February 13th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #390

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


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  1. wheatietoo says:

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  2. wheatietoo says:

    Is the LeftStreamMedia calling for this guy, Reuben Foster, to be fired?

    Rob Porter was not arrested for domestic violence…and yet the enemedia acts like the entire WH is tainted and Gen Kelly should be fired, because Porter worked there.

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  3. Dora says:

    Nancy gave them their instructions even before the plan was released.


    Pelosi’s Message To Democrats: Fight Anything Trump, Republicans Put Forward

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told her Democratic colleagues to prepare to aggressively fight the administration’s budget, its infrastructure plan and every one of its priorities in 2018.


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  4. wheatietoo says:

    The Schiff Memo has been leaked!

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  5. Publius2016 says:

    Thought the portraits were not real but guess I was wrong…truly a time of choosing and the American People chose MAGA!

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    • 7delta says:

      When I first saw the portraits, I thought they were a joke too, Publius. Then I saw pictures of Bucky and Mooch with them and thought maybe the portraits were for some trendy “art gallery”…ya know, being as it’s black history month and all. Dear dog, turns out those things are “official” portraits. Both look like they’d be found hanging in a high school hallway for parents’ night. There’s some talent there, but it hasn’t matured.
      Kinda stuck in the 60’s and all that implies.

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  6. wheatietoo says:

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  7. Dora says:

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  8. How Congress members have voted regarding Trump’s agenda. See how your Congressman/Senator fared.

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  9. JohnP says:

    Another convoy leaves Kurdistan bound for Afrin.


    • Bull Durham says:

      US using Kurds as proxies to fight a NATO ally, Turkey.
      Not using Kurds to fight al Nusra, ISIS and AQ.
      This is a new Syrian War. It is to divide Syria into pieces, to create a Kurd state on the border with Turkey.
      It will be another US disaster because the nations of the region that touch Syria all are existentially threatened by the idea of a Kurd state.
      Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon will fight against this US goal.
      Russia will support them.

      Trump, yesterday, said he wants to wind down and get out. His generals all want this war.

      It is more of what we have spent Trillions on. (Wasted trillions, more than spent. We have received nothing for most of that money.)


    • MVW says:

      Trying hard to understand… Why are we still in Syria??? Really trying hard here…

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  10. georgiafl says:

    Two Wictor threads and a follow up tweet:

    2/12 – Rice email

    2/12 Who flipped? Name with four letters.

    Wictor guesses.

    (Mike also has 4 letters)

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  11. Dora says:

    This woman has exceeded her fifteen minutes of fame.


    Celebrity Big Brother: Omarosa calls Vice President Mike Pence ‘scary’


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  12. Margaret Berger says:

    I am betting Bill. If he wan’t on board before the election then he might end up with whistleblower status instead of cutting a deal. If in fact his wife’s family (father and uncle) were as pro-Israel as has been reported the obummer’s foreign policy would have put them at odds. To have an asset like Bill in place even if illiary won would have been priceless.
    So we have all of these people quitting but the love birds are still in place. Are they on house arrest, protected witnesses?


  13. georgiafl says:


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  14. georgiafl says:

    This is a very insightful critique of the Obama official portraits:

    Diminishes the offices of the Presidency and First Lady.

    Yep. Exactly.

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  15. Donna in Oregon says:

    I wonder why this hasn’t been talked about by President Trump? This should be looked in to:

    2. Russian penetration of New York Democratic Party machine. In June 2010, the FBI rolled up an 11-person Russian deep-cover agent network. Two of its members had penetrated the New York Democratic Party machine of Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer. When the FBI arrested 10 of the spies, then-Secretary of State Clinton whisked them back to Russia in a hastily arranged spy swap, even though FBI investigators wanted to interrogate them further.


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  16. lawrencepaul1 says:

    Is US Being Sucked Into Syria’s War?


    • JohnP says:

      Nah, Mattis is just setting the ground rules.

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      • lawrencepaul1 says:

        Why are we there? We have achieved nothing but misery and destruction in the middle east, at the cost of Trillions of dollars.
        Actually I know exactly why we are there.
        The Saudis and Qatar have wanted a oil and gas pipeline running through Iraq, Syria and Turkey to supply Europe.
        America needs the petrodollar to remain solvent. Iraq said no and decided to sell their oil in Euros rather than dollars. Syria said no at the same time that Libya was making moves ditch the dollar and sell its oil for gold.
        We will never win in the middle east, we will only fight until we go bankrupt.

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        • FofBW says:

          Money, power, control, good vs evil, etc.

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        • ForGodandCountry says:

          “The Saudis and Qatar have wanted a oil and gas pipeline running through Iraq, Syria and Turkey to supply Europe.”

          We do too. Why? To reduce EU dependence on Russian oil and hobble it’s influence.

          And…”ditch the dollar”?

          They can try, but they will never succeed. You need to stop reading ZeroHedge so much. Just MHO.


          • lawrencepaul1 says:

            And you need to not watch Fox News so much.
            I ‘ll do my thing and you do yours and we will see who gets to prosper the most from it.
            You surly must know the golden rule of investing.
            “Never take advice from somebody less successful than you.
            When I need yours I’ll let you know.

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            • ForGodandCountry says:

              Oh c’mon LP. A five sentence rejoinder with nothing about the meat of my reply re: oil or US dollar? Please try reading that response to you in a different tone than you did. That’s the trouble with written words vs. speaking with you directly.


        • sejmon says:

          Right on lp…$ 7 trillion lost and no peace…but,but they want war now with IRAN……

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          • lawrencepaul1 says:

            Neocons are as bad as socialists when it comes to spending other peoples money. But then they are actually closet socialists so we shouldn’t be at all surprised.
            Bill Kristol is the personification of a neocon so that gives us some idea of where they are coming from.

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            • ForGodandCountry says:

              So anyone who disagrees with you is either a neocon or a socialist, have I got that right?


              • lawrencepaul1 says:

                When I say done I mean done.
                Your passive aggressive promotional blackmail BS doesn’t work on me.

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                • ForGodandCountry says:

                  Passive aggressive?? You mean,,,

                  “of or denoting a type of behavior or personality characterized by indirect resistance to the demands of others and an avoidance of direct confrontation”?

                  None of that describes my comments towards you in this sub-thread, m’man.


                • lawrencepaul1 says:

                  Alrighty then


            • ibobland08 says:

              Personally I can respect the point of view of a Neocon as long as they admit who they are and actually defend their positions, which 90% of them never do.

              I always hear Neocons say “we can’t withdraw of Iraq/Afghanistan/Middle East, it would be a disaster”. No explanation is almost never given. They just call everyone naive or dumb who questions it.

              Why would it be a disaster? Even if it was a disaster do they not realize we would save massive amounts of money and resources that could be used elsewhere? Have they considered that the benefits might outweigh the costs? They’re just like leftists. They don’t understand that everything has trade-offs and that some problems (income inequality for liberals, tyrannical governments for neocons) can not be solved.

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              • ForGodandCountry says:

                Now THAT is a passive aggressive post! Still no answer if someone who dares disagree with such a statement can be something other than a neocon or socialist.


                • ibobland08 says:

                  My post wasn’t directed at you or anyone in particular.


                • ForGodandCountry says:

                  I can answer your questions, but answer mine first. Can someone who disagrees with what seems to be your point of view be anything OTHER than a “neocon” or a “socialist”?

                  Can someone have an informed opinion WITHOUT being pigeonholed by others here?

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          • ForGodandCountry says:

            Actually, it is Iran who wants war, and they’re using proxies to do it.

            This is a good article explaining their threat and how they are waging war on the ME.


            Why is it that isolationists seem to think there would be no war/terrorism if the US wasn’t in the ME? Moreover, why do they think war would not come to us once the bad guys gained global dominance?

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        • PS says:

          All the more reason to diversify our domestic energy, and look at alternatives to Middle East Oil. From my research, we’re about 3 years away from a complete flip in US energy production, moving from coal to natural gas. There’s at least 50 years of current NG supply sitting in the Appalachians, and in another year, we’ll have Cove Point and other LNG plants operating shipping gas to Europe and Africa. Electric cars are a novelty now, but in 5 years, if we can cut oil demand down by 25% (your normal hybrid), that will be a huge surplus in the oil markets, which will crater the OPEC prices. Combine that with batteries in the home + residential hourly rates (yes, we bitch about smart meters, but why are we paying the same price for electricity even when we are barely using it?) and you can finally incentivise people the *right* way into conservation, through capitalism.

          That being said, I’m also a proponent of Nuclear power base-load. We need to analyze why the SCEG and Southern Company projects failed, the only new nuclear plants to be attempted / built in the last 30 years. What regulations stopped those projects? Why is it so difficult to get these things built? Why won’t we get serious about uranium reprocessing (Thanks Carter) and deal with the spent fuel issue? If we are going to look at King Corn (ethanol) as part of the swamp, then we need to also look at King Oil and ask why are we so in bed with their interests ? These are political problems, not technical problems.

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          • America First says:

            Thank you for bringing this up. I really thought that we would be hearing a lot more about nuclear energy after President Trump was elected, and have been surprised that it seems to have fallen completely by the wayside. If anyone would see the future I thought it would be Trump.


        • MVW says:

          Mideast pipelines = lower cost oil = lower US export revenue. How is this good for America??

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      • tdaly14 says:

        Islam is a scurge that needs to be taken out to the bare minimum every now and then. They really haven’t been for decades. Even Thomas Jefferson understood that. It keeps down for a while.


    • ForGodandCountry says:

      “Is US Being Sucked Into Syria’s War?”

      You mean Iran’s war on the ME, don’t you? Certainly you are aware of how Obama not only enabled the rise of ISIS, which destabilized Syria, but moreover did much to enable a very dangerous Iran.

      Why is Iran in Syria? What is it’s purpose there? Ah, questions, questions.



    • ibobland08 says:

      Unfortunately it’s irrelevant. Remember when Sundance said there was going to be a surplus at the end of FY 2017? Yea that never happened. We broke $20 Trillion. Granted I do think that was from the hurricanes and the fires though.


  17. LDave says:

    The WH visitor’s log shows no record of Comey visiting in January 2017. (In fact, it looks like they stopped logging visitors in late 2016. Anyone know if the WH announced a reason for this?)



    • Garavaglia says:



    • tazz2293 says:

      Plausible Deniability

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    • rich33y says:

      The current Administration said it will not make the logs public. Under the old Administration the logs were released after they aged about 3 months.

      My guess is the new plan put a stop to all releases.

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      • PS says:

        My, that’s awfully convenient.

        A bit of research shows that the public release of the Visitors log is done by executive order, not by law. It is a list of those that literally visited the White House, not a list of meetings with executive staff. George W Bush did not release visitors logs, but a 2009 lawsuit resulted in Obama releasing Bush’s logs. At that point, Obama began voluntarily releasing public visitors logs. A 2013 lawsuit indicated that the full logs are not subject to FOIA requests, when was shown that Pres. Obama’s public logs were often redacted or incomplete. Trump’s admin said a partial release gives a false sense of transparency, and chose not to continue the partial postings.

        Visitor logs are generally maintained by the Secret Service. It has been shown that simply having a staff meeting offsite in one of the many GSA offices will not require meeting logs.


  18. distracted2 says:

    This is such a heartwarming story. President Trump is so generous!!!

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  19. Nchadwick says:

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    • lawrencepaul1 says:

      The deep state went after him with a vengeance. I hope he wins. Another nail in the deep states coffin will go down very well in our current environment.

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      • kallibella says:

        Apparently, it didn’t go well….Though the process is not yet over.
        See article: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-13/judge-rejects-julian-assanges-bid-drop-uk-arrest-warrant

        “”In a pivotal moment for Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange’s long-running legal battle to regain his freedom after spending the last six years without sunlight at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, a UK judge delivered a disappointing ruling for Assange’s defense team.

        After repudiating Assange’s lawyers characterization of the circumstances of his confinement, the judge has rejected his bid to have the warrant dropped, upholding the state’s case against the renown political dissident – who violated the terms of his bail in 2012 to show up at the Ecuadorian embassy disguised as a motorcycle courier.””

        Deep state/Cabal still after him…

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      • ibobland08 says:

        I don’t. Assange is a rat who has outlived his usefulness. He will turn on MAGA as soon as it benefits him.


  20. what, exactly, is the “pathway to citizenship” for DACA being referred to by the media in Trump’s proposal?

    thanks ;O

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  21. rsanchez1990 says:

    From 2015:

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    • Concerned Virginian says:

      O M G
      Our POTUS was basically telling HowdyGowdy “You’re Fired!” BACK IN 2015.
      Apparently it just took a couple more years for that to sink in and HowyGowdy to announce he’s not running for re-election.
      My opinion: Don’t think a seat on SCOTUS is in his future.

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  22. Steve in Lewes says:

    Two excellent articles over on American Thinker by Clarice Feldman and Thomas Lifson.
    Clarice’s article about Mueller’s conundrum on the Michael Flynn case and Lifson’s article is a summary of events over the last few days with kudos to Sundance, Sheryl Atkinson, and a tie in to Clarice’s article. Two good reads.



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  23. linda4298 says:

    “It’s pretty clear from that conversation and from others that I’ve had with Trump voters that many of them believe the Russia investigation is nothing more than a political scheme, that was fabricated and now is being perpetuated by Democrats and others who simply can’t accept the fact that Donald Trump is president,” Savidge concluded

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  24. Honest Abbey says:

    Well this is infuriating…to say the least!
    The “artist” [Kehinde Wiley] who painted Obama’s portrait is the same “artist” who has painted White people being decapitated.


    The only person reporting this disturbing detail is Tucker Carlson.

    Here is the video clip, but note that Tucker incorrectly refers to the artist as a female, when in fact, Kehinde Wiley is a male.

    Video is queued to the segment.

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  25. Fromseatoshiningsea says:

    Please understand what Obama is really doing here, he is mocking America. Everything about him and his presidency and his White House is to create a mockery of the system and the country that he detests. He is merely a puppet for the cabal and he is exercising as much latitude as he can within the part he plays to deliver his message. He doesn’t care that the portrait was photoshopped he wants to make a mockery of the magnificent Portrait Gallery in Washington. His big inside joke is that there’s male essence on his left temple a trait associated with the work produced by this artist. A gay man living with a transvestite in the White House, a First Lady who’s really a man is mocking America. Mocking America, humiliating America is his objective with his ultimate goal being destruction of America.

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    • Lulu says:

      Given that the Portrait Gallery’s men’s bathrooms were for years gay cruising sites – maybe it fits.


    • MVW says:

      Obama is making clear he is a failed testament to Libtards in this country and their thinking. It is the same as Venezuela being a testament to pure Socialism and its destruction of civilized life, despite sitting on massive just pump it out of the ground oil.


    • Zennalou says:

      Police say 27-year-old Jose Duran Romero crashed a Honda Accord into the side of a Mercedes Lifecare Ambulance on southbound U.S. 52 near Liberty Street around 1:15 a.m. Sunday. Both drivers lost control. The ambulance rolled over on its side and the Honda ran off the road.

      Police say Romero’s blood-alcohol content was at more than twice the legal limit and he didn’t have a driver’s license. Federal authorities also believe Romero was in the country illegally.


  26. John says:

    Interesting she wrote herself an email the last day in office about a January 5th meeting. Obama said do everything by the book. Yates, Comey, Rice and Obama. I suspect they were meeting about Flynn and an avenue to take Trump down probably through special counsel. Jan 12th – Washington Post reports meeting between Flynn and Kisyal. January 15th on Face the Nation, Pence is asked about Flynn. Inauguration on the 20th. FBI talked to Flynn on January 24th. January 26th Yates takes to Trumps lawyer Mcgahn about Flynn lying to Pence and he’s now compromised.

    Now the news media should never known about the Flynn conversation. And then the setup of Pence who of course is asked about it in the interview.

    That’s the insurance policy. Surveil Trump’s team until they talked to a Russian. It took less than a month from the election to that Dec 5th meeting. Investigate, leak to the press, entrap and take Flynn out. Try to get Sessions to recuse and a get a special counsel who can investigate everything until he finds something.

    What a bunch of phonies. There’s your conspiracy charges…Yates, Comey, Rice, Obama

    Feb 3rd – Flynn Resigns
    March 4th – Trump tweets about Obama tapping is phones.

    It takes Trump less than 60 days to figure out what was going on…


  27. Honest Abbey says:

    On CBS this morning they reported that the Mueller investigation is likely to stretch into 2019 because 10 Million Dollars was just allocated to the investigation, allowing it to continue through Paul Manafort’s trial.


    This was reported as a “highlight” at the top of the hour… still waiting for them to cover the details.


  28. OK this was my understanding of the general parameters of what the “10-12 years” meant that the President referred to when he initially put his immigration deal forward…

    That DACA recipients would get some sort of REVIEWABLE permanent green card and go to the back of the existing queue of applicants, only being eligible after those already waiting LEGALLY had been reviewed (10-12 years).

    If this is the case, I can’t see any reason other than ignorance, hypnotized partisan foolishness, or controlled opposition as to why this would be opposed by “conservatives” –
    or “liberals” for that matter.

    Moving the ball down the field, GOVERNING. Making deals.

    By the time the left gets their couple of million DACA “voters”, America First should have advanced so significantly that it shouldn’t matter.

    And the 3 pillars in exchange immediately pushes MAGA way ahead.

    Next up – a REMMITTANCE TAX on illegal $$ sent home / E-Verify / voter registration

    I’m guessing that was the typical brilliance of Donald Trump’s thinking here ;O

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    • Angry Dumbo says:

      If the legislation says get in the back of the line, what are the dreamers getting in the deal? Makes no sense. No DACA deal. Let it expire. Negotiate from a position of strength.

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      • What the serious dreamers get is the opportunity to stay in the US and work toward earning their citizenship. For the un-serious ones – bye, have a nice life in your Schiff-hole country!

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      • what are they getting? a “path” to citizenship and the chance to remain here LEGALLY until that time – codified into LAW by the US Congress (if that is what this deal actually reflects).

        Trump is CLEARLY in the position of strength here…

        Not sure that you understand that by rescinding DACA in 2017 he’s forcing congress to do their job and legislate an immigration system that’s badly broken.

        It’s also CLEARLY politically unrealistic to take an intractable position of NO compromise…we are where we are.

        Border security including ending catch and release, plus ending chain migration and the diversity lottery, sounds like an excellent starter deal to me.

        just curious – are you liberal? not that I care…I’m no ideologue myself…

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    • LDave says:

      If we really end up with a secured border, I’d take this deal.

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    • ibobland08 says:

      Why don’t we just give them legal status (resident alien)? Why do we have to give them some sort of pathway to citizenship?

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      • How else would you achieve the desperately needed immigration reform that Trump is seeking – that we all are seeking?

        Unless you’re ready for actual war over this, we need to exit our bubbles to proceed.

        Yes, compromise is essential to that process.

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        • ibobland08 says:

          I know what you are saying and I agree. I just think personally that giving them legal status (no citizenship) is reasonable from a purely non-partisan standpoint. There is zero reason outside of the fact Democrats want votes, that they want citizenship instead of just legal status. I just wish more people saw that.


          • Exactly – the “path” to citizenship is just a path – the word path implies a process to me. 10-12 years is a LONG time in this context.

            It’s also something that “conservative” ideologues have seized upon remain inside their partisan bubbles…

            that’s why i wrote that “I can’t see any reason other than ignorance, hypnotized partisan foolishness, or controlled opposition as to why this would be opposed by “conservatives” –
            or “liberals” for that matter.

            the “controlled opposition” part is subject to (trollbot) review ;O


            • mimbler says:

              Repeatedly insulting people who don’t share your opinion doesn’t bolster your case.

              One reason people are against it is that it expanded beyond to 697,000 actual dreamers to reward and additional 1.1 million illegals.

              Another reason is it is amnesty first and secure the borders second. We’ve seen the results of that in the past.

              Another reason, is news of it has already started another flood across the border.


              • “Repeatedly insulting people who don’t share your opinion doesn’t bolster your case.”

                oh please – when did i do that?

                repeatedly insulting??? good grief


                • mimbler says:

                  Repeated in at least two of your posts:

                  “I can’t see any reason other than ignorance, hypnotized partisan foolishness, or controlled opposition as to why this would be opposed by “conservatives” –
                  or “liberals” for that matter.

                  You don’t see that as insulting people who don’t agree with you? Most of consider being called ignorant or hypnotized partisan foolishness as insulting.


              • we agree that the details of “a path to citizenship” and “10-12” years has not been clarified.

                in regards to “Another reason is it is amnesty first and secure the borders second.”:

                I’ve never heard Donald Trump speak of “amnesty”, and his position of POWER and leadership on DACA has always been the diametric opposite of “amnesty first and secure the borders second”

                where are you getting that?

                as you suggested, why argue over what hasn’t happened yet…


              • “I can’t see any reason other than ignorance, hypnotized partisan foolishness, or controlled opposition as to why this would be opposed by “conservatives” –
                or “liberals” for that matter.

                You don’t see that as insulting people who don’t agree with you? ”

                nope – i don’t

                i was obviously speaking generally and presenting my opinion – if you want to take that PERSONALLY, that’s your choice


        • 4sure says:

          Please, all you compromisers, tell me what have we have gained that has slowed down the influx of illegals or resulted in their deportation in the immigration issue in all the years it has been legislated.

          I’ll answer it for you.

          NOT A DAMN THING!!!!!

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          • It’s NEVER been legislated…

            The American government has been dysfunctional FOREVER – Trump is forcing that to change.

            If you take off w/e hat you’re wearing you may see that compromise is the only way forward at this point…other than spiraling division and dysfunction, and then the streets i suppose.

            we’re already in a “cold” civil war that is in danger of flaring up at any time

            why that is another discussion


            • 4sure says:

              “It’s NEVER been legislated…”

              You obviously don’t know what you are talking about.



              • history.com lol

                i was responding to this comment

                “Please, all you compromisers, tell me what have we have gained that has slowed down the influx of illegals or resulted in their deportation in the immigration issue in all the years it has been legislated.”

                by pointing out that since the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, DYSFUNCTIONAL deep state one party Congress has done NO LEGISLATING to address the growing threat of uncontrolled legal and legal immigration – ESP in the last 30 years of the foul Bush/CLinton/Bush/Obama cartel when it’s become critical… including DACA which is obviously a TEMPORARY executive order, not congressional law

                I posted that Donald Trump has been the ONLY president to force these globalist clowns to do their job…which is a FACT

                perhaps you should go a bit further back a to understand that the national-origins quota system put in place in the 20s to allow the massive influx of immigrants that had been allowed in to assimilate, was in place for roughly 42 YEARS!

                they got it right then, and they need to get it right again


  29. fleporeblog says:

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  30. youme says:

    Another day, another manipulation scheme

    A Washington-based lawyer told the Securities and Exchange Commission and Commodity Futures Trading Commission — the nation’s top markets regulators — in a letter Monday that his client found a flaw that allows traders “with sophisticated algorithms to move the VIX up or down by simply posting quotes on S&P options and without needing to physically engage in any trading or deploying any capital.” Billions in purportedly ill-gotten profits have been scooped up by “unethical electronic option market makers,” according to the letter.

    The client wasn’t identified by name. He’s held “senior positions at some of the largest investment firms in the world,” according to the letter written by Jason Zuckerman of Zuckerman Law, who has appeared on Washingtonian magazine’s list of top whistle-blower lawyers in the nation’s capital.


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  31. lfhbrave says:

    The timing of the G-G letter’s release on Rice is interesting, considering people are just starting to ask about Obama’s knowledge re the FISA warrant. It could be a very well executed plan and this closing in on Obama is a lot sooner than expected.

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  32. duchess01 says:

    Live | The White House – 02/13/2018

    8:55 AM EST

    Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks at the National Museum of African American History and Culture

    2:00 PM EST

    Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders


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  33. Roger Duroid says:

    PDJT is going to get the wall out of this. No way he will give DACA and then settle for useless “border security upgrades” that can be instantly made insecure with a new administration.

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  34. Is Sundance actually my favorite Don Bongino? I been thinking about it for sometime now…

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  35. LBB says:

    If interested, the National Security hearing is on CSPAN. Featuring Wray, Pompeo, Coats, Rodgers & others. Threats around the world and of course conversation regarding elections etc.


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  36. lawrencepaul1 says:

    And why the hell not.

    “We are going to charge countries outside of our country – countries that take advantage of the United States,” Mr. Trump said. “Some of them are so-called allies, but they’re not allies on trade.”
    As a result, he said, “we’re going to be doing very much a reciprocal tax, and you’ll be hearing about that during the week and the coming months.”
    Donald J Trump.

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  37. dawg says:

    “So Comey went to Capitol Hill in March to brief lawmakers privately. That is when he told them that the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe Flynn had lied, or that any inaccuracies in Flynn’s answers were intentional. And that is when some lawmakers got the impression that Flynn would not be charged with any crime pertaining to the Jan. 24 interview.”
    – Byron York, National Examiner

    I don’t know where York got this info from, and he doesnt say, but if its true, it totally scuttles the whole “Trump obstructed justice by asking Comey to take it easy on Flynn” angle. If Comey doesnt think Flynn lied, there was no justice to obstruct.

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  38. lawrencepaul1 says:

    I am not able to watch videos but this could be interesting for those that can.

    Watch Live: FBI, CIA Directors Testify Before Senate Intel Committee


    • lawrencepaul1 says:

      However it is the “Senate” Intelligence Committee so maybe not.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      It’s Mardi Gras time, and this is the Senate Masquerade. Everything except the New Orleans music, parades and spicy food.

      You don’t expect to hear anything on National Security do you?

      It’s all about Global Threats (Russia, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea) because that is where the $$ is. Great threats. Great $$. We just saw a military get everything it wants. Without showing it found one dollar missing (there are Trillions missing). Not one dollar of waste, fraud, abuse, corruption reported and corrected. Nothing. Zero. Just give them more, give them all they want.

      And the Senate Committees are the most useless.

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  39. Stormyeyes says:


    FBI has “no inherent political bias”. WTH

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  40. Stormyeyes says:

    Wray is a black hat

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  41. KittyKat says:

    I haven’t read all the comments so this point may have been already made. What stood out to me were his white “cuffs” which, because of the way they are aligned, look like shackles.

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  42. Nchadwick says:

    David Brooks new and improved “correct the record” FYI

    Not exactly – 4 heads to this monster
    There plan is below at link
    Nothing less than complete control over political discourse in America. They lay it out plainly in their introduction, saying,

    “We are going to contest every effort, at every level of government, to limit rights, rescind protections, entrench inequality, redistribute wealth upwards, or in any other way fundamentally undermine the tenets of egalitarianism that must serve as the bedrock of our democracy.”

    American Bridge
    will cement itself as the standard-bearer of opposition research, build on its role as a progressive clearinghouse for information that drives the narrative on Republican officeholders and candidates, and be at the epicenter of Democrats’ work to regain power–starting in 2017 and building to 2020.
    American Bridge, practically invented the “tracker” position – a paid position for left-leaning activists to record every Republican officeholder and candidate in every public forum they can get into, with the intent of finding any statement they can use against them.
    Some points of their mission
    -Trump will be defeated either through impeachment or at the ballot box in 2020.
    -The balance of power will shift back to the Democrats. We will measurably impact US Senate, gubernatorial, and state legislative races.
    -We will free ourselves from solely relying in the press. Our robust digital program will reach voters directly online. >>>>>>

    Media Matters
    is charged with “disarming right-wing disinformation, while leading the fight against the next generation of conservative disinformation.”

    CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington)
    is branded as a “leading non-profit ethics watchdog group” that will “demand ethical conduct from the administration and all parts of government, expose improper influence from powerful interests, and ensure accountability when the administration and others shirk ethical standards, rules, and laws.”
    Some points of their mission ….
    -Trump will be afflicted by a steady flow of damaging information, new revelations, and an inability to avoid conflicts issues.
    -The Trump Administration will be forced to defend illegal conduct in court.
    -Powerful industries and interest groups will see their influence wane.
    -Dark money will be a political liability in key states.

    will “take back social media for Democrats”. Their purpose is to “legitimize Donald Trump’s presidency by emboldening the opposition”.

    Shareblue Media: Home

    Shareblue Media, formerly known as Blue Nation Review or Shareblue, is an American progressive[3] news website owned by the journalist and political activist David Brock. Shareblue is within a consortium of political groups in Democratic strategist David Brock’s network that will raise a roughly $40 million budget to oppose President Donald Trump’s policies.[4][5] Shareblue’s monthly reach is reported to be 140 million across platforms.[6] In December 2017, Shareblue announced a partnership with SiriusXM Progress.[6]


    I started reading the “Playbook” – and there is a lot of language of survalence, monitering, tracking, etc President Trump and those everyone around him…. Someone should re-read this

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  43. rich33y says:

    Didn’t she promise to leave the Country if DJT won?

    Whoopi Goldberg Rips Mike Pence for Not Showing ‘Respect’ to North Korea


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