russia (although the dealings of the Dems and Russia have been further shed light on just by the very being of this SC); 2) been acting in a shady manner apparently with — the media; who appear to be quite in bed with law enforcement/judiciary in a most partisan and extra-legal manner.
    This is like a huge gift to our President — yes, he’s had to take some very unfair lumps, but it has perhaps been worth it. There’s no going back: the Dems (and some of the Republicans) and certain foreign entities (corporations and governments), along with the media and law enforcement/judiciary have all gotten themselves exposed by this — and they can’t back out of it. It’s all there now, or at least enough of it is all there, out in the open.
    That’s some fair winning imhao!


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